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2015 GUIDE:MARKETINGYOU CANNOTTHEMISSTRENDS2014everyone was saying,Last year, in2014Paid search is getting too expensive.2014Paid search is getting too expensive.Everyones a content marketer.2015Now that its2015Now that itsnext BIG channel for growth.You want to find theWheres the world headed this year?US Total Media Ad Spending Share, by Media, 2013-2018Source: eMarketerMobile is the channel projected to grow.251% growth expected in the next 4 yearsonlySource: eMarketerSo, what are people doing on mobile?Americans spend more time on Social Media than anything on the web, even email.Source: Business InsiderAmericans spend more time on Social Media than anything on the web, even email.Source: Business Insider60% of social media time is from mobile.Facebook is leading the charge on mobile advertising,with almost $2 billion of growth this year, all from mobile ads.Facebook will get an even bigger reach with the Audience Network.Allowing you to simply place your mobile ads across a network of apps ~ reaching a larger audience.But, other social networks have noticed.Mobile app install ads have been introduced by Twitter & Tumblr.And others are comingwill all open up public advertising platforms this year.snapchatExpect to seeMobile app install adsExpect to seeMobile app install adsVideo adsExpect to seeVideo adsPromoted Pins/PostsMobile app install adsExpect to seePromoted Pins/Posts& moreVideo adsMobile app install adsAll focused on one wordNATIVEStay ahead and focus on these three things1. Get in earlyBe the first to test & discover new platforms & ad units.Build a responsive mobile website & create a mobile app for iPhone & Android.2. Optimize for mobile3. Create native-looking adsMOST IMPORTANTLYLets dive ini.e. blend in with the feedsTalk to your customers the way they talk to each other.LOLUse relevant language.OMGFAIL#WINCUTETRENDINGSELFIE#INSTAGOODTWERKUse images to connect & express your authenticity.#AvoidSpam ~ Be a friend.Apps are dominated by photos.Join your customers.Express yourself with photos.Which photo feels more relevant to your customers?vs.EXAMPLE: Not staged Blend in with social feeds Instagram-style feelSocial images perform best.HUGE2015 will be a year, full of new advertising opportunities.MOBILE will be the center of digital time.SOCIAL will keep dominating mobile use.IMAGES will grab your customers attention Social-sourcedtwenty20.comYour source for mobile, social images. No more boring stock.