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  • Annual Report 20122013

  • Table of Contents

    Mission Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1

    About Idyllwild Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-3

    Message from the Board Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

    Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

    Academy Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

    Summer Program Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

    Associates Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9

    Statement of Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

    Recognizing Our Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-26

  • The mission of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation is to promote and advance artistic and cultural developmentthrough education in a beautiful, natural environment

    conducive to positive personal growth.

    The Idyllwild Arts Academy provides pre-professionaltraining in the arts and a comprehensive college-

    preparatory curriculum to a diverse student body ofgifted young artists from all over the world.

    The Idyllwild Arts Summer Program provides art instruction and experiences of the highest caliber to a

    diverse student population of all ages and abilities.







  • Abou



    Arts Idyllwild Arts is located in the San Jacinto Mountains,high above Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. It was founded in 1946 by Max and Bee Krone as a

    retreat from the rigors of urban life to support the cultural development of Southern California; a placewhere people of different backgrounds and culturescould celebrate their arts together.

    This original dream is being fulfilled by the IdyllwildArts Foundation, which now operates two programs: 1. The Summer Program, now in its 63rd year, provides more than 120 different classes in the arts to a diverse population of students of all ages and abilities, and 2. the Arts Academy, founded in1986, to provide the highest caliber of rigorous pre-professional arts education and a fully accredited,independent, college preparatory academic education to a culturally diverse high school studentbody of gifted young artists from all over the world.

    Idyllwild Arts Summer ProgramThe tradition that began in 1950 to bring the bestartists in their field to teach under the pines continuestoday. Writer Norman Corwin, choreographers MerceCunningham and Bella Lewitzky, folk singer PeteSeeger, painter Francoise Gilot, Native American artistFritz Scholder, and photographer Ansel Adams arerepresentative of the gifted artists who taught at Idyllwild Arts and set the standard for arts educationthat continues in todays Summer Program.

    During a eight-week season, more than 1,700 studentsages five to adult enroll in more than 120 intensive,hands-on workshops (the majority two-weeks inlength), taught by professional artist-teachers, indance, music, theatre, visual art, creative writing, filmmaking, and Native American arts.

    The program for young people which includes theChildrens Center (ages 5-12), Junior Artists Center(ages (11-13), and Youth Arts Center (ages 13-18), offers courses designed to excite and engage youngpeople, and accommodates a broad range of skill levels and a wide variety of arts experiences.


  • Each year, Idyllwild Arts provides financial aid for economicallyand culturally disadvantaged young people allowing them the opportunity to engage in the making and performance of art 50% of young people participating in an arts workshop areawarded financial aid totaling over $600,000.

    Programs for adults include special theme-related workshops,seminars and performances featuring renowned artists and musicians Metals Week, Hot Clay, and Native American Arts.

    Idyllwild Arts AcademyThe Academy is a college preparatory boarding high schoolpreparing talented arts students for the finest conservatories,professional companies, liberal arts colleges, and universities.Students in grades 9-12 and post-graduate are admitted on the basis of audition or portfolio evaluation, academic record,and past record as good school citizens. The Academy offers departments of creative writing, dance, interdisciplinary arts,moving pictures, music, theatre, and visual art. Students studyfive mornings a week in academic classes and, in the afternoonsand evenings, attend arts classes, rehearsals, work in studios, or practice.

    Enrollment is now at capacity, with approximately 300 students(30% from California, 20% from other states, 50% international).Nearly sixty percent of Academy students are awarded someamount of financial aid totaling over $5.5 million annually.

    Each year, graduating seniors are sought by colleges, conservatories, and universities, including: American Academyof the Dramatic Arts, California Institute of the Arts, CarnegieMellon University, Eastman School of Music, The Juilliard School,New York University Tisch, Parson School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago,the University of Southern California, and more.

    Alumni of Idyllwild Arts Academy include journalist CelesteHeadlee '87, artist Shepard Fairey '88, Tony-nominated actressMarin Ireland '96, musician and 2012 MacArthur Fellow ClaireChase, 96, artist Nate Lowman '97, oboist Liang Wang '98, dancerNeal Beasley '00, actor Neal Bledsoe '01, poet David Shook '04,and musician Casey Abrams '09. This is a small sampling of themany talented and accomplished alumni of Idyllwild Arts Academy. Their divergent careers in the arts, business, government,healthcare, and other professional pursuits are something ofwhich we're extremely proud to have been a small part.


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    d Ch

    air It is my honor to present the Idyllwild Arts FoundationAnnual Report for 2012-2013. Having attended the

    Summer Program beginning as a teenager, my relationship with, and love for, Idyllwild Arts continuesto grow. In addition to currently chairing the Board of Governors of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation, I am aproud parent of children who have attended both theAcademy and Summer Program.

    We provide this report to extend a heartfelt thanks toyou, our amazing supporters, volunteers and friends,and also to present our financial report. Over 1,200donors contributed to the success of Idyllwild Artsthis past year. To each and every one of you: thankyou on behalf of the students of the Summer Programand Academy.

    Each year we must raise approximately three milliondollars to support our 200-acre campus, its extensiveexhibit and performance spaces, our dual academicand artistic faculty, and to make possible generous financial aid in both the Academy and Summer Program. We also raise funds for capital projects andfor endowments, which, respectively, improve andgrow our facilities, and provide for our future. TheWilliam M. Lowman Concert Hall will become a realityin the coming years. Our new health center and additions to faculty housing are under construction.

    From our many donors, volunteers, outstanding faculty and staff, to our Board of Governors andTrustees; from the Associates of Idyllwild Arts, to ourparents, alumni and community partners; it takes the coordinated efforts and resources of hundreds of people to make Idyllwild Arts the shining beaconfor arts education that it is today. I appreciate the part you play.

    Please accept my thanks for embracing our missionand supporting the Idyllwild Arts Foundation.


    Faith RaiguelBoard Chair


  • Board of Governors

    Faith Raiguel, Chair, Los AngelesJeffrey A. Dvorak, Vice Chair & Treasurer, Palm SpringsWilliam B. Barnett, Secretary, IdyllwildSusan Barnett, IdyllwildThomas A. Bliss, Sherman OaksAnne Erikson, Ex-officio, IdyllwildEadie Ferretti, Pittsburgh, PAMike Ferretti, Pittsburgh, PABarnaby Finch, IdyllwildJanet Goldberg, IdyllwildDr. Richard Goldberg, IdyllwildDwight A. Holmes, IdyllwildJames B. Lovelace, Los AngelesLillian P. Lovelace, Santa BarbaraWalter P. Parks, RiversideDr. Paulene Popek, Los AngelesGeorge Reardon, S PasadenaSusan Reardon, S PasadenaBruce Ryan, Pasadena, IdyllwildDonn Schoenmann, San FranciscoGlen E. Stephens, Riverside

    Emeritus Trustees

    Mary T. Escherich, PomonaEarl W. Fisher, Santa MonicaDora Todd Keeler, IrvineDr. Robert M. Krone, FallbrookSue Krone, FallbrookDr. Richard H. MacNeal, PasadenaLucille F. Norberg, San MarinoCarol Ulrich, DuartePeter Ulrich, Duarte


    d of



    s Board of TrusteesCheri M. Bentley-Buckman, Palm Springs, IdyllwildCharles W. Buckman, Palm Springs, IdyllwildAngelina Burnett 96, New York, NYPeter Capparelli, IdyllwildSuzon Capparelli, IdyllwildAnn DeWolfe, RiversideWilliam R. DeWolfe, RiversideEdward J. Dietrich, Palm SpringsChristina Echavarria, New York, NYTony Echavarria, New York, NYDiane Fox, Rancho MirageAdam D. Glick 02, New York, NYBreanna Gribble 04, New York, NYHarry Griswold, San DiegoJulianna Holmes, IdyllwildDr. Steven D. Lavine, EncinoDaniel W. Lass, Palm SpringsKarla M. Leopold, Del MarWilliam Leopold, Del MarDaniel Levy, Pasadena, IdyllwildJane Levy, Pasadena, IdyllwildDr. Anahita Lovelace, Los AngelesCarolyn Lowman, IdyllwildWilliam M. Lowman, President Emeritus, IdyllwildSuzan R. Mischer, Beverly HillsCarol Murrel, Newport BeachBret Nelson, Santa AnaGaylord (Nick) Nichols, PasadenaElizabeth B. Parks, RiversideDavid Pearson, CarlsbadHelle Pearson, CarlsbadLinda Rider, Palm DesertManny Rider, Palm DesertBrian Sassi, AltadenaPeggy Sassi, AltadenaLynn Schoenmann, San FranciscoJudith Shenkman, Huntington Beach, IdyllwildHoward Sherman, North HollywoodMichael E. Slocum, Palm SpringsHalle Stanford, Los Angeles Nancy C. Stephens, RiversideDavid Thomsen, Los AngelesDr. Erna L. Toback, Studio CityNorman Toback, Studio CityLoren Tripp, Pasadena, IdyllwildDavid L. Trumbo, Studio CityDr. Stephanie Webber, San DiegoMerrily Weiss, Sherman Oaks


  • The 27th year of the Academy was completed with the graduationof the Class of 2013 on June 1st. 82 seniors who graduated are at this moment beginning their post-secondary journey at some ofthe most prestigious arts schools and universities in the countryand abroad. The discipline and skills they developed at the Academy are elements that will be essential as they face the nextstep of education and careers in the arts. 300 students studiedCreative Writing, Dance, Music, Moving Pictures, Theatre, Visual Artand InterArts last year along with our college preparatory academic program. Their work was seen in many important venues including the LA Music Center Spotlight Awards, the PalmSprings International Short Film Festival, and the Youth AmericanGrand Prix Ballet competition.

