2012 Graduate Commencement

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<ul><li> 1. Recipients of the Certificate in LatinAmerican &amp; Caribbean StudiesImage by Duke Yearlook via Flickr</li></ul> <p> 2. Image by Carine06 via Flickr 3. Eduardo is a Rotary World Peace Fellow andrecipient of the Stanback Fellowship from the Nicholas School of the Environment.Favorite courses include: Innovation and Policy Entrepreneurship Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights, and Development Managing the Project Cycle for Sustainable DevelopmentStrategic Management of Policy Change 4. After graduation Eduardo will work for a couple of semestersbefore entering a Ph.D. program 5. His Masters thesis is titledQuality of Early Childhood Education in Chile 6. After graduation Ricardo plans towork for an NGO that addresses education and social policyproblems in Chile 7. His Masters thesis is titledImproving the Availability of Venture Capital inCosta Ricas Domestic ICT Sector 8. After graduation Daniel would like to work in policy research with a focus on Latin America, specializing in democratic governanceTexture by Ellenvd via Flickr 9. Image by jspad via Flickr 10. Image by Duke lordsutch via Flickr 11. Her Masters thesis is titledImagined Islands: A Caribbean TidalecticsImage by Nouhailler via Flickr 12. After graduation Beatriz plans to teach at the University of Puerto Rico,continue her research on the Caribbean, and start an autonomous theater project Image by Duke Yearlook via Flickr 13. Her dissertation is titledShaping Brazilianity: Contemporary Art Institutions and the Configuration of Cultural Identity 14. Camila is a Julian Price Fellow (a dissertation research fellowshipfrom the Graduate School), and received a Mellon Research Grant from CLACS 15. Her Masters thesis is titledA Strategy for Upward Social Mobility through Cash Transfers in Brazil 16. Rafaela is a recipient of the Tinker Foundation award She has also volunteered in Costa Rica, Brazil and Washington D.C. as an open water diver, childrens donation fundraiserand yoga instructorTexture by Ellenvd via Flickr 17. One memorable experience while at Duke was herdaughters second birthday 18. After graduation, Rafaela plans to travel the world 19. Image by Carine06 via Flickr </p>