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Fairbanks, Alaska, winters are long, cold and dark. Readers give advice on how to survive, and thrive, in the winters, plus winter clothing tips and car care.


<ul><li><p>2014-2015</p><p>FAIRBANKS, ALASKA</p><p>READER ADVICE 2TAKING CARE OF CHIMNEYS 3WHAT TO HAVE IN A WINTER CAR KIT 4 CARING FOR PETS IN COLD WEATHER 5</p><p>INSIDE:</p></li><li><p> 2 Sunday, October 5, 2014Fairbanks Daily News-Miner</p><p> Cushman at Van Horn 452-7131 Limited to Stock on Hand</p><p> 18511948-10-5-14WS</p><p> The Bilzzak DM-V1 stands out from other winter tires due to its versatility. The new Tube Multi-Cell and NanoPro-Tech rubber compound help improve snow, ice, wet and dry performance by making the tire more flexible to changes in conditions.</p><p> With its new Multi-Cell compound and advanced 3-D Sipe technology, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 delivers improved snow and slush performance, and is a reliable ride in icy conditions. Its a tire that will help get you to your destination-regardless of the weather forecast.</p><p> All Bridgestone &amp; Blizzak Snow Tires </p><p> on Sale along with</p><p> $70 Visa Gift Card!</p><p> See store for details.</p><p> BLIZZAK</p><p> 18511943-10-5-14WS</p><p> 1817 College Rd. 907-452-3455 1-800-478-3455 www.alaskafuncenter.com</p><p> How much can I plow? How much can I plow? Depends. How much you got? Depends. How much you got?</p><p> A L AS K A F UN CENTER A L AS K A F UN CENTER A L AS K A F UN CENTER</p><p> PL O WS . . . PL O WS . . . PL O WS . . . and the Grizzlies to push them! and the Grizzlies to push them!</p><p> WARN Provantage Side by Side Plow System In stock and ready to play. Your job just got easier.</p><p>WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE </p><p>Whats your best advice for avoiding winter mishaps?You know how were all supposed to learn from the mistakes of others? Well, perhaps our new Interior Alaska resi-dents can learn from the winter survival mistakes of those of us who have lived around here for a while.</p><p>We went to our Facebook page to ask readers to fess up or offer advice.</p><p>Read on and learn. And laugh a bit, too.Rod BoyceMANAGING EDITOR</p><p> While you may be able to drive on the hard-pack rails all winter, the fuel truck cannot. Sometimes its not about whether or not you can get in and out of your driveway but whether someone else can.Kerynn Fisher</p><p>When getting the ice off your window, do not hit it with the ice scraper. When your car warms and you close the door, your win-dow will shatter. Be patient with it.Ember Kalama</p><p>Shovel your driveway. Just do it. You might think youre so clever driving on two feet of hard pack while your neighbors kill their backs shoveling, but in early April, when their driveway is bare and yours looks like soup, and your car practi-cally floats in and out of the garage, you will regret it.Amanda Myhand</p><p>I let my laundry deter-gent freeze in my car my first winter here and had to run it under hot water at </p><p>the laundromat.Liz Peterson</p><p>Always check to make sure the house door is unlocked before you run out </p><p>to start the car in the morn-ing. Or better yet, stash a spare key someplace. There is nothing like trying to break into your own home at -30 while wearing paja-</p><p>mas and slippers.Corrie Kossow Garrison</p><p>Pull your windshield wip-ers off the window before you park for the night. And dont forget the rear one if you have a hatchback.Maggie Billington</p><p>Always carry a flare when going snowmachining. Its the best way to light a fire when its -20, you fell through a river, and you have to wait 18.5 hours for help while youre attempt-ing to walk 40 miles out.Christopher Morse</p><p>Dont touch doorknobs with your bare hands in 60 below. It doesnt feel good.Chrissy Fanslau</p><p>Make sure your hair and/</p><p>or beard are completely dry before going outside. Noth-ing is more uncomfortable than suddenly having a block of ice on your face.D.J. Tyson</p><p>Dont leave your diaper bag in your car at any point during the winter. Defrost-ing baby wipes on demand is almost impossible.Corinne Gould</p><p>Always