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  • 7/31/2019 2008 Obtaining Symbolic Toolbox


    To install the Symbolic Math Toolbox for use with MATLAB, you must either stillhave the Mathworks installation directories on your local disk or be connectedto a School of Engineering data network in Featheringill, Jacobs, Olin or theportions of Stevenson Center building 5 that are VUSE spaces. If you are goingto access the installation materials from the TransIT file server, we recommendthat you use a hardwired connection.

    There are EIGHT steps. All eight steps below should be performed using anaccount with "Administrator" privileges on the local computer.

    You will need to obtain the incremental PLP (Personal License Password) forSymbolic Math Toolbox from your CS 103 instructor.

    1. If you still have the Mathworks installation directories onyour local disk from when you installed MATLAB, proceed to step 2.

    To copy the files from the TransIT file server, use Microsoft InternetExplorer, Microsoft Windows Explorer or the "Start|Run" dialogue window(on the Start Menu as "Run...") to visit


    You will be asked for a username and password. Use

    * your VUnet username* a password composed of- your firstname initial (in lowercase)- your lastname initial (in lowercase)- a hyphen ('-')- the last 5 digits of your VUnet ID number (which is usually, but notalways, your United States Social Security number)

    Note: in some circumstances, instead of just "" (where"" is your VUnet username), you may need to specify"transitfs\" in the username/password dialogue window. If,after a failed attempt, Microsoft Windows replaces the "" youtyped with "\" (where "othername" is your computer orMicrosoft domain name), you should replace "" with"transitfs".

    Use Windows Explorer (Right-click Start Menu and select 'Explore'), tocopy the "win32.zip" file to your local hard drive.

    2. Run "setup" from the drive and directory where you have the installationfiles.

    If you copied the "win32.zip" file as instructed in step 1, then withinWindows Explorer, double-click the downloaded "win32.zip" file sothat Windows Explorer will display the contents of the ZIP file.

    Change directories to the "mathworks_2007a" directory.

    Double-click "setup" (setup.exe) - the installer will copy files for a whileand then ask for you to "Install" or "Update license". Verify that'Install' is selected, and click 'Next'.

  • 7/31/2019 2008 Obtaining Symbolic Toolbox



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