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The Tango is a dance of seduction & synchronicityA brand image is no different, there are those who lead and those who are led.Which are you?1L e s son OneChoosing Your Partner Choosing the right partner is imperative if the Brand Tango is to be performed properly. We tend to work best with partners who have a steady foot who are well-balanced and arrive rested and ready to get real results. Partners should be bright, responsive and bring their own personal style to the dance.Choose the right partner, perform the Brand Tango, and watch consumers line up to dance with you.THE IDEAL PARTNERwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango2 3L e s son T W OHold Them Tight A properly performed Brand Tango will attract consumers to you. Approach them confidently and hold them tight using intelligent marketing, innovative product design and an engaging brand image. These moves will ensure that your dance will last well into the evening. You may even be asked for another. We believe you call this a referral.Attract your ideal consumer, perform the Brand Tango, and glide effortlessly across the crowded marketplace.ATTRACT & ENGAGEmaster ing the brand tango4 52www.brand-tango .comL e s son T H R E EPractice In A Mirror Practicing your moves requires a commitment to get better. We suggest watching yourself in a mirror. To make it easier to observe your performance, you may want to use the Tango CRM web-based software system. It analyzes and tracks your every lead management and tour management move. We can demonstrate it for you. Once you get it, you can practice on your own.The Tango CRM System, manages leads and tours, fills your dance card with the right consumers.master ing the brand tango6 73PRACTICEwww.brand-tango .com4L e s son FOURTime To Dance The best way to learn the Brand Tango is to watch those who have learned it before you. On the following pages, we have diagrammed some of the moves weve taught others. Remember, each partner has their own personal style. To accentuate your particular Brand Tango, we suggest you contact us for additional lessons. Contact, Joe Russoniello 954.295.7879 or www.brand-tango.commaster ing the brand tango8 9OUR MOVESwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango10 11LOGOSLOGOSwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango12 13Laguna Suites Corporate Brochure Identification Sunterra Corporation - Referral KitPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango14 15PRINTPRINTIsland One Resorts - Sampler Kings Creek Vacation Kitwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango16 17Bass Pro Shops Marketing Proposal Blugreen Vacation Club SamplerPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango18 19Leisure Path Member Guide Bluegreen Corporation - 2001 Annual ReportPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango20 21Sunset Group Corporate Capabilities Brochure Leisure Path Member KitPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango22 23Grand Getaways Vacation Travel Club - Member Kit Big Cedar Wilderness Club - Brochure/OPC InvitePRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango24 25Pacific Monarch Resorts Premier Ownership - an exclusive member upgrade program Club Intrawest Member KitPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango26 27Club Intrawest - Brand Landscape Royal Palm Vacations Member KitPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .commaster ing the brand tango28 29The Luxury Collection Brochure Winter Harbor Properties, LLC - an Ecological Resort and CommunityPRINTPRINTwww.brand-tango .comContact: Joe RussonielloPresident, Brand Tango954.295.7879www.brand-tango.com