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CO N T I N U I N G E D U C AT I O N 2 0 1 3 - 2 0 1 4 define your course WWW.MICHENER.CA/CE

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2013-14 Continuing Education Brochure Click on links throughout the brochure to find more information on courses including: times, formats and how to register


  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    C O N T I N U I N G E D U C A T I O N 2 0 1 3 - 2 0 1 4

    define your courseW W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

  • Let The Michener Institute help you define your course!

    Whether you are looking for growth within your profession, an opportunity to build or refresh your skills, or new career possibilities, we are here to support your lifelong learning goals.

    Since 1958, we have been your partners in ongoing health education, and are committed to helping you reach your professional development goals with more flexible options that meet your busy lifestyle.

    Visit www.michener.ca/ce to choose from over 100 courses and options available to help advance your career. Youll also find valuable information on new delivery formats, as well as admission requirements and fees.

    To speak to us in person, call 416.596.3117 or 1.800.387.9066. Email us at [email protected]

    Scan to stay informed on current and new

    course updates

    supporting your career goals

  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    financing your education Check your eligibility for the Allied Health Professional

    Development Fund by visiting www.ahpdf.ca.

    whats inside

    Course Formats & Options 4General Education and Skills in High Demand 5Primary and Critical Care 6Medical Laboratory Sciences 8Graduate Certificate & Specialty Courses 10-13Clinical Research 10Quality Management 10Leadership 11Diabetes 12Imaging Infomatics 13Radiation Sciences and Imaging 14Chiropody 15Infection Control and Epidemiology 15Customized Courses 16Clinical Educator Certificate 17International Opportunities 17How to Register 18

  • course formats & options 4

    Course Formats& Options

    Online FixedOnline courses start at specific times throughout the year and usually run for 12 weeks. Online facilitators help you learn throughout the course from week to week.

    Online Continuous

    Ultimate flexibility. Start a course at anytime throughout the year. Learn at your own pace and complete the necessary course work within a year. Online tutors are available to answer your questions when you need them.

    In-Class Theory and hands-on training in class to perfect skills and improve competency.

    New Hybrid Courses

    Look for the H to find Hybrid Courses

    A combination of continuous intake and in-class. You can start the course at anytime throughout the year. Learn the theory portion online at your own pace and when you are ready, complete the course by attending one of several pre-scheduled hands-on workshops.

    Click on courses throughout the brochure to find more information on courses including: times, formats and how to register.

  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    complete the entry requirements for full-time programs

    skills in high demand

    Anatomy and Physiology for Health Care Professionals Satisfies pre-requisite requirements for the full-time Chiropody and Diagnostic Cytology programs

    Gross Human Anatomy and Physiology Satisfies pre-requisite requirements for the full time Ultrasound program

    Expand your general health knowledge, learn new skills, and increase your career opportunities. Clinical Behavioural Sciences Medical Terminology

    Contrast Injection for Radiological Technologists

    ECG and Venipuncture Techniques

    IV Insertion and Maintenance

    Standard First Aid and CPR for Health Care Providers

    Venipuncture Techniques I and II

    general education 5




  • Maintain the skills and credentials crucial to your role and to the provision of emergency and critical care to patients. Our commitment to supporting ongoing professional development needs extends to a wide range of health care providers and through the delivery of a variety of primary and critical care options.

    Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

    Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Recertification

    Basic Life Support (CPR) for Health Care Providers

    Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Recertification

    Canadian Red Cross First AID and CPR for Health Care Providers

    Neonatal Intubation Tips and Tricks

    Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP)

    Neonatal Resuscitation Instructor Course

    Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

    Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS)

    Pediatric Physical Assessment

    Pulmonary Function Testing 1 & 2

    The S.T.A.B.L.E Program

    5primary & critical care 6

  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation (Online) NEW 12- Lead ECG Interpretation (Online) NEW Performing 12 & 15 Lead ECG NEW

    ECG workshops 7

    Always a pleasure to do ACLS in Toronto at The Michener Institute - strong teachers,

    love to meet new people, and appreciate the multi-disciplinary team approach to teaching - MDs, RTs, RNs, NPs; everyone learning and sharing great insights and past experiences.

    This is the best PALS course I have taken. It was very well organized.The material was presented in a methodical fashion. Lots of opportunity

    for hands-on practice. The expertise of all the instructors was fantastic.I appreciated all the feedback and suggestions.


