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  • 1. Was arrested in 1955 at age 15 for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person. Rather than being applauded, many people feared her and labeled her a troublemaker. Went to court to help overturn bus segregation.

2. Inspired and guided the emerging leaders of the Civil Right Movement. Ran a voter registration campaign called Crusade for Citizenship. Helped form the SNCC to organize student activists and worked to encourage new, young activists. 3. A major financer of the Civil Rights Movement, supporting the Freedom Riders, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the SNCC. Organized the We Are the World project, which raised millions of dollars for famine victims in Africa. Honored by UNICEF for his social and humanitarian activism. 4. 39th Presidents of the United States and first to earn a Nobel Peace Prize after leaving office. Founded the Carter Center for Human Rights to bring equality throughout the US and the world. 5. Fought for the rights of farmworkers. Founded the United Farm Workers Union with Dolores Huerta. Went on numerous hunger strikes to bring awareness to the farmworkers cause, even getting famous actors to take part. 6. Grandmother of the Civil Rights Movement Founded the Citizenship Schools and pioneered teaching adult literacy. Worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. as director of education for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 7. Member of the SNCC and Black Panthers until she grew frustrated with their male dominance. Placed on the FBIs most wanted list after her guns were stolen and used for murder. She was acquitted. Continues today to fight for closure of prisons and the rights of prisoners. 8. Often described as a man who could cure the world. Co-founder of Partners In Health, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare to those who need it the most around the world. 9. Self-made millionaire by age 29. Was unhappy and turned to religion for guidance. Gave away all his money to charity and founded Habitat for Humanity to provide cheap housing all over the world. 10. Used his stand-up comedy acts to satirize racial prejudice in the US. Gave a comedic voice to the Civil Rights Movement. Worked with the SNCC in Mississippi. 11. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired Tired of racism and poverty, Hamer risked her life by registering to vote. Traveled to the Democratic National Convention in 1964 as a representative of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. 12. Famous playwright, most known for her play A Raisin in the Sun. Her writings reflected her own experiences with racism and discrimination. Wrote for Freedom a progressive black newspaper in New York. 13. Created the Highlander Folk School in 1932, which ignored segregation lines and taught leadership skills to blacks and whites. Also worked with labor unions, antipoverty organizations, and civil rights leaders, seeking to end social injustice. 14. Fought for farmworker rights in the USA and was the leader of the United Farmworkers of America. Fought for better wages and working conditions for farmworkers, especially on keeping toxic pesticides off crops. 15. Melded his two passions together, defending human rights and the environment, creating the Green Job Corps and later Green for all. His goal was to create environmental jobs in poor neighborhoods. Worked briefly as an advisor to President Obama with the White House Council on Environmental Quality. 16. Devoted her life to speaking out for social justice and change. Took part in pro-democracy movements world-wide, fighting for racial and economic justice, womens rights, religious freedom and more. Founded the King Center for non-violent social change. 17. Volunteered for the Freedom Riders in 1961 to challenge segregation at bus terminals. Spent time as chairman of the SNCC and led marchers across Pettus Bridge, resulting in Bloody Sunday. Currently serving his seventh term in Congress. 18. Featured in the film The Time of Harvey Milk. One of the first openly gay elected officials in the USA. Dreamed of a society where everyone shared equal rights, regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, disability, or age. 19. Controversial filmmaker, who uses documentaries to express his liberal viewpoints. Began his career as a reporter focusing on the perspective of the local citizens whose voice was not picked up by the major TV networks and newspapers. 20. Left New York City for the South to take part in the Civil Rights Movement. Organized activists to teach Southerners how to read and write and learn about their rights. Started the Algebra Project to teach all students the basic math skills required for college. 21. Sang with the Freedom Singers. Later formed the group Sweet Honey in the Rock, which sings about equality, the environment, and peace. Works at the Smithsonian to preserve Black culture. 22. Internationally acclaimed singer and actor. Accused of being a communist when he spoke out against segregation. Protector of the African American heritage in the US. 23. Orchestrated the March on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his I Have a Dream speech. Taught Martin Luther King, Jr. the non-violent ways of Gandhi. 24. Feminist who fought for legalized abortion, equal pay, and the Equal Right Amendment, which would outlaw sex discrimination. Co-founder of the magazine Ms. the first magazine to published by and for women. 25. Author known her works that portray the pains and problems women face in a sexist and racist society. Fights against injustice and for human rights internationally, from the US to South Africa to Palestine.


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