    It is our commitment to make sure that students of all socio-economic backgrounds are able to attend our school and learnfrom our world-class program. Those students came from 25 countries and 57% of them received financial aid, enabling them to change their lives through the education that they receive atIdyllwild Arts Academy. It is our donors who make this educationpossible for these students.

    Your investment in their futures will be rewarded as these graduates take their place with the other Academy Alumni whovedistinguished themselves in countless ways. Possibly even moreexciting than watching their growth as students is witnessing what they eventually do with an Academy education. Whetherthey follow a traditional artistic career or forge a new path, thetools and community they found at Idyllwild Arts will continue tosupport and inspire them.

    As arts communities become more global and interconnected,Idyllwild Arts Academy students experiences in living with and creating with artists from around the world will enhance their ability to adapt and participate in the international conversation.Increasingly we see that our alumni draw on the collaborative education that they received here, approaching their careers in entrepreneurial ways. We are committed to offering our students a global experience.

    Once again it is your generous support that makes all of this possible. We couldnt be here without you!

    Dr. Douglas AshcraftHead of School

    Dr. Douglas Ashcraft




  • SummerProgram

    For 63 consecutive summers, the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program hasfulfilled its mission to provide arts instruction and experiences ofthe highest caliber to a diverse student population of all ages and abilities in a beautiful natural environment conducive to positive personal growth. Although the Summer Program has adapted to the21st century, we have tried to stay true to Max and Beatrice Kronesseminal thoughts about their hopes for the program:

    According to our way of thinking, the arts provide the best commonground for friendly cooperation among the peoples of the world. In our arts we express the same hopes and fears, our joys and sorrows,our longings and aspirations, our daily experiences, all of those things that mean the most to us. The arts provide a common language we can all understand no matter in what tongue the wordsmay be expressed.

    The most significant work of the Summer Program takes place in morethan 120 intensive programs and workshops for students of all agesand abilities in the fields of dance, film, music, theatre, visual arts, writing, and Native American arts. For eight weeks, the campus buzzes with the intensive activity generated by hundreds of students energetically pursuing their passion in the arts. Perhaps even moreimportant is the fact that, over the past five summers, we have beenable to assist more than 2,000 young people participate in life changing arts experiences by means of financial aid and scholarships.

    We are fortunate to have the most wonderful faculty of artist-teachersimaginable, and a support staff, both full-time and seasonal, of hard-working, dedicated idealists who provide untold hours of creativity,energy, and love for arts education.

    We are also supremely grateful for the continuing attendance and support from the approximately 1,700 students who participate in theprogram each summer.

    Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the thousands of donors and friends who continue to support Idyllwild Arts. We absolutely, positively could not do this without you.

    Steven FraiderExecutive Director, Idyllwild Arts,Director of the Summer Program

    Steven Fraider


  • Asso


    s Rep

    ort Mission Statement of The Associates

    To act as a nonprofit association to support educationin the arts; specifically the programs offered by theIdyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program. We alsoprovide cultural activities for the local community.


    In the fall of 2012 the Associates voted to change their fiscal year to end June 30th. This resulted in aone-time, short fiscal year: Oct. 1, 2012 through June30, 2013. The Associates goals this year, in addition tolending all the support we can to IAF, have been to increase memberships, participate with other Idyllwildnon profit organizations events, and prepare for our 20th Anniversary Jazz in the Pines Festival.

    Activities and Fundraisers

    Holiday Party - Our Holiday Party was held in mid-December at the Living Room Gallery in the heartof Idyllwild. We placed a special emphasis on encouraging all the newest members to attend. Despite a very cold evening it was a great success.Food was donated by the membership and our greatsupporter, Caf Aroma.

    Bid n Buy Auction and Dinner was held January 19that the Rainbow Inn on Strawberry Creek. A special emphasis was placed on Associates bringing friendsand neighbors. Our attendance was well above lastyears, including potential new members. Proceedsfrom this event were donated to the schools scholarship fund.

    Barnaby Finch & Friends concert was held on campus in March, and was well attended. The eveningwas delightful and we are grateful for all the musicians who donate their talents, including IAA violin student Sam Zorn. The concert was precededwith a dinner, available for a separate ticket price. The proceeds from this concert were donated to theIdyllwild Arts Academy scholarship fund.

    Anne Erickson


  • Our Membership Chairwoman, Diana Kurr set up anAssociates information table in the Bowman Hall lobbyfor several performances. Membership brochures,mints, and cookies were available, and she and her husband answered inquires about The Associates.

    The Idyllwild Lemon Lily and Bluegrass Festival was held in June. The Associates volunteered to runthe Beer truck. In 2012 this event was a good fundraiser and positive event for us; this year was not as successful.

    Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines Festival prep filled out thebeginning of summer.

    DONATIONS TO IAF October 1, 2012 June 30, 2013:$27,000.00*

    (*Sept.30,2012 $38,500. was donated to IAF which included Jazz proceeds)

    Anne Erikson, President Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation

    Officers to June 2013

    Anne Erikson - President

    Jorgine Brause - Vice President

    Nancy Layton - Treasurer

    Annamarie Padula - Recording Secretary

    Joy Allgeier - Corresponding Secretary

    Jorgine Brause - Ex-Officio

    Board of Directors to 2013

    Roberta Corbin

    Bobbie Glasheen

    Robert Hildebrand

    Anne Kresl

    Karen Metz

    Board of Directors to 2014

    Katie Grigsby

    Marilyn Kemple

    Terry & Diana Kurr

    Virginia Lumb

    Chris Trout

    Board of Directors to 2015

    Linda Anderson

    Perry Dkye

    Jane Levy

    Larry Medinger

    Jazz in the Pines 2013


  • 11

    Donors to All Funds

    Our grateful appreciation goes to thosemembers of the Idyllwild Arts familywhose gifts and pledges provided muchneeded support for various funds duringthe July 1, 2012 June 30, 2013 fiscal year.

    Pacesetters Circle $100,000+AnonymousCalifornia Community FoundationThe Capital Group Companies

    Charitable FoundationMrs. Lillian P. LovelaceMr. and Mrs. James B. Lovelace

    Benefactors Circle $50,000-$99,999AnonymousAssociates of IAFThe JL FoundationSusan and George ReardonThe Rose Hills Foundation

    Patrons Circle $25,000-$49,999Catherine McCampbell Charitable TrustColburn FoundationMr. Jeffrey A. Dvorak and Mr. Michael SlocumMr. and Mrs. Mike Ferretti

    The Green FoundationMr. and Mrs. William H. HurtNational Endowment for the ArtsMrs. Laura PfanzSan Manuel Band of Serrano Mission IndiansWilliam H. Hurt Philanthropy Fund

    Conservatory Circle $10,000-$24,999Bank of America CorporationDavid and Araceli BarclayThe Bodenstein Family FoundationMr. Kenneth A. Bodenstein and

    Ms. Diane LernerMr. Bernard Coleman, O.B.E.DreamWorks Animation Charitable

    Foundation, Inc.Mr. Steven Fraider and Ms. Dale PerryMr. and Mrs. David S. GilbertGiles O'Malley FoundationMr. Eunseung Jung and Mrs. Domi YangMs. Sara KarloffMr. Nick NicholsMrs. Kalli O'Malley and Mr. Terry GilesDr. Paulene PopekMs. Faith RaiguelRemote Control ProductionsManny and Linda RiderMr. Howard Sherman and Mr. Gregg HoustonMr. Wei-Ming Shih and Mrs. Su-Chuan HungMr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Whitman

    Governors Circle $5,000-$9,999AnonymousMr. and Mrs. William B. BarnettMr. Thomas A. Bliss and Ms. Merrily WeissMr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Bogen, Esq.Paul and Susan BowersMr. Charles W. Buckman and

    Ms. Cheri M. Bentley-BuckmanDr. Jane ClausMr. and Mrs. William R. DeWolfeMr. and Mrs. Barnaby FinchMr. and Mrs. Earl W. FisherDr. and Mrs. Richard GoldbergDr. Stephanie Webber and Mr. Harry GriswoldMs. Marcia HeckMr. James Newton HowardMr. and Mrs. Steve KofskyMr. Oleg V. Kustikov and

