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2 nd Humanities Front of Room Kaitlyn Clark Aaron Castillo Cameron Barnett Sydney Barbour Kenneth Huckleberry Devin Holt Skylar Hewett Brandon Handley Brandon Maddox Joshua Logsdon Conner Knebel Bailey Ingram Gabe Adams Austin Sizemore Connor Smith Jessica Stivers Chase Uehlein Tyler Raisor Nicholas Riggins Kimverly Rivera- Barragon Nathan Roesch Daniel Murray Shawn Muse Lexie Owens Tiffany Powell Clayton Marcum Noah McGhee Brandon Miles Destiny Mitchell Ryan Abney Seth Amiott Ethan Artz Slide 2 3 rd Humanities Front of Room Sarah Foree Maci Fitzgerald Patrick Cravens Katelynn Bowen Melody Jacobs Megan Hayden Micah Hardin Alexsis Glines Ethan McCleskey Dalton Lewellen Gwen Jones Cameron Johnson Lindsy Ambach Jacob Watson Corey Williamson Blayce Wilson Austin Stamper Amy Sutherland Ethan Tuggle Cheyenne Walls Caleb Robinson Elma Sanchez Trevor Sanders Roman Smither Izabelle Miller Jaryd Oller Sawyer Reynolds Phylisity Rison Michael Abbott Austin Ayers Olivia Barczynski Seth Allgeier Slide 3 4 th American Cinema Front of Room Ashley Asay Kait Armstrong Dawson Armstrong Chelsea Crawford Katherine Buckler Colton Bramblette Dylan Beckley Bree Heightchew Tyler Hayes Auston Graves Nichole Frye Jeremiah Rosell Mackenzie Valentine Robert Webb Caley Richeson Phylisity Rison Blake Roberts Ethan Lay Rayven Mitchell Daniel Murray Kristen Preston Slide 4 5 th - Humanities Front of Room Morgan Bohannon Alyssa Baum Nathan Arnold Naphtali Adams Zack Foree Emily Fischer Chelsea Crawford Bayleigh Boyer Emily Holcomb Gregory Heightchew Joshua Gregory Amber Gladdis Jashua Vasquez Rachel Vegh Bo Wagner Austin Howard Chase Robertson Brad Samples Jordan Shaw Kelby Mefford Katie Miller Justin Moore Christian Parks Sophie Hughes Bryanna Imel Halee Lankford Megan Marlette Slide 5 First Week Schedule - Humanities Today Review syllabus Start discovery expectations Tuesday Finish discovery getting to know each other Wednesday Purposes of Art Thursday Elements of art Friday Elements of art project Slide 6 First Week Schedule Today Review syllabus Start discovery expectations Tuesday Finish discovery getting to know each other Wednesday begin first unit Slide 7 Materials Humanities Due Next Monday Required: 1 inch binder Loose leaf college ruled paper Ruler with holes for a three ring binder Pencil or blue/black pen Syllabus Discovery worksheet completed Optional: 5 tab dividers Highlighter 3x5 note cards Slide 8 Materials American Cinema Due Next Monday 1 inch binder 12 tab dividers Loose leaf college ruled paper Pencil or blue/black pen Syllabus Discovery worksheet completed Slide 9 Class Resources You will find coloring materials, glue, scissors, rulers, hole punch, stapler, hand sanitizer, etc. on the cart by the door and book shelf by my desk any materials you borrow must be returned to the location you found them You should not use/take materials from my desk without my knowledge Hall passes are on the cabinet by the door and should be returned there when you come back to the room Slide 10 Class Resources You can find documents, such as this syllabus, Power Points, worksheets, etc. on my teacher webpage Some assignments will be directed to be submitted through our class O-drive always label these assignments with your name (first and last) and the assignment name and always save to the correct folder Slide 11 Class Rules Hall Passes Administration has instructed that we strictly follow a policy of 2 hall passes per student per 9 week period A hall pass consists of anything you ask to leave the class for (bathroom, locker, office, etc.) with only a few exceptions Exceptions medical issues such as illness (emergency) or need of medication from the office will not count against you class needs such as visiting the library for class related needs will not require a hall pass Hall passes must be limited to 5 minutes or less Slide 12 Class rules When there are announcements being made, the class must be silent (especially beginning and end of the day) When you enter the class, get your materials, take your seat and read the PowerPoint for instructions or the class schedule Before you leave, clean your area and push your chair in Please do not move the desks unless directed to for an activity Students will remain in their seats until the bell dismisses class A tardy will be given if you are not in the room before the bell rings Eating and drinking in class will be permitted unless it becomes a burden on the teaching or janitorial staff It is the students responsibility to maintain eating and drinking privileges Slide 13 Class Rules All graded work must be kept (especially tests) If grades are misplaced, missing, or get deleted, this is the only way to be certain that you get the grade deserved If you choose to throw materials away, you may be required to redo the grade if any of the above occur or be awarded a 0 Grades missed due to unexcused absences or suspension will not be allowed to