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  • 1.By Victoria Bell

2. Sonic the Hedgehog Image info(Sonic the Hedgehog series) Name: Sonic the Hedgehog Species: Hedgehog Gender: Male Age: 15 years old Anthropomorphic dark bluehedgehog with green eyes Personality: cool headed andcocky. Powers: super speed, can roll up into a ball to attack enemies, use thepowers of the chaos Emeralds forSuper Sonic. I like him because hes a energeticand entertaining character. 3. Shadow the HedgehogImage info(Sonic the Hedgehog Series) Name: Shadow the Hedgehog Species: Hedgehog Gender: Male Age: Unknown Anthropomorphic black and redhedgehog with red eyes Personality: loner with a darkdemeanour (anti hero) Powers: Speed, roll into a ball toattack enemies, SuperShadow, Chaos control, Chaosblast, Chaos spear. One of the most darkest charactersin the series 4. Blaze the Cat Imageinfo(