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Your guide to our virtual Thanksgiving Day race!



    NOVEMBER 27, 2014



    VIRTUAL RACE - Technology allows community interaction, without demanding that we all be in the same place at the same time. Virtual Races provide runners the opportunity to participate in an awe-some race event from wherever they are! Connect with a global running community through social media, share course maps, and enjoy the flexibility of running your own race.

    If the only prayer you said in your whole life was thank you, that would suffice. - Meister Eckhart

    Of all our virtual races, the Turkey Trot is ourfavorite. Not just because it was our first virtual race, but because it provides a way to elevate our morning Thanksgiving run by having shirts and medals for us to enjoy as well! Additionally, Thanksgiving is usually full of logistical challenges. Whether you are busy preparing food, travelling to be with family or friends, or something else, for many it can be challenging to attend a race on Thanksgiving day.

    WHY SHOULD I RUN? - Filling out your race calen-dar is becoming increasingly more expensive and wasteful! Virtual Races keep race entries low and allow you the flexibility to run when and where you want. You can be a part of the global running com-munity whether you are physically running by yourself or you are meeting up with other local runners to participate in these events.

    A Virtual Race provides the benefit of a race (bling and motivation to run), but all the flexibility and convenience of a morning run.

    A Thanksgiving virtual race provides the flexibility to enjoy a run before or after your Thanksgiving Day meal.

    As runners we have much to be thankful for: Health and Family being mentioned most often. Running with family is such a wonderful way to celebrate and consider all the bounty that we have. I hope everyone will take some time during their run to really think about how lucky we all are, and I hope we spend the next 365 days being thankful for it.

    Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the rue measure of our Thanksgiving.- W.T. Purkiser

  • RACE GUIDE NOVEMBER 27, 2014 2

    2 TRAIN



    6 REPORT


    You can register for a race online atvacationraces.com/virtualraces

    When registering, you have 4 options:1. Run with shirt and medal2. Run with medal only3. Run with shirt only4. Just run (entered to win prizes)

    Train for a virtual race like you would any other race. In fact, Virtual Races make great training runs for other events. Get the motivation you need to train, and reward yourself for hitting that milestone!

    1. Choose a course2. Choose a start time3. Run alone or with friends.

    The race will be on November 27th. Run any time on the 27th but report by midnight!

    Brag about your achievement by sharing pictures and status updates on social media

    Report your time by Midnight PDT on NOVEMBER 27th to be entered to win prizes. You can report your time and other info at www.vacationraces.com/turkey-trot

    All runners that report their time will be eligible to win prizes.

    Once times are reported we will begin shipping medals. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

    In a virtual race you select when you run, where you run, and who you run with! Look to running groups or online to pick the best course for you. Run in your neighborhood, on a treadmill, or somewhere totally exotic! You decide.

    (If you selected one)

    @VacationRaces#turkeytrotvr #virtualrace






    We wont be there with you, but we want everyone running this race to feel connected. We cant do that without your help! By sharing pictures and status updates and course maps online it helps foster this sense of community. Technology allows us all to be connected, so lets take advantage of it.


    We will be making a slideshow video using all the pictures YOU post! Be sure to follow us and use the official race hashtag #TurkeyTrotVR

    *If you wish to submit a photo, make sure you open your privacy settings so we can see you. We are not responsible for your privacy settings. If you are unsure if we can see you or not, try posting some-thing before race day with the hashtag #TurkeyTrotVR. If we like it or comment on it, then we can see you!




    14 TEAMS

    Who is running?

    Average Joes | FoCo LoCos | Galloping Gobblers | Gobbler G.I. Greats | Hottest Gobblers | Kickin Asphalt | No Excuse Moms of Hazlet Runnin Hot | Sole Sisters | SPP Trotters | Sweewater Sneakers and Sycles | Team Priest | The Early Birds | United In Light | Warriors

    Wobbling Gobblers

    RACE GUIDE NOVEMBER 27, 2014 4



    FIRST 5K or 10K


    50 YEARS OLD

    34%In their 30s

    30%In their 40s


    Closest to Plymouth RockFurthest from Plymouth RockFurthest from HomeColdest Run (verified by data on wunderground.com)Snowiest Day (verified by data on wunderground.com)Most Festive Photo*Best Thanksgiving Day Celebration Photo*Best Turkey Bowl Photo*

    All runners that report their time will be eligible for prizes! Prizes are not determined by time, but by different qualifications listed below.

    We will have great prizes ranging from free race entries to food, from running gear to merchandise. You wont be dissapointed!


