20 relationship management linkedin influencers to follow

Download 20 Relationship Management LinkedIn Influencers To Follow

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  • 20 Rela(onship Management LinkedIn Inuencers to Follow

    (Plus, their must-read posts on LinkedIn!)

  • How can you build rela(onships like an inuencer?

  • How can you build rela(onships like an inuencer?

    Follow the lead of these 20 LinkedIn Inuencers

  • Richard Branson Founder at Virgin Group

    LinkedIn Prole @richardbranson Post: Best Advice:

    Listen More Than You Talk

  • Je Weiner CEO at LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Prole @jeweiner

    Post: 7 Ways to Manage Email So It Doesn't Manage


  • Barbara Corcoran Co-Founder of Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners

    LinkedIn Prole @BarbaraCorcoran Post: Expand Before

    Youre Ready

  • Charlene Li CEO of AlTmeter Group

    LinkedIn Prole @charleneli

    Post: Why Social Selling Works and


  • Guy Kawasaki Chief Evangelist at Canva

    LinkedIn Prole @GuyKawasaki

    Post: Top 10 Ways to Capture AXenTon

  • Tomasz Tunguz Venture Capitalist at Redpoint

    LinkedIn Prole @Xunguz Post: The

    CharacterisTcs Of The Most Successful Teams

  • Brad Smith President & Chief ExecuTve Ocer at Intuit

    LinkedIn Prole @IntuitBrad

    Post: InnovaTng at Scale: Empowering Teams to Move Fast

  • Jean-Marc Bellot Business Partner with CustomerCentric Selling

    LinkedIn Prole @jmbellot

    Post: How to calculate your Ideal


  • Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi Chairman & CEO of Cyberow AnalyTcs

    LinkedIn Prole @DrHEslambolchi

    Post: RelaTonships are the Past, Present, and Future of Business

  • Nancy Duarte Principal at Duarte, Inc.

    LinkedIn Prole @nancyduarte

    Post: The Power of Carefully Chosen Words: What Every Speaker Can Learn From Emma Watson

  • Avinash Kaushik Author, Blogger, Digital MarkeTng Evangelist at Google

    LinkedIn Prole @avinash

    Post: Yes, Apple Rocks Design. Rocks

    CommunicaTon Even More!

  • Jus(n Rosenstein Co-Founder of Asana

    LinkedIn Prole @rosenstein

    Post: The Key Habit of Highly EecTve Teams

  • Gina Bianchini Founder & CEO at Mightybell

    LinkedIn Prole @ginab

    Post: 5 Things I've Learned Building New


  • Tim Brown CEO at IDEO

    LinkedIn Prole @tceb62

    Post: Become a More CreaTve Listener in 30


  • Dave Kerpen Founder & CEO at Likeable Local

    LinkedIn Prole @DaveKerpen

    Post: 10 Mistakes You're Making in

    Building a Sales Team

  • Dr. Marla GoUschalk Director, Thought Leadership at Kilberry Leadership Advisors

    LinkedIn Prole Post: Done with

    MeeTngs? Humor & Other Tips to Make

    Them Worth Your Time

  • Dharmesh Shah Founder & CTO at Hubspot

    LinkedIn Prole @dharmesh

    Post: A Surprisingly Simple Tip For Selling

    To Humans

  • Jake Nickell Founder & CEO at Threadless

    LinkedIn Prole @skaw

    Post: Best Advice: Value Experiences and RelaTonships Over Money or Success

  • Je Haden Ghostwriter, Speaker, & Inc. Magazine Contribu(ng Editor

    LinkedIn Prole @je_haden Post: The Only

    Networking Tips You Will Ever Need (To Build

    REAL ConnecTons)

  • ScoU Belsky Co-Founder/Head of Behance; VP Products, Mobile &

    Community at Adobe

    LinkedIn Prole @scoXbelsky

    Post: Sharing Is The New Networking

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