    Mrs. Margarita KustikovMr. Daniel W. LassMrs. Betty Levenstein

    Our Annual Report provides a special opportunity to recognize you, the members of the Idyllwild Arts family, foryour generous support. Our sincere thanksgo to the individuals, foundations, and corporations listed on the following pages.While the greatest recognition of yoursupport lies in the accomplishments of ourstudents, what follows is a sincere effort tohonor all of you who have done so muchto enrich the Academy and the SummerProgram. We have made every effort to beas accurate as possible in this report. If anerror comes to your attention, please letthe Advancement office know right awayby calling 951-659-2171 Ext. 2330.



    ng O

    ur D



  • 12

    Dr. Yen-Ying Ma and Mrs. Shu-Yun ShenMrs. Donna MacMillanMr. and Mrs. Don MischerMr. and Mrs. Bret NelsonMr. and Mrs. Walter P. ParksMr. and Mrs. Brian A. SassiMr. and Mrs. Donn SchoenmannMr. and Mrs. Ronald ShenkmanMr. and Mrs. Glen E. StephensStern Fisher Edwards Inc.Mr. and Mrs. David J. ThomsenMr. David L. TrumboWarner Bros. EntertainmentWeingart FoundationThe Wells Fargo FoundationMr. and Mrs. Brian Wilson

    Trustees Circle $2,500-$4,999Mr. and Mrs. Mark AdelsonMs. Andrea Adelson Reckard and Mr. Scott ReckardAgua Caliente Band of Cahuilla IndiansThe Ahmanson FoundationBu Han and In Suk AhnAmerican Business BankThe Autry FoundationMr. and Mrs. James BaronBoeing Gift Matching ProgramMr. and Mrs. Peter CapparelliCommunity BankElla A. Trenchard Fund at The Community

    Foundation, Serving the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino

    Cotsen Family FoundationMs. Ginger R. Culver '88Mr. and Mrs. Tony EchavarriaMr. and Mrs. Robert F. ErburuExtreme Music (SATV)Mr. and Mrs. Douglas FrankFriends Of ScotlandTony Georges '05 and Travis Acreman '03Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. HalpinMr. and Mrs. Dwight A. HolmesIdyllwild Arts Summer AuctionJerry Bruckheimer Inc.John W. and Clara C. Higgins FoundationMr. and Mrs. Jon M. KmettMr. and Mrs. Dominic KrachtDr. Steven Lavine and Ms. Janet SternburgMr. and Mrs. William LeopoldJames and Suzann LevineMr. and Mrs. Daniel LevyMr. and Mrs. William M. LowmanThe Lynch Family Charitable Fund

    The Lynch Family TrustMr. and Mrs. Victor Martino, Jr.Milton and Sally Avery Arts FoundationMs. Carol MurrelMr. and Mrs. Martin NeimanMr. and Mrs. David C. PearsonMr. Norman RichardsMr. Bruce Ryan and Ms. Loren TrippSacco Dining Services, Inc.Mr. Terry Shaikh Ms. Jennifer Caroline MetzMs. Halle StanfordMrs. Gisela StearnsMr. and Mrs. Norman TobackMr. Jassen Todorov '94Ms. Veronica Wilding-WhiteWorld Resources Company

    Founders Circle $1,000-$2,499Mr. and Mrs. Stephen ArnoldDr. Douglas Ashcraft and Mr. Darren SchillingRich and Annette AtwoodBBVA CompassMr. Stephen W. BillsMr. Paul BroucekCahuilla Band of IndiansMr. and Mrs. Marvin CecchiniCharles H. Weinman Foundation for

    Developing MindsMs. Melissa Cobb and Mr. Kory BergThe Community Foundation of UtahMs. Lucinda Covert-VailMr. and Mrs. Chris Czuzak Jr.Mr. Cong You Dang and Mrs. Liao WeiMr. Harris Demetre and Mr. Terry CasellaMr. and Mrs. Timothy DisneyJim and Andi DrollingerShepard Fairey '88 and Amanda FaireyMs. Audrey FisherMr. and Mrs. Sam GlickJonathan Gordon and Kristie HubbardMr. and Mrs. Todd GriffithMs. Maggie GurewitzMr. and Mrs. Masatoshi HamadaMr. Morris W. HirschCathy and Shigekazu IwaneDrs. David W. Mantik and Patricia JamesDr. Muh-Tyng Jiang and Mrs. Mei-Chung ChengMr. Doug Johnston and Ms. Susan HermanMr. Soochul Kang and Mrs. Hyunjung ChoMr. and Mrs. Javanshir KhazaliMr. and Mrs. Young KimMs. Janet Lakatos BrittleJames and Karen Lefever

  • Mr. Kurt Leswing and Ms. Elsa LeungMs. Carol Anne LevyMs. Patricia W. Litfin and Mr. Robert S. RobbinsMarc and Eva Stern FoundationMr. Harold MatznerMr. and Mrs. Brad MooreNAMMMs. Jennifer Y. Nelson and Mr. Thomas NelsonMr. and Mrs. Richard PeckhamMr. and Mrs. Carlos A. PerezMr. Frank S. Peters and Mrs. Marjory M. MusgraveMr. and Mrs. Alan PopperProvident BankMr. and Mrs. Michael ResmoMr. Bin Ruan and Mrs. Yunyi LinWhitney Sander and Catherine HollissMs. Carol A SavoieScott and Martha SchroederMr. and Mrs. Jeff ShermanMr. and Mrs. Steven S. SmithDr. Carol Mitchell-Springer and

    Mr. Charles SpringerSusanne StanfordMr. Ling Sun and Mrs. Yan LiMr. Armen R. Vartian and Ms. Candice FossChris WalkerMr. and Mrs. John WeinmanWestside Building Material CorporationDr. and Mrs. Doug WhitakerMr. Lesley S. Widerynski and Ms. Deborah GmeinerWilder CabinsMr. and Mrs. Mihir WorahMr. Seong Beum Yoon and Mrs. Eun Hee JeonMs. Barbara Zimonja and Mr. Richard PackRyan Zwahlen and Nathaniel West

    Presidents Circle $500-$999AnonymousMr. and Mrs. Charles AltieriMr. David AmicoMr. Zooyab Anne and Mrs. Jaimie SungDr. Thomas C. Apostle and Ms. Sharon LawrencePaul B. BaileyMr. Qi Ban and Mrs. Zhao Xia GuoDrs. Kevin and Elizabeth BarlogMr. Ed Barlow and Mr. Patrick ConveyMr. Michael Barnett '05Mr. Robert Beard and Ms. Janice EphronThe Bell GroupMr. James J. Bright, Jr. and Ms. Lucille A. FarberMr. and Mrs. Ray BrownDr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. BrowningMr. and Mrs. Brian Burke

    Cardiff Limousine & TransportationDr. and Mrs. Robert CasslingJay and Carlyn ClarkMr. and Mrs. Joseph CordaDr. and Mrs. Robert A. CutiettaCheryl DimontMr. and Mrs. John B. EmersonFrank and Lori FerroMr. and Mrs. Michael W. FullerMr. Jose Antonio Garcia LopezMr. and Mrs. Yehuda GiladMr. and Mrs. Marshall HawkinsMs. Joan M. HotchkisMs. Deborah Howard and Mr. James YapleMr. and Mrs. Bill IngramMr. and Mrs. Richard M. JonesMr. Donald G. Stoll and Ms. Marianne Kent-StollMr. Richard KraftMr. David KurtzMr. David J. Lilieholm and Ms. Valerie VelezMrs. Parvin LoPrestiMr. Zhifang Lu and Mrs. Zheng ZhangMr. and Mrs. Joseph LumardaMr. Wayne Martinson and Ms. Deb SawyerMr. and Mrs. Anthony MazzarellaMr. and Mrs. John H. MeischMr. Alan MeyersonMargery A. MicoDr. Miller and Mr. McDonaldMr. and Mrs. Hector MitreDrs. Marjorie and David MosierMr. and Mrs. William H. MullinMr. James M. A. Murphy and

    Ms. Mary Anne AtkissonMr. and Mrs. John NewmanMrs. John B. NorbergMr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. NovackOHM Benefit and Insurance ServicesMr. Kreg Peeler '98Sander ArchitectsMr. Ian SchoenleberMr. Isaac ShapiroDr. Jocelyn Stamat and Mr. Terry RossioCandace TanakaMr. Michael ToddPeter Schneider and Ms. Hope Tschopik SchneiderDena and Lee Van SlykeW. F. Leopold ManagementMr. and Mrs. Gary C. WaylandWilliam Morris Endeavor EntertainmentDr. and Mrs. Jonathan WorseyMr. and Mrs. Eric Young