keep an extra blanket and boots in your vehicle. You never know when and where you may break down or get stuck in snow.Flores Carol</p><p>Plug your vehicles in. Use good oil and battery </p><p>TIPS 4</p><p>The thermometer sign outside the AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union Mortgage offices on the Old Steese Highway display the sub-zero temperature on Dec. 2, 2003. ERIC ENGMAN/NEWS-MINER</p></li><li><p> 3Sunday, October 5, 2014 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner</p><p>By Elena SudduthFOR THE NEWS-MINER</p><p>A s t h e c o l d s e a s o n approaches, the necessi-ty to warm up the hous-es arrives. A lot of houses in the Fairbanks area use chimneys as the main heat resource. Every year, a lot of homeowners lose every-thing in house fires caused by improper chimney care. There are some guidelines that, if properly followed, can help avoiding these sit-uations. </p><p>First and foremost, your chimney should be inspect-ed at least once per year and be swept by necessi-ty. This reduces the risk of fires and carbon monoxide poisonings because of cre-osote buildup or obstruc-tions in the chimneys.</p><p>N e x t , g o o d , d r y , </p><p>non-treated wood should be used. Burning wet wood causes the creosote to built up faster which becomes the main reason chimney fires. </p><p>Last, but not least, it is important a wood stove is installed according to the manufacturers recommen-dation. </p><p>Offered below is a list of questions chimney owners should know the answers to stepping into the winter:</p><p>Q: How often should I get my chimney cleaned?</p><p>A: From one load of wood to the next, the amount of creosote that builds up is never the same, said Chief Jack Willard from Chena Gold-stream Fire and Rescue. This is why homeowners should clean their chim-</p><p>neys on regular bases, he added.</p><p>The National Fire Pro-tection Association Stan-dard 211 says, Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, free-dom from deposits, and correct clearances. Clean-ing, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if nec-essary. </p><p>So while it may not be necessary to pay for a cleaning every year, hav-ing you chimney inspected every year is a good idea. You should keep in mind that even if you dont use your chimney too much, small birds could have made nests or small ani-mals could have fallen into it.</p><p> Our restoration services include: Water Damage Fire/Smoke Pack-Out of Content</p><p> 24 Hour Emergency Services</p><p> 10510824-10-5-14WS</p><p> Guaranteed Professional Service</p><p> 458-8304 458-8304 458-8304 Free Estimates Free Estimate</p><p>s Free Estimates</p><p> HOME WEATHERIZATION</p><p> The weatherization program provides weatherization work on houses, apartments, </p><p> &amp; mobile homes for qualified households.</p><p> Renters and homeowners with low to moderate income may be eligible for thermal doors, windows, insulation, air-sealing, weather-stripping and heating system repair and replacement at absolutely no cost. Save money on your fuel and electric bills! The paperwork is extremely simple!</p><p> Call Interior Weatherization, Inc .</p><p> EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY</p><p> Funded by Alaska Housing Finance Corp., US Dept. of Energy</p><p> 13510864-10-5-14WS</p><p> A household is automatically eligible if any household resident documents receipt of SSI, Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), ATAP, TANF, Senior Care Benefits, APA/IA or Food Stamps. Homes weatherized before April 2008, are eligible to be re-weatherized.</p><p> Annual Income Guidelines</p><p> Size Household</p><p> $54,200 61,900 69,600 77,300</p><p> $64,000 73,100 82,200 91,300</p><p> Denali Borough</p><p> Nenana &amp; Delta</p><p> today for details! 452-5323 or Long Distance 1-800-478-5323, ext. 0 713 15th Avenue, Fairbanks</p><p> Download application at: www.interiorwx.org</p><p> Max. Income FNSB</p><p> $51,700 59,100 66,500 73,800</p><p> 1 2 3 4</p><p>WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE </p><p>Proper chimney care saves houses</p><p>CHIMNEY 6</p></li><li><p> 4 Sunday, October 5, 2014Fairbanks Daily News-Miner</p><p> 13510862-10-5-14WS</p><p> Remember Remember Remember last winters last winters last winters </p><p> power outages power outages power outages and misery? and misery? and misery?