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Project Twenty1's 6th annual Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, September 29 October 2, 201, International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut St. This year's event includes 128 short and feature-length independent films, including over 60 World Premieres and dozen of shorts created as a part of the annual 21-Day Filmmaking Competition. The festival will also host special events for passholders, including workshops, a red-carpet Awards Show, Opening & Closing Night Parties, and a Friday Night secret horror showcase/costume bash.


  • Venue Partners

    THANK YOU TO OUR 2011 PARTNERS & FRIENDSPresenting Sponsors

    Major Partners

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    Individual Donors & Community SupportNorristown Educational Program: PA DCED GrantSupporters ($500+): PPA Park Volunteers (Bob, Helene, Janet, Lee, Matt, Rob, Stephanie & Tim/Life Unchained); Nicole Hollenbeck (Independent Mary Kay Consultant)Friends ($100+): Marvin Weinberger/Innovation Factory; Lynn & Kyle JentesPals ($50+): Kent Green, Ryan Schott, UnSAFE Film Offi ceIn-Kind Materials/Equipment: Kalonda Bailey, PIFVA, Sinatti Pop, William SchmidtGift Cards: Darryl Spencer, Project Twenty1, Positano Coast, Ritz Theaters, Swanky Bubbles, Triumph Brewery Become a Partner! E-mail ProjectTwenty1@gmail.com with your Partnership proposal.

    As of 9/1/11


  • Project Twenty1 is a 501(c)3 not-for-profi t organization with an EPIC mis-sion. We Exhibit, Promote, Inspire, and Connect our community by turning artistic passions into successful careers. Our two largest programs, the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition and the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival, have become exciting annual events that draw international audiences to the Greater Philadelphia area. Our educational and internship programs help aspiring fi lmmakers develop their creative skills while also preparing them for the business realities of the entertainment industry.

    As of 9/1/11Founders: Stephanie Yuhas, Executive Producer; Matt Conant, Artistic Director Board of Directors: Matt Conant, President; Stephanie Yuhas, Vice-President; Alexan-der Levit, Secretary; Ryan Leib, Treasurer; David Conant; John Duff yAdvisory Board: Danielle Alderman; Dawn Harvey; Doug Seiler; Pete Lauritzen; Dr. Heather Hain; Helene Rosenfeldt, Jackie Borock, Esq.; Michele DAquino; Molly Sul-livan; Norman Valz, PC; Ryan Schott; Stephen Perry; Joel EigenNorristown In-House Interns & Volunteers: Aaron Curtis (Temple), Aislinn Tomchak (Drexel), Amanda Cusumano, Caroline Boyd (U-Arts), Devin Hassan (Drexel), Kelly Croke (Temple), Tim Morris

    Judges: Aaron Parry, Deborah Twiss, James Rolfe, Joe Simko, Jon Douglas Rainey, Leonard Pollack, Mike Mayfi eld, Robbie BryanSpeakers: C.L. Zastrow, David Greenberg, Frank Traynor, Jackie Borock, Esq., Jeff rey Barg, Ryan Schott, Mikey Ilagan, Mike Tedeschi, Stephanie Yuhas & Special GuestsScreeners: Abbe Harris, Adam Schran, Amanda Cusumano, Anna Bridges, Barb Wright-Wisner, Bryan Martinez, Carla Vaughn, Cherie Gallinati, Colin Killmer, David Lucidi, Debbie Schow, Elizabeth Brill, Evangeline Teves, Jennifer Plowman, Jeremy Reding, Joe Simko, Josh Jordan, Kristin Fenninger, Kyle Jentes, Lauren Williams, Lee Rosenfeldt, Lowell Boston, Lynn Jentes, Mark Haider, Matt Whitlock, Michael Scharff , Michele Borek, Moriah Benton, NAH Fest, Rachel Lucidi, Ray Urbach, Shannon RyanEvent Volunteers: Aaron Curtis, Aidan Walsh, Aislinn Tomchak, Amanda Johnson, April Chmura, Caroline Boyd, Bob Rosenfeldt, Darryl Brooks, Danielle Alderman, Dani-elle Girolami, Dawn Harvey, Devin Hassan, Dr. Heather Hain, Helene Rosenfeldt, Janet Epstein, Jeremy Axworthy, Jerry Cerruti, Joe Scrocca, Kelly Croke, Lee Rosenfeldt, Lynn Jentes, M.H, Michael Mercadante, Michele DAquino, Mike Moore, Naimah Akbar, Nor-man Valz, PC, Pearl Carpel, Pete Lauritzen; Rob Oryl, Sam Goldberg, Sean Gallagher, Stephanie Peberdy, Stephen Perry, Steve Johnson, Tim Morris, Yvonne Collick

