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  • 1.andLevel One MasteryGetting Back to Basics

2. LEVEL ONE MASTERY Getting Back to Basics Embracing the #1 Business Generator: PastClients and Customers Becoming an Effective Lead Generator Developing Time Management Discipline Creating a Consistent Customer Experiencewww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 3. LEVEL ONE MASTERYTake exquisite care of your past clients andcustomerswww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 4. Take exquisite care of your past clientsand customersCall quarterly, Mail monthly Campaignwww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 5. Take exquisite care of your past clients and customersCommunicate two things:1, youre still in the business;2, you care about them80% turnoverevery 18 months www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 6. Take exquisite care of your past clients and customersMap out your annual Marketing Campaign What will you send each month? Newsletters Seasonal items Market data updates Giveaways and value-adds Budget for the year www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 7. LEVEL ONE MASTERYBecome an Effective Lead Generator www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 8. Become an Effective Lead GeneratorDont try to be all things to all people!www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 9. Become an Effective Lead GeneratorTarget markets:Geo/Neighborhood, Price Point www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 10. Become an Effective Lead GeneratorLifestyle Activities www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 11. Become an Effective Lead Generator Classification of Propertieswww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 12. Become an Effective Lead Generator Techniques: Blog to the specific niche Drip on leads that come in Overcome call reluctanceand jump on the phone Strike up real estateconversations!www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 13. LEVEL ONE MASTERY Develop Time Management DisciplineTIME MANAGEMENT = HAPPINESSwww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 14. Develop Time Management DisciplineEven seasoned agents struggle with prioritizing Adapt to Situations Are you willing to ask the client/customer to adjust? Its all about CHOICEwww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 15. Develop Time Management Discipline Be Proactive Top three priorities for the next day Block time for certain activities:prospecting, social mediawww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 16. Develop Time Management Discipline Everything is anappointment! Live by yourcalendar By all means, domake moneywhen you can www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 17. LEVEL ONE MASTERYCreate a Consistent Customer Experiencewww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 18. Create a Consistent CustomerExperience From the point of first contact Drip campaigns for lead follow-up Call-in forms for phone interviews & face-to-faces Checklists and systems New listing Buyer under contract Seller accepted offer Adding to past client follow-up Mail monthly, call quarterly www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 19. Create a Consistent CustomerExperiencewww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 20. LEVEL ONE MASTERY Getting Back to Basics Take Exquisite Care of Past Clients andCustomers Become an Effective Lead Generator Develop Time Management Discipline Create a Consistent Customer Experiencewww.RealEstateMastersGuild.com 21. www.RealEstateMastersGuild.com


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