  • Isomatans Circle $250-$499AnonymousChristine and Richard BarnickiMr. and Mrs. Philip BeckerMr. Lincoln J. BelfordMr. and Mrs. Bob BendersonMr. and Mrs. Charles A. BirdBNY Mellon Wealth ManagementMr. and Mrs. Charles E. BohlenMrs. Sheila BradyMr. and Mrs. Wing S. ChanMs. Lissa ClaussenMr. Larry ColkerThe Colton FamilyMr. and Mrs. Dennis A. CorradiMr. and Mrs. Peter V. DalyMargaret Ann McTagueDesktop DesignDirect ConnectionMr. Brandon Stoddard and Ms. Mary Anne DolanMr. James DooleyMr. Happy DuBowyMr. Michal Emanovsky '97Mr. and Mrs. Russell EmanuelMs. Jane EstonMr. and Mrs. Yale FararFidelity FoundationMr. and Mrs. Larry GorlickHagerty InsuranceKen and Carrie HanlonMrs. Anne HollandMr. and Mrs. Patrick HolmesIdyllwild PharmacyIdyllwild Town CrierMr. and Mrs. Don JacarusoMr. John W. Kennedy, Jr. and Ms. Ann KoughMr. Luther KillebrewMs. Barbara LaSusaMrs. Betty LawlerMr. and Mrs. Jason LewisMr. Andrew Z. Linsky and Mr. Michael ThomasMr. and Mrs. Larry LivingstonMs. Janice LyleSusan MacleanMs. Leslie MalloyMs. Teri McCaslandMr. and Mrs. Ollincuauhtli MendezMr. Maurice MeysenburgMr. and Mrs. James MoylanMr. and Mrs. John NuckolsMs. Elizabeth OzmunKent and Jeannie Peterson

    The San Diego FoundationMr. and Mrs. Barry ShapiroMr. RongQuan Shi and Mrs. CiPing ChenMr. Teruo ShidaMr. Andrew Solt and Ms. Claudia FalkenburgMs. Jeanette SurgaTheresa Teel '97 and Jacob TeelMr. Larry ThomasRev. Marian E. Whiteman and Ms. Diane JonesMr. and Mrs. Larry WilmoreMelisa WilsonMs. Allison WiltMr. and Mrs. Darren M. Winkley

    Friends Circle $100-$249Anonymous88 Far East InternationalEdgar and Lilla AftergoodMr. and Mrs. Larry Jay AllenTracy ArredondoMs. Olivia AudomaMr. and Mrs. Tomas AvalosMs. Posey BacopoulosShabina BahlMr. and Mrs. Robert S. BairdMr. and Mrs. Tim A BakerMs. Dena BarmoreMr. McKim N. Barnes and Ms. Terry J. FifeMr. and Mrs. Tom BarnettDr. and Mrs. Reynaldo BayubayMr. Javier Becerra and Mrs. Isabel MendezMr. and Mrs. David BensimonMr. Jeffrey Bernstein and Ms. Jean StevensMr. and Mrs. Greg BertonKimberly and Glenn BillmanMr. Matt Bissinger '88Joseph and Evelyn BlackMr. Michael Blatt and Ms. Alice FungMr. and Mrs. Eliot BlissMs. Becky BomgardnerMs. Annie BoslerMrs. Marcia BradshawCol. (Ret.) and Mrs. Bernard Brause, Jr.Mr. Peter C. Brockett and Ms. Laureen B. ChangMs. Emily BrownJohn and Laura BulriceMr. Jay BunkerBunker Construction Inc.Sandra ButchkoAllison CalderwoodCamp Meds, Inc.Mr. Rocco CarrozzaMr. Tim Chow and Ms. Kate Wang


  • Gary and Sharlene ChurchMs. Mary Beth ClarkTerisa ClarkMs. Wendy A. ClineTodd CochranMr. Brian D. CohenHeather and George CompaniottMr. Charles Conn and Mrs. Beverley RobertsonMr. and Mrs. Scott CooperSydney CosselmanMr. Michael I. Cowan and Mrs. Roberta KassMr. and Mr. Wayne CraycroftMr. Gary E DaighJayne DavisMr. Kerwin DeeseMs. Kristina L. DendingerMr. and Mrs. James DeshefyMr. Matt DillhoeferMr. Skip DonauMr. Roy DoolanMr. and Mrs. Robert M DorseyMr. Philip Drell and Mrs. Dianne SuechikaRachel and Charles DrutenIsabelle DuBois Wattles and Charles WattlesMrs. Danielle Dupont and Mr. Will LubranoMr. Gilberto DuranDon and Gay DurwardEarth Witness FoundationMr. and Mrs. John EidsvoogMr. and Mrs. Gregory S. EllisDolores M. EllisonMs. Bonnie M. EmertMrs. Lorene EnsleyMs. Mary Jane EvansMr. and Mrs. Burt FaibisoffMr. Jean-Pierre FaletMr. Daniel FiddlerFireside InnMs. Mary Fitzpatrick and Mr. David P. Van PeltMr. and Mrs. Frazer FordMr. Robert FrickerMs. Friedman and Mr. DanzigerMs. Nina FriendMr. and Mrs. Keith FroehlichMr. Clifford FurukenDr. and Mrs. Simon GamerMr. and Mrs. John K. GanoungKaren GatesNorma Brandel GibbsMs. Susan GillilandMs. Corrine Glass '93Ms. Melissa Goddard and Ms. Georgie SmithMr. David C. Gogerty and Ms. Jean Waggoner

    Harlan and Barbara GoldbergMr. and Mrs. Erik GreenbergMs. Katie GrigsbyMs. Shelley Grudin and Ms. Corrinne G. GrudinMrs. Annie GutierrezEloise A. HaldemanCindy HalversonMr. and Mrs. Bruce HansenMr. David Hansen and Mrs. Jane KohlerMs. Candice HansonMrs. Jie HaoMs. Kathy Harmon-LuberMr. and Mrs. Michael D. HarrisMr. and Mrs. John HaskellHaverford CollegeMrs. Shirlee HeidlerHemet Valley MortuaryDr. David Hensinger and

    Dr. Kim Ann ShollenbergerMs. Martha HerreraLori HickeyChelsea HigholtMr. Robert HildebrandMs. Elizabeth Hilliard '05Melissa HirschMrs. Alice Honner-White and Mr. Pieter C. WhiteDr. Pamela and Mr. Andrew HorowitzMr. Eugene N. HubbardMr. and Mrs. Bernie HulseMr. and Mrs. David E. Hunt, Jr.Ms. Joanne Im and Mr. Tae ImMr. and Mrs. James W JenkinsJewish Community Foundation of Los AngelesCarrie JohnsonDr. Beverly JohnsonMs. Kristen JonesMrs. Julie E. JonesMr. and Mrs. George KahnMr. Lyle Kanouse and Ms. Audrey WasilewskiSusan and William KapitanoffDr. and Mrs. Robert KaplanMr. Joe KaraMr. Andy Khouri '98Mr. and Mrs. Peter KnellMr. and Mrs. Albert W. KrasnoffVictor LaiMr. John LaRueMs. Erin Latimer '02Mr. and Mrs. LeahyMr. Ny LeeMr. Andrew W. LeesonMs. Marsha LeinsterMs. Stacie Lents '96


  • Mr. and Mrs. Don G. LentsMrs. Romayne LeveeLey Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.Dr. I-Bei Lin '91Mr. ZuBin Liu and Mrs. YongJu GeMr. John and Marsha LoganMr. David LoPresti '96Mr. and Mrs. Ben LozanoMs. Virginia LumbMr. Eric M. Luna and Mr. Todd Van DongeMs. Marsha J. LytleMr. and Mrs. Barry MacKintoshCatherine and Douglas MacLaughlinMr. and Mrs. Sperry MacNaughtonMr. and Mrs. Timothy P. MahoneyMike and Lisa MaltasMr. and Mrs. Peter MandellMr. and Mrs. Ernie MarjoramMark Heiman Family FoundationMr. Kerry J. Marshall and Ms. Cheryl L. BruceMr. and Mrs. Randall MartinJudy and Nicholas MartinMichael and Linda McAuliffeMr. and Mrs. Nathan S. McCayMs. Molly McDonaldMs. Tiffany McHughTucker and Megan McIntyreMrs. Betty H. McLaughlinMs. Catherine McMillanMr. James McNealMs. Ami MehtaAlex and Martiza MelendezMr. and Mrs. Luis MercuriKaren Metz and Les SudermanMs. Kari MiazekMs. Diane MillerMr. John MontroyMs. Genevieve MorrisMr. and Mrs. Jim MuseMs. Beth MyersMr. Robert M. Myers and Ms. Linda J. SullivanMr. and Mrs. John C. NardoneMr. Topher Nixon Payne '98 and

    Mr. Tommy Nixon Payne Tim and Gretel NobleMs. Christina Lee NordellaO-ongo, IncMr. David Ordovskiy '09Debbie Paris and Dennis McGuireMr. and Mrs. John PartJerry PiauwasdyTom and Marlene PierceMr. and Mrs. Earl Pomeranz

    Mr. Jason Porath '87Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. PowellPowell Electric Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Marek PramukaRabbi and Mrs. Jacob PressmanMs. Gail QiMr. Dan RadlauerMr. Thomas RaiguelMr. and Mrs. David Reid-MarrMs. Tanya ReinhartTom and Dana RiccardRichland Real EstateMrs. Marjorie RickerMrs. Heather RobertsRabbi Karen Fox and Michel RosenRotary Club of IdyllwildMs. Anne Burke RothrockMs. Ruth M. RyanDr. and Mrs. Alan L. RyavePaulina Sala Betancourt and. Arturo SalasMr. Hunt Salembier and Ms. Lyn BeecherMr. and Mrs. Phillip SchaeferChristopher Schmidt and Denice BreauxMr. Richard C. Schnetzer and