be made up these missed assignments will receive a 0 If you have an excused absence, it is your responsibility to collect and make up any missed work Slide 14 Class Rules Academic dishonesty, as described in your student handbook, will result in a 0 for the assignment, a referral to administration, a phone call to a parent or guardian, and the completion of the assignment in ICE Respect really is key in our class!!! Students will always be respectful of the rights and opinions of others Discovery rules and procedures will be discussed separately tomorrow You will be required to copy Discovery policies and keep them in you binders brig a pen or pencil and paper tomorrow Slide 15 Class Rules I understand that everyone has bad days. Let me know before an issue arises. Just dont let me know that everyday is a bad oneoptimism is absolutely appreciated. I will do my best to greet you with a smile every day as well. The seating chart will be used until I have learned everyones names probably two weeks Slide 16 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) This policy will allow students to use their devices to access the internet to further class activities Devices may be out in our class only when I have announced that they may be used They are not to be out for checking the time there is a clock on the wall Devices may not be used for texting, making calls, playing games, or any activities that distracts others in class Devices should never be out or accessed during lectures, group discussions, tests, or videos Slide 17 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Devices may NEVER be out during a test If a device is visible/accessed during a test, you will receive a zero on the test If a phone rings during class, it will be taken If your device is taken during class and you respectfully relinquish it, it will be returned at the end of class If any other disciplinary actions are required when the device is confiscated, it will be sent to the office school confiscation policies will then apply If I must take your device regularly, I will send it to the office as well Slide 18 School rules for phone confiscation (when sent to the office) 1 st offense will receive a warning and confiscation of devices, only to be returned at the end of the day by the administration 2 nd -3 rd offense will receive a warning and confiscation of devices, only to be returned at the end of the day by the administration to a parent or guardian 4 th offense will receive confiscation of the devices, only to be returned at the end of the school year by the administration to a parent or guardian Slide 19 Grading Humanities and Sociology Grades will be divided between Participation, homework, unit tests, and projects At the end of the semester there will be a cumulative final exam that includes all of your studies from throughout the year. Take good notes and keep them along with all unit tests that you take! Slide 20 Grading Humanities and Sociology Binder checks are essential/substantial parts of your gradekeep up with notes and class work. Notes must be taken in Cornell style. A worksheet and example are found on my teacher webpage. Participation will be based upon your being prepared for class. This means having materials and being prepared to discuss materials. Students will participate to the best of their abilities in each days lesson. Slide 21 Grading American Cinema Each until will begin with a short session of notes I expect these to be 45 minutes at maximum you are required to take these notes for use in movie reflections and the final exam Each unit will consist of 2-5 movies for each movie you will be required to write a reflection the model worksheet should be used and will be on my teacher website and can be printed from there we will look at this more closely next week Your binders will be checked periodically (dates will be announced) In these checks, you will receive a grade for the notes taken as well as for each movie reflection Slide 22 Humanities - Schedule for the year (tentative) 1.Visual arts 2.Music 3.Dance 4.Theater 5.Renaissance 6.Baroque 7.Classical 8.Romantic 9.Realism 10.Impressionism/post- impressionism 11.Final exam Slide 23 American Cinema - Schedule for the year (tentative) 1.Silent Film 2.The Musical 3.American Comedy 4.War and Cinema 5.Film Noir: Somewhere in the Night 6.The Making of the West 7.Horror and Sci-Fi 8.Hollywood and the Cold War 9.Hollywood and the age of Television 10.The 1960s: The Counterculture Strikes Back 11.The Film School Generation 12.Into the Twenty-first Century 13.Final exam Slide 24 I believe that we will have a great year. I will be available most days both before and after school. If you need me to help with your studies, please let me know so that we can make arrangements. Feel free to email me anytime at: Toby.Smith@henry.kyschools.us. I Check my email very regularly and so should get back to you quickly. Toby.Smith@henry.kyschools.us Changes may be made at any