  • 6Build and strengthen your professional competencies, enhance your skills, learn new technologies and achieve your career goals. Focused on the needs of medical laboratory professionals working in all areas, courses include:

    Hands - on practical workshops - Receive Micheners Certificate of Completion Bacterial Susceptibility Testing

    Basic and Advanced Diagnostic Parasitology

    Basic Mycology NEW Blood and Tissue Parasites

    Gram Stain Interpretation

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development and Implementation

    Venipuncture Techniques: I and II

    Michener/Mohawk courses Clinical Experience I for Laboratory Technicians

    Clinical Skills Workshop for Laboratory Technicians

    Vitros Instrumentation Workshop

    Clinical Behaviour Sciences

    Online courses Body Fluid Analysis NEW Medical Laboratory Sciences National Certification Exam Preparation

    Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Certification Exam Preparation NEW Anatomical Pathology MIS and Grossing Guidelines: Complexities 0-3 and 4-5

    Infection Control and Epidemiology

    Pathology I and II

    medical laboratory sciences 8


  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    Online Refresher CoursesCSMLS / CMLTO approved refresher courses are ideal for Medical Laboratory Technologists who want to expand their career options.

    Gynecological Cytology

    Tutorials in Clinical Chemistry I, II and III

    Tutorials in Hematology and Coagulation NEW Tutorials in Histology*

    Tutorials in Microbiology

    Tutorials in Transfusion Science

    *CMLTO approved

    cross-training, expanding scope of practice or building new skills?


    The courses provide you with up-to-date theory that

    enhances the understanding of principles and procedures. The hands-on components allow you to practise

    and perfect your techniques and provide the technical experience needed to be cross-trained.

    W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

  • 10graduate certificate programs andspecialty courses

    Increase your skills and expand your job opportunities with our popular graduate certificate programs.Part-time online courses offer lots of flexibility and are designed to fit your busy schedule. Check our website for prerequisites, duration, course dates and other details. In most cases, courses may be taken separately or towards a graduate certificate.

    Clinical Research

    Clinical Research Associate Graduate CertificateClinical Research professionals assist in the design, preparation, planning, implementation and review of a clinical trial to ensure it adheres to regulatory and ethical standards. Clinical research is an expanding field with lots of opportunities for trained professionals. Courses include:

    Principles of Clinical Research I

    Communication and Technology

    Ethical Issues in Clinical Research

    Principles of Clinical Research II

    Build skills that are important in clinical research Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - Development and Implementation

    Venipuncture Techniques

    Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation (Online)

    Performing 12 & 15 Lead ECGs

    Quality Management

    Clinical Laboratory Quality Manager Graduate CertificateLaboratory Quality Management professionals continue to be in short supply and high demand in the health care sector as clinical laboratories require a designated Quality Manager.Courses include:

    Fundamentals of Leadership Effectiveness

    Quality Management Systems (QMS) - Introduction

    QMS - Resource Management

    QMS - Process Management

    QMS - Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement


  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E


    Leadership in Health Care Graduate CertificateAre you new to or aspiring towards a leadership role in health care? Explore a wide range of management and organizational knowledge to support you in positions of leading and managing others within health care organizations. Courses include:

    Fundamentals of Leadership Effectiveness

    Ethical Leadership in Health Care Organizations

    Organizational Effectiveness for Health Care Leaders

    Advanced Practices for Leadership in Health Care


    The information provided is extensive, relevant and inclusive: online materials are presented in an easy to learn format

    Interesting and relevant information to leadership was provided that will definitely help me in my career.

  • 812graduate certificate programs andspecialty courses

    Great self-directed course for anyone wanting to learn more about diabetes. I did not have a lot of experience and it really helped my confidence.

    I learned a lot in this course and the workshop gave me the opportunity to learn in a class setting that adds to my knowledge from peer

    review, presentations and tutors explanations.


    Diabetes Educator Graduate CertificateOffering flexible and varied learning methods, this program will expand the knowledge base of those new to the field of diabetes education or those working towards certification or credits through the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board.

    Recognized by the International Diabetes Federation, the program is eligible for transfer credit in Athabasca Universitys Bachelor of Nursing: Post LPN and Bachelor of Nursing: Post RN Programs.

    Diabetes Specialty Courses Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

    Diabetes Management in the Elderly

    Diabetes and Pregnancy

    Strategies for Behaviour Change in Chronic Illness

  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E


    W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    I enjoyed sharing perspectives from a wide variety of classmates and the ability to easily communicate

    with others in the course and instructor in an online format.