    Mrs. Patricia Eagle-SchnetzerMs. Mara SchrammMr. Lou Schreiber, deceasedMs. Amy SchulzeMr. and Ms. Francis SchumacherMr. Gary L. SchwandnerMs. Olivia SearsTara Dutton Sechrest '94Ms. Danica Sheridan '88Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. ShookRabbi Marc G. Sirinsky and

    Ms. Catherine E. CoulsonMr. Georgi Slavchev '93Mr. Sam SmithSmith FloorsDr. Georgiana SpradlingMr. and Mrs. Denis St. AmandIngrid StaffordMs. Margaret H. SteeleMs. Lora SteereSarah Stephens and Matthew WuerkerMr. Chris StroudMs. Victoria StuartMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey SudikoffKwang SuhKevin Michael SullivanMr. and Mrs. Laurence K. SullivanMr. and Mrs. Dennis TangEllen and Chad Taylor


  • Jeremy and Rachel TeeguardenMs. Laura TetlowCol. Howard B. ThompsonSherry Hall Tomeo and Donald TomeoMs. Joanne TopolMr. and Mrs. Kevin TorfMs. Cynthia TorresMr. and Mrs. Dennis TranthamMs. JoAnn TurovskyMr. and Mrs. Peter H. UlrichMr. and Mrs. Neil M. VasquezVillage Nail SalonDr. and Mrs. L. Stuart VorkinkDavid and Diane WaldmanMr. and Ms. William WallisMr. Xun Wang and Mrs. Jie HaoMr. and Mrs. Albert WangMr. and Mrs. Isaac WebbMs. Kelly Wendorf and Mr. Wayne MullerMr. and Mrs. Robert J WilliamsonLelani WilmoreMs. Melissa WilsonMr. and Mrs. Roger WilsonLinda Saccoccio and Barry WinickMr. and Mrs. Ralph H. WinklerMs. Barbara WinslowMs. Debra WolfBarbara and Clifford WoolfolkWRE Potential IncMr. Yi Xin and Mrs. Xiaohang YangMr. Levi Yetnikoff and Mrs. Thea Babad YetnikoffMr. Nathan YoungbloodBin ZhaoMr. and Mrs. Paul Zink

    Donors Circle - Up to $99.99Anonymousa Professional Law CorporationMr. Mark AbajianMr. and Mrs. William AbernathieMr. and Mrs. Karl J. AbertDr. Ira Abrams and Ms. Pamela PierceMs. Greta AbtahiMr. Scott Adams and Ms. Martha-Ellen WingfieldMs. Shana Adise '06Mr. Brandon Alter '03Ms. Evelyn AlvarezMr. Cameron AmosMs. Chelsea Anderson '94Ms. Kathleen ArechigaMrs. Rebecca AsencioMr. Ray Audoma

    Charline AvrilMr. and Mrs. William BeamerMr. Devin Bell '99Penny and Don BentleyMs. Heidi BerlinerMs. Rachel BlairMr. Russell A. Bomgardner '10Ms. Shannon BonfantiMr. and Mrs. Daniel BoslerMr. and Mrs. Edgar BourquinMr. Nathaniel BradleyMr. and Mrs. Bob BrahamMr. and Mrs. Christopher BraunMs. Shirley BrodyMr. and Mrs. Robert BrownMs. Edwina Brown and Ms. Myra RoselinskyDr. Lawrence W. BrowneMr. and Mrs. William N. BrundageMr. Harry G. BubbMr. Todd Bucklin and Ms. Naomi KubotaMr. Howard I. Bulos and Ms. Linda TedjakusumaApril BurgomasterMr. John W. BurkertMr. Jason BurnettMs. Angelina Burnett '96Mr. Emanuel CanacooMs. Jacqueline Carnahan '98Kayla CarreraMr. and Mrs. Donald CaryMr. and Mrs. Steven CassedyMs. Isabella Cassini '04Ms. Mary CavenaKajsa CederMs. Joan K. ChamberlinMs. Sung Eun Chang '05Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. ChenaultMs. Bo-Yoon Choi '03Mr. Hyung-Woo Choi '07Ms. Chia-Yi Birdy Chou '02Ms. Joyce CiposMs. Amy Claussen '05Mr. Reid Colton '03Mr. and Mrs. Merv CooperMr. Nick P. CooperBarrett CooperKathleen M. CreedenMallory CreminSandy CrenshawMr. and Mrs. Michael CristeMr. and Mrs. Stacey Lee CrosbyMs. Judith CunninghamMr. Saro Danalian '08Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DanalianLeroy Daniels


  • Jeanette Davis, deceasedMs. Aime DeemMs. Katrina DeiningerMr. Chard deNiordMs. Tina DeschenieShirley DicksonMs. Vania D. Dobreva '02 and Mr. Mike Hines Mr. and Mrs. Gary DorffMs. Linda DrevnoMr. Max L. DuBowy '08Karen DunnJonathan DunnMs. Jamila Dunn '96Ms. Mystral Echavarria '05Ms. Jeannie EcheniqueMr. and Mrs. Stuart ErskineMr. and Mrs. Greg EscalanteSteve and Jennie EspinozaMr. Andrew Eure '02Patricia EurichEuroToolMr. Robert C. EybergDrs. Gordon and Margery FainMr. and Mrs. Michael FeldmanMr. William Fisher '96Mr. and Mrs. William C. FisherSheila FleetMr. and Mrs. George ForbesDr. Jack FraiderSusan Freier and Stephen HarrisonMr. and Mrs. Thomas D. FrenchMs. Alexandra Fridell '00Ms. Jodi Friedman and Ms. Michelle EslamiMr. and Mrs. Albert A. GalluzzoThe Garcia FamilyBill GardnerMs. Rosy Garner '04Mrs. Roxane McLarnan GeggieMr. and Mrs. Gene GeigerJulian and Deborah GeisingerMs. Leandra GeorgeMs. Vesper Gers '96Mr. and Mrs. Barry H. GlazerMr. Adam Glick '02Dr. Kathryn E. GoddardMr. Richard GodfreyMs. Janice GodkeSusan GoralskiMs. Mary E. GoseMr. and Mrs. John GoudgeRobert GraciaLori Lee GrahamMs. Linda GrandMr. Matthew Gray '01

    Ms. Kaelen Green '01Ms. Breanna Gribble '04Ms. Laura Griscom '08Ms. Sandi GuneMs. Mary Beth HaerleBob and Kathi HaineMr. and Mrs. Paul HalvorsonCara HanderKaarin HannahMark and Lynn HannanMrs. Kathy HansonMs. Susan R. HardingMs. Michelle Hardy-Fournet '02Ms. Sheila HarmanMr. Brock Harris '06Mr. and Mrs. Richard HauptmannMr. Charles Haysbert '09Ms. Marielle Heidebrink '08Mr. Mark HeimanLeslie HeimonMs. Rebekah HelmsMr. and Mrs. Ward HerrickHewlett-Packard CompanyMr. and Mrs. Hal S. HideyLori Alison Hiers and Ronald WilsonDianne HirschKyle HiskeyScott Hodulik and Laura GuyCheryl HoldenLars and Ann-Britt HolmMrs. Susan HommaMr. John W. Houghton, Jr.Ms. Nancy HughesMs. Kathryn B. HullMr. Geary Hund and Ms. Sherry RuschMs. and Mr. Victoria E. HurnMr. Hsien Rei Hwang and Mrs. Pei Fang HwangGia JacksonMr. and Mrs. Paul JacobMs. Luann Jaffe and Mr. Sidney LamMr. and Mrs. James B. JamiesonHynn Sung JangMr. Joseph Jennings '10Ms. YouRee Jin '06Ms. Barbara JohansenMs. Elizabeth Johnson '04JUSTGIVESusan KamMr. Andrey Kazakov and Mrs. Inna KazakovaMs. Patricia KellerKathleen and Dennis KieferdorfMs. Eun Ae Christine Kim '05Tom and Kathy KluzakMr. and Mrs. Karl Kohn


  • Sandra KonechyMs. Haley Kooyman '09Mr. Frantisek Kosir '98Ms. Jan KravetsMs. Ursula KrummelMr. and Mrs. Richard KrumwiedeMr. Scott Kuehn '90Ms. Mary S. KyropoulosMr. and Mrs. Cato KyvikMs. Carmel Larsen Marks '94Mr. Alexander K. Laudeman '12Mr. and Mrs. Chris D LeeMs. Sang Eun Lee '05Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. LeighMr. and Mrs. Herbert A. LePlattLeslie LevyMs. Yi-Hsien Liao '04Ms. Sharon A. LillyMs. Yu-Chieh Kelly Lin '00Leslee and Larry LipstoneMs. Atao Liu '10Mr. and Mrs. Daniel LouisMs. Sarah Luna '04Ms. Andra Lunde Padrichelli '94Mr. Richie Luther and Ms. De EskewMr. and Mrs. Robert S. MacAlisterMs. Marna MakauAldo and Judith MancinelliMr. Stephen Mann '05Molly Mapel '01 and Michael MapelMr. Tony MarcheseMs. Marya MarcusMs. Sara MarshMs. Susan L. Marshall and Mr. Michael O'NeillMr. and Mrs. Harold MasorBetty Matesky, deceasedMr. Gary MatsuuraMr. and Mrs. Arthur MautnerMr. and Mrs. Byron MayJanet McCreightMr. Paul McGlaughlin '92Sara and John McKayMs. Diana H. McLaughlinMs. Reina MeekMs. Karen Sue MeierMs. Patricia MelnikerMr. Elliot Mercer '05Ms. Sharen MetzMs. Miriam N. MeyersMs. Susan C. MillardMs. Dawn MillerMs. Maria MillerMary MillerDr. Brandi Mills and Mr. Jonathon Mills

