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  • 1. CREATING AN ENGAGING WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT An Employees Guide 08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
  • 2. AGENDA
    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Funometer Assessment
    • Steps to Integrating Fun Into the Workplace
    • Your Ideas
    • Closing
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
    • http://www.mikekerr.com/cms/index.php/humour-resources/
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
    • New employees are made to feel welcome.
    • Meetings are positive and light.
    • We have fun activities at least once a month.
    • Its common to hear people laughing around here.
    • I can be myself at work.
    • We have a lot of celebrations for special events.
    • When brainstorming, we like to have fun.
    • My boss is usually optimistic and smiling.
    • Customers would call us fun to do business with.
    • I have a friend at work who makes me laugh.
    • We have a good time together.
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
  • 5. LETS PLAY
    • Think funny;
    • Adopt a playful attitude;
    • Be the first to laugh;
    • Laugh with, not at;
    • Laugh at yourself;
    • Take work seriously, but not yourself
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
  • 6. YOUR ROLE IN FUN!!!!
    • What should you be doing to ensure you are helping to create an engaging environment in the workplace?
    • How can you sustain the fun and engagement at work on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
    • What barriers might you encounter when trying to create this environment?
    • What is your role in creating and sustaining an engaging workplace environment?
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
    • Play is the path to fun and profit.
    • "Fun is the new status symbol
    • "Non-stop work is for losers
    • Even God rested on the 7th day!
    • We need time to be idle.
    • Play helps us find our genius.
    • Play is crucial to attaining a work/life balance.
    • The bow kept forever taut will break. - Zen saying
    • Play is smart corporate strategy for solving problems.
    • Play keeps our passions alive in the workplace.
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
    • Dress for fun
    • Fun Decor
    • Visit the toy store
    • Make meetings funat the start
    • Make meetings funduring proceedings
    • Make meetings funat the end
    • Have a fun library
    • Have fun with logos and signs
    • Reward funny staff
    • Let staff get to know each other
    • Fun Contests
    • Musical Fun
    • Flying Fun
    • Encourage staff to show appreciation
    • Have a baby pictures contest
    • Have a childhood secrets contest.
    • Fun Ideas
    • More Fun Ideas
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.
  • 9. YOUR PLAN
    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3.
    08/10/08 Business Strategies, Inc.