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  • 1. 3Q13 EARNINGS PRESENTATION November 5, 2013

2. DISCLAIMERThe Company makes forward looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. These statements are based on the beliefs and assumptions of our management as well as on information currently available to us. Forward-looking statements include information regarding our current intent, beliefs or expectations, in addition to those of the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers of the Company.Forward-looking statements also include information regarding our possible or assumed future operating results, as well as statements preceded or followed by, or that include, the words ''believes, ''may, ''will, ''continues, ''expects, ''anticipates, ''intends, ''plans, ''estimates, or similar expressions.Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance. They involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions, for they relate to future events, thus depending on circumstances that may or may not occur. Our future results and the creation of value to shareholder s may differ significantly from those expressed in or suggested by these forward-looking statements. Many factors determining these results and values are beyond Cielos ability to control or predict.2 3. CIELO | HIGHLIGHTS3Transaction Financial Volume, according to market criterion, totaled R$113.2 billion, +17.6% and Transaction Financial Volume, according to accounting criterion, totaled R$ 112.8 bilhes, +17.8%3Q13 x 3Q12Net Operating Revenue R$ 1.7 billion, +31.6%Net Income totaled R$689.2 million ,+17% and Net Margin of 39.6%;EBITDA totaled R$929.7 million,+19.0% and EBITDA Margin of 53.5%;AwardsAwarded best financial services company in the poca Negcios 360 Annual Report from poca Negcios magazine for the second consecutive year.Cielo won as the best in the financial service industry in the ranking from As Melhores da Dinheiro 2013, by Isto Dinheiro magazine for the third consecutive year.The Company was chosen as one among the "Best 150 Companies To Work For" in the ranking from Voc S/A Magazine for the 13rd consecutive year;1st place in the financial institutions category (ex-banks) in ranking from 2013 Latin America Executive Team, by Institutional Investor magazine;2nd place in The Best in People Management ranking, in the 1001-2000 employees category, from Valor Econmico and Aon Hewitt;3rd place among The Best Companies for Shareholders 2013, in the category of companies with net revenue between R$5 billion and R$15 billion, from Capital Aberto magazine; 4. CIELO | TRANSACTION FINANCIAL VOLUME461,13465,65270,34234,62139,03942,4423Q122Q133Q13Transaction Financial Volume (R$ million)CreditDebit104,691112,78395,75417.8%7.7% 5. CIELO | NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS57748148685606026643Q122Q133Q13Number of transaction (million)CreditDebit1,3341,5331,4168.2%14.9% 6. CIELO | OPERATIONAL INDICATORS6* Point of Sale Merchant are those that have made at least a single transaction in the last 60 days.1,6591,7421,7511,2911,3701,4173Q122Q133Q13Operating Indicators (thousand)POS TerminalsPoints of Sale Merchants *3.4%0.5%9.8%5.5% 7. CIELO | NET OPERATING REVENUE71,321.31,604.51,738.90,0200,0400,0600,0800,01.000,01.200,01.400,01.600,01.800,02.000,03Q122Q133Q13Net Operating Revenue (R$ million)Net Operating Revenue8.4%31.6% 8. CIELO | COSTS + EXPENSES8Numbers already considering the consolidation of Merchant-e Solutions in costs and expensesCosts + Expenses per transaction3Q122Q133Q13Total (R$ cents)0.460.600.59422,0609,9657,0191,4235,5250,03Q122Q133Q13Costs + Expenses (R$ million)CostsExpenses845,4907,0613,47.3%47.8% 9. CIELO | PREPAYMENT OF RECEIVABLES9* Net of Cost of Funding Managerial207.9268.1312.7134.0134.7146.73Q122Q133Q13Prepayment of Receivables (R$ million)Gross Revenue of Prepayment of ReceivablesNet Revenue of Prepayment of Receivables*50.4%16.6%9.5%8.9% 10. CIELO | PREPAYMENT OF RECEIVABLES INDICATORS10Average Term3Q122Q133Q13# Business Days39.841.441.4# Calendar Days58.559.659.26,41410,58011,69510.516.116.60,05,010,015,020,025,030,002.0004.0006.0008.00010.00012.00014.0003Q122Q133Q13Prepayment of Receivables (R$ million)Financial Volume of Prepayment% Prepayment over Total Credit Volume82.3%10.5% 11. CIELO | EBITDA11* There is no impact from Merchant E-Solutions numbers in 3Q12781.0859.1929.759.1%53.5%53.5%30,0%35,0%40,0%45,0%50,0%55,0%60,0%65,0%70,0%75,0%80,0%0,0100,0200,0300,0400,0500,0600,0700,0800,0900,01.000,03Q122Q133Q13EBITDA (R$ million)EBITDAEBITDA Margin8.2%19.0% 12. CIELO | NET INCOME12* There is no impact from Merchant E-Solutions numbers in 3Q12588.9623.3689.244.6%38.8%39.6%10,0%20,0%30,0%40,0%50,0%60,0%70,0%80,0%90,0%100,0%0,0100,0200,0300,0400,0500,0600,0700,0800,03Q122Q133Q13Net Income (R$ million)Net IncomeNet Margin17.0%10.6% 13. CIELO | REMUNERATION13REMUNERATION PAID on 09/30/2013 regarding 1H2013DIVIDENDS: R$ 791,300,106.84R$ 1.0073/shareInterest on Equity: R$ 49,400,000.00R$ 0.0535/share (net)Since the IPO Cielo distributed R$ 7.6850 /share in dividends and interest on equity, after taxes. 14. CIELO | MOBILE PAYMENT EVOLUTION14Cielo Mobile AppCielo Mobile Card Reader and PinCielo card reader and pin 15. INVESTOR RELATIONS CONTACTSwww.cielo.com.br/riE-mail: ri@cielo.com.br | Phone: + 55 11 2184 3739/40/41