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Program for the 5th Annual Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival, June 13, 2015. Maryland Traditions is the folklife program of the Maryland State Arts Council.


<ul><li><p>MARYLAND TRADITIONS FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL</p><p>5TH ANNUAL SA</p><p>TURD</p><p>AY, J</p><p>UNE </p><p>13, 2</p><p>015 </p><p> BA</p><p>LTIM</p><p>ORE</p><p>THE FOLKLIFE PROGRAM OF THE MARYLAND STATE ARTS COUNCIL</p></li><li><p>A MESSAGE FROM GOVERNOR LARRY HOGAN</p><p>Dear Friends:</p><p>Welcome to the 5th annual Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival. </p><p>Maryland Traditions, the folklife program of the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC), has been working statewide with communities for 14 years to support and celebrate living traditions through fieldwork, partnerships, grants, research and public programs. Today, we come together to highlight the rich cultural traditions that are practiced and expressed from the Chesapeake to Appalachia. </p><p>Folklife is the embodiment of community wisdom, which relies on the dedication of key individuals to maintain its vibrancy and relevance. Our musicians, dancers and culinary and craft artists are invigorating folk and traditional arts by handing them down to the next generation through word of mouth or example. We are fortunate to experience their arts firsthand through their performances and demonstrations.</p><p>Please join me in celebrating outstanding individuals who are passing on the living traditions that make Maryland communities distinct and bridge our past to a promising future.</p><p> Governor</p><p>ABOUT THE MARYLAND STATE ARTS COUNCIL </p><p>The Maryland State Arts Council, an agency of the Maryland Department of Business &amp; Economic Development, Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts, is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive. The mission of the council is to encourage and invest in the advancement of the arts for the people of Maryland. Maryland Traditions is a collaborative statewide folklife partnership program of the Maryland State Arts Council with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, designed to create a lasting infrastructure for the documentation, promotion and celebration of traditional culture in Maryland. </p><p>Creative Alliance at the Patterson provides support to artists and advocates for cultural expression rooted in a sense of place. Wide ranging programs are found within the walls of this former movie theater, including local film, modern dance, neo-burlesque, puppetry, hip hop, improv comedy, experimental and traditional music. </p><p>Todays festival is produced in partnership with the National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA). Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, the NCTA is a private, not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to the presentation and documentation of traditional arts in the United States. Founded in 1933, it is the nations oldest producing and presenting organization with such a focus.</p><p>PIS</p><p>CA</p><p>TA</p><p>WA</p><p>Y-C</p><p>ON</p><p>OY</p><p> BE</p><p>AD</p><p>WO</p><p>RK</p><p> BY</p><p> CR</p><p>YZ</p><p> PR</p><p>OC</p><p>TO</p><p>R</p><p>YO U M AY B E A S K I N G YO U R S E LF W H AT A R E M A RY L A N D T R A D I T I O N S? </p><p>TO DAY W E PR E S E N T YO U W I T H A G LI M P S E O F T H AT AN S W E R . You may also be asking what is Maryland Traditions? To which well tell you that Maryland Traditions is the folklife program of the Maryland State Arts Council. Were a team of folklorists, spread across the state, working together to document, celebrate, and sustain traditional arts and culture through regionally-based partnerships at Coastal Heritage Alliance (C H E SA PE A K E T I D E WAT E R ), Frostburg State University (M O U N TA I N M A RY L A N D), the National Council for the Traditional Arts (M E T R O D C A N D S TAT E W I D E), University of Maryland Baltimore County (M E T R O BA LT I M O R E A N D S TAT E W I D E),Sandy Spring Museum, and the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art (LO W E R S H O R E). We are also a network of individuals and communities, practitioners and professionals, artists and presenters with a common goal: passing on traditional knowledge from one generation to the next.