    Project Twenty1 MembersPremium Members: Dave Conant, Ray Urbach Business Member: Stefania LucianiIndividual Members: Amanda Johnson, Barbara Shade, Carol Fritz, Caroline Savage, Cathy Wiegand, Christopher Barley, Danielle Ujvari, Dave Clayton, Dawn Harvey, Deborah Twiss, Eddie Mason, Eric Goodman, Erica Mercadante, Erin Reilly, Frank Williams, Gil Peters, Henry Collins, Howard Barley, Jeff Orens, Joan Barley, Jonathan Worful, Kathy Carswell, Kevin Corcoran, Kristy Li, Leora Braden, Lowell Boston, Michael Mercadante, Nicole Hollenbeck, Pearl Carpel, Rich Rogers, Robbie Bryan, Scott Patrick Pomroy, Senator Daylin Leach, Tammy Meister, Wedge Wegman

    Special ThanksArt Carey, Caroline Savage, Chas Puleo, Eileen Cunniff e, International House (Renae, Jesse P., Jesse K., Carole, Wendy, & Robert), Erin Reilly, Stan Huskey, Stephanie Noor

    It takes a village to run a festival, which is why some volunteers are fi lmmakers within our community. To protect the integrity of the festival, volunteers related to fi lms in competition do not receive voting power in any judging, screening, offi cial selections, ballot counting, and related administrative tasks.



    12pm - REGISTRATION/INFORMATIONInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St.

    -Purchase Tickets -Pickup Pre-orders -Ask Questions-Get Limited-Edition DVDs -Meet the Founders

    1pm - Shorts Showcase 1International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 93 mins, followed by Q&A Screening contains mature subject matter.

    Extinction of The Saber-Toothed House-Cat Damon Wong, RI: Mixed-media animation. A rare look at the last remaining minutes of the prehistoric Sabertoothed House-Cats existence in evolutionary history.Gilded Age Gladiator Brad Lambert & Rob Benica, NCPHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animated documentary. John L. Sullivans epic tale of illegal bare-knuckle fi ghting that laid the groundwork for todays modern professional boxing.The Forest Steven Summers, IL: Live-action. Mystical exploration of two parallel characters, a young boy discov-ering the world around him and a deer hunter secluded alone in the forest.Vanity Jim Bushfi eld, OR: Live-action experimental. A 1950s fi lm promoting better living through chemistry is transformed into a disturbing meditation on the pursuit of beauty? Dueling aspects of a guilt infested self? Yoga for the genetically modifi ed? You decide.Intercambios Brian Aramayo, AK: Live-action. Cristina learns that in America money talks, but no habla Espanol.The Old Flame - Anita Drieseberg, CA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! 2-D Animation. Meet Martin: a Casanova, a Romantic a man with a SECRET!Factory Girl - Jack Ofi eld, CA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. Based on the true story of a 1906 murder case where a young girl left the farm and never returned.Recess Bradley Montesi, TX: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live action. A new student attempts to make friends with the other children, but learns kids can be mean.40 Years - Russell Appleford, UKPHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. As a child, David witnesses the death of his younger brother. Today, David seeks revenge by re-awakening his brothers killer.Escape Of The Gingerbread Man!!! Tod Polson, WYCGI Animation. A young storyteller challenges the master on the Irish west coast, with unexpected results. A twist on the traditional story The Gingerbread Man.

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  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 (continued)

    3:15pm - Shorts Showcase 2International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 95 mins, followed by Q&A Screening contains mature subject matter.

