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<ul><li><p>2 BRANDedMGMT.com </p><p>BRANDed MANAGEMENT </p><p>// BRANDed Management understands the complexities of marketing your brand and </p><p>the need for customization. </p><p>// We specialize in assisting with procurement of </p><p>endorsement deals, contract negotiations, event planning, </p><p>brand marketing strategy, public relations and </p><p>commercial branding opportunities. </p><p> // Were present at nearly </p><p>every major event from the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and Indianapolis 500 to the </p><p>Grammys, ESPN ESPY Awards and MTV Video Music Awards </p><p> and bring intimate knowledge of the sports and </p><p>entertainment arena to work for you every day. // Getting red carpet ready at BRANDeds </p><p>ESPYs week party at the Playboy Mansion </p></li><li><p>CAPABILITIES </p><p>We provide our clients with access to inside industry events putting you on the red carpet to building your BRAND. // Athlete/Celebrity Representation &amp; Management // Event Planning // Philanthropic Management / Fundraising // Public Relations // Red Carpet Media Relations // Procurement of Sponsorship &amp; Endorsement Deals // Celebrity Booking, Wrangling &amp; Seeding // Consulting on Strategic Sports and Entertainment Properties // Media Training // Book Publications </p><p>BRANDedMGMT.com 3 </p><p>// BRANDed client Zach Veach (left) joined musician Justin Bieber and actress Sophia Bush as ambassadors for Pencils of Promise. </p></li><li><p>MANAGEMENT </p><p>// BRANDed provides unprecedented management of your identity, assisting with the growth of your brand into a recognizable name. </p><p>We serve as the liaison between the talent and groups or individuals with whom the talent deals with while managing and servicing those relationships. We also help guide the talent in his or her career and in handling day-to-day responsibilities in marketing, publicity, promotion, employment and image. </p><p>BRANDed also has experience in landing book deals, doc-reality and short-form television specials as well as a host of speaking engagements at national speaker circuits, key conferences and high-pro!le events. </p><p>While managing the Sarah Fisher brand, Klint Briney raised her pro!le as the most marketed athlete in Indianapolis, according to the Indianapolis Star, beating even then-Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. </p><p>Ive been covering professional auto racing for 43 years, and Ive never seen one guy do more to raise the pro!le of his client and her team than Klint Briney when he worked with Sarah Fisher. </p><p>He always came up with fresh angles to present auto racings !rst lady driver. </p><p>ROBIN MILLER l SPEED TV </p><p>STEVE SMITH </p><p>ARIE LUYENDY, JR. KLINT BRINEY AND SARAH FISHER WITH SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON AT A BRANDED-PRODUCED STUNT AT THE INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY. </p><p>// Contract negotiations we have managed include: Andretti Autosport, NFLPA, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, Sarah Fisher Racing. </p><p>// Managed MTV guest talent as part of the media forum, pre-awards show and red carpet for celebrities including Paris Hilton, Monica and Cobra Starship. </p><p>// Consulted/Secured Best Buys NFL Partnership, secured sponsorships for Directvs Celebrity Beach Bowl and Title Sponsorship for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl </p><p>4 BRANDedMGMT.com </p></li><li><p>PUBLIC RELATIONS </p><p>// BRANDed Management has earned a wealth of media impressions for our clients and created impactful "rst-person opportunities through blogging placements and via key in#uential media members. </p><p>// We work to identify strategic relationships and integration with </p><p>unique programming ideas by targeting the right in#uencers and building your story by leveraging a </p><p>comprehensive media database which include intimate contacts, </p><p>outlets and editorial opportunities though long-standing, close-net </p><p>relationships with editors and producers at all major mediums </p><p>from wire services to broadcast and print, making sure you're in line for </p><p>the next opportunity. </p><p>// We handle individual publicity for athletes, celebrities, or </p><p>personalities as well as sports teams, corporations, and not-for-</p><p>pro"t. </p><p>// We also specialize in the management and execution of red carpet service for events, including </p><p>booking celebrities, talent wrangling, as well as booking </p><p>press to cover and attend the event. </p><p>5 BRANDedMGMT.com </p></li><li><p>EVENTS </p><p>// BRANDed owns and produces some of the most exclusive parties and EVENTS including a selection of upcoming events at the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NBA All-Star, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, and ESPY Awards! </p><p>Our events have attracted a healthy supply of entertainment and sports media from across the globe, including People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, OK!, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E!, and