    Best Tryptophan Photo*Best Giving Back Photo*Best Treadmill Photo*Most Scenic Course*Best Dinner Photo*Most Turkey Trot Shirts in a Single Picture (must be VR Turkey Trot shirts, any year counts)*Random Team (awarded the Mon-day Prior to Thanksgiving) and 20 RANDOM prizes!!


    *Entries must be posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be eligible. Any photos emailed to use will be posted on one or more of these social media platforms. You are responsible to make sure we can see yourpictures.

  • Family, Friends and my pets - AnonymousMy girls, Samantha & Emma and Greg. My Brother and his babies. - AnonymousMy faith, family, friends and health! - AnonymousI am Thankful for my family and friends... Old and new, especially my NEM. - AnonymousMy Family. - AnonymousFriends and family, near and far. - AnonymousFamily Friends Health Salvation. - AnonymousVirtual Races - AnonymousBeing able to run. - AnonymousThat I am a 3 year cancer survivor! - AnonymousGod...Family...Health...Peace. - AnonymousI am thankful for the life the Good Lord gave me. - AnonymousMy family, my fulfilling career, and all the opportunities Ive had. - AnonymousFamily and friends! - AnonymousGood health! - AnonymousFamily, Health, Friends - AnonymousLife itself - AnonymousThe ability to run! - AnonymousFamily. Being able to run. Life. - AnonymousFamily. - AnonymousMy freedom. - AnonymousAll that I have been blessed with including trials. - AnonymousFor family and friends. To be alive. To have a great job. To be able to run. - AnonymousFamily and health. - AnonymousThe ability to live my life how I want to because of my parents, my sister, my friends, my husband, and my boy. - AnonymousLife, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. - AnonymousBeing able to run again after being injured. - AnonymousHealth. - AnonymousMy plans going to work! - AnonymousMy wonderful family and the loving support from my girlfriend! - AnonymousFamily and financial security. - AnonymousIm VERY thankful for my family, my friends and my Health... - AnonymousFamily, Friends and Health. - AnonymousMy husband and my daughters. - AnonymousMy wonderful husband & that I only have 7 more months of school left. - AnonymousMy family and their good health. - AnonymousMy familys health. - AnonymousMy family, friends, good health and fortune. - AnonymousMy mom is with us this Thanksgiving. I pray shell be with us for next years. - AnonymousI am Thankful this race is only a 10K & not a half marathon :) - AnonymousMy good health. - AnonymousFriends, family and dogs! - AnonymousI am thankful for my family, friends, and animals. I am thankful that I can run. - AnonymousFOR MY FAMILY. - AnonymousBeing able to run.... I had an injury in August....and Im just now starting back up....I missed it. - AnonymousFOR HAVING GOD IN MY LIFE AND MY FAMILY. AND HAVING A JOB!!! - AnonymousMy family and our freedom. - AnonymousI am thankful for my health, wonderful fiance, amazing kitties, family and friends. - AnonymousLife, Love, & Family. - AnonymousThat our daughters 3 month MRI to monitor her brain tumor was all clear! - AnonymousThat our daughters MRI to monitor the progression of a brain tumor was clear! - AnonymousThat I dont have a brain tumor and I dont have to be in the hospital! - AnonymousThat my sister is healthy and doesnt have to be in the hospital! - AnonymousThat I am able to run! - AnonymousIm thankful for my supportive and loving friends and family, a roof over my head and a job I enjoy! - AnonymousEvery day I can keep moving :) - AnonymousMy beautiful family who support me through this new world of running. - AnonymousMy support crew and tiny cheerleaders!! (the incredible support from my husband and children) - AnonymousAir in my lungs, the health of myself and family/friends, my family, friends, and my sweet dog Yoshi. - AnonymousSpending time with good friends. - AnonymousMy Family & All our health. - Anonymous

    When you registered, we asked what you were thankful for.All of the responses we received are below.

  • When you registered, we asked what you were thankful for.All of the responses we received are below.

