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2005 Annual Association Luncheon December 9, 2005 11:30 A.M. Boston Park Plaza Hotel Imperial Ballroom


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10:30 AM LIGHTS ON FULL ALL MICROPHONES OFF SOUND CHECK MICROPHONE FOR SHERRANE WELDS 11:15 AM - 12 NOON BEGIN POWERPOINT PRESENTATION IN CONTINUOUS LOOP BEGIN PRELIMINARY MUSIC CD 11:50 AM PODIUM MICRPOHONE ON SMALL STAGE SPOTLIGHT ON 11:59 AM END POWERPOINT PRESENTATION AND MUSIC 12:00 NOON MAJOR BETTY ISRAEL TO FOOT OF STAGE NATALIE JACOBSON DIRECTLY TO STAGE (3 minutes) Welcome and thank you for coming to The Salvation Armys Annual Luncheon! My name is Natalie Jacobson, News Anchor at WCVB-TV 5. Ive had the honor of being a part of this wonderful Holiday tradition for the past 9 years and each year that I am part of this event, I go home even more amazed at the incredible scope of services offered by The Salvation Army, not only here in Massachusetts but around the world.Page 2 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

In fact, earlier this year, The Salvation Army began its lifechanging work in its 111th country by opening operations in Poland. When there is a need in communities across our state, The Salvation Army oftentimes adapts its program to meet that need, as is evidenced by their many after-school programs for youth that are aimed at keeping kids off the increasingly dangerous streets and offering them hope for a brighter future. And thats probably one of the most inspirational aspects to the work of The Salvation Army- HOPE. Yes, many people receive meals, clothing and a variety of other emergency services but its the hope that is represented in those acts of kindness that can change a life. When people come to The Salvation Army, they dont just receive help. They receive hope. Hope for a brighter future for themselves, for their family and for their community. It is now my hope that you have an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon as you learn more about the incredible work of The Salvation Army and their mission of changing lives. I would now like to invite Major Betty Israel, General Secretary of the Massachusetts Salvation Army, to come and offer this afternoons invocation. NATALIE TO FOOT OF STAGE SHERRANE WELDS TO FOOT OF STAGEPage 3 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

12:03 MAJOR BETTY ISRAEL TO OFFER INVOCATION (2 minutes) 12:05 NATALIE RETURNS TO STAGE Thank you Major Israel. I would now like to ask that you please stand as Sherrane Welds comes to sing our National Anthem. NATALIE TO FOOT OF STAGE NATIONAL ANTHEM (3 minutes) 12:08 NATALIE RETURNS TO STAGE (1 minute) What an inspiring rendition of our National Anthem. Thank you, Sherrane. We will continue with our program shortly to allow guests to finish going through the buffet line and to find their seats. Thank you. NATALIE RETURNS TO SEAT LUNCH CONTINUES (9 minutes) CONTINUE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION 12:18 NATALIE TO STAGE (1 minute)Page 4 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

LT. COLONEL FRED VAN BRUNT TO FOOT OF STAGE I trust that you are all enjoying your lunch this afternoon. It is now my distinct honor to introduce the State Commander of The Salvation Army in Massachusetts, Lt. Colonel Fred Van Brunt. Ive known Colonel for many, many years and it is an honor to witness his commitment to The Salvation Army and to helping others in need. Colonel, please come forward at this time. NATALIE TO SEAT 12:19 COLONEL TO STAGE (8 minutes) Thank you, Natalie. As Natalie just mentioned, my name is Fred Van Brunt and I, along with my wife, Colonel Barbara, have the privilege of serving as the state leaders of The Salvation Army in Massachusetts. Barbara, would you please stand to be recognized by this wonderful gathering of supporters. For more than 40 years, my wife and I have been part of The Salvation Army and it has been a blessing and a privilege to be able to witness the life-changing impact that Salvation Army programs have on so many people who come to us for help. Lives that appear to be in disarray or where a family constantly struggles to make ends meet are changed every day through the efforts of The Salvation Army because someone like you cared enough to help us help others.Page 5 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

