2011-2012 Performance Excellence for Health Care Criteria

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2011-2012 Performance Excellence for Health Care Criteria


<ul><li> 1. 20112012Health CareCriteria forPerformanceExcellence </li> <li> 2. THE MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARDA Public-Private PartnershipBuilding active partnerships in the public sectorand amongthe private sector and all levels of governmentis fundamentalto the success of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Programin improving national competitiveness. Private-sector supportfor the program in the form of funds, volunteer efforts, andparticipation in public outreach continues to grow.To ensure the continued growth and success of these partnerships,each of the following organizations plays an important role.Foundation for the Malcolm BaldrigeNational Quality AwardThe Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National QualityAward was created to foster the success of the program. Thefoundations main objective is to raise funds to permanentlyendow the award program.Prominent leaders from U.S. organizations serve as foundationtrustees to ensure that the foundations objectives are accomplished. A broad cross section of organizations throughout theUnited States provides financial support to the foundation.National Institute of Standardsand TechnologyThe National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, manages theBaldrige Performance Excellence Program. NIST promotesU.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancingmeasurement science, standards, and technology in ways thatenhance economic security and improve our quality of life.NIST carries out its mission in four cooperative programs,including the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Theother three are the NIST laboratories, conducting research thatadvances the nations technology infrastructure and is needed byU.S. industry to continually improve products and services; theHollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a nationwidenetwork of local centers offering technical and business assistance to smaller manufacturers; and the Technology InnovationProgram, which provides cost-shared awards to industry, universities, and consortia for research on potentially revolutionarytechnologies that address critical national and societal needs.American Society for QualityThe American Society for Quality (ASQ) assists in administeringthe award program under contract to NIST. ASQs vision is tomake quality a global priority, an organizational imperative, anda personal ethic and, in the process, to become the communityfor all who seek quality concepts, technology, or tools toimprove themselves and their world.Board of OverseersThe Board of Overseers advises the Department of Commerceon the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The board isappointed by the secretary of commerce and consists of distinguished leaders from all sectors of the U.S. economy. The boardevaluates all aspects of the program, including the adequacyof the Criteria and processes for determining award recipients.An important part of the boards responsibility is to assess howwell the program is serving the national interest and, as needed,recommend changes and improvements to the secretary of commerce and to the director of NIST.Board of ExaminersThe Board of Examiners evaluates award applications andprepares feedback reports. The Panel of Judges, part of theBoard of Examiners, makes award recommendations to thedirector of NIST. The board consists of leading experts fromU.S. businesses and education, health care, and nonprofitorganizations. NIST selects members through a competitiveapplication process. The current board consists of more than575 members. Of these, 12 (who are appointed by the secretaryof commerce) serve as judges, and approximately 90 serve assenior examiners. All members of the board must take part in anExaminer Preparation Course.Board members also play a significant role in sharing information about the program. Their membership in hundreds ofprofessional, trade, community, and state organizations helpsthem disseminate this information.Award RecipientsAward recipients are required to share information on theirsuccessful performance strategies with other U.S. organizations.However, recipients are not required to share proprietaryinformation, even if such information was part of their awardapplication. The principal mechanism for sharing informationis The Quest for Excellence Conference, held annually. Tworegional conferences are also held annually to offer additionalforums for sharing the applicants best practices.For more than 20 years, award recipients have demonstrated theircommitment to improving U.S. competitiveness and furthering theU.S. pursuit of performance excellence by also generously sharinginformation with hundreds of thousands of companies, educationorganizations, health care organizations, government agencies,nonprofit organizations, and others. This sharing far exceedsexpectations and program requirements. These efforts have encouraged many other organizations in all sectors of the U.S. economy toundertake their own performance improvement efforts.The Alliance for Performance ExcellenceThe Alliance for Performance Excellence (http://www.baldrigepe.org/alliance), a nonprofit national network, aims to enhance thesuccess and sustainability of its member Baldrige-based programs.The Alliances member organizations promote the use of theBaldrige Criteria; disseminate information on the Baldrige Awardprocess and Baldrige concepts; serve as a feeder system for thenational program, providing a significant number of examinersand award applicants; network with the Baldrige PerformanceExcellence Program and each other; and receive and use theBaldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and other programand training materials from the national program. </li> <li> 3. Baldrige Performance Excellence ProgramNational Institute of Standards and Technology Department of CommerceTo: U.S. Health Care OrganizationsFrom: Harry S. Hertz, DirectorBaldrige Performance Excellence ProgramSubject: Why Is Baldrige Important for You Now?Because the Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence are about you! Because they are about survival andsustainability in your marketplace with a high-performing, high-integrity organization. Because the Baldrige Criteria ask you allthe right questions.Is addressing all the Baldrige Health Care Criteria easy? No! But neither is achieving sustainable results in todays challenging healthcare environment. Will the Health Care Criteria help you think and act strategically? Yes. Will they help you align your processes andyour resources? Yes. Will they help you engage your workforce, your patients, and your stakeholders? Yes. Are these worthwhile goals?You decide.Whether your organization is small or large; is involved in ambulance service, health maintenance, or another health care service;and has one facility or multiple sites across the country, the Health Care Criteria provide a valuable framework that can help youplan, perform, and measure results in an uncertain environment. The Health Care Criteria can help you decide on tools such as thePlan-Do-Check-Act methodology, a Balanced Scorecard, and Six Sigma.How to begin that rst Baldrige assessment? Take a few minutes and scan the questions in the Organizational Prole on pages 46. Adiscussion of the answers to these questions might be your rst Baldrige assessment. For additional guidance, refer to our free bookletYour