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  • The Two Hundred Sixty-Fifth



    The Fifth of June Two Thousand Twelve

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    The Order of Exercises

    Princeton University The Two Hundred Sixty-Fifth Commencement The Fifth of June Two Thousand Twelve

    Page 2 Processional

    2 Invocation

    2 Greeting

    2 Latin Salutatory Oration

    3 Secondary School Teaching Prizes

    4 BachelorDegrees,CertificatesandDepartmentalHonors

    Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Science in EngineeringCertificatesofProficiencyDepartmentalHonors

    21 UndergraduateAwards,PrizesandCommissions

    PhiBetaKappaSigmaXiTau Beta PiShapiroPrizeforAcademicExcellenceGeneralandDepartmentalPrizesAthletic PrizesCommissionsandMilitaryAwardsMajorScholarshipsandFellowships

    33 Valedictory Oration

    33 Advanced Degrees


    40 GraduateStudentFellowshipsandAwards

    44 The Presidents Awards for Distinguished Teaching

    45 Retirements

    46 HonoraryDegrees

    48 RemarksbythePresidentoftheUniversity

    48 BenedictionandAlmaMater

    48 Recessional

    48 ACommentaryonCommencement

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    Invocation and Greeting

    Alison L. BodenDeanofReligiousLifeandDeanoftheChapel

    ShirleyM.TilghmanPresident of the University

    Latin Salutatory OrationElizabethW.ButterworthThe Latin salutatory is awarded by vote of the faculty to one of the highest-ranking candidates for bachelor degrees. The special qualifications of a student as salutatorian are taken into account, as well as scholastic standing.

    SalutatioHabita in Comitiis Academicis Princetoniae In Nova Caesarea prid. Kal. Iun. Anno Salutis MMXII Anno Academiae CCLXV





    The audience will please rise when the faculty marshals enter.

    ChiefMarshalforUniversityConvocationsDouglas W. Clark

    MarshalsforAdvancedDegreesAngela N. CreagerSanjeev R. Kulkarni

    MarshalsforBachelorDegreesRichard A. RegisterJ. Nicole Shelton

    Candidates for Advanced DegreesMarshalforBandandBachelorDegrees

    Katherine T. RohrerCandidates for Bachelor DegreesMarshalsforFacultyandAdministration

    Claire F. GmachlRobert A. Kaster


    Sandra L. BermannMarshalforRecipientsofHonoraryDegreesand Trustee Escorts

    Eric S. GregoryRecipientsofHonoraryDegreesandTrustee EscortsTheTrusteesandTrusteesEmeritiProcessional GuestsMace-Bearer

    Jeff E. NunokawaThePrincipals:Associate Dean of Religious Life and oftheChapel

    Deborah K. Blanks DeanofReligiousLifeandoftheChapel

    Alison L. BodenDean of the College

    Valerie A. SmithDean of the Graduate School

    William B. RusselDeanoftheFaculty

    David P. DobkinProvost

    Christopher L. EisgruberUniversity Orator

    Stephen A. OxmanChair of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University

    Kathryn A. HallPresident

    Shirley M. TilghmanMarshalforthePrincipals

    Paul B. MuldoonMarshalforProcessionalGuestsandTrustees

    Simon E. Gikandi


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    DanielR.Kaplan*82MatawanHighSchool Teacher of Physics

    As testimony to the depth of Daniel Kaplans mastery of physics, we refer you to his Princeton doctoral dissertation on Inelastic Scattering from X-ray Standing Waves. As testimony to the excellence of his teaching, we refer you to his students and fellow teachers at Matawan High School who call him knowledgeable, passionate, and energizing; their cheerleader. His students master the practical knowledge necessary to pass tests, to relate the laws of physics to real life and to work successfully as a team. But beyond the practical lies the magical: his ability to prove to students that physics can be beautiful and fun.

    DanaH.MaloneyTenaflyHighSchool Teacher of English

    The most commonly used word in Dana Maloneys vocabulary is more. She wants more from herself and took deliberate steps to grow from teacher-learner to teacher-leader. She wants more from her students who with her encouragement find they can stretch their abilities from adequate to excellent. Because for her the classroom walls at Tenafly High School are permeable, she can show her students how to step outside a literary text to put their learning into action. She teaches that literature enables us to read the world, and that lesson helps her students write their own success stories.