</p><p>I N D E E D, FO LK AN D T R AD I T I O N AL AR T S AR E H AN D E D D OW N FR O M </p><p>G E N E R AT I O N TO G E N E R AT I O N T H R O U G H WO R D O F M O U T H O R E X A M PLE . They may be verbal, musical, or visual, occupational or religious. They may be indigenous or have found a welcoming home in Maryland. You will find some of each of these at todays festival. Taken together, these forms of expressive traditional culture or what we call folklife endow Maryland with a distinctive sense of place. True, folklife provides identity to communities, but it also serves as the vehicle by which communities gather to link past and future. These are living traditions not living history. They are dynamic and ever-changing, however slowly that may seem, and always growing to encompass newcomers or reacting to new circumstances. The practitioners you meet today are masters in their own right, but they are also celebrated representatives of their communities. All of us gather today to learn from one another, to share questions, beliefs and memories to pass on to another generation.</p><p>Enjoy the festival! </p><p>Clifford R. Murphy, PhD D I R E C TO R , M A RY L A N D T R A D I T I O N S</p><p>WHAT IS FOLKLIFE?WHAT IS MARYLAND TRADITIONS?</p><p> O N COV E R : P I N ATA BY A R T E SA N A S M E X I C A N A S</p></li><li><p>Kwame Ansah-Brew West African Drumming ( A N N A R U N D E L CO U N T Y ) Kwame Ansah-Brew is a master of West African drumming, and is the founder of the Performing Arts Center for African Culture in Laurel, Maryland. A native of Ghana, Kwame has been recognized with an Apprenticeship Award, and has been featured at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival with his group, Fritete. </p><p>East Side Tonys Deluxe Tones Polka (BA LT I M O R E C I T Y ) Formed in 2005, the Deluxe Tones are led by East Baltimores own Tony Murawski on accordion, concertina, and vocals. The rest of the band Ted Naperkoski (drums), Phil Ravita (bass), Stan Rouse (clarinet, sax), and Howard Scott (accordion, piano/keyboards) will be familiar to polka music enthusiasts from across Maryland. </p><p>Washington Samulnori Korean Drumming (M O N TG O M E RY/ H O WA R D CO U N T Y ) Sebastian Wang is the leader of Washington Samulnori, a Mongtomery County-based group that performs a contemporary style of traditional Korean drumming known as samulnori. Played on four percussion instruments the changgo (hourglass-shaped drum), the buk (barrel drum), the jing (large gong), and the kkwaenggwari (small gong) samulnori is based on the music of Korean farmers and shamans. </p><p>Crisfield Crab Picking Competition!!! (S O M E R S E T CO U N T Y ) Each Labor Day weekend since 1947, the city of Crisfield has hosted the National Hard Crab Derby. The Derby features heated competitions for all things crab from crab picking to boat docking to the Miss Crustacean pageant. Competing and demonstrating are Angela Conner, Casalena Corbin, Nakia Ballard, and Ruth Schoolfield, all from the Eastern Shore.</p><p>The Sherman Holmes Project with Brooks Long Blues/Gospel (M I D D L E S E X , VA / BA LT I M O R E) Sherman Holmes is a founding member of the celebrated Blues/Gospel/Soul group The Holmes Brothers, recipients of the National Heritage Fellowship in 2014. Baltimore rocknsoul musician Brooks Long has spent the past year apprenticing to Shermans brother, Wendell. Though health problems caused Wendell to announce his retirement this year, Sherman and Brooks team up today with drummer Eric Kennedy for what is a new chapter in the Holmes Brothers impressive legacy.