    My family, friends and the health to be able to run. - Heather Gadberry of Plumerville, ARMy awesome husband, children, parents & grandmother....and the rest of my AMAZING FAMILY!! - Melody Dixon of Morrilton, ARMy family, all the many blessings God has granted and great running friends. - Cindy Looney of Hattieville, ARRunning- melts stress, new friends, cool venues, improved health, EVERYTHING is better with it!! Joni Vansumeren of Whitehall, MII am thankful for porta johns....imagine your runs without them. - Stephanie Bird of Twin Lake, MII am thankful for deep meaningful connections with family and friends. - Nicole Anderson of Lincoln, NEIm thankful for a happy marriage and 2 beautiful children. - Kathryn Mix of Boise, IDMy wonderful friends that are going to virtually run this with me! - Jess Nelsen of Olympia, WATurkey! - Jeff Cerri of Felton, DEMy totally awesome husband....and turkey! - Anneke Cerri of Felton, DETurning 40 on thanksgiving with the ability to run!! - Sarah Boer of Dalhart, TXI am thankful for my beautiful girlfriend, my kids, my parents and all my family. They are wonderful. - GregGallegos of Santa Rosa, CAMy ability to run and witness to others. - Nickie Reagan of Dalhart, TXMy family and good health. - Dawn Pace of Millsboro, DEMy health, family and friends. - Martie Lacey of Lompoc , CAIm thankful for my family and our health AND the ability to RUN!! - Lauren ODonnell of Freehold, NJThe health of my family! - Dori Newton of Hazlet, NJMy health and my husband and kids...and for looking forward not back! - Vanessa Campos of Hazlet, NJThe hope I witness daily in my childrens eyes. - Bridget Molnar of Hazlet Township, NJMy husband and daughter. - Stacey Conti of Hazlet , NJFinding my inner desires that help me to never look back! - Shelby Rohrbaugh of Chubbuck, IDI am thankful for my beautiful family, and their continued health. - Brandy Calder of Spring Creek, NVEveryday. - Kristin Llewelyn of Seattle, WAThat my daughter Dezeray has decided to join with me. She is my inspiration. - Misty Wilson of Green River, WYMy parents and my child. She is a blessing that we never thought we would get. - Wendy Isaac of Rock Springs, WYThe ability to run! - Jessica Moore of Spring Creek, NVMy family and health. The love I have in my life that surrounds me everyday! - Lisa Thomas of Las Vegas, NVMy health, family, and running mates. - Margaret Adams of Little Rock, ARMiddle Earth, Galifrey, Hogwarts, 221B Baker Street, anything Wes Anderson and everything Marvel. - Kristi Frost of Green River, WYMy family and my health. - Jennifer Cuthbertson of Green River, WYMy hot husband. - Caitlin Priest of Indianapolis, INLife

  • I am thankful for my dog, Boston who inspires me to become a better human being through his example. - Andy Blanza of Denver, COLife. - Teri Ann Tate of Laveen, AZFaith, family, friends and fun. - Kathy Rosenow of Ramsey, MNMy family. - Janice Chertoff of Davidson, NCFamily, especially my kids. - Nicole Rodriguez of Geismar, LAMy family! - Paula Baca of Albuquerque, NMI am thankful for my family and @vacationraces virtual races. Both have kept me running year round. - Carol Galloway of Surprise, AZMy health, family, job(s), education and freedom!! - Manda Patton of Draper, UTPeace in my heart. - Stacy Can of Manhattan, KSMy dog Deuce. Who saved who. - Eileen Meyer of Manhattan, KSMy family. - Jennifer Craine of Queen Creek, AZI am thankful for my family, my health, my job, this great country we live in & the ability to run. - Jill Martin of Beaverton, ORThis beautiful life! - Kari Corey of Los Angeles, CAFor my wife Jennifer. - Robert Valdez of Albuquerque, NMI am thankful that I get to spend my Thanksgiving this year with my family. Instead of in Afghanistan. - Tammi Strang of Rapid City, SDI am thankful for my son who has cerebral palsy. He is the light of my life!! - Tricia Elliott of Winchester, VAI am thankful for everything in my life. - Jim Strang of Rapid City, SD6 awesome kids. - Patti Kuluris of Chandler, AZIm thankful that even after a hip replacement, I am as mobile and active as I am! - Keri Aldous of Drain, ORI am thankful for this race offsetting some of the calories Im going to demolish later. - Meghan Arnold of Raleigh, NCFor all my family and friends that I love! - Donna Isley of Neptune, NJMy family and friends, their health, and my health. - Ashley Prothero of Slc, UTTriathlons and my family. - Claire Higgins of Chicago, ILMy life, family, and this wonderful country of ours. - Sara Heil of Hill City, SD26.2 Training run in NYC 11/02/2014 - Samantha Quigley of Denver, COI am thankful for life, for family, for faith, for freedom, and for my ability to run and feel the wind and sun in my face. - Elizabeth Trivette of Hampton, TNThe ability to run and hike in beautiful places, great friends and family, and chocolate. - April Preuss of Moran, WYI am thankful that I am able to run and that I enjoy it so much. - Andrea Pickering of Ocala, FLI am thankful for my beautiful wife who makes me smile everyday. - Jj Bell of Frederick, That Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. - Marylou Alfonso of Las Vegas, NVIm thankful for my loving family, the wonders of nature and the many blessing of life! - Casey Ford of Lexington, NEI am thankful for my husband and how hard he works in school so we have the opportunity to serve! - Katie Smith of Surprise, AZLife. - Donald Kreis of Fargo, NDHostess honey buns made a comeback. - Esther Smith of Norman, OKMy wife and my handsome son. - Chris Smith of Norman, OKThankful for my family, Im running to them, not from them :) - Carolyn Kmet of Evanston, ILMy wife. - Rick Hall of Kennesaw, GAMy sweet husband :) - Eve Hall of Kennesaw, GAI am thankful to have a wife who I can enjoy these types of runs and healthy lifestyle together. - Jesi Godfrey of Frederick, MDA lot, but especially my recent promotion. - Joshua Turner of West Jordon, UTMy family. - Bradlee Turner of West Jordon, UTMy family. - Megan Turner of West Jordon, UTMy family. - Danny Turner of Stansbury Park, UTMy Family, friends, and a strong healthy body! I love running! - Gracia Taylor of Brigham City, UTFamily, friends and the ability to enjoy everyday learning something new in health and serenity. - Frances Christian of Lexington, NCFamily, friends and my dog. - Lynne Driskell of Lexington, NCThe opportunity to spend the holiday with my family who supports my love of running. - Margi Nilles of Saint John, INMy husband. - Melissa Roeder of Seattle , WAMy 4 year old daughter who inspired me to get fit. - Karen Abell of California, MDIm thankful for cranberry sauce, which I will consume copious amount after running this race! - Serena Utz of Orlando, FLFor my family and friends, and my health that allows me to continue to practice my passion--races! - Ginny Turner of Hillsboro, ORThe people who helped me get through some rough times so that I can be where I am now. - Ethan Rogers of Decatur, GAFriends and family. - Kim Mcbee of Charlotte, NCThe gift of health and family. - Sarah Satterfield of Ocala, FLGod, my children, a loving family & good health. - Trina D Mechling of Warren, OH

