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Fielded in November 2013, this study evaluates the lead generation and management strategies of more than 200 technology marketers.


<ul><li> 1. 2013 Lead Management Study TechTarget</li></ul> <p> 2. What is your current CRM system?37%24%10%8%7% 4% TechTarget3%3%2%2%1%1%2 3. What is your current Marketing Automation System?19% 15%14% 13%7%7%7% 5% 2% TechTarget2%2%2%2%1%1%1%3 4. Which best describes how leads generated from 3rd parties get loaded into your system?Loaded into MAS*, then sent to Sales via CRM system (when qualified)33%Loaded into a CRM system, then to MAS*28%Loaded into a MAS*, then sent to Sales via CRM system19%Sent to Sales or Channel Partners directly via spreadsheets or CRM systemAn external vendor handles preliminary follow-up before leads are loaded17%4%*Marketing Automation System TechTarget4 5. Which best describes your current processing model for leads generated by 3rd parties?Leads are email marketed to/nurtured - then sent to Sales32%Leads go directly to Sales for follow-up24%Leads go through internal tele-qualification - then sent to Sales20%Leads are email marketed to/nurtured - then tele-qualified - then sent to SalesLeads are tele-qualified by an outside vendor - then sent to Sales TechTarget20%5%5 6. Are you scoring leads?37% 33%23%8%Yes, using demographicsYes, based on (ie title, company size)demographics only behavioral activity TechTargetbothYes, based on behavioral andactivity onlyNo6 7. What mechanisms will increase a score to create an Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)? Contact Me Requests88%Multiple Asset Downloads78%Visits to your Website62%Product Downloads57%View Demo57%Click on Email50%Open Email46%Consumption of Late Stage/ Decision Content34%Multiple Leads from the same account32%Competitive Research (ie Google searches on competitors) Other TechTarget13% 3%7 8. Does your scoring logic decrease scores?53% 47%Yes TechTargetNo8 9. What mechanisms will decrease score?Click on Unsubscribe53%Inactivity in 60+ days38%Nothing - scores never go downInactivity in 30 daysInactivity in 45 daysOther TechTarget22%15%12%15%9 10. Do you send leads through an email nurture program?48%28% 24%Yes - all leads are nurtured TechTargetYes - some leads are nurturedNo - no nurture program10 11. What factors into your nurture tracks?59%50%50%46%45% 37%35%32%29%27%5%*Online, In-Person Event, Webinar, etc TechTarget11 12. For leads that are nurtured, what best describes the process?Download of Decision-Stage content changes to MQL29%3+ email clicks changes status to MQL2 email clicks changes status to MQL1 email click changes status to MQLOther TechTarget16%12%18%25%12 13. Who does the initial tele-qualification of your leads? 76%16% 8%External 3rd-Party TechTargetInternal SalesSalesAssociates/InsideWe send leads Field/Outside Salesdirectlyto13 14. What information must a tele-qualifier gather in order to send to Sales?Validated an interest in speaking with your Sales team69%Confirm contact information57%Detailed information about the project*40%Traditional BANT scoringOther37%8%*Size of deal, existing technology environment, org chart/buying team TechTarget14 15. How are tele-qualifiers measured, goaled, compensated?Amount of pipelined revenue contributed35%Number of inquiries sent to salesNumber of dials per dayOther TechTarget31%11%23%15 16. How many touches does a tele-qualifier attempt before disqualifying a lead?31%26%25%13%5% 1% 1 TechTarget2345+Not tracked16 17. What % of leads from 3rd Parties go to sales after tele-qualification?27% 23%15%14% 11%0-5% TechTarget6-10%11-15%11%16-20%21-30%31+%17 18. Approximately what % of leads does Sales successfully contact?25%16% 13% 12%11% 9% 7%0-10% TechTarget11-20%21-30%7%31-40%41-50%51-75%76-100%I don't know18 19. Approximately how many touches does a Sales Rep attempt before disqualifying a lead?34%23%15% 10%9% 7% 2% 1 TechTarget2345+Leads are I don't know never disqualified19 20. Approximately what time frame are they tasked with follow-up?33%21%21%16%5% 4%24 hours TechTarget25-48 hours3-5 days6-10 days10+ daysNo time frame20 21. What % of leads generated via 3rd parties end up converting to opportunities?37%27%15%8%6% 4%0-5% TechTarget6-10%11-15%16-20%4%21-30%31+%I don't know21 22. Questions? Please contact marketresearch@techtarget.com TechTarget </p>