    Worlds Apart - Michael Zachary Huber, CA: CGI Animation. Set in the not so distant future, Earth is visited by extra ter-restrials on a peaceful mission to fi nd sentient life.Daydream - Lysandra Petersson, CA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Three daydreamers take leave of their ordinary lives after meeting an impish stranger.Man and Raven - Olga Brio, CANADA: 2D Animation. What does it take to invent something that will change your life? A companion who you might never see thereafter.Out of Step Lynn Estomin, PA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Experimental live-action. Interpretations of the personal stories by four female veterans dealing with the fog of war.To Each His Own Chase Smith, CA: PHILADELPHIA PRE-MIERE! Live-action. A novelist (Walter) interviews one of the last people (Henry) to see a girl alive.We Are Augustines Chapel Song - Matthew Mills, NYMusic video. A beautiful and simple concept for an equally gorgeous song. This one is for the lovers.The Cycle of Life - Gerald Guthrie, IL: An unusual 3D ani-mation about the cycle of life.The Death of Johnny Forceps - Timothy David Orme, IDPHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action. When the town myth dies, police interview people who knew him to try to paint the picture of his life.Liam & Ben - William Casey, TX: Live-action. Two young brothers, through their ridiculous imagination, are only stopped by each other.Remember O Goddess - Yoon Jung Lee, PA: Live-action. In the middle of the night, one man arrives at a police sta-tion to report a missing person: himself.

    Save the Date!Project Twenty12011/2012Member & Volunteer Appreciation Day: October 12, 6:30 PM, Project Twenty1 Norristown HQDetails to follow inour Member-OnlyE-Blast!

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  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 (continued)

    5:30pm - Shorts Showcase 3International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 94 mins, followed by Q&AScreening contains mature subject matter.

    Denmark Portland Cello Project Daniel Fickle, OR:Music video. Pily, a lovable crustacean, builds a rocket ship to escape the contagion of his underwater home.Becoming Tina - Eddie Lebron, NY: PHILADELPHIA PRE-MIERE! Live-action. Janet turns to an old college friend who recommends she takes on a new career: escorting.Ten Paces - Ryan Paimieri, CA: US PREMIERE! Live-action thriller. A mans future rests in the hands of a duel.City of Murals Ricky Rose, FL: Documentary. This fi lm traces the history of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.Stuff er Nathan Crooker, AL: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. A female Sgt. returns from the Afghani-stan to her family fearing they will foreclose on their home. But she comes home with a secretIm in Love with Kimberly Johnson Adam Johns, FLLike any 10-year-old boy with a crush, Andy has a plan to win her heart: stuff ed animals. Jacob and Death David Updike, PA: Live action. Having failed at living, will Jacob be any better at dying?

    7:45pm - FEATURE: Chasing the White Dragon International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 98 mins, followed by Q&AScreening contains mature subject matter.

    The gripping tale of a fi ctional group of crystal meth users trapped in a torrent of violence, deceit, paranoia, and passion, who must either leap from the careening roller coaster or ride it to its nightmarish end.Featured Short: Knuckle Sandwich - Dir. Bailey Donovan, PA: A hysteric young woman delights in the transient period between decision and consequence

    9:30pm - PARTY: Brain Destroyer Opening NightDrinkers West, 3900 Chestnut St. , $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass or College ID, 21+ only

    The secret element isstart with a crash. So crash into Drinkers West at Project Twenty1s wildest Brain Destroyer Opening Night Party, in celebration of fi lm, animation, and fun. Bring your Festival lanyards* or your college ID for NO COVER. Food & drink specials galore!(*You must pick up your lanyards BEFORE the party at the I-House, 3701 Chestnut St, Sept 29, between 12pm-8 pm)


  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

    Susie Filmmaker Tips!

    12:45pm Animation Showcase (Family-Friendly)International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 86 mins, followed by Q&A

    Desperate Crossing MinSeok Jeon, NJ: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. In a police convoy van, a notori-ous criminal wants nothing more than to use the restroom.Fluffl e Stephanie Franz, NY: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. Meet Fluffl e, a small creature on a desperate quest to complete his soda bottle cap collection.How the Coyote got his Cunning - Claire Nielbergall, PA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. In this Native American folktale, the Coyote schemes to become the strongest of all the animals.Bait Michael Moore, CA: Animation. A group of worms wake up one morning to fi nd themselves trapped in a young boys bait bucket.BriBry A Poem Ill Sing Out Loud - Erica Hart, D.C.: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Music video. Singer/song writer BriBry follows a group of animated ducks as a mannequin comes to life.Chat Noir Miranda Edmonds & Khrob Edmonds, AUSTRALIA: In a Mediterranean fi shing village an old mans superstition nearly costs him a new friend.The Man Who Moved Manhattan Rob Ludacer, NY: Animation. In 1824, a retired carpenter walked into Centre Street Market in Manhattan and made a stirring claim.Mar Caribe Deux Petits Bateaux Kate Raney, IL:PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Music video. A dancing fi sh/people extravaganza!The Wanna-Be Oddie Jun Bin Lam, CA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. Oddies fun time with his new friend is interrupted by the bully Pitt. Until Oddie unveils his secret weapon.Noches de Tungsteno Maria Torres, MEXICO: The stars can be closer to those who imagine.Orange Desespoir ((Orange of Despair) John Ba-nana, FRANCE: CGI Animation. A small sad orange decides to hang with a bunch of fun dancing pineapples.Paper Words Joyce Lee, CA: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! CGI Animation. 5 year old recluse Meis active imagination is misconstrued by others around her.