    Imaging Informatics

    Imaging Informatics Graduate Certificate Changing technologies are fueling a growing demand for qualified Imaging Informatics health care professionals. Micheners Imaging Informatics program is the first program in Canada that incorporates four online theoretical courses with one lab session and a clinical practicum.

    Courses include: Work and Information Flow Networks and Infrastructure Planning the Transition Sustaining the Environment

  • radiation sciences & imaging

    enhance or refresh your skills to secure your career options

    Micheners Continuing Education department is very excited to be introducing new state of the art courses in the field of Medical Radiation Sciences starting September 2013.

    Contrast Injection for Radiological Technologists

    Cross Sectional Anatomy A Multimodality Perspective NEW Image Interpretation for Radiological Technologists NEW IV Insertion and Maintenance

    Multimodality Imaging for Medical Radiation Sciences NEW Pathology for MRI Technologists NEW Research Theory and Practice for Medical Radiation Sciences NEW Ultrasound Localization for Radiation Therapy NEW



  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E


    Build new professional competencies to increase your skills and scope of practice. Courses include:

    Local Anesthesia and Injections for Chiropodists NEW Pharmacology for Chiropodists

    Radiological Interpretation for Chiropodists NEW



    infection control & epidemiology

    Infection Control & EpidemiologyInfection control and prevention is an expanding field with Infection Control Practitioners integral to the health care team. If you are preparing for Infection Control certification, you will benefit greatly from this 16 week fully online program, which covers the principles and practices of infection control and prevention.

  • 16

    Let us bring courses to you! Many of our courses are available on contract and can be offered across Canada. Well also customize courses to meet your organizations particular learning needs and situation. For more information, visit www.michener.ca/ce.

    customized education for organizations

    Interprofessional Collaboration CertificateCustomized learning offered at your site for interprofessional teams within your organization. Learn from, with and about each other through this highly interactive two-day workshop designed to develop different health professionals into fully performing interprofessional teams focused on positive outcomes. The certificate consists of five modules covering:

    Interprofessional Collaboration, Patient Centered Care and Safety

    The Value of Diversity for Effective Teamwork

    Working and Communicating in Interprofessional Teams

    Preventing and Handling Conflict

    Leading Interprofessional Teams

    customized courses

  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    Clinical Educator Certificate Enhance your knowledge and skills as a preceptor, mentor or educator with this program designed specifically for health professionals who work with students in a clinical setting. The three workshops culminate in a certificate assignment to integrate and apply your learning.

    Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Setting

    Evaluating Learning in the Clinical Setting

    Coaching and Mentoring in the Clinical Setting

    Health care professionals are in high demand in many countries around the world. Global shortages of qualified health professionals mean that Michener graduates enjoy greater mobility and can take their skills with them around the globe.

    Sign up for our online programs or let us bring our continuing education programs to you!Program development/customization is available depending on the nature of your request.

    We will:

    Customize curriculum

    Adapt learning materials to reflect patient education needs in your country

    Provide accessible online learning with workshops delivered globally

    For more information contact: [email protected]

    international opportunities via distance education


  • 18register for continuing education


    TELEPHONE Please have your Visa or MasterCard and the course code(s) ready. Please note that we do not accept collect calls. Call 416.596.3117 or Toll Free 1.800.387.9066 (toll free within Canada and outside the Toronto area).

    FAXFax your completed registration form with payment by Visa, MasterCard or purchase order to 416.596.3180.

    MAILMail your completed registration form with payment by certified cheque or money order (payable to The Michener Institute), Visa or MasterCard or purchase order to:

    Office of the Registrar, The Michener Institute, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1V4, Canada

    IN PERSONWe accept certified cheques or money orders (payable to The Michener Institute), Visa, MasterCard, purchase orders, cash and debit. Visit: Office of the Registrar on the 5th Floor between the hours of 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., M - F.

    Michener accepts registrations five different ways: online, mail, fax, telephone, and in person. The easiest way to register is online.

    ONLINE Find the course that interests you at www.michener.ca/ce and click the Register Online icon.

  • W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E

    Michener/CAE Centre for the Advancement of Simulation and Education (CASE)

    CASE in Toronto is a novel learning facility where health care professionals have the opportunity to learn and be evaluated using multiple simulation platforms before applying their skills in the clinical environment, reducing risk and improving patient safety.






    ImprovedPatient Care

    Consider CASE for your organizations learning, meeting or examination needs.To book tours & simulation suites [email protected] or 416.596.3101 ext. 3910. www.michener.ca/case

  • .W W W . M I C H E N E R . C A / C E416.596.3117 or 1.800.387.9066

    [email protected]