    Mr. and Mrs. Pete J MittelstadtMr. Joe ModicaFelicia MollinedoPat Moloney and Anne EriksonMr. Michael Montoya and Ms. Johanna MorganMr. and Mrs. Charles MooneyMs. Julie MoralesMs. Greta MorssScott MullinMs. Desiree Michelle Munoz '05Ms. Michelle MurrayMs. Evynne Murray '11Orville and Perdita MyersMr. Mike NapoliMs. Barbara NechisMr. and Mrs. Keith NelsonMs. Karen NewmanMs. Elizabeth Newman '08Ms. Annie Nilsson '00Krista NixMr. Michael Noble '06Mr. Tim NortonMs. Gretchen NylandMs. Letitia OchoaCory OlariuMr. Michael O'NeillOsborne FamilyMrs. Margaret A. Palmer, deceasedEunice ParkMr. Tae-Ho Park '04Ms. Angharad Parkes '03Mr. Brad R. PartridgeMs. Melanie PaykosMr. and Mrs. David W. PeakeMr. and Mrs. Arthur D. PembrookMs. Natalie Penn Harber '02Ms. Tara Pennock '07Mr. Phillip PhillipsMr. Joseph Pietrowski and Mrs. Estelle RyanMs. Sara Pilchman '08Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. PolanskiMs. and Dr. Rebecca Pollack-SteinbergMs. Elise PreissDan PrendergastMs. Arlene R. PriceMr. Berkeley A. PriceMs. Wanda PrittsMs. Kaley Pruitt '06Penny Linn PuenteMr. and Mrs. Stephen V. PuhlMr. David Rasmussen '02Mr. Harry ReevesMs. Carol ReichMr. Samuel Rettew


  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles RichardCynthia RinehartMr. and Mrs. William RitcheyMr. and Mrs. Jeff RobertsMs. Marilyn RobertsonShari RobinsonMs. Ludmila Rocmanova '09Ms. Emily J. Roossien and Mr. Robert J. PrieferMs. Carol RosenLauren Roshandel '99 and Payam RoshandelDr. Nancy RothMichelanne Rothrock, M.D. '98Dr. and Mrs. Stanley A. RubinMr. and Mrs. Charles RussellSusan RutherfordMr. and Mrs. Ray RyanArlene SaryanBille Corinne SarzinMr. and Mrs. Lee ScheppmannMs. Allison Schroeder '04Richard and Patricia SchwartzMr. Matthew SchwartzMr. Jimmy Seitang '97Ms. Nicole Sell '91Sylvia ShawMr. and Mrs. Dennis ShortMr. and Mrs. Marc SiegelMs. Arianna Sikorski '01Laura SilvaDr. and Mrs. David SkersickMr. James SmithKerri SmithMr. John SpeersMs. Erin Spencer '96Ms. Teale Sperling '05Mr. Brett SpragueMr. Ron St. PierreMr. and Mrs. Dan StanfillMs. Melinda StangeMs. Tiamma-Lynn StarrDeno StavrosMs. Anna StriedterMr. Sean Stromsoe '09Ms. Tracy StultzMs. Sylvia SukopMr. C. D. Swanson and Mrs. Nancy SwansonMr. and Mrs. Barth SwansonMs. Saffron SymankTaco Bill, Inc.Mrs. Aloma TaggartGuita TahmassebiMr. Jake Tapleshay '09Beverly TaylorMr. and Mrs. George Taylor

    Mr. Brent Terry '10Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. ThomasMr. Michael Thompson and Ms. Tina DeschenieMs. Kathleen ThompsonMs. Kathryn TimminsMr. James Tipper '87Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy TobackMs. Andrea L. ToubiaMr. and Mrs. Eric TownsendMr. Brad TreiberMs. Lynette TurnerMr. and Mrs. Scott TurnerEva UlettMr. and Mrs. John UnderhillMs. Tasha Unninayar '97Mr. Ted Sweetser and Ms. Jane L. ValentineMrs. Lisa Van StralenMs. Christine L. VanderLeestVanmarc, Inc. Trio RestaurantMr. Dirk Von Der Horst '89Mr. Lance WahlMs. Laura WaitMr. Dylan Walling '08Laura WashburnMs. Patricia WashingtonHonorable Deborah Watson and

    Mr. Jerome R. WatsonMs. Beverly WeidemanStephen L. WeigertMr. Kent Weishaus and Ms. Amy FogersonSylvia WeishausMrs. Greta Weiss AbtahiMs. Jacqueline WhiteMr. Brian WidelitzMr. and Mrs. Steve WiemanDr. J. Stephen Wikle and Mrs. Elizabeth Anne WikleMs. Renee WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Scott WinklerMr. Michael YangMr. Edward Yang Cathy ChengMs. Alison Yates '03Mr. Jeong Hun Sean Yoo '99Ms. Ji-Won Yoon '00Ms. Hye-Won Yoon '05Mr. Carey Yost '87Mildred Andrews YoungSae YunMr. Alexander Zatolokin '01Mr. and Mrs. Allen ZekleyDean A. Zook


  • Endowment GiftsYour gift to the endowment provides annual support to Idyllwild Arts highest prioritiesthroughout your lifetime and beyond. Our sincere appreciation to the following donorswho made endowment gifts in 2012-2013.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark AdelsonMs. Andrea Adelson Reckard and Mr. Scott ReckardBoeing Gift Matching ProgramMs. Joyce CiposThe Community Foundation of UtahMs. Marcia HeckMrs. Alice Honner-White and Mr. Pieter C. WhiteSusan and William KapitanoffMr. and Mrs. Karl KohnMrs. Betty LevensteinMr. and Mrs. Richard PeckhamMrs. Aloma TaggartMr. and Mrs. Gary C. WaylandWestside Building Material CorporationMr. and Mrs. Darren M. WinkleyMs. Barbara Zimonja and Mr. Richard Pack

    Gifts In KindWe are honored to recognize those who donated various gifts in kind throughout theyear as well as auction items for the successful2013 Idyllwild Arts Gala honoring award winning film composer Hans Zimmer andTrustee Emeritus Earl Fisher.

    Dr. Ira R. Abrams and Ms. Pamela PierceMs. Trudy AdlerAlegria InnAlpha Omega WineryAssociates of IAFMr. Thomas A. Bliss and Ms. Merrily WeissMr. Richard BurkettMs. Angelina Burnett 96Sinem BuyukcinarCafe AromaMr. Michael ChildersMs. Karen ChristiansMr. Brian D. CohenMr. and Mrs. Craig CoopersmithFranklin CoopersmithCountry FarmsWilma CreightonMr. and Mrs. Robert L. De ArmondMs. Sara Dermody

    Ms. Anne DevlinMr. Edward DiNicolaMr. Jeffrey A. Dvorak and Mr. Michael SlocumMs. Louise DvorakMr. and Mrs. Tony EchavarriaMs. Mystral EchavarriaMr. and Mrs. Shepard Fairey 88Ms. Jonna FaulknerFrank and Lori FerroMr. and Mrs. Earl W. FisherMs. Audrey FisherMr. and Mrs. Jim FoxMs. Rachel FriedmanMs. Linda GanstromGastrognome RestaurantMr. and Mrs. Michael GerringerDr. and Mrs. Richard GoldbergDaniel Gray 97 and Margaret GrayMs. Charity HallMs. Connie Hall and Mr. Jim M. LeatherHalper Fine ArtMs. Tami HarringtonYolanda Hart StevensDr. Jennifer HelbleyHelwig Winery and Foxes InnMs. Joan HeronMelissa HirschMr. and Mrs. Don JacarusoMs. Deborah JemmottMr. and Mrs. Chris JohnstonJuicy Couture Inc.Karlik Evi Boutique HotelMs. Jennifer KatzKen Van der Wende PhotographyJamie KunkleLa Bella MontagnaMr. Daniel W. LassDr. Steven Lavine and Ms. Janet SternburgMr. and Mrs. William LeopoldMr. Kurt Leswing and Ms. Elsa LeungMs. Sarah LevyMs. Rita LillyMr. Javier Lopez BarbosaLos Angeles OperaMs. Monica LundyMs. Gina LunnMike and Lisa MaltasTom McCarthyMillennium Biltmore Hotel Los AngelesMiramonte Resort and SpaMr. and Mrs. Don MischerNic's Beverly HillsO, The Oprah Magazine


