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Bodhi Surf School is a Costa Rica surf and yoga camp providing community engaged surfing and yoga experiences. The Bodhi Surf Initiatives provides information about Bodhi Surf's efforts and contributions through its Travelers' Philanthropy, Service & Surf Saturdays, and Yoga for the Community to help improve the overall well-being of its community and environment.


  • 2014 Bodhi InitiativesThe Ocean Guardian Journey

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  • Its the journey that matters, not the destination

    Bodhi Surf Schools Ocean Guardian Journey is the name of our corporate social and environmental responsibility initiatives, an area in which we are

    constantly learning, growing, and developing. We have the utmost respect for the ocean, for nature, and our environment, and we strive to give back to

    these entities without which we would not exist!



  • Ocean Guardian Journey2

    All things go to the sea

    Bodhi Surf begins its Ocean Guardian Journey We operate out of what is both a coastal community and a marine national park, and many of our services revolve around the ocean: being near it, playing in it, working in it, living near it, benefitting from it. As a surf and yoga school, all of our impact-reduction strategies will have some effect on the ocean, so we have two main reasons for being passionate Ocean Guardians:

    1. Philosophical, spiritual, emotional: we feel connected to the ocean and that we owe it so much.

    2. Commonsensical: its a bottom line issue if our ocean becomes dirty, if the marine animals start to disappear, if it turns into a trash pit where would that leave us as a business?

  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility program We have several ongoing initiatives that constitute the Bodhi Surf School Ocean Guardian Journey, measures that have been designed to:

    1. Give back to our community

    2. Help to protect the health of our environment, both terrestrial and marine

    3. Energize the people that we come into contact with to become environmental stewards and take an active role in shaping the world into a better place

    4. Participate in different community projects and to take advantage of opportunities to help others with their initiatives, whether its by donating our time, capital, or support

    Give BackProtect



  • Joining a movement Imagine all of the tiny little streams that have to merge with the creeks that later join the rivers that finally

    funnel into the ocean. We may never know how much we contribute to the larger movement towards environmental stewardship, or how far the effects of our actions may reach. Yet just like that water moving towards the sea, when many individuals act, their combined efforts will gain momentum until it becomes a nearly unstoppable force. With that said, our Ocean Guardian Journey is a contribution to a much a larger

    movement that we are just a very small part of. We are humbled and inspired by others who are taking amazing, wonderful, completely innovative actions to create a better world, and additionally, we hope to

    inspire people who may just need a little help getting their feet wet literally!

    Create a better world


  • Travelers Philanthropy Program

    A new take on Travelers Philanthropy Along the course of our companys development, we decided we wanted to employ the general

    idea of travelers philanthropy but to go a slightly different route with it. Our guests already spend a lot of money to get to Costa Rica and enjoy their yoga and surf vacation. So instead of

    asking our them to donate, Bodhi Surf School has committed to take a portion of what our guests spend and give them a travelers philanthropy gift card whereby they donate it back in a final

    symbolic gesture. This furthers their connection to the community as they are able to see exactly where their reinvestment is going; guests also have the option to go above and beyond and donate

    additionally if they choose.

    Connecting cultures


  • The time for transparency Since our formation in 2010, we have been [fairly informally] donating our time, energy, and resources back to the community, but we have been searching for a way to formalize this process. We want to be transparent about where our time and resources go in this day and age when any business can claim to give back and be sustainable, we want to be able to prove it. We have three main intentions for such transparency:

    1. To help us keep track of our own contributions

    2. To motivate other businesses to do something similar

    3. To demonstrate that exercising conscientious business practices is compatible with success

    Do Good, Receive Good


  • How it came together We are very fortunate to be able to work with two administrative organizations, the Costa Rica USA Foundation (CRUSA) and its 501(c)(3) partner, Amigos of Costa Rica. CRUSA donated their wonderful fellowship recipient/

    intern, Shengxiao Yu, for a full month to work with the Bodhi team and the future recipient organizations to help put a plan in place. Amigos of Costa Rica, by virtue of being a non-profit, is the way Bodhi Surf School accepts donations

    and channels them to one of the three locally-operating organizations that we collaborate with.


    Working together

  • Recipients of Bodhi Surf Schools Travelers Philanthropy Program Bodhi Surf School guests are given a gift card upon their departure which can be redeemed at the Amigos of Costa Rica website. Donations will go to one of three organizations which operate in our community in three sectors that are very important to us at Bodhi Surf School marine conservation, education, and youth development:

    1. Fundacin KETO: a non-profit that promotes marine conservation and best practices for marine-based tourism operators 2. Geoporter: a geospatial technology-based non-profit that aims to empower community members in identifying and solving environmental issues 3. Forjando Alas: an educational non-profit youth group provides an after-school center where children can gain additional knowledge and skills to help them in their lives

    Marine conservation


    Youth development


  • Ocean Guardian Contest My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest

    For two years now, we have been running the My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest a place for people to either showcase the things that they are already doing for the ocean and environment, or to share a new and original idea for marine conservation. Because we believe that the world needs environmental innovation, and this contest is designed to celebrate awesome, albeit outside-the-box ideas! We donate several prizes, including the Grand Prize of a Yoga & Surf vacation, because we want to show how stoked we are with some of the actions that people are taking, and because it is our hope that people will be inspired to get involved.



  • Categories & Intentions The 2014 My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest consisted of two categories which are designed to get people thinking about, and more importantly, taking actions to protect our oceans and our planet.

    1. Best Actions: this category allows participants to describe actions that they have taken in the past or are currently doing to help protect and conserve the ocean, and/or help spread marine conservation and environmental awareness

    2. Best Ideas: this category is designed for participants to explain the great ideas for marine conservation and ocean awareness that they have in mind, but have not yet put into action



  • Ocean Guardian Pledge

    I pledge to do my part to help protect the worlds oceans and will implement one or more of the actions above. I understand that I can make a difference that no act is too small, and that even small actions made by individuals can have major impacts. One small gift that I can give to the world today is to love

    and appreciate worlds oceans and their entire splendor.

    Our Ocean Guardian Pledge is a commitment that anyone can take to help reduce their impact and protect the ocean. We firmly believe in the 6 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Reinvent, Recycle, but for those who need a little help, our pledge highlights 10 concrete actions that one can take on a regular

    basis. And remember, it is together that we will have the greatest impact of all!

    I will do my part


  • Make a point of making less impact

    Use less plastic

    Choose safe and sustainable seafood

    Be kind to the beach

    Dont purchase or consume products that exploit

    marine life

    Engage in responsible ocean tourism

    Do not disturb the coastal environment

    Invest time or capital in marine protection


    Become an ocean spokesperson

    Affect change in your circle and community


  • Yoga for the Community

    Yoga for everyone Even before opening the doors to the Bodhi Shambala Yoga Center in July of 2013, Pilar Salazar knew

    that she wanted to offer an option to her fellow community members in Bahia Ballena who were interested in learning more about the practice yoga but who perhaps didnt have the disposable income to do so or even know where to begin just a few years ago, there were few to no class options offered to the non-

    English-speaking constituency of the community. Pilar never forgets how her personal yoga journey fundamentally changed her life for the better, and she wants to ensure that ot