</p><p> Dont be left in Dont be left in Dont be left in the cold and the cold and the cold and </p><p> darkness again! darkness again! darkness again!</p><p> Samsons has Samsons has Samsons has what you will what you will what you will need to be need to be need to be totally totally totally</p><p> prepared prepared prepared this winter. this winter. this winter.</p><p> AXES</p><p> CANNERS</p><p> COPPER TUBING</p><p> LOG MILL</p><p>S</p><p> MEAT GRINDERS</p><p> CANNING JARS</p><p> BOW SAWS</p><p> NUTS &amp;</p><p> BOLTS</p><p> WOOD STOVES</p><p> TRAPS</p><p> CHAIN SAWS</p><p> STOVE PIPE</p><p> STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES</p><p> GAS LIGHTS</p><p> GAS CANS</p><p> SAMSON HARDWARE</p><p> 1990 Phillips Field Rd. 452-3110 M-F 8-6 Sat. 9-3 1-800-478-1085 FAX 451-8036 samsonak@alaska.net www.saamsonhardware.com</p><p> 110 Winters </p><p> experience!</p><p> CAST IRON COOKWARE</p><p> GALVANIZED TUBS PITCHER PUMPS</p><p> OIL LAMPS AND</p><p> LANTERNS</p><p> PEAVY &amp; CANT</p><p> HOOKS</p><p> LUGGABLE LOO</p><p> DRAW SHAVES</p><p> Fall 2014 Tuesday Tastings Held each Tuesday at 7 p.m.</p><p> Classes taught by Kathleen Lavelle Certified Wine Specialist by the Society of Wine Educators</p><p> Certified Wine Professional by the Culinary Institute of America Wine Educator for UAF</p><p> 450-0555 575 First Avenue www.lavellesbistro.com</p><p> 10509458-10-5-14WS</p><p>heaters. Dont ruin a new vehicle because youre too lazy or cheap to get your rig winterized.Sarah Black</p><p>Always have a chain and shovel so if you do get stuck in the snow like my husband last winter </p><p>more than once, you can either get pulled out or dig your way out. And always have extra clothes, blanket, gloves, hats, hand and foot warmers those things are awe-some.Sarah E Genetti</p><p>Dont leave a glass bot-tle of vinegar in the cup holder of your back seat. Airing out your car out in </p><p>-40 isnt easy.Curea Salle</p><p>Don t scrape your windshield with met-al (i.e. pop can). It will scratch the windshield. Sarah Solski Madsen</p><p>Never use your debit/credit card to scrape your car window, no matter how desperate you are.Kristen Q Thomas</p><p>TIPSContinued from 2 Cars need survival kits, too</p><p>By Robin WoodRWOOD@NEWSMINER.COM</p><p>During wicked winter weather, a simple trip to the store can bring compli-cations only Alaskans truly understand. </p><p>When traveling outside of town or on side roads being prepared becomes even more imperative. Its essential to keep a winter survival kit in your car. </p><p>Put emergency items in a tub and store it within the cars main compartment. If stuck in a snow bank, a trunk or truck canopy may be inaccessible. Its import-ant to keep the gas tank at least half full, both in case of emergency and to pre-vent water condensation being sucked through fuel lines. </p><p>As with any emergency </p><p>situation, its best to stay put. Cars are great sources of shelter and easier to spot than just a person. If stuck, only run the car for 10 min-utes per hour because snow can trap deadly carbon monoxide inside the car. Crack a window and keep snow clear of the exhaust pipe. Turn on emergency flashers and conserve bat-tery power. </p><p>The following should be included in any winter car kit:</p><p>To stay warm and fed Keep outer gear suit-</p><p>able for a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes exposure. Include extra socks, hats, gloves and base layers. Avoid cotton because when it provides zero insulation when wet. </p><p> Have the ability to make </p><p>a fire with multiple means: wind- and water-proof matches, a lighter or flint and steel. Stuff an empty toilet paper tube with toi-let paper for an emergency fire starter. </p><p> Enough blankets or sleeping bags to provide for the car occupants for extended periods of time. </p><p> High energy, non-perishable food such as can-dy, energy bars or trail mix. </p><p> Water and the ability to melt snow, like an empty coffee can and a small stove with