    Enzo PaternoMiddlesexCountyAcademyforScience, MathematicsandEngineeringTechnologies TeacherofElectronicandComputerEngineering

    Enzo Paterno holds three patents from his previous career, and his colleagues say he holds the patent for the curriculum at Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies. That curriculum raises the bar by introducing more demanding courses at lower grade levels. He likens teaching to acting; the stage he sets for his students allows them to play the role of a professional engineer, introducing design reviews, presentations and teamwork. His credo is the survival of the brightest, and because of his care for his students, he insures that they not only survive but thrive.

    VictorinaWasmuthDr.RonaldE.McNairAcademicHighSchool TeacherMathematics

    For Victorina Wasmuth math is not a subject; its a religion. For her students at McNair Academic High School in Jersey City, who sometimes must face obstacles posed by life in the inner city, math is a way to make sense of the world, a language that explains how reason works. She shows them knowledge is power. Her teaching unlocks maths seemingly impenetrable mysteries, letting her students experience those revelatory ah-ha! moments of understanding that they call brain booms. What they learn in her classroom and from her example frees them to raise their sights exponentially.

    Recognition, by Provost Christopher L. Eisgruber, of recipients of prizes for distinguished secondary school teaching in the State of New Jersey.

    Secondary School Teaching Prizes

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    Presentation to the president, by Dean of the College Valerie Smith, of candidates for bachelor degrees; conferral of the degrees by the president.

    Bachelor of ArtsD EGR E E AWARD ED 2 4 S E P T EMB E R 2 0 1 1

    Kathleen Brennan, AnthropologyLeslie Chatelain Jr., Ecology and Evolutionary

    BiologyCarissaAngelaFu,AnthropologyNicoleFrancesNg,Molecular BiologyBrookeElyseRussell,PhysicsHarryDanielSchiff,PsychologyJoy Tao, AnthropologyMicaelaAnneVieBrock,PsychologyAnnaErikaWalter,AnthropologyBenjaminHowarthZeppos,Comparative


    D EGR E E AWARD ED 1 9 N OV EMB E R 2 0 1 1

    TimothyRussellAbbott,EconomicsD EGR E E AWARD ED 2 8 J A NUARY 2 0 1 2

    EricRosnerZaziski,HistoryD EGR E E AWARD ED 1 4 A P R I L 2 0 1 2

    Lucas S. Baradello, Woodrow Wilson SchoolD EGR E E AWARD ED 5 J U N E 2 0 1 2

    JaneElizabethAbbottsmith,ReligionGarnetAnneAbrams,GeosciencesAmyElizabethAchenbaum,Art and

    ArchaeologyRichardMortimerAdam,ClassicsMarjoriePottsAdams,HistoryRachael Alexandroff, Astrophysical SciencesLeyla Aliyeva, School of ArchitectureAdamAl-Khayyal,EconomicsMatthewWesleyAllen,EconomicsKatherine Alvarez, SociologyStephanieMarieAlvarez,PoliticsTulio Jos Alvarez Burgos, Molecular BiologyJosephAnthonyAnaya,ChemistryKatherine Elise Andresen, PoliticsEri Julia Andriola, SociologyJian Peng Ang, PhysicsNicholasDavidAntoine,HistoryRaheel Anwar, Ecology and Evolutionary

    BiologyAngel Aron Araiza, SociologyLydia Grace Arias, Spanish and Portuguese

    Languages and CulturesAmitaArudpragasam,EnglishJennifer Osei Asare, EconomicsLilianaMeropiAslanidou,Art and



    Bachelor Degrees

    DavidRobertAxlineJr.,Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    David Javier Aynat, EconomicsChelseaAnnAyres-Priest,SociologyAbiodunOluwaseyeAzeez,Woodrow Wilson

    SchoolAlexandraMarieAzzolino,ReligionCatherine Dory Bachur, PsychologyChristina Elaine Badaracco, Ecology and

    Evolutionary BiologyAnia Ariadna Baetica, MathematicsLauraElizabethBagamery,Molecular BiologyNinaNarayanBahadur,AnthropologyWilloughbyEnglishBain,PsychologyKatherineCosgroveBaker,EnglishPinchasRaphaelBalsam,Near Eastern StudiesPatricia Bandeira Vieira, PoliticsMonicaMalaBanerjee,Molecular BiologyAlexandraMarieBanfich,HistoryCaitlinElizabethBaran,HistoryVincentJamesJosephAnthonyBarbuto,