Guide to Performance Excellence.Do you need to know what your sta and your senior leaders think? Or do you believe you have been making progress but wantto accelerate or better focus your eorts? Try using our simple Are We Making Progress? and Are We Making Progress as Leaders?questionnaires. Organized by the seven Baldrige Criteria categories, they will help you check your progress on organizational goalsand can improve communication among your workforce members and your leadership team.Even if you dont expect to receive the Baldrige Award, submitting an award application has valuable benets. Every applicantreceives a detailed feedback report based on a rigorous evaluation conducted by a panel of specially trained experts.The Health Care Criteria are in your hands . . . so is an incredible opportunity. Why not take advantage of that opportunity? Whenyou turn these pages, you turn the corner toward performance excellence. If you want more information, please contact me atbaldrige@nist.gov.Need some useful tools to begin the Baldrige challenge? Try using Getting Started with the Baldrige Criteria, available on our Web site at http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/enter/self_started.cfm easyInsight: Take a First Step toward a Baldrige Self-Assessment,available at http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/publications/easy_insight.cfm Are We Making Progress? and Are We Making Progress as Leaders?available at http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/publications/progress.cfm Optional Self-Analysis Worksheet (Word le to download),available at http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/publications/hc_criteria.cfm Besides using these resources from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, visithttp://www.baldrigepe.org to get support from Baldrige-based programs in your state or local area.Baldrige Performance Excellence Program NIST Administration Building, Room A600 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1020 Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020 Telephone: (301) 975-2036 Fax: (301) 948-3716 E-Mail: baldrige@nist.gov Web Site: http://www.nist.gov/baldrige </li> <li> 4. THE QUEST FOR EXCELLENCEThe 23rd and 24th Annual Quest for ExcellenceConferences Each year, The Quest for Excellence, the ocial conference of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award,provides a forum for Baldrige Award recipients to sharetheir exceptional performance practices with worldwideleaders in business, education, health care, and nonprotorganizations. The 23rd Quest for Excellence will showcase the year 2010 award recipients, and the 24th Questfor Excellence will feature the year 2011 award recipients.Since 1988, executives, managers, and other leaders havecome to this conference to learn how these role-modelorganizations have achieved performance excellence. Chiefexecutive ocers (CEOs) and other leaders from theaward recipient organizations give presentations coveringall seven categories of the Baldrige Criteria, their journeyto performance excellence, and their lessons learned. Atthis three-day conference designed to maximize learningand networking opportunities, attendees will be able tointeract with award recipients.The conferences will be held April 36, 2011, at theMarriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.,and April 1518, 2012, at the same location. For furtherinformation, contact the Baldrige Program by mail:Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, NIST, Administration Building, Room A600, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop1020, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020; telephone: (301)975-2036; fax: (301) 948-3716; or e-mail: baldrige@nist.gov. For a general overview of the Baldrige Program, visitthe Baldrige Web site: http://www.nist.gov/baldrige.The Malcolm BaldrigeNational Quality AwardThe President of the United States traditionally presents theaward at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C. The awardcrystal, composed of two solid crystal prismatic forms, stands 14inches tall. The crystal is held in a base of black anodized aluminum, with the award recipients name engraved on the base. A22-karat gold-plated medallion is captured in the front sectionof the crystal. The medallion bears the name of the award andThe Quest for Excellence on one side and the Presidential Sealon the other.Crystal by SteubenThe Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award logo and the phrases The Quest for Excellence and Performance Excellence are trademarks and service marks of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 20112012 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellenceii </li> <li> 5. CONTENTSThe 20112012 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence1 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence Framework3 Health Care Criteria for Performance ExcellenceItem Listing4 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence4 Preface: Organizational Prole7 1 Leadership10 2 Strategic Planning13 3 Customer Focus16 4 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management18 5 Workforce Focus21 6 Operations Focus23 7 ResultsAbout the Criteria27 Changes from the 20092010 Health Care Criteria29 Health Care Criteria Response Guidelines33 Category and Item Descriptions49 Core Values and Concepts55 Key Characteristics of the Health Care Criteria57 Glossary of Key TermsScoring67 Scoring System68 Process Scoring Guidelines69 Results Scoring GuidelinesApplication Information71 Applying for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award72 Fees for the 2011 and 2012 Award Cycles73 Summary of Eligibility Requirements74 How to Obtain Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Materials76 Index of Key TermsBusiness/nonprot and education organizations should use the appropriate Criteria booklets for their respective sectors. See pages 7475 for ordering information. If you plan to apply for the award in 2011 or 2012, you also will need the Baldrige Award Application Forms, which can be downloaded at http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/publications/award_application.cfm. The award application process consists of two steps: the rst is to provide a completed eligibility certication package, and the second is to submit a completed award application package. See pages 7173 for due dates and other information. We are easy to reach. Our Web site is http://www.nist.gov/baldrige.Contents iii </li> <li> 6. Baldrige Health Care Criteria forPerformance Excellence FrameworkA Systems Perspective2StrategicPlanning5WorkforceFocusOrganizational Profile:Environment, Relationships, and Strategic Situation1Leadership7Results4Measurement,Analysis, and Knowledge Management3CustomerFocus6OperationsFocus20112012 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellenceiv </li> <li> 7. HEALTH CARE CRITERIA FOR PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE FRAMEWORKThe requirements of the Health Care Criteria for PerformanceExcellence are embodied in seven categories, as follows:1 Leadership2 Strategic Planning3 Customer Focus4 Measurement, Analysis, and KnowledgeManagement 5 Workforce Focus 6 Operations Focus 7 Results The gure on page iv provides the framework connecting andintegrating the categories.From top to bottom, the framework has the following basicelements.Organizational ProleYour Organizational Prole (top of gure) sets the context forthe way your organization operates. Your o...</li></ul>


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