2016-2017 season - york symphony .season as we celebrated the beauty and power of nature through

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    2016-2017 SEASON

  • Dear Friends,

    On behalf of the entire York Symphony Orchestra: THANK YOU!

    Thanks to the support of the York community we had the opportunity to play for packed houses throughout the 2015-2016 season as we celebrated the beauty and power of nature through music In Natures Realm. We were very excited to welcome so many new faces as well as our longtime supporters who share our passion for exceptional music.

    This season, were excited to take our programming in a new direction as we invite you to join us on A Musical Journey Through Time. We will be highlighting the most important orchestral composers of each period of music history. We look forward to bringing you a mix of some of the best-known works from each period alongside some of the best-kept secrets.

    In addition to our Classical Series, we have a very exciting Pops Series lineup for you as well. Well continue our tradition of a Holiday Pops Spectacular; well celebrate the 85th birthday of the king of film music, John Williams; and we will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the motion picture Titanic by performing highlights from the Academy Award-winning film as well as highlights from the Tony Award-winning musical Titanic, and the actual music played onboard the ship!

    I am happy to welcome you to the 2016-2017 season, A Musical Journey Through Time. We look forward to seeing you at the Strand!

    Lawrence Golan, Music DirectorA BAROqUe BegINNINg

  • 50 N George Street, York, PA 717-846-1111 yorksymphony.org

    A BRAve New wORld




    THe AmeRICAN dReAm


    HOLIDAY POPS SPECTACULAR. . . . 11 November 26, 2016

    TITANIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 March 4, 2017

    FAMILY CONCERT . . . . . . . . . . . 13 April 15, 2017

    YOUNG PERSONS CONCERT . . . . 13 November 2 & 3, 2016

    TICKETS & INFORMATION . . . . . . . 14

    ORDER FORM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

    A MusicAl THrougH TiMeClAssICAl seRIes

    A BAROQUE BEGINNING . . . . . . . 4 October 15, 2016

    CLASSICAL CLASSICS . . . . . . . . . 5 January 21, 2017

    THE ROMANTICS . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 February 18, 2017

    A BRAVE NEW WORLD . . . . . . . . 7 March 11, 2017

    THE AMERICAN DREAM . . . . . . . . 8 April 1, 2017

    CARMINA BURANA. . . . . . . . . . . 9 May 20, 2017

    SeaSon SubScriptionS on sale May 21stSingle ticket sales start August 1st

    Save with flexible Season Packages!

    claSSical SerieS SponSor


    popS SerieS SponSor

    SeaSon SponSor

  • OCTOBeR 15, 2016 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    Our journey begins in an extravagantly ornate period, when one of the greatest composers, Antonio Vivaldi, created his best-known workThe Four Seasons. And exploring the Baroque periods grandeur would not be complete without the music of Bach and Handel.

    HANdel: Entrance of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon

    glUCK: Orfeo ed Euridice Dance of the Furies & Dance of the Blessed Spirits

    BACH: Orchestral Suite No. 3 featuring the Air on the G String

    vIvAldI: The Four Seasons odin rathnam, Violin


    Odin Rathnam, Violin

    claSSical SerieS

  • jANUARY 21, 2017 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    Enter the Classical Era. Mozart. Beethoven. Haydn. A historic time which produced perhaps the most

    recognizable sounds in Western musicBeethovens transcendent Symphony No. 5.

    HAYdN: Symphony No. 3

    mOzART: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 297b York Symphony orchestra principal Woodwinds

    BeeTHOveN: Symphony No. 5

    Jill Hoffmann, OboeCheryl Staherski, Horn

    Robin Plant, BassoonBeverly Butts, Clarinet

    claSSical SerieS 5

  • 6 claSSical SerieS

    FeBRUARY 18, 2017 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor & Violin

    Emotion and individualism reign supreme in this intense period that gave birth to Tchaikovskys

    heart-pounding Symphony No. 4. Our Maestro will take the stage with his violin in hand to present

    Johannes Brahms fierce double-concerto.