  • My family, good health, all of my freedoms, good friends that make running so much fun. : ) - Cheryl Mccollough of Victoria, TXThe opportunity to do a virtual run while the turkey is cooking and being able to focus my family! - Rachel Firestone of Ardmore, ALAll family, good health, all freedoms, good friends, Jack the dog and my grandbabies. - John Mccollough of Victo-ria, TXMy son. - Trina Carlson of Weston, FLThe amazing supportive family and friends I have that allow me to achieve anything I set my mind to. - Amber Brierly of Scottsdale, AzA day off from work to spend with friends and family! - Rusty Lee of Hixson, TNThe Favorite Run Community on FB Keeping Me Motivated & Moving!! - Christina Sheehan of Plymouth, MAMy husband and college age daughter. My husband health is no longer terminal! - Leah Anne Courtney of Knoxville, TNLife now that my terminal illness has been resolved and the ability to do this run with my wife. - Jack Courtney of Knoxville, TNGood health, Family,Friends, & the zoos I work in!!! :-D - Joana Casillas of Norco, CAI am grateful for the opportunity to wake up and enjoy a new day! - Ana Trejo of Tempe, AZMy family and the ability to run. - Shannon Wiederkehr of Leesburg, GAMy health--which allows me to give back to the community and to be able to enjoy life. - Evelyn Brown of Woodland Hills, CAGod, family, country, and health. Still being able to run and compete at 52 years old. - Bill Sorrell of Yorktown, VAI am thankful for friends who encourage me to walk/run and the fact that I am capable of doing it. - Myra Ragsdale of Ada, OKMy dad! - Bethany Frerichs of St. George, UTMy daughter. - Luke Frerichs of St. George, UTIm a cancer survivor of 3 years, Im thankful for my life and thankful that I am healthy again. - Bryce Blanch of Plain City, UTWinter. Bring on the cold!!! - Yavonne Liljenquist of Sandy, UTSecond chances, simplicity, health, family, friends and faith. - Lisa Ohge of Ellensburg, WAMy bud. - Grant Dietrich of Minneapolis, MNFaith, Family, Friends and Freedom. - Sandra Hart of Upton, WYFamily, Friends, Running and Cycling (Live and Virtual) - David Horst of Denver, COMy Family and Friends. - Debby Horst of Denver, COA wonderful family, great friends, and hot coffee

    RACEREPORTINGReporting your time is absolutely necessary if you want to be entered to win prizes as well as to receive your medal. We WILL NOT ship you a medal if we dont get a time report from you. Were not just selling cool t-shirts and medals here, youve got to earn it!

    We dont care what your time isat this point, we just want simple verification that you did in fact complete the race. Reported times and info will be reviewed and awards will be announced the following day. Once we have your reported time we will ship out medals. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your medal to arrive.

    I have no formula for winning the race. Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end?

    From within.

    Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out thegratitude.


    - E.P. POWELL


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