</p><p>Urban Artistry Dance Battle! (M O N TG O M E RY CO U N T Y ) Todays Dance Battle is brought to you by Urban Artistry, an organization dedicated to art forms inspired by the urban experience. Head-to-head battles today include House Dance vs. Tap, London Locking vs. Campbell Locking, and Buckdancing vs Memphis Jookin. Urban Artistrys founder, Junious Brickhouse, is a master of house dance and a past recipient of an Apprenticeship Award. </p><p>MARYLAND TRADITIONS APPRENTICESHIP AWARDS</p><p>Nearly all of the participants in todays festival have been recognized through the M ARY L AN D T R AD I T I O N S APPR E N T I C E S H I P AWAR D, given annually since 2004 to master </p><p>traditional artists to pass their skills on to the next generation. This years recipients are:</p><p>K WA M E A N SA H - B R E W </p><p>WA S H I N G TO N SA M U L N O R I </p><p>C R I S F I E L D C R A B P I C K I N G CO M PE T I T I O N !! ! </p><p>E A S T S I D E TO N Y S D E LU X E TO N E S</p><p>T H E S H E R M A N H O L M E S P R O J E C T W I T H B R O O K S LO N G </p><p>M A S T E R APPR E N T I C E T R AD I T I O N</p><p>Tebabu Assefa Betel Degene Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Frank Bittner Tracy Murry Woodgraining (faux-wood finishing)Captain Bob Bowes Matt Bowes Maryland stuffed hamAurelia Vargas Garcia/ Griselda Torres/Alejandra Mexican piata makingRosa Vazquez Castro Martinez/Alexandra GonzalezDavid Glorioso Asbury Hopewell Pigeon fancying and racingMatthew Harris Jacob Selmer Architectural blacksmithing Wendell Holmes Brooks Long Southern roots-style R&amp;BSpyridon Koliavasilis Nicholas Gerakis Greek mainland-style lute (laouto)Elaine Pressman Carlene McDowell Plaited/braided rag rug weavingCrystal Cryz Proctor Lori Ann McMahon Piscataway-Conoy beadworkBohuslav Bob Rychlik Rasto Brezny Slovakian fujaraPhil Wiggins Junious Brickhouse Cross-harp country blues harmonica</p><p>PH I L W I G G I N S &amp; J U N I O U S B R I C K H O U S E</p><p>Phot</p><p>o by E</p><p>laine</p><p> Eff</p><p>Phot</p><p>o cou</p><p>rtesy</p><p> of To</p><p>ny M</p><p>uraw</p><p>ski</p><p>Phot</p><p>o cou</p><p>rtesy</p><p> of W</p><p>ashi</p><p>ngto</p><p>n Sam</p><p>ulno</p><p>ri</p><p>U R BA N A R T I S T RY </p><p>East Avenue Stage</p><p>FEST</p><p>IVA</p><p>L P</p><p>AR</p><p>TIC</p><p>IPA</p><p>NT</p><p>S</p></li><li><p>Pablo Antonio y la Firma Salsa (M E T R O D C ) Pablo Antonio y la Firma is celebrating its 16th year as one of the premier Latin dance bands of the DC/Baltimore region. Drawing from a multitude of styles encompassed by the regions multinational Latino community, the group which calls its style a Tropical Extravaganza is celebrated for its high-energy slasa, cumbia, bachata, and merengue. </p><p>The Singing and Praying Bands (M A RY L A N D A N D D E L AWA R E) The Singing and Praying Bands perform what is perhaps Marylands oldest and most distinct living musical tradition a form of African-American sacred music that predates gospel, blues, and jazz. Recipients of the 2011 Maryland Traditions ALTA Award, and the 2014 NEA National Heritage Fellowship, they have provided music ministry in the Chesapeake Tidewater region for centuries.</p><p>Bob Rychlik &amp; Rasto Brezny Fujara (C A R R O L L /M O N TG O M E RY CO U N T Y ) Bohuslav Bob Rychlik is a master of the fujara, a large overtone flute from Slovakia. Originally a mountain shepherd flute, the fujara is a source of pride for many from the former Czechoslovakia. Bob appears today with his apprentice, Rasto Brezny. Both men are part of a small community of Slovak, Czech, and Moravian folk music enthusiasts in the region.</p><p>Hugh Campbell and Dave Reed Southern Mountain Music (C E C I L CO U N T Y ) Hugh Campbell and Dave Reed are first cousins and Cecil County natives. Their music draws from the southern mountain music of their parents, who were part of a large wave of Appalachian migrants to settle in the region. Daves mother, Ola Belle Reed, was a prominent country singer and songwriter. Both men are featured on the forthcoming Dust-to-Digital release, Ola Belle Reed and Southern Mountain Music on the Mason-Dixon Line.