2010 Stock Market Forecast - Predicted Long-Term Decline in Chinese Market and Economy

Download 2010 Stock Market Forecast - Predicted Long-Term Decline in Chinese Market and Economy

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  • Equity Derivatives Strategy January 27, 2010

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    IN THE MONEY - Tactical Intelligence Today

    Ryan Renicker, CFA (212) 906-7503 rrenicker@ticonsec.com Forecast: 2004 All Over Again?

    Home in The Range, Upside Bias. SPX 1,300 by YE.

    Our year-end target price for the SPX is 1,300. Market stuck in relatively narrow trading range. Midterm election looks like a positive catalyst

    balance of power in Washington a good thing.

    America the Beautiful. Fund Flows into US and A!

    Investors are reversing course taking profits in Emerging Markets and re-allocating winnings into U.S. assets.

    Long SPY / short FXI (China) a winning trade. Long SPY / short EEM (Emerging Markets) also makes

    sense. Tech continues to outperform SPY; XLB (Materials)

    lags. KRE (Regional Banks) outpace XLF (Large Cap

    Financials). Volatility Storm Ends. VIX Declines Further.

    Volatility should continue to trend lower in a sideways market.

    Sector selection more relevant; market timing less. As a result, single-stock option volume rebounds. Sector ETF options en vogue in 2010. VIX options garner more interest as hedging vehicle.

    Uncertainty Risk Premium Implodes. Fear Subsides.

    Implied and realized volatility should converge as noise subsides (earnings season).

    SPY 20-day realized volatility hovers between 10%-15% in 2010. SPY 1-month implied volatility hovers between 13% - 18% in 2010.

    Data sources: Bloomberg and Ticonderoga Securities Equity Derivatives Strategy.

    Trade Idea Update: Chinas Great Wall of Worry

    - I remain bearish on China and reiterate a Long SPY / Short FXI trade. - The great wall of worry remains intact and is likely to gain momentum in the coming weeks. - Evidence continues to mount that the Chinese Miracle is really a mirage inefficient uses of capital + lack of

    transparency = risk!

    - Despite this, the options market continues to price in relatively low downside risk for the FXI. - In fact, the FXI 1-month 25 delta put 50 delta implied volatility spread remains below 3 volatility points (this spread

    has traded as high as 14 volatility points during the past year).

    Exploit this by purchasing (these cheap) puts as a bearish play. Specifically, consider going long the FXI Mar. 35 puts (cost ~ $0.90). This trade makes money if FXI trades at or below ~ 34.10 as of the Mar. 20 expiry. Call for details.


  • Equity Derivatives Strategy January 27, 2010

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