fuel. </p><p>To stay safe A first aid kit, extra </p><p>medications and pocket knife. </p><p> Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries. </p><p>CAR KIT 7</p><p>WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE </p></li><li><p> 5Sunday, October 5, 2014 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner</p><p> Call: 456-2536 Call: 456-2536 Call: 456-2536</p><p> 751Williams Gate (Off Old Richardson Hwy at Greer Tank)</p><p> 18511940 10-10-14WS</p><p> IANT TIRE R a i n , s n o w o r h i g h w a t e r R a i n , s n o w o r h i g h w a t e r </p><p> w e l l g o t h e e x t r a m i l e w e l l g o t h e e x t r a m i l e t o f i n d t h e r i g h t t i r e s t o f i n d t h e r i g h t t i r e s</p><p> f o r y o u . . . . . f o r y o u . . . . .</p><p> New tires &amp; wheels... all cars &amp; trucks</p><p> Studding Siping Mount &amp;Balance</p><p> ROAD SERVICE TOO!</p><p> QUIC</p><p>K SE</p><p>RVIC</p><p>E</p><p> QUIC</p><p>K SE</p><p>RVIC</p><p>E</p><p> USED</p><p> TIRE PR</p><p>OFESSIO</p><p>NALS</p><p> USED</p><p> TIRE PR</p><p>OFESSIO</p><p>NALS</p><p>By Robin WoodRWOOD@NEWSMINER.COM</p><p>When it comes to cold weather care for pets, it pays to pay attention. </p><p>People have many breeds and varieties of pets, all requiring tailored treat-ments. And when the tem-perature drops below zero, or perhaps reaches 50 below, appropriate care is critical.</p><p>For outside animals dogs, horses or other live-stock shelter, non-frozen water and enough food for fuel are minimum require-ments. The most important thing for inside animals is not to forget when they are outside as frostbite or hypothermia can result from mere minutes in sub-freezing temperatures. </p><p>Outside animal houses should be small enough </p><p>that their body heat warms the space, but big enough to lie down in. Line the floor with straw for insula-tion and insure the shelter provides protection from wind, rain or snow. </p><p>Sandy Klimaschesky, shelter operations supervi-</p><p>sor at Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control, said hay or blankets alone are not adequate bedding for doghouses. </p><p>Hay tends to compress really easy, where straw is hollow and lofty so it holds that heat in, she said. </p><p>Assistant tate Veterinar-ian Dr. Jay Fuller recom-mends placing dog houses against the wall of a house to absorb ambient heat. </p><p>Simply eating snow will not provide pets with ade-quate hydration because takes significant energy to </p><p>melt snow to a liquid. One technique to keep outside animals hydrated is com-bine food and water in the same bowl. </p><p>Fur coats, stores of body fat, activity level and gen-eral health all affect an ani-mals ability to reside out-</p><p>side. Ears are usually the first appendages to show symptoms of frost bite. Paws, noses and tails also show signs quickly. During warm temperatures cats and dogs may find puddles </p><p>All pets, inside and out, need special care in cold winter months</p><p>Left: Emmie, a 2-year-old lab/husky mix, gets a grip on a frisbee as she plays with her owner outside the Arctic Health Research Building on March 5, 2008. Right: Simba, a 4-year-old Cardigan Welsh corgi who stands less than a foot tall at the shoulder, bounds through the fresh snow while taking a walk with his owner John Waiste, of Fairbanks, along the West Tanana Farm Road on Feb. 12, 2001. ERIC ENGMAN/NEWS-MINER</p><p>PET CARE 7</p><p>READER PET ADVICE: </p><p>If you have livestock or keep straw/hay to use as feed/bedding, do your best to make sure its inacces-sible by moose, and look for them! I almost walked right into the backside of one once because it had its head craned through our hay shed panels trying to get at our hay.Elli Kaliko Oba</p><p>WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE </p></li><li><p> 6 Sunday, October 5, 2014Fairbanks Daily News-Miner</p><p>From warm homes to warm smiles, </p><p>Crowley delivers. When its cold outside, </p><p>well make sure you have the fuel you </p><p>need, when you need it. Home heating </p><p>fuel, propane and our auto- ll program </p><p>that can save you both time and money. </p><p>And well deliver it all to Fair...</p></li></ul>