</p><p>Karpouzi Trio Music of Greece and Asia Minor (M O N TG O M E RY CO U N T Y ) Karpouzi Trio is led by Spyros Koliavasilis (vocals, oud, laouto, kemane), a Greek native who lives in Gaithersburg. Spryos received an Apprenticeship Award in 2014 and is joined today by his apprentice, Nicholas Gerakis. Rounding out the group is Margaret Loomis (santouri) and Len Newman (laouto). </p><p>Carnatic Trio South Indian Classical (M O N TG O M E RY CO U N T Y ) Born and raised in Montgomery county, sisters Rajna and Anjna Swaminathan have studied and performed internationally, collaborating with classical, jazz, and pop musicians, and exploring issues of hybrid identity. The Carnatic Trio features Rajna on mrudangam, Anjna on violin, and Lalit Subramanian on vocals. Rajna and Anjna were both Apprenticeship Award recipients, being mentored by their father (P.K. Swami Swaminathan) and mother (the late Lalitha Swaminathan) respectively.</p><p>Talking DrumJoin Kwame Ansah-Brew (West African drums), Sebastian Wang (Korean samulnori) and Rajna Swaminathan (South Indian mrudangam) as they explore the common ground of the drum. A tool for organizing sound, people, and worship, drums are considered by many to be a primary vehicle for sacred expression. </p><p>New Baltimore Hand Dance AssociationThe New Baltimore Hand Dance Association was founded in 1994, and works to showcase a form of African-American swing dance born in the 1950s in Washington, DC. Hand dance evolved from the lindy hop and jitterbug styles popular in the era of Louis Jordan; it is a dynamic tradition that has changed alongside the arrivals of soul and Motown. </p><p>S PY R O S KO L I AVA S I L I S G R E E K L AO U TO</p><p>K A R P O UZ I T R I OPA B LO A N TO N I O Y L A F I R M A </p><p>T H E S I N G I N G A N D P R AY I N G BA N D S</p><p>B O B RYC H L I K &amp; R A S TO B R E Z N Y </p><p>H U G H C A M P B E L L A N D DAV E R E E D </p><p>C A R N AT I C T R I O </p><p>TA L K I N G D R U M</p><p>Phot</p><p>o cou</p><p>rtesy</p><p> of Pa</p><p>blo A</p><p>ntion</p><p>io y l</p><p>a Firm</p><p>a</p><p>N E W BA LT I M O R E H A N D DA N C E A SS O C I AT I O N</p><p>Cour</p><p>tesy</p><p> phot</p><p>oCo</p><p>urte</p><p>sy ph</p><p>oto</p><p>Indoor Theater Stage</p></li><li><p>11:00</p><p>11:15</p><p>11:30</p><p>11:45</p><p>12:00</p><p>12:15</p><p>12:30</p><p>12:45</p><p>1:00</p><p>1:15</p><p>1:30</p><p>1:45</p><p>2:00</p><p>2:15</p><p>2:30</p><p>2:45</p><p>3:00</p><p>3:15</p><p>3:30</p><p>3:45</p><p>4:00</p><p>4:15</p><p>4:30</p><p>4:45</p><p>5:00</p><p>5:15</p><p>5:30</p><p>5:45</p><p>6:00</p><p>6:15</p><p>6:30</p><p>6:45</p><p>7:00A B OV E : P I N ATA BY A R T E SA N A S M E X I C A N A S</p><p>EAST AVENUE STAGE</p><p>MARQUEE LOUNGE Workshops</p><p>THEATER STAGE</p><p>CLASSROOMUpstairs Workshops</p><p>DOWNSTAIRS GALLERY </p><p>Exhibit and Workshops</p><p>MEDIA LAB Upstairs </p><p>Workshops</p><p> CRAFTS TENT </p><p>AND AREAOutside </p><p>Workshops</p><p> AMALIE </p><p>ROTHSCHILD GALLERY</p><p>Upstairs Workshops</p><p>NORTHEAST SIDEWALK / </p><p>EAST AVE Coffee </p><p>Ceremonies</p><p>SCHEDULE Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival 2015</p><p> TIME</p><p>11:30 FESTIVAL ENTRANCEPainted Screens Tour Departs</p><p>2:45 - 3:30 Sherman Holmes Project w/ Brooks Long Blues/R&amp;B</p><p>11:30 - 12:30Halyna MudryjUkrainian pysanky (egg painting) ages 8 &amp; up</p><p>ALL DAYEdwin RemsbergMaster/Apprentice Photo Exhibit</p><p>12:30 - 1:30Old Time Music Workshop ages 10-up</p><p>3:00 - 4:30 Griots Circle of MarylandStorytelling all ages</p><p>1:00 - 2:30 Griots Circle of Maryland w/Mama Linda GossStorytelling all ages</p><p>ALL DAYGlobe PosterMake your own all ages</p><p>ALL DAYKathy BeauchesneKids Eel Pot Activities all ages</p><p>ALL DAYBaltimore American Indian Center Native American Broom Making all ages</p><p>ALL DAYRug Braiding all ages</p><p>ALL DAYFace Painting all ages</p><p>11:15 -12:00Blessed CoffeeTraditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony</p><p>1:00 - 2:00Halyna MudryjUkrainian pysanky (egg painting) ages 8 &amp; up</p><p>11:00-7:00 ALL DAYPiata MastersPiata making all ages</p><p>11:00-7:00 ALL DAYPiata MastersPiata making all ages</p><p>2:30 - 3:30Mei Yu GreenChinese brush painting ages 8 &amp; up</p><p>4:00 - 5:00Rich SmokerDecoy painting ages 8 &amp; up, ages 3-7 w/adult</p><p>1:45 - 2:30Hugh Campbell &amp; Dave ReedSouthern Mountain Music</p><p>2:45 - 3:30Karpouzi TrioGreek</p><p>3:45-4:30Carnat...</p></li></ul>


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