2004 sia spring tour to catalonia, spain

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2004 SIA Spring tour to Catalonia, Spain. Homage to Catalonia. Pre- and proto-industrial sites in the Pyrenees mountains Catalonia’s unique turbine-driven textile villages, the colònia The spectacular Moderniste industrial architecture of Anton Gaudí and his contemporaries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 2004 SIA Spring tour to Catalonia, Spain

  • Homage to CataloniaPre- and proto-industrial sites in the Pyrenees mountainsCatalonias unique turbine-driven textile villages, the colniaThe spectacular Moderniste industrial architecture of Anton Gaud and his contemporariesThe wine and cava industries of Peneds and PrioratThe mNACTEC network museum systemMeet up with local industrial archaeologists and preservationistsLive steam train ride, conserved steam engines, water wheels and turbinesA variety of working industrial sites producing paper, tyres, cement, wines and spirits and moreA wide selection of monuments from Catalonias 100 Elements del Patrimoni Industrial (Marked *)Barcelona, southern Europes first industrial city

  • 25 - 28 Earlybird trip to the Pyrenees MountainsFly to Barcelona Wednesday 25 and take bus to hotel in the mountainsVisits to medieval iron forge, early textile works, olive oil mills, early C20 hydroelectric installations, and rural industrial sites.

  • Saturday 28: Main party fly to BarcelonaCheck in to hotel, presentation of tour, see some of Barcelonas non-industrial attractions, visit the harbour, relax.

  • Sunday, 29: BarcelonaCasaramona textile mill (*)The Gothic shipbuilding sheds of the Maritime Museum

    Estaci Frana train shed(*), opposite the hotel. The last great rail shed in Europe

    Born iron-framed market (*)Pavilions of 1890 ExhibitionPoble Nou, the Catalan Manchester, Ca lAranyo cotton mill

  • Monday, 1 March: Peneds wine regionCornell water pumping station and five steam engines (*)Catalan National Railway Museum, Vilanova i GeltrCellers Cordoniu cava cellars, Sant Sadurni dAnoia (*) Masia Bach winery

  • Tuesday, 2: Textile settlements of the Lower LlobregatRail workshops followed by stream train ride to MontserratColnia Sed mill and museum (*)

    Colnia Gell (*) and the Gaud crypt

  • Wednseday, 3: Upper Llobregat riverCercs coal mine museum and miners settlementClot del Moro, ruins of Modernista cement works (*)

    Cercs Central Thermoelectric power station or Baells Hydroelectric Dam

  • Thursday, 4: TerrassaTerrassa, Mnactec museum (*) and Modernista industrial architecture

    Almirall brickworks chimney (*) Casa de les Aiges steam pumping station, Montcada (*)Asland cement works

  • Friday, 5: CapelladesWorking cardboard factory St Joan Desp (*)Capellades medieval paper mill museum(*) Papelera Munn millStora Enso modern recycling paper mill

  • Saturday, 6: ManresaPirelli tyre-making plant Stone Romanesque bridgeLa Florida flour mill (*) La Miralda (*), Catalonias oldest textile mill

  • Stayover tour Sunday, 7: Tarragona1920s Terramar autodrome (*)Rail viaduct Masos (*)Bellmunt lead mine museum (*) Moderniste wine cellers of Falset (*),

  • Monday, 8: PrioratRoyal Tobacco factory (*) Fassina Aguadents distillery, Espluga de Francoli (*53) Gandesa wine cellersPinell de Brai wine cellers

  • Tuesday, 9: TarragonaRoman and medieval Tarragona (UNESCO World Heritage); return to Barcelona and head back to the US Wednesday, 10


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