    BRAHms: Double Concerto for Violin & Cello lawrence Golan, Violin | Steven Honigberg, cello

    TCHAIKOvsKY: Symphony No. 4

    Lawrence Golan, Violin

    Steven Honigberg, Cello

  • claSSical SerieS 7

    mARCH 11, 2017 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    Boundaries are pushed and new vistas are reached in the 20th Century. Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff throw out the old rules in this multi-dimensional concert, featuring the Aubergine Belly Dance Troupe, Half Mad Theatre, and master pianist Haochen Zhang, Gold-Medal Winner of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

    R. sTRAUss: Dance of the Seven Veils from Salome aubergine belly Dance troupe

    RACHmANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2 Haochen Zhang, piano

    sTRAvINsKY: Petrushka (1947 version) Half Mad theatre, puppets

    A BraveNew World

    Aubergine Belly Dance Troupe

    Haochen Zhang, Piano

    Half Mad Theatre, Puppets

  • 8 claSSical SerieS

    APRIl 1, 2017 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    What does the future hold for classical music? In this concert, we explore todays composers

    and those who came in search of the American Dream. Watch (and listen) as real life memoirs

    and letters from Ellis Island are brought to life through theatrical presentations by Jack

    Hartman and actors from York Little Theatre. The award-winning trio Time for Three also takes the

    stage in a genre-bending performance.

    BeCKel: The American Dream

    BRUBeCK: Travels in Time for Threetime for three, Guest trio

    BOYeR: Ellis Island; The Dream of America Jack Hartman, actor

    York little theatre performers Time for Three, Guest Trio

    Jack Hartman, Actor

  • mAY 20, 2017 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    The old and new collide in our season finale, featuring the York Symphony Chorus and Susquehanna Childrens Chorale. Based on 24 poems from the medieval collection Carmina Burana, this scenic cantata composed by Carl Orff hits the stage in an epic conclusion to our Musical Journey Through Time.

    ORFF: Carmina Burana York Symphony chorus Dr. Kathleen Shannon, chorusmaster

    Susquehanna childrens chorale

    claSSical SerieS 9

    Blake Friedman, Tenor

    Marcus DeLoach, Baritone

    Serena Benedetti, Soprano

  • 10 popS SerieS

    sePTemBeR 24, 2016 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Jawsall their music composed by the legend John Williams. Take a trip down movie memory lane with the sounds of a film composer whos won Academy Awards, Grammys, Golden Globes, Emmys and more!

  • NOvemBeR 26, 2016 AT 4:00PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    Back by popular demand on Thanksgiving weekend! Kick off the holiday season, as members from Yorks very own Unforgettable Big Band join the YSO in a swinging jazz performance of favorites the whole family will know and love.

    York Symphony chorus Dr. Kathleen Shannon, chorusmaster

    popS SerieS 11

    Members of the Unforgettable Big Band, Special Guest Artists

    popS SerieS 11


    wAs A sell-OUT

    Dont miss your chance to join this celebration!

  • mARCH 4, 2017 AT 7:30PmLawrence Golan, Conductor & Violin

    The best-selling soundtrack hits the stage for a one-night only performance featuring highlights from the Academy Award-winning film, the Tony Award-winning musical, and the actual music performed onboard the ship.

    York Symphony chorus Dr. Kathleen Shannon, chorusmaster

    12 popS SerieS

    Teri Hansen, Soloist

    Nat Chandler, Soloist

    Lawrence Golan, Violin

  • FaMilY Fun 13

    Family ConcertAPRIl 15, 2017 AT 4:00PmLawrence Golan, Conductor

    Come hear a live recording of National Public Radios From The Top, starring Christopher ORiley as they join the York Symphony Orchestra in Americas largest national platform dedicated to celebrating the stories, talents, and character of classically-trained, young musicians.

    young Person's ConcertNOvemBeR 2 & 3, 2016

    Classical Kids: Beethoven Lives Upstairs Stephen Czarkowski, Conductor

    Christopher ORiley, Host

  • YorK SYMpHonY orcHeStra reFunD policYCant make a show? Donate your tickets back to the York Symphony Orchestra, and you will receive a receipt letter for tax purposes. The York Symphony Orchestra no longer offers cash refunds on tickets. YSO subscribers or Annual Fund Donors at the $250 dollar level and above will have the opportunity to exchange tickets up to 48 hours in advance of a show for another show of equal or lesser value.

    Contact the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center Box Office at 717-846-1111 for more information.

    aSSiSteD SerViceSAssisted listening systems for the Strand Theatre are available at the Coat Room in the first floor lobby. ADA-compliant seating is also available. Sign language interpretation may be available when requested at least two weeks in advance. Please notify the Box Office at 717-846-1111 of needs when purchasing tickets. Wheelchair-accessible seating is available.

    Group DiScountS10% off for 10+ tickets. Call the Box Office at 717-846-1111 for more information.

    HOw TO ORdeRThree convenient options!

    CAllStrand-Capitol Box Office


    vIsITStrand-capitol box office

    50 N George Street, York, PA 17401

    Monday through Friday 10:00am to 4:30pmAlso open two hours prior to live performances.