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<ul><li><p>MUHAMMAD AHSAN ALI ABBAS </p><p> Appt 4 izdihar Riyadh KSAH NO 4 L NO 7 SECTOR B DHA 2 ISBADT: 00966502882596 /T:009668005764EMAIL abbas.mahsan.mahsan@gmail.com / Vector_scalar08@yahoo.com</p><p> PERSONAL SUMMARY</p><p> A forward thinking and much experienced academic administrator, possessing drive, ambitionand ability. Having a broad knowledge of organising, managing and supporting the day to dayactivities required for running an educational institution. Flexible with strong team-workingskills, able to work individually or as part of a group. Involved in a wide variety of tasks inareas such as admissions, resource planning and recruitment. Excellent organisational skillsgained through all-round administrative experience, now looking for a opportunity for personaldevelopment and career progression with a reputable academic organisation. </p><p> CAREER HISTORY</p><p> Involved in the maintenance and supervision of the SAT / CIE Courses. Providingadministrative support on a daily basis to the students, Heads of Group, academic andresearch staff.</p><p> Helping in writing up of policies and procedures and also critical reports.</p><p> Organising workshops, seminars, cross-institutional networks and training programmes.</p><p> Giving specialist administrative support and advice or guidance to students.</p><p> Assisting with marketing activities.</p><p> Dealing with complaints and enquiries.</p><p> Regularly liaising with government and regulatory bodies.</p><p> Meeting face-to-face with students to give guidance.</p><p> Answering and dealing with telephone enquiries.</p><p> Ensuring that the company website is up to date with the latest information.</p><p> Preparing agendas and writing up minutes.</p><p> Re-solving maintenance issues and arranging routine maintenance.</p><p>Responsible for a range of administrative and secretarial duties, including maintaining accuratetraining records and files, providing support for committee meetings. Also providingadministrative support to an academic team of lecturers, tutors or teachers.</p><p> Helped to organise examinations and assessments.</p><p> Gathered data and statistics to prepare reports for senior managers.</p><p> Providing general administrative support and be responsible for servicing andcoordinating committees.</p><p> Was responsible for purchasing office equipment.</p><p> Involved in practical planning and delivery of courses.</p><p> Was responsible for coordinating small projects.</p><p> Processing of all suppliers invoices.</p></li><li><p> Raising invoices and credit notes. </p><p> PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE</p><p> Administrative</p><p> Experience of undergraduate and post graduate admissions and administrative work.</p><p> Providing dedicated support to the academic staff across a range of activities liketeaching programme administration and discipline-level organisation.</p><p> Ensuring that examination papers are drafted within the appropriate timescales.</p><p> Experience of working in a busy environment.</p><p> Flexible and able to adapt to the changing demands of a job.</p><p> Ability to work efficiently and with minimal supervision.</p><p>Management</p><p> Effectively organising and prioritising work duties.</p><p> In depth knowledge of course evaluation and course approval procedures.</p><p> Maintaining and awareness of developments in academic regulation and best practice.</p><p> Able to effectively co-operate with colleagues to ensure goals and targets are met.</p><p> Helping to promote a strong sense of community among its diverse student and staffpopulation.</p><p> Maintaining good working relationships with sub-contractors.</p><p> Having the ability to deal positively with changing circumstances. </p><p> KEY COMPENTENCIES AND SKILLS</p><p>Qualityassurance</p><p>Courseadministration</p><p>Academicadministration</p><p>Goodcommunicator</p><p>Planning IT skills Customer service Report production</p><p>Negotiating Supervising Maintenance Staff development</p><p> Summary of ExperienceMore than twenty (20) years of Admin &amp; teaching experience of Physics in Schools,Colleges and University level. High motivation and commitment with an essential skill ofmeeting the deadlines. My excellent results are a testimony to my commitment that Irender to my profession. One who can make a positive contribution to your organization /institution and like to work on challenging executive position where I can excel on thebasis of my professional skills and abilities.</p><p> ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS</p><p>1992---1994 University of Agriculture Faisalabad PakistanM.Sc (physics)</p><p>1988---1990 University of Punjab Pakistan</p></li><li><p>B.Sc (Physics &amp; Math A / B )</p><p>1986-1988 Sargodha board PakistanF.Sc (Pre-Engg) 1984-1986 Sargodha board PakistanSSC (Science Group)</p><p> ORGANIZATIONS SERVED:</p><p>MANARAT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL RIYADH OCT 2008 TILL DATE</p><p>PISES EMBASSY SHOOL RIYADH VISITINGBEACONHOUSE SCHOOL SYSTEM VISITINGTHE CITY SCHOOL FULL TIMEFROEBLES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ISBD VISITING</p><p>FAUJI FOUNDATION COLLEGE (BOYS) FULL TIMEINSTITUTE OF SPACE TECNOLOGY (IST) VISITINGHEC ISLAMABAD VISITINGAPCOMS RAWALPINDI VISITINGARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL FULL TIME </p><p>REFERENCES </p><p>LT GEN (RETD) TANVEER TAHIR EX DG TECH (ISI)MAJ GEN KHALID MEHMOOD DG EME</p><p>MAJ GEN (RETD) SYED GUFTAR SHAH AECMAJ GEN (RETD) OBAID BIN ZAKRIA V.C ( LGU)</p><p>MAJ GEN ZIA ULLAH (RETD) V.C (WMC)BRIG IMRAN REHMAN (RETD) V.C (IST)BRIG WAQAR (RETD) DG (NTC)BRIG MAQSOOD UL HASSAN (RETD) NUMLCOL AMAR ABBAS (RETD) PRINCIPAL (FFCB TTC)CAPT MAROOF AFZAL (RETD) CHAIRMAN CDA (ISBD)</p></li></ul>