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by Hilary Singer & Philip Roberts


  • 2010adventures

  • Hello and Merry Christmas!

    The following pages chronicle some of our adventures this year. We celebrated Christmas in Anchorage, rang in the new year in Seattle, and then sought early sun and heat in Phoenix. In March, during the eruption of Eyjafjalljkull, we traveled to Iceland, and captured a few beautiful images of the stark landscapes there.

    Hilary graduated from the University of Edinburgh in June, and signed a three-year contract to continue working for the University with student entrepreneurs. In August, Phil cut back to a two-day week at his engineering job, in order to co-found a new startup company. As of December, Phil and his co-founder have received one offer of investment, and Phil has quit engineering completely to focus on the new opportunity.

    We are thankful for our wonderful families, to whom this book is dedicated. We look forward to hearing your stories about 2010, and sharing some of your adventures in 2011.

    Lots of love,

    Hilary & Phil

  • USA, Dec. 2009This year, we hit three U.S. states: Alaska, Arizona, and Washington. Some of the best moments were skiing in Anchorage in the twilight, and stumbling upon brightly-lit Christmas trees along the trail; ringing in the New Year in Seattle, in unison with millions of other people up and down the west coast; and playing games and eating good food with family in all three states.

  • Iceland, March 2010We ew into Iceland shortly after Eyjafjallajkull began erupting. After spending a few days in the Reykjavik area, we drove to a remote hotel nestled at the foot of Icelands largest volcano, Hella. Icelands complete lack of trees and violent geology made for desolate, dynamic scenes.

  • SwansThis lighthouse stands on the southernmost tip of Iceland looking out over the North Atlantic Ocean. While we were there, this bevy of swans ew in from the horizon to end their 800 mile migration from Ireland. It was humbling and incredibly moving to witness the fi nal moments of their long journey.

  • Hilarys GraduationHilary is now a Master of Physics and Phil is exceptionally proud.

  • ScotlandWeve even had some exciting adventures closer to home. Cramond Island is located in the Forth of Firth, and can be accessed by foot only when the tide is low; it is completely cut-off at high tide. The line of pillars along the right is an old submarine trap from WWII.

  • Fireworks at the Seattle Space Needle to ring in 2010.

    Seattle, WA, USA

    Phil straddling a large crack in the ground.

    ingvellir National Park, Iceland.

    Hilary conjuring the spectacular Strokkur geyser.

    Hvt River, Southwest Iceland

    Fireworks over Edinburgh Castle at the end of the Festivals

    Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

    Gullfoss (Golden Falls) waterfall stunning, windy, freezing.

    Hvt River, Southwest Iceland

    Graffitid abandoned farmhouse.

    Cramond Island, Edinburgh

    The (Fabulous) Blue Lagoon naturally heated geothermal spa.

    Grindavk, Iceland

    Hilary and her uncooperative Icelandic Horse.

    shestar Riding Centre, Iceland

    Montezuma Castle built by the Sinagua people in 700A.D.

    Camp Verde, AZ, USA

    Harvest Moon (left) & erupting Eyjafjallajkull volcano (right).

    Southwest Iceland