Getty Images. </p><p>Our events have also attracted a taste-making supply of celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Tony Romo, Jerry Rice, LMFAO, and Khloe Kardashian, ABC's The Bachelor stars, Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, Michael Strahan and so many more! When we plan events, expect to see a line-up of your favorite athlete's and entertainers! </p><p>Past events include: Reggie Bush's NFL Draft/Birthday Bash Party; Moves Magazine Super Bowl Party; Playboy Golf Finals; Pre-ESPYS Playboy Mansion Party; Helio Castroneves' Birthday Party: Party Like A Race Star; Reggie Wayne's Wishing on Stars, Lives to Save Celebrity Poker Tournament; Indy 500: The Race Party. REGGIE BUSH AND KIM KARDASHIAN ON THE RED CARPET FOR OUR BRANDED-</p><p>PRODUCED PRE-SUPER BOWL PARTY. </p><p>// Current upcoming events for 2013 include: The Bachelor Season Premiere Viewing Party Hosted by Arie Luyendyk, Jr.; PRO BOWL: proBALLERS </p><p>Party; DirecTV Beach Bowl; Steve Smith Super Bowl Celebrity Fundraiser; MOVES Magazine Super Bowl Party; Marshall'Faulk'Super'Bowl'Event;'Lupe'</p><p>Fiasco'Pre:Grammys'Party;'The Bachelor Season Finale Viewing Party Hosted by Arie Luyendyk, Jr. &amp; Jef Holm; Indy 500: The Race Party. </p><p>6 BRANDedMGMT.com </p></li><li><p>MARKETING </p><p>Know the Real Price TM</p><p>logos guideline FEB 2005</p><p>If the logos are verticalthe direction has to be from bottom to top</p><p>The logo MUST INCLUDE THE OUTLINE. The logo isnot just the interior.The color of the interior and outline may vary accordingly, but the outline must be present in its fullest extent.</p><p>Logo group must be exactly like this(with this exact proportion between the 2 logos)</p><p>Horizontal logo group must be exactly like this(with this exact proportion between the 2 logos)</p><p>Alpinestar logo may be cropped like this</p><p>incorrect</p><p>incorrect</p><p>90.0</p><p>// BRANDed Management has a proven track record in leveraging sponsor programs through innovative partnerships, special events, campaigns and initiatives. Our commercial partners include: </p><p>Some of the biggest challenges in sports for most companies is trying to "nd a quality "rm and working to place their sponsorship dollars on programs that yield measurable results along with ROI. At BRANDed , we o$er companies assistance in all aspects of sports marketing from assisting to secure a league license for products to placing media with sports teams and programs. In addition, we work with companies like the NFLPA, Playboy, and DIRECTv to secure sponsorships for major events. If you are a company trying to make a name for yourself in Sports, we can help you get there and be remembered. </p><p>BRANDedMGMT.com 7 </p></li><li><p>// Founded All Access Promotions in 2001 after a successful career with the Indiana Pacers, Fox Sports, and the Indianapolis Colts. She then merged her company with BRANDed in 2013. </p><p>SCOTT SANDS SANDS MEDIA </p><p>// Jennifer was captain of her college tennis team while obtaining degrees in Spanish, Business </p><p>(Marketing /Advertising), and Education from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She also earned a </p><p>Spanish degree from Cuauhnauhuac Spanish Language Institute in Cuernavaca, Mexico. </p><p>// Jen has been featured and </p><p>quoted in many media outlets. </p><p>&gt;&gt; </p><p>// Jennifer has more than 18 years experience in sports marketing, brand development, event management, consulting, and celebrity endorsements. </p><p>JENNIFER BEAVER: CO-FOUNDER AND CEO 8 BRANDedMGMT.com </p><p>Jen has embodied drive, passion, energy, and the entrepreneurial spirit in every partnership we have successfully pursued over the past ten years. She is connected, committed to making a di#erence, and relentlessly achieves success for all involved with her projects. A lot of people throw around the term "promotional guerilla" loosely, but ... that's Jen. </p></li><li><p>// Previous work experience at Just Marketing International, MTV, VH1 and Spike TV, as well as within NASCAR, IndyCar and NHRA. Served as nine-time Indianapolis 500 starter Sarah Fishers Executive Brand Manager for nearly 10 years. </p><p>There are not many individuals </p><p>like Klint Briney. His brainstorming </p><p>capabilities are fascinating and </p><p>his ability to maximize </p><p>opportunities that catapults his </p><p>clients is unmatched. </p><p>-KAREN JACKOVICH </p><p>// Studied business, sports entertainment and public relations at Butler University. </p><p>Grew up on a working grain and livestock farm in Central Illinois and started his !rst </p><p>business (web design) at the age of 10. </p><p>// A published author and an </p><p>expert in brand marketing, Klint </p><p>has been featured and </p><p>quoted in many media outlets. </p><p>// 2012 !nalist for the White Houses Empact100 List of The Top Entrepreneurs Under 30. </p><p>KLINT BRINEY: CO-FOUNDER AND CEO BRANDedMGMT.com 9 </p></li><li><p>Copyright 2013 BRANDed. All Rights Reserved. </p><p>JEN BEAVER jen@BRANDedMGMT.com </p><p>+1.317.496.7898 </p><p>KLINT BRINEY klint@BRANDedMGMT.com </p><p>+1.305.915.7652 </p></li></ul>