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Trident Rainwaterfilters Catalog in English from GEP


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    A rainwater filter is the most important component of a rainwater system, even more important than the rainwater tank or pump. An oversized or undersized tank slightly increases or decreases the efficiency of the system. An oversized or undersized pump will make sure that the pressure is low or will consume too much energy. In both cases the efficiency will only decrease by a few percentage. However this is totally different regarding the filter. If a filter malfunctions, is clogged up, or quickly becomes soiled there will be little or no rainwater in the tank. This will make the automatic rainwater system change to tap water without anyone noticing this, until someone discovers that the filter is not working properly or has to be cleaned. Thus the use of a rainwater system is obsolete with a badly operating or clogged up rainwater filter. This shows that the purchase of a proper rainwater filter is essential. Before using rainwater in your house, you first want to make sure that the rainwater is clean. GEP has developed filters based on Trident filter technology for this purpose. This technology ensures that dirt particles will be separated from the rainwater before it is stored in the tank. A Trident filter consists out of a filter grid of special triangle shaped lamellae which are faced opposite of the water flow. The lamellae are tilted in order to ensure that the rainwater is forced through the gaps between the lamellae. Dirt particles will remain on the filter grid and are discharged to the sewer. Dirt particles can clog up the gaps of the lamellae after a period of time. Therefor it is essential to keep the filter clean. A dirty filter will lower the inflow of rainwater to the tank and thus lowering

    the efficiency of the rainwater system. To make sure that your filter is cleaned in time, all Trident filter are available with a nozzle including an automatic on and off switch. This means that with a Trident filter you are assured of clean rainwater and an efficient rainwater system.

    The grid of a rainwater filter is very important. The bigger the better, which is logical. The more square centimetres of filter grid the better. This will allow the rainwater to have sufficient space to penetrate the filter grid to the rainwater tank. The material used in the filter is also of importance. A mesh-like woven material

    clogs up faster because every mesh creates a constriction in which dirt particles can become stuck which will result in a clogged up filter.

    Additionally an effective filter

    grid is important. So called

    independent flow surfaces

    are better than a filter surface

    which is dependent on the

    number of litres per minute.

    The special tilted lamellae

    of the Trident filters are also

    electrolytic polished. During

    this electrolytic polishing a

    layer of material is dissolved

    at the surface. Electrolytic

    Trident Rainwater Filters

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    polishing has an equalizing effect. The surface

    of the filter grid is thus much smoother than

    untreated stainless steel. Under a microscope, the untreated surface of stainless steel shows a jagged and spiky structure. While the electrolytic polished surface shows a more equalized, undulating structure. This means that the electrolytic polished surface has much better adhesion characteristics and thus less chance of bacterial growth in the pores. This will also reduce the adhesion of dirt. The smoothness is clearly visible, it shines similar to chrome. In addition, electrolytic polishing of stainless steel has another important benefit. The iron in the surface dissolves much faster than nickel. This means there is an enrichment of nickel in the surface layer which means that the stainless steel is even more corrosion resistant.

    Trident filter technology in practice.The Trident filter grids are of high quality massive stainless steel. This means that the risk of corrosion or damage is small. Due to the unique tilted lamellae of the Trident filter surface every square centimeter has a highly efficient effect. The water is, as it were, scraped off as a sort of cheese grater. Dirt particles do not clog up because the Trident filter grids partly submerge once the tank is full. Stubborn dirt particles are sprayed off the filter grid by (optional) filter nozzles.

    Why does the Trident rainwater filter have such a long lifespan and such high performance?

    Trident filter grids are made of high quality massive stainless steel A very smooth dirt resistant surface is created by electrolytic polishing Trident filters have an independent flow filter surface Trident filters have a large filter surface Trident filters have tilted lamellae which enlarge the efficiency per square cm Triangle shaped lamellae dont clog up fast Dirt is drained off when the tank is full Trident filters are (optional) expandable with automatic cleaning nozzles.

    Advanced Filter technology

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    Trident 150 Tank filter with skimmer-overflow

    automaticcleaning dirtresistantfiltergrid largeeffectivefiltergrid highefficiency slightdropbetweensupplyand

    discharge noadditionaloverflowconnection

    required specialTridentFiltertechnology overflowwithskimmereffectis

    included optionalprefabnozzle optionalprefabrodentvalve optionalbackflowprotection optionalfinefilter

    Product benefits


    The Trident 150 tankfilter is developed for rainwater filtration. The Trident 150 filter is fitted in a storage tank between the inlet and the outlet without any additional connections. The filter housing is made out of polyethylene (PE). The filtration grid consists out of lamellar shaped stainless steel blades equipped with a handle for easy installation. Cover is included, brass nozzles and stainless steel rodent valve are optional.

    DescriptionBased on the capillary effect of rainwater. The rainwater is restrained and forced through the filter by the special shape of the Trident filter. The special blade shaped Trident filter grid filters the water extremely efficient and effective.

    The Trident technology is characterized by a rapid separation of waste and clean water, and with a maximum performance. Also, there is a slight drop between supply and discharge. The Trident 150 filter also provides an overflow with skimmer-effect. The main benefit is that this does not require an additional connection for the overflow.

    To minimize service and maintenance, all Trident filters can be equipped with nozzles. The use of nozzles allows automated cleaning of the Trident-filter grid. This ensures a high long-term efficiency of the filter as well as minimal maintenance.

    The Trident technology by GEP guarantees a good filtration of rainwater with a high efficiency, low maintenance and a slight drop in the pipes.

    Trident Filter technology

    Trident 325 Filter nozzle for

    automated cleaning


    Filter technology

    Trident 150 Tank filter

    150 m2




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    nozzle (optional) Sensor (optional)

    Waste water

    Rodent valve (optional)

    Overflow with skimmer effect

    Fine filter bag (optional)

    Filtered water to tank






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    UKArt.-Nr. Description PG

    401122 Trident 150 Tankfilter with skimmer with overflow effect 2

    401151 Nozzle for Trident 150 Tank filter 2

    401155 Timed automatic filter cleaning 12 2

    401156 Stainless steel rodent valve 2

    401157 Fine filter filter bag 2

    401158 Alarm sensor 2

    401165 Check valve 110 mm 2

    401162 Trident 150 click connection set 110 mm 2

    Technical specificationsTrident 150 Tank filter

    Height in mm 285

    Length in mm 528

    Width in mm 150

    Difference in height input-output in mm 39

    Connection In&Outwaste water in mm 110

    Connection Out filtered water in mm 110

    Weight in kg approx. 3

    Opening with cover in cm 27 x 13

    Connection nozzle (optional) 12

    Options Nozzle for Trident 150 Tank filter. Allows easy and automatic cleaning of the filter. The nozzle

    cleans the filter grid by spraying a cone shaped water jet out of a special, powerful nozzle made of brass.

    Timed automatic filter cleaning. Allows automatic filter cleaning. The nozzle cleans the filter

    grid periodically.

    Rodent valve. A stainless steel rodent valve is optional in the Trident 150

    tank filter. This valve prevents rodents from entering the tank through the overflow.

    Fine filter. A fine filter bag can be placed optionally underneath the Tri-

    dent filter grid. This fine filter bag filters down to 150 m. Also, this fine filter can be used on placed where high quality