2015 international chinese arts festival opening ceremony

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  1. 1. , May Hu, Co-Chair International Chinese Arts Festival Mr Adam Bant, Deputy Leader of the Greens Party, Federal Member of Parliament in Canberra Mark Dreyfus Greeting Letters from Hon. Mark Dreyfus, Federal Shadow Attorney-General, Shadow Minister for the Arts, read by Chap Chow, former Ambassador of Australian People , Counsel-General of P.R. China in Melbourne Phillip Vlahogiannis, Mayor of City of Yarra, Cr Phillip Vlahogiannis May Hu, Co-Chair invites Hon Yumin Song, Counsel-General of P.R. China for the Launch of the Chinese Arts Festival
  2. 2. Opening Ceremony Program Opening song and dance: Welcome Spring Chinese Arts Troupe of Melbourne
  3. 3. Welcome Spring!
  4. 4. Opening Ceremony Program Performing martial song: singing with face painting, martial arts Actor Guo Xijun from Chu Dance Theatre Hunan Province China
  5. 5. Opening Ceremony Program Male solo: Goodbye! Mountain Dabie Actor Guo Xijun from Chu Dance Theatre Hunan Province China
  6. 6. Opening Ceremony Program Fashion Dance: When we were young Yahui Asian Dance Troupe
  7. 7. Opening Ceremony Program Female Duet: Song of Gulangyu Islands Li Hua, Chen Xiujuan, awards winning actors from Zhejiang China
  8. 8. Opening Ceremony Program Erhu Solo: Running of Thousands of Horses Wang Hangwei, award-winning performer from Zhejiang China
  9. 9. - Opening Ceremony Program Kunqu Opera "The Peony Pavilion" Actors: Li Dan, Li Ling Art Instructor: Guo Yue Chong Voice of Spring, Hunan Association of Victoria
  10. 10. Opening Ceremony Program
  11. 11. Opening Ceremony Program Classical Chinese Dance: Silk Road Chinese Arts Troupe of Melbourne
  12. 12. Opening Ceremony Program Female Solo: Puccini's opera "Gianni Schicchi" aria "My Dear Father" : Yu Xiaoping, Opera singer, multi-prizes winner From Kongzheng Opera in China
  13. 13. Opening Ceremony Program Male and female voices singing mixed: Kalinka Kew Zhiyin Choir, Kew neighborhood Choir, Conductor: Fang Xuewu accompaniment: Jian Zhiduan, Leading: Fang Xuewu, Yu Jia