    A captive audience is networking gold! Stand in the longest line & start talking to people around you. Ask them about their fi lm or a local restaurant suggestion. Or just make fun of the Susie Filmmakers Tips section. Whatever breaks the ice...

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  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 (continued)

    3pm Shorts Showcase 4International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 96 mins, followed by Q&AScreening contains mature subject matter.

    Craft - Mari Jaye Blanchard, NY : PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Digital Animation. Social networking taken to an older and slightly, but only slightly, less eff ective level.Spirit of the Bluebird Xstine Cook, CANADA: Animation. Using spray paint on a garage where Aboriginal mother and grandmother Gloria Black Plume was brutally mur-dered in 1999.Refresh Sean Cruse, NY: WORLD PREMIERE! Stop-motion animation. An American businessmans daily routine con-trasts sharply with the lives of people struggling to fi nd a sanitary water supply.The Tesla Experiment Adriel Garcia, NC: 2D Anima-tion. Can Nicola Tesla and Mark Twain save the day from a Thomas Edison run amok?The Closed Door Ian Voglesong, NJ: Live action drama. A mans existence is put on trial when he fi nds himself inside a house with no exit.Secret Life of Objects: Outhouse - Nathan Jones, AUS-TRALIA: CGI Animation. A cynical, used up, toilet paper roll and a far less worldly new kid on the block.Refren pr Kosovn Dhimitri Ismaliaj, NY: PHILADEL-PHIA PREMIERE! Live-action drama. An innocent young girl and a conscientious but desperate offi cial create a confl ict of moral principle in war-torn Kosovo.The Gentlemans Guide to Villainy Aidan McAteer, IRELAND: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. A 1920s instructional silent moving picture for the discerning gentleman villain. Featuring mustache curling!Bad Infl uences - Kate Emery, CA: Jillian, a timid hypochon-driac with a vivid imagination, struggles with her desire to simply hang out with diseases she thinks she has.

    Miss any of the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition fi lms over the past few years?

    -DVDs are available in the lobby -Support the arts!-Makes a great gift!-Also available on ProjectTwenty1.com

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  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 (continued)

    5:15pm International ScreeningInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 96 mins, followed by Q&AScreening contains mature subject matter.

    Wycinanki Irena Rindos, SC: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. Wycinanki tells the true story of a woman in Poland and the three animals she rescues.Derek Alex Gray, CO: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Live-ac-tion. Derek, a solitary engineering genius feels compelled to help a girl struggling with a new handicap.Milo Patrick Lafrance & Corinne Gibeault, CANADA PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! Animation. A girl grieves at the grave of her dog Milo. But when she turns to leave, a bark-ing calls her back.Lizard John Skibinski, AUSTRALIA: 2D Animation. A lizard fi nds himself in a sticky situation.Arranged Marriage Narasimhan Krishnamachari, MA: Live-action drama. Can love be arranged?La Migala (The Bird Spider) - Jaime Dezcallar, SPAINLive-action. A man with arachnophobia buys a poisonous Bird Spider and sets it free in his apartment.INFLATOR Takeshi Arx (Wei-Chih Chen), TAIWANAnimation. A man under pressure from his girl friend and his job fi nds his head infl ating involuntarily.Gu Yeo-Rum-Eui Ba-Da (A Scene At The Sea) Jaehee Lee, SOUTH KOREA: Live-action. A father and son, roles now reversed as one becomes the caretaker of the other, at the edge of the sea.Hitomi Manu De Smet, BELGIUM: PHILADELPHIA PRE-MIERE! Live-action drama. When a young Asian lady enters Toms life, he sees his admiration of her culture as the perfect way to attract her.

    Susie Filmmaker Tips!

    7:30pm Secret Horror ShowcaseInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 96 mins, followed by Q&AScreening contains mature subject matter.

    The scariest thing in the world isnot knowing. This surprise screening of horrifi c proportions will be a crowd pleaser. Feel free to come in costume, as we will walk to the Friday Night Fright at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Mu-seum following the screening (See the next page for info!)