  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill O'ConnorHarold O'ConnorMrs. Kalli O'Malley and Mr. Terry GilesMr. and Mrs. Walter P. ParksPatina Restaurant GroupMs. Audrey PineSusan and George ReardonMrs. Natalie A. ReedRemote Control ProductionsRoclord Studio PhotographyMr. and Mrs. Don RoodMs. Ann RosierRotary Club of IdyllwildSam Ash Corporation and AffiliatesSanta Barbara Vino TrainMr. and Mrs. Brian A. SassiMr. Ian SchoenleberScoutMr. Terry Shaikh and Ms. Jennifer Caroline MetzMs. Tuere Short 99Society for Rational DressMr. and Mrs. John SpanglerMs. Jan Spencley-GouldMr. and Mrs. Jim StepkowskiMs. Anna Louise StewartMs. NancyJo StroudThe Stanford Inn by the SeaMr. Jeff TowerMr. and Mrs. Eric TownsendChris TroutLeighann Van DeventerKimberly VaughnMs. Minnie Christine WaltersMs. Pauline WargCarol WebbMs. Diane Weimer

    Honorary and Memorial GiftsAnonymous

    Gift in Memory of Glenn Yee

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles AltieriGift in Memory of John Altieri

    Dr. Thomas C. Apostle and Ms. Sharon Lawrence

    Gift in Memory of Gary Kerhoulas

    Dr. Douglas Ashcraft and Mr. Darren SchillingGift in Honor of Kim Henderson, John Goulding, Reina Meek, Justin Barrett, Nancy Popp, Isaac Webb, Ellen Rosa-Taylor, Howard Shangraw, Ryan Zwahlen, Gerald Clarke

    Shabina BahlGift in Honor of Jamie Kelley '93

    Christine and Richard BarnickiGift in Honor of Katherine Barnicki, '99

    Mr. Robert Beard and Ms. Janice EphronGift in Memory of Dr. Eugene H. Ephron MD

    Mr. and Mrs. David BensimonGift in Honor of Earl Fisher

    Mr. Jeffrey Bernstein and Ms. Jean StevensGift in Memory of Claire Bernstein

    Joseph G. and Evelyn V. BlackGift in Honor of L. Stuart Vorkink

    Mr. Jay BunkerGift in Honor of L. Stuart Vorkink

    Bunker Construction Inc.Gift in Honor of L. Stuart Vorkink

    Mr. Bernard ColemanGift in Memory of Boris Karloff

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph CordaGift in Honor of Earl Fisher

    Kathleen M. CreedenGift in Memory of John Altieri

    Mr. Gary E DaighGift in Memory of Ron Daigh

    Jayne DavisGift in Memory of Steve Hudson

    Desktop DesignGift in Honor of Katherine Barnicki '99

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary DorffGift in Honor of Ashley Rizzo 05

    Ms. Jeannie EcheniqueGift in Honor of Eliodoro Vallecillo

    Mr. and Mrs. William C. FisherGift in Honor of Wil Fisher '96

    Mr. Steven Fraider and Ms. Dale PerryGift in Honor of Dora Todd Keeler's 100th Birthday

    Mrs. Roxane McLarnan GeggieGift in Honor of Kyle Thomas 00

    Mr. and Mrs. Sam GlickGift in Honor of Adam Glick 02

    Eloise A. HaldemanGift in Memory of Mary Val Marsh Twist

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce HansenGift in Honor of great summers at Idyllwild Arts


  • Ms. Marcia HeckGift in Memory of Suzi Taggart 98

    Lori HickeyGift in Honor of Michael and Sandy Leahy

    Dianne HirschGift in Honor of Becky Hirsch 13

    Mr. Morris W. HirschGift in Honor of Becky Hirsch 13

    Mr. and Mrs. James B. JamiesonGift in Honor of Earl Fisher

    Ms. Kristen JonesGift in Memory of Judie Jones

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert KaplanGift in Honor of Kaplan children and grandchildren

    Ms. Sara KarloffGift in Memory of Boris Karloff

    Mrs. Betty LawlerGift in Honor of Earl W. Fisher

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LumardaGift in Memory of Jon Lovelace

    Mr. and Mrs. Barry MacKintoshGift in Memory of Virginia Garner

    Marc and Eva Stern FoundationGift in Honor of Faith Raiguel

    Mr. and Mrs. Randall MartinGift in Memory of Sally Martin

    Ms. Tiffany McHughGift in Honor of Cailtin McHugh

    Ms. Catherine McMillanGift in Honor of Grace Martin

    Mr. and Mrs. John H. MeischGift in Honor of Peter and Carol Ulrich

    Ms. Julie MoralesGift in Honor of Janeen Davoodzadeh

    Ms. Greta MorssGift in Honor of Dora Todd Keeler's 100th Birthday

    Mr. and Mrs. William H. MullinGift in Honor of Dora Todd Keeler's 100th birthday

    Scott MullinGift in Honor of Dora Todd Keeler's 100th Birthday

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. NardoneGift in Memory of John Altieri

    Mrs. John B. NorbergGift in Memory of Dr. John B. Norberg

    Osborne FamilyGift in Memory of Perry and Marian Osborne

    Penny Linn PuenteGift in Memory of Robert Holmes

    Ms. Ruth M. RyanGift in Honor of Bruce Ryans 60th birthday

    Mr. and Mrs. Ray RyanGift in Honor of Rebecca Luna 15

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis ShortGift in Honor of Dora Todd Keeler's 100th birthday

    Mr. and Mrs. Denis St. AmandGift in Honor of Earl Fisher

    Ms. Margaret H. SteeleGift in Honor of Lora Steere

    Ms. Lora SteereGift in Memory of John E. Steere

    Ms. Sylvia SukopGift in Honor of Earl Fisher

    Mr. and Mrs. Laurence K. SullivanGift in Honor of Phil Sullivan

    Taco Bill, Inc.Gift in Honor of Dora Todd Keeler's 100th Birthday

    Mrs. Aloma TaggartGift in Memory of Suzi Taggart 98

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. ThomasGift in Honor of Kyle Thomas '00

    Col. Howard B. ThompsonGift in Memory of Edith Woodall

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. UlrichGift in Honor of Steve Fraider

    Rev. Marian E. Whiteman and Ms. Diane JonesGift in Honor of Lissa Claussen

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J WilliamsonGift in Honor of Earl Fisher

    Mr. and Mrs. Roger WilsonGift in Memory of Marla Wilson

    Mr. Levi Yetnikoff and Mrs. Thea Babad Yetnikoff

    Gift in Memory of Mary Alyce Marshall

    Mildred Andrews YoungGift in Memory of Robert Holmes


  • Mr. and Mrs. Barnaby FinchMr. and Mrs. Earl W. FisherDr. Jack FraiderMr. Steven Fraider and Ms. Dale PerryMr. and Mrs. Douglas FrankMr. and Mrs. Thomas D. FrenchBill GardnerMr. and Mrs. Barry H. GlazerMr. David C. Gogerty and Ms. Jean WaggonerHarlan and Barbara GoldbergDr. and Mrs. Richard GoldbergMs. Katie GrigsbyDr. Stephanie Webber and Mr. Harry GriswoldBob and Kathi HaineEloise A. HaldemanKen and Carrie HanlonMs. Kathy Harmon-LuberMr. and Mrs. John HaskellMs. Marcia HeckMr. and Mrs. Dwight A. HolmesMr. John W. Houghton, Jr.John W. and Clara C. Higgins FoundationSusan and William KapitanoffMr. John W. Kennedy, Jr. and Ms. Ann KoughMr. David KurtzMs. Janet Lakatos BrittleMr. John LaRueMs. Erin Latimer '02Dr. Steven Lavine and Ms. Janet SternburgMr. Andrew W. LeesonJames and Karen LefeverMr. and Mrs. William LeopoldMrs. Betty LevensteinMs. Carol Anne LevyMr. and Mrs. Daniel LevyMr. David J. Lilieholm and Ms. Valerie VelezMr. and Mrs. James B. LovelaceMrs. Lillian LovelaceMr. and Mrs. William M. LowmanMr. Eric M. Luna and Mr. Todd Van DongeLynch Family TrustMs. Marsha J. LytleCatherine and Douglas MacLaughlinMr. and Mrs. Victor Martino, Jr.Mr. Wayne Martinson and Ms. Deb SawyerBetty Matesky, deceasedSara and John McKayMs. Patricia MelnikerMargery A. MicoMs. Diane MillerMilton and Sally Avery Arts FoundationPat Moloney and Anne EriksonMs. Carol MurrelOrville and Perdita MyersMr. and Mrs. John C. NardoneMr. and Mrs. John Newman

    ApplauseSpecial recognition goes to our loyal donorswho made current year gifts and previouslygave for a minimum of 5 consecutive years.