Last year alone, The Salvation Army rendered more than 3 million acts of compassion to people in need right here in the Commonwealth. What is an act of compassion? you might ask. Its shelter for a homeless person with no where else to turn. Its a meal for a child with an empty stomach. Its a visit to an elderly person who has been left behind by society. Its an afternoon of quality daycare for low-income families. Its a night of lodging and a fresh start at life for a recovering addict. And so much more. Most importantly, as Natalie mentioned earlier, our programs are about bringing hope into the lives of people who are feeling alone and helpless in their daily lives. Many of our efforts over the past year have focused on our disaster relief services, beginning shortly after last Christmas when a devastating Tsunami struck southeast Asia. In that instance, like our response to so many other disasters around the world, The Salvation Army didnt need to rush into the region to begin administering aid. We were already there with 2,000 Salvation Army Officers and 3,000 employees running our daycare centers, clinics, orphanages and many other programs. Through that tragedy, The Salvation Army has been able to provide countless acts of service to people who lost their houses, their possessions, their families and their hope. In that region, The Salvation Army has been directly involved with rebuilding homes, supporting small businesses with grants for equipment and materials, repairing fishing boats and replacing fishing nets, providing essential teaching materials to many of the local schools, providing bicycles asPage 6 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

a means of transportation and constructing wells for clean drinking water. These are all in addition to providing many of the basic needs of these devastated people- food, clothing, medical assistance, shelter and counseling. Here in America, The Salvation Army also stood ready to serve even before Hurricane Katrina made landfall earlier this year. During the storm, local Salvation Army facilities became shelters for those seeking refuge. After the storm, The Salvation Army once again became a symbol of hope. Since Hurricane Katrina hit the southern United States, The Salvation Army has served more than 1.3 million hurricane survivors, including hundreds in Massachusetts. Nationwide, The Salvation Army has served more than 12 million meals to hurricane victims and first responders, distributed nearly 160,000 cleaning kits, and has begun assisting with more than 260,000 social service cases. In addition, The Salvation Armys Emergency Radio Network has received over 61,000 inquiries about missing loved ones and has helped 25,508 survivors find relatives and loved ones. From Massachusetts, The Salvation Army deployed personnel South to support relief efforts in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas to serve as Federal Liaison Officers, Chaplains, Operations Chiefs, Warehouse Manager, Canteen Teams, Social Service Officers, and Site Coordinators. At Camp Edwards, the Massachusetts Salvation Army responded to a call from Governor Romney to providePage 7 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

primary support to the government during this operation. As a result, The Salvation Army provided food service to those housed at Camp Edwards; toys, cribs and strollers for the children, as well as child care; clothing, footware, toiletries and luggage, with approximately 1,000 items per day being distributed to our guests; airline transportation for survivors to return home or connect with loved ones in another part of the country; debit cards; and ongoing chaplaincy and spiritual support. The Salvation Army has also been able to provide furniture to families resettling here in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, The Salvation Army has received over $4 million for hurricane relief, 100 percent of which has been allocated for direct response to the hurricane victims. While much has been done to help these families and much more needs to be done, I am continually reminded about the need right here in our own neighborhoods, especially during this time of year. For instance, we distributed more than 20 tons of turkeys and hundreds of thousands of pounds of groceries at Thanksgiving due to the generosity of so many. Thousands of families received enough food to feed a family of four, five times. And the best part about this program is that these families enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal in their own homes, with the ones they love and cherish. As the calendar moves closer to Christmas, we at The Salvation Army are again reminded of the incredible need that exists within our community. Starting next Monday at the Park Plaza Castle across the street, well be giving families in need warm winter coats from the Coats for KidsPage 8 of 23 11/16/2011 9:49:50 a11/p11

program supported by Antons Cleaners, food vouchers, hats, mittens and toys to make Christmas a little brighter for the many children served by The Salvation Army. This year, we expect to serve more than 4,500 families at that one location. With additional toy distributions across the Commonwealth, from Chelsea and Cambridge to the North Shore and North Adams, I believe we have become the largest Christmas toy distributor in Massachusetts. You may also have noticed a group of young Girl Scouts in our audience today. They are Girl Scout Troop 3289 from Norfolk, Massachusetts and are led by Kathy Sullivan. They have been a huge help in making Christmas brighter for those less fortunate by decorating bears that will be given to underprivileged children, as well as volunteering their time to help sort and organize toys t