    Want to fi nd people you met at the Fest online? Find Susie on Facebook.com/SusieFilmmaker. Take a look at the Festival Invite on her Events and look at the guest list. Insta-friends!

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  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 (continued)

    9:30pm PARTY: Friday Night FrightThe Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum3819 Hamilton St. , Philadelphia, PAPresented by Cinevore Studios21+ Only, $5 at the door, FREE w/All-Access Pass (passes must be picked up in advance @ International House 3701 Chestnut St, 9/29 or 9/30, . bet. 12- 8 pm)

    A pre-Halloween party for people that are serious about makeup, costumes, and gore. Join some of Philadelphias best eff ects makeup artists and fright-makers in this cos-tume party, held in the hidden jewel of Philadelphia: the Tiberinos arts garden. Just a 10-minute walk from the International House, well be leading people to the party directly after the Friday Night Horror Screening. (Sure, you can always meet us there, but youll miss the giant horde of people dressed as monsters walking across the city.) Awards: Best Costume, Best Makeup, Most Frightening



    12:30pm WORKSHOP: Building an Online Presence From Scratch with Mike TedeschiUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    Are you amazing at creating art but horrible at getting your work out there online? Mike will explain diff erent methods of selling your work online without needing to know excessive code or spending a fortune. This workshop is perfect for creatives of all types musicians, fi lmmakers, fi ne artists, animators, crafters, and anyone with a product to sell!

    1pm 21-Day Competition: Red ScreeningInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 99 mins WORLD PREMIERES!

    An international showcase of fi lms created in 21-Days based on the common secret element start with a crash.Screening contains mature subject matter. Alice - Team Frank n Nasty: A young woman wakes up in an unfamiliar bathroom, locked in and unable to remem-ber how she got there. Bumps In The Night - Team Hot Pie: A Man visits an old friend for an evening. The evening doesnt go as smoothly as can be predicted.Squawks of Fury Team Good Yarn: Assumes Hitchcocks The Birds was real, and looks behind the bird revolution. How did it start and why didnt it succeed?Goodbye Love - Team Fire & Grace: A husband and wife learn to say goodbye.Club 27 - Team Scumberland Productions: People are just dying to get in.Bleak Days - Team Land Mines: In the days after the stock market crash, panic grips the people and every day is a struggle for survival.Stalker Team Altered Heroes: Do you ever feel like youre being watched?All My Love, Dad - Team 4Maples Productions: A fathers struggle to express his feelings ends when he inadvertent-ly provides his son with a belated birthday gift.Do Onto Others Then Run - Team Slap Stick: Benny Hill was the bastard stepchild of British sketch comedy.Crashing by Design - Team Art Party Pictures: Do you have what it takes to be part of the hive?The Schlonburger Certainty Postulator - Team GuyLoki Films: Time travel is nothing to play around with.Good Fortune - Team Lions Head ProductionsDevin fi nds a lamp that he hopes will turn his life around.

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  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011 (continued)

    1:45pm WORKSHOP: Weapons, Pyrotechnics & Operational Realism in Film/TV with C.L. Zastrow, Member, American College of Forensic Examiners & Interna-tional Association of Bloodstain Pattern AnalystsUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    The focus of this workshop is to look good and feel confi -dent selecting and utilizing guns and other tactical equip-ment, as well as tactical operations for fi lm. Topics covered include safety on the set, selecting the proper fi rearm or weapon for the job; military, police, and fi refi ghter common tactical procedures, and and some innovative solutions for mimicking the use of fi rearms/ex-plosives, etc. If youre a director that is focused on realism, stunt performer or actor considering playing military, po-lice, fi refi ghters, or super-villains in fi lm, this is a workshop you wont want to miss.

    3:00pm 21-Day Competition: Orange ScreeningInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 97 mins WORLD PREMIERES!

    An international showcase of fi lms created in 21-Days based on the common secret element start with a crash.Screening contains mature subject matter.Elevator - Team America!: A story about the ups and downs of a relationship.What Goes Up - Team Awkward Science: What Goes Updoesnt always come down.Loyal Betrayal Team Drop the HAT: When an illicit website gets knocked offl ine, the mob ring behind it turns on itself.The Ruby Runs Red - Team Philagape: A detective investi-gates a murder of a local museum worker.Being Charlie Kaufman - Team Daywalker: Out of des-peration, a frustrated screenwriter emulates one of his writing heroes, until he realizes its a terrible idea.Mile West of Main St. - Team Noonan: While running from the law, two bandits hideout at a smart hotel and plan their next move.Dispelled - Team Warrington Oaks Pictures: Family seeks help from interventionist to bring their loved one back from the brink of stupidity.Crime And Punishment - Team TARFilms: A serious crime calls for a serious investigation.Go West - Team Shochu Cat: Survival on a deserted island.The Girl with Blue Eyes Team With No Name: Revenge is never black and white.