    88 Far East InternationalMr. and Mrs. Karl J. AbertDr. Ira Abrams and Ms. Pamela PierceEdgar and Lilla AftergoodAnonymousDr. Douglas Ashcraft and Mr. Darren SchillingAssociates of IAFAutry FoundationMr. and Mrs. Robert S. BairdMr. McKim N. Barnes and Ms. Terry J. FifeMr. and Mrs. William B. BarnettDr. and Mrs. Reynaldo BayubayPenny and Don BentleyMr. Jeffrey Bernstein and Ms. Jean StevensMr. and Mrs. Charles A. BirdMr. Thomas A. Bliss and Ms. Merrily WeissMr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Bogen, Esq.Becky Bomgardner & FamilyCol. (Ret.) and Mrs. Bernard Brause, Jr.Mr. James J. Bright, Jr. and Ms. Lucille A. FarberDr. Lawrence W. BrowneMr. Charles W. Buckman and

    Ms. Cheri M. Bentley-BuckmanJohn and Laura BulriceMr. John W. BurkertCapital Group Companies Charitable FoundationMr. and Mrs. Peter CapparelliMs. Mary CavenaMr. and Mrs. Wing S. ChanDr. Jane ClausMs. Lissa ClaussenColburn FoundationElla A. Trenchard Fund at the Community

    Foundation Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

    George and Heather CompaniottCotsen Family FoundationMs. Lucinda Covert-VailKathleen M. CreedenMs. Ginger R. Culver '88Mr. Gary E DaighMargaret Ann McTagueMr. and Mrs. William R. DeWolfeMr. Brandon Stoddard and Ms. Mary Anne DolanCharles and Rachel DrutenDon and Gay DurwardMr. Jeffrey A. Dvorak and Mr. Michael SlocumMr. and Mrs. Tony EchavarriaMr. and Mrs. Mike FerrettiFidelity Foundation


  • Tim and Gretel NobleMrs. John B. NorbergDebbie Paris and Dennis McGuireMr. and Mrs. Walter P. ParksMr. Frank S. Peters and Mrs. Marjory M. MusgraveKent and Jeannie PetersonDr. Paulene PopekMr. and Mrs. Marek PramukaMs. Faith RaiguelGeorge and Susan ReardonMr. and Mrs. David Reid-MarrMr. and Mrs. Michael ResmoTom and Dana RiccardManny and Linda RiderCynthia RinehartMs. Emily J. Roossien and Mr. Robert J. PrieferMichelanne Rothrock, M.D. '98Dr. and Mrs. Stanley A. RubinMs. Ruth M. RyanMr. Bruce Ryan and Ms. Loren TrippSacco Dining Services, Inc.Charles and Charlotte Bird Fund at

    The San Diego FoundationSan Manuel Band of Mission IndiansBille Corinne SarzinMr. and Mrs. Brian A. SassiMr. Ian SchoenleberMr. and Mrs. Donn SchoenmannTara Dutton Sechrest '94Mr. and Mrs. Ronald ShenkmanMr. and Mrs. Jeff ShermanMr. Teruo ShidaMr. Ron St. PierreSusanne StanfordMs. Melinda StangeMrs. Gisela StearnsMr. and Mrs. Glen E. StephensMrs. Aloma TaggartTheresa Teel 97 and Jacob TeelMr. and Mrs. Norman TobackMr. David L. TrumboMr. and Mrs. Peter H. UlrichMr. Armen R. Vartian and Ms. Candice FossDavid and Diane WaldmanWeingart FoundationMs. Jacqueline WhiteRev. Marian E. Whiteman and Ms. Diane JonesMr. Brian WidelitzMs. Veronica Wilding-WhiteMs. Melissa WilsonMr. and Mrs. Darren M. WinkleyMildred Andrews YoungMs. Barbara Zimonja and Mr. Richard PackDean A. Zook

    The Beatrice Krone SocietyGifts Through Planned Giving

    The Beatrice Krone Society was created tohonor and thank those who have included Idyllwild Arts in their estate plans through a bequest or charitable gift arrangement. If youhave included Idyllwild Arts in your estate plans or would like information on how to include us, please contact the Development Office at 951-659-2171 x2335. Our thanks tothe following donors who have included Idyllwild Arts in their estate plans.

    AnonymousEdgar and Lilla AftergoodJohn P. and Linda D. AndersonArthur and Barbara BernsteinMatt Bissinger 88Wallace and Carol BlischkeDonald and Jeanne BondzioMargaret Branchflower, deceasedPete and Suzy CapparelliGinger R. Culver 88Jeffrey DvorakAnthony FiceleEarl and Carol FisherFlorence FisherVirginia K. Garner, deceasedKatie GrigsbyHarry Griswold and Stephanie WebberDr. Richard MacNeal and Carolyn MacNeal, deceasedMarya MarcusMary Val Marsh Twist, deceasedGeorge F. Mosher, Jr.Orville and Perdita MyersDavid Nochimsom and Gail Nochimson, deceasedWalt and Betty ParksRichard and Barbara RichardsonLou Schreiber, deceasedJune H. Schuerch, deceasedJohn and Linda SharpHazel Simon, deceasedVernon and Marjorie SpitaleriAllan and Elizabeth StahlGisela Stearns and Robert Stearns, deceasedBruce Toor, deceasedChris TroutDena Van SlykeCynthia M. WardBarbara A. WincklerCarolyn Woosley


  • William M. Lowman Concert HallThanks to those individuals, foundations and corporations who have supported the future construction of the William M. Lowman Concert Hall. This world-class facility will feature state of the art acoustics and will serveas the centerpiece of our campus.

    AnonymousMr. Zooyab Anne and Mrs. Jaimie SungDr. Douglas Ashcraft and Mr. Darren SchillingPaul B. BaileyBank of America CorporationDavid and Araceli BarclayMr. Michael Barnett '05Mr. and Mrs. William B. BarnettMr. Stephen W. BillsJoseph and Evelyn BlackThe Bodenstein Family FoundationPaul and Susan BowersMr. Jay BunkerBunker Construction Inc.California Community FoundationCapital Group Companies Charitable FoundationGary and Sharlene ChurchDr. Jane ClausMr. Brian D. CohenDuane ConoverCotsen Family FoundationMs. Madeleine CrouchMs. Ginger R. Culver '88Mr. Harris Demetre and Mr. Terry CasellaMr. and Mrs. William R. DeWolfeMs. Vania D. Dobreva and Mr. Mike HinesMr. and Mrs. Larry DumasMr. and Mrs. Tony EchavarriaMrs. Lorene EnsleyEntrust ManagementMr. and Mrs. Mike FerrettiMr. and Mrs. Barnaby FinchMr. Steven Fraider and Ms. Dale PerryMr. A. Newton FreemanMr. and Mrs. John K. GanoungMr. Vesselin Gellev '95Ms. Leandra GeorgeTony Georges '03 and Travis Acreman '05Jennifer Glazer MalkinMs. Katie GrigsbyDr. Stephanie Webber and Mr. Harry GriswoldMs. Kathy Harmon-LuberMrs. Shirlee HeidlerMr. and Mrs. Dwight A. HolmesMs. Yuet Ka Hui '10Mr. Yau Man Hui and Mrs. Li Siu HungMr. Russ G. Irwin

    Cathy and Shigekazu IwaneMr. Eunseung Jung and Mrs. Domi YangMr. Daniel W. LassMr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. LathropDr. Steven Lavine and Ms. Janet SternburgMr. Chong Hoon Lee and Mrs. SunJoo ParkJames and Karen LefeverMr. and Mrs. William LeopoldMr. and Mrs. Daniel LevyMs. Patricia W. Litfin and Mr. Robert S. RobbinsMr. Jiang Liu and Mrs. Li YeMr. Zhen-Rong Liu and Mrs. Liang WangMr. John and Marsha LoganMrs. Lillian P. LovelaceMr. and Mrs. James LovelaceMr. and Mrs. William M. LowmanLynch Family TrustMr. and Mrs. John H. MeischMs. Diane MillerMs. Carol MurrelMr. and Mrs. Bret NelsonMr. and Mrs. John NewmanMr. Nick NicholsMrs. John B. NorbergMr. Tim O'Neill and Ms. Kate BurnsMr. and Mrs. Walter P. ParksMr. and Mrs. David C. PearsonDr. Paulene PopekMs. Faith RaiguelSusan and George ReardonMr. Norman RichardsManny and Linda RiderMr. Bruce Ryan and Ms. Loren TrippMs. Ruth M. RyanWhitney Sander and Catherine HollissMr. and Mrs. Brian A. SassiMr. Ian SchoenleberScott and Martha SchroederMs. Cynthia L. Sears and Mr. Frank BuxtonMr. and Mrs. Ronald ShenkmanMr. Howard Sherman and Mr. Gregg HoustonMr. Michael Slocum and Mr. Jeffrey A. DvorakDr. Carol Mitchell-Springer and

    Mr. Charles Springer Theresa Teel 97 and Jacob Teel Mrs. Bonnie ThompsonMr. and Mrs. David J. ThomsenMr. Jassen Todorov 94Mr. David L. TrumboMr. and Mrs. Jon TwichellDr. and Mrs. L. Stuart VorkinkMr. Lance WahlWilliam WeberMr. Lesley S. Widerynski and Ms. Deborah GmeinerWilder CabinsMr. and Mrs. Robert Woiwod


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