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  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011 (continued)

    3pm WORKSHOP: Forensic Realism with C.L. Zastrow, Member, American College of Forensic Examiners & International Association of Bloodstain Pattern AnalystsUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    Back by popular demand, forensics specialist C. L. Zastrow comes from Michigan to discuss even more experiences on fi lm and television sets to help designers create realistic murder scenes after she has seen the real thing . This workshop is not for the faint of heart!

    4:15pm WORKSHOP: How Facebook Screwed Your Fan Page (and other Social Media Horrors)with Susie Filmmaker, Project Twenty1Upstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 minsThis is an advanced seminar for creatives familiar with the fundamentals of Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms that want to fi nd ways to continue using Social Media without it using you. Topics covered include fore-casts, etiquette, and open town hall discussion session.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    BECOME A PROJECT TWENTY1 MEMBER OR SUPPORTER TODAY!Members Receive: -Free e-Newsletter subscription -Exclusive raffl es, giveaways & discounts -Member-only appreciation day -Annual gift -Free/discounted partner tickets -Private 21-Day Film Online Film Gallery -Get featured in our newsletter* -(1) Guaranteed screen-ing of your short fi lm (15 minutes or less) at a Shorts & Shots Event* -FREE copy of the annual DVD upon release* -Priority seating at PFAF* (* Premium Members) Please make checks/money orders payable to Project Twenty1, 107 East Main Street, Suite LL1, Norristown, PA 19401.

    Indiv. Membership - $35 Premium Individual Membership - $100 Business/Family (4 cards) - $90 Premium Busin/Family (4 cards) - $375 YES! I support the arts! Please accept my tax-deductible donation of $___________

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  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011 (continued)

    5pm 21-Day Competition: Yellow ScreeningYellow ScreeningInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 96 mins, WORLD PREMIERES!

    An international showcase of fi lms created in 21-Days based on the common secret element start with a crash.Screening contains mature subject matter. My Name is Steve - Team JB Productions: Lifes diffi cult when you weigh 2,793lbs.Family Tree - Team Vector: Revenge can last forever.Spirits in the Attic - Team Crackerhammer Productions: When her husband dies suddenly, Anna Lovegood learns a shocking family secret.Boogie, Heart of a Champion (The Preston Hale Story) Team Flaming Marshmallow Productions: An elite profes-sional athlete puts it all on the line to avenge the death of his brother in a harrowing, death-defying bloodsport!!!The Groove Ground - Team Hit the Mark Productions: A man works up the nerve to ask out the barista of his dreams, but things dont always work out as expected.Crashing Through - Team Mike Tyson Connection: A man charms his way into a relationship, but everything is not happily ever after.Dog and Pony - Team Nuzzo: Enjoy the show.The Thin Gray Line - Team Half-watt Productions: A pro-prietress discovers the story behind the mysterious events that take place at her tavern.Top Leaves - Team Pure Genius Pictures: If you see one talking giraff e movie this year, make it this one.Little Dudes - Team Dragon Crest Productions: An astro-naut crash lands on an alien planet, and must recover a new source of fuel amidst unusual natives.

    5:30pm WORKSHOP: How To Monetize Online Content with Ryan Schott, Screenwave Media & Cinemassacre ProductionsUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    Does your concept have what it takes to be an Original Web Series? Ryan Schott takes a deep dive into the world of independent web content. Topics include building a business to support the creative, understanding advertis-ing terms like CPM, CPC, Rich Media, and Fill Rate, current trends in Internet advertising. Learning about the diff er-ent tiers of display advertising and how to apply them to your property; how to make the transition from YouTube Partner to owning your own distribution; and all about audience discovery and property evaluation.

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  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011 (continued)

    7pm Animation ApocalypseInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 87 mins + Live Q&AScreening contains mature subject matter.

    Sonny Mails a Letter - Miles Kalbach, PA: A tale about pen pals, old companions, new friends, & apocalyptic innocenceKrawll Matthew Wade, ID: Mans technological advances are so well built that some will continue on after we do not.Rumbleseat - Michael Roberts, NY: A young man fi nds himself in the back of a hot rod occupied by four sinister ghouls. Music by The Sadies.Theres a Dead Crow Outside Morgan Miller, NY: Flies are buzzing, and the raccoon is hungry.Masks - Patrick Smith, NY: A fi lm built to the existing audio track, a contemporary and disturbing version of the Disney formula of Fantasia.Butterfl y Dream - Woonha Jang, CA: A gamer fi ghts with his own murderous rage when another player insults him.The Eater Wally Chung, NY : PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! A man has a strange experience that ends up aff ecting the people around him.Murgi Keno Mutant (Attack of the Killer Mutant Chick-ens) Nayeem Mahbub, BANGLADESH: PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE! In the near future, when Bangladesh is terrorized by killer mutant chickens, our heroes are a team of kung-fu fi ghting chefs.Gory Leslie Emily Friend Roberts, NY: Is that chicken? Is Bret gonna be there? Whats wrong with my face?I Studied Shakespeare Robert Walker, CO: A college grad fi nds his dreams of fi lmmaking after graduation a tad overzealous and is confronted with fi nding a real Job.Vicenta - Sam Orti, SPAIN: The fi rst stop-motion RE-anima-tion. When Alfredo dies without revealing to his wife where he hid his fortune, the only way Vicenta can know is to ask him directly.

    SPOTLIGHT:(photo on right)Behind-the-Scenes of The Lady of Names, a stop-motion anima-tion that took 16 years to create by hand. A must-see for Sunday, October 2 at 1 pm (see the next page for details!)


  • SUNDAY OCTOBER 2, 2011

    1pm FEATURE: The Lady of Names (Fam-Friendly) International House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 85 mins + Live Q&A

    Stop-motion animation. A beautiful librarian discovers the power of magic when an ill-conceived wish catapults her into the world of fairy tales. She falls into the clutches of the Troll King, a monster obsessed with imprisoning all the fairy tale folk. Her only hope for rescue is Zack Driscoll, a young handyman in love with her. Kidnapped by a pomp-ous mushroom and an elfi n creature, Zack braves goblin magic and the icy domain of the Memine, in his quest towards the fi nal showdown with the Troll King himself.:Featured Shorts: Keenan at Sea - Jeremy Galante, Chagrin Falls, OhioThe Smallest Thing - Yong Jin Kim, Los Angeles, CA

    1:45pm WORKSHOP: How to Write for Short Films, with David Greenberg, Professor of Screenwriting, University of the ArtsUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    Are you unsure how long your short should be? Are you frustrated by the amount of unfi nished, overly-ambitious projects on your hard-drive? Or are you a 21-Day Competi-tion Filmmaker that has to make massive cuts after hitting the 10-minute limit every year?This workshop is an examination of screenwriting as it applies to short fi lms, a crash course in understanding the process of making an eff ective piece that both exploits the uniqueness of the form and avoids the pitfalls that many, many fi lmmakers encounter.

    3pm WORKSHOP: Working with Professional Actors on a Micro-Budget, with Frank Traynor, Screen Actors Guild North Region ExecutiveUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    Can you work with professional actors without a major Hollywood budget? Frank Traynor, the North Region Executive of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), will show you how to work with professionals so you can take your fi lm to the next level. Topics covered include how to fi nd talent, how to use SAG actors, how diff erent SAG agreements work, local talent databases & resources, how to judge a screentest, and how to avoid drama on-set (other than the drama in your script!)

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  • SUNDAY OCTOBER 2, 2011 (Continued)

    3pm 21-Day Competition: Green ScreeningGreen ScreeningInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 94 mins, WORLD PREMIERES!

    An international showcase of fi lms created in 21-Days based on the common secret element start with a crash.Screening contains mature subject matter. Skee-tit-zin - Team Monstros Madre: The worlds fi rst Exis-tential Dinosaur Drug Movie!Making an Impact - Team Spinshot Films: Bob, a crash test dummy, has to fi nd a new purpose in life, after car crashes become a thing of the past.Safe Haven - Team Starmada Media: When the Zombie Flu outbreak occurs, a group of zombie sympathizers called the North Star tries to protect their loved ones.Battle in Suburbia - Team Sickening Thud: We had 21 Days to create a fi lm, what we got was a disaster.Haunted - Team Panther Kings: Three friends enter a haunted house to fi lm an entry for a contest, realizing too late that things arent always what they appear to be.The Fairy Prince? - Team Jobin: Stuart kisses a frog, who ends up being a 17th Century English Prince who is forced to fi nd a way to legally marry him.Two Stories Up - Team Master Seven Productions: Jason discovers he can fi nally get the attention he seeks.. by dropping things delivered by plucky delivery girl Natalie.Anna - Team 2.40:1: Anna is through being dull and mis-treated. Today, she changes that.My Brothers Keeper - Team Badger Tsunami: How far would you go for the ones you love?Oscillating Garrett - Team Liberty Bell Films: A man mourning the loss of his wife becomes trapped in a crashed virtuality when he overstays his time.

    4:15pm WORKSHOP: How to Make Movies that Make Money (without getting arrested) with Jackie Borock, EsqUpstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 minsThe basic legal fundamentals of fi lmmaking that will land you on the Red Carpet not the courtroom.Topics covered include To LLC or not to LLC: when its time to start a production company; copyright doctrines including fair use; the portrayal of trademarks; rules con-cerning fi lm titles; and privacy/publicity right. You will also learn how and when to work with lawyers (and when you dont have to), typical compensation and terms of studio contracts & merchandising deals, and negotiating tactics & strategies.

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  • SUNDAY OCTOBER 2, 2011 (continued)

    5pm 21-Day Competition: Blue ScreeningBlue ScreeningInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. $10/FREE w/All-Access Pass, 98 mins, WORLD PREMIERES!

    An international showcase of fi lms created in 21-Days based on the common secret element start with a crash.Screening contains mature subject matter. The Butler Did It - Team Above-the-Line Entertainment:With $10,000 on the line, everyones a suspect at the Broth-erhood of Butlers Annual Retreat.Duo of Justice in Two Capes & A Baby - Team Justice Productions: The Duo of Justice fi nd a baby at their door, but is she more than she seems?The Friedman Equation - Team Mighty Fine Hat Produc-tions: A diff erent kind of boy meets girl story.The Fall of Atlas - Team Stray Dog Films: Whats more absurd: to dream or to live?Little Angel - Team CC Productions: After a life-changing event in the family, a grandfather must learn to live again.Oops - Team Awesome Seattle: Darren fi xes computers, but can he fi x Jennifers heart?The Pizza Shoppe - Team NERDPOP: A pizza shoppe em-ployee fi nds that everybody else in the world is gone.The Lumberman - Team Roxbro Films: Fracking just met its worst enemy: The Lumberman.Collusion - Team 10 Mile: Four volunteers take a mind-altering trip from reality as a part of an on-going experi-mental process.Abigail - Team Emerald Productions: In August 2011, two fi lmmakers disappeared in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. A few weeks later, their footage was found.

    Susie Filmmaker Tips!

    5:30 pm What the Media Wants, with Jeff rey Barg, former managing editor, Philadelphia Weekly & Mikey Ilagan, Geekadelphia/CBS Philly Upstairs @ I-House Philly, 3701 Chestnut St.Passholders Only, Approx. length: 60 mins

    Learn how to write press releases that grab the attention of news editors, bloggers, and the world, as well as develop long-term relationships with reporters and journalists. And any other tidbits the speakers may feel like imparting. Got questions? Ask! How often do you get this type of opportunity anyway?

    We cant spell community without u. I know its cheesy, but its true. Never look at other fi lmmakers as competition; see them as fellow artists and potential partners. Strong com-munities build strong foundations for greatness.

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  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2011 (continued)

    7pm Red Carpet Awards ShowPresented by the Project Twenty1 Judges & FoundersInternational House Ibrahim Theatre 3701 Chestnut St. Free & open to the public, but seat-ing is only guaranteed for PFAF Passholders & Members.

    Prizes & awards will be given to top fi lmmakers of the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival and 21-Day Filmmaking Competition, as well as the coveted community EPIC Award, Volunteer of the Year, and maybe a few new ones, just for fun.

    9:30PM Project Twenty1s PFAF Closing Night PartyThe Blockley Pourhouse3801 Chestnut StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19104Free for PFAF Passholders/$10 at the door without Pass

    Directly following the Awards Show, join us across the street at The Block-ley Pourhouse to hang out with our industry judges and VIPs and celebrate our festival award-winners!

    This is also your best chance to meet local fi lmmakers and animators that are planning some amazing upcoming projects. Because seriously, after this party, youll only have 202 days until Project Twenty1 Early Deadline for the 2012 Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival. Plenty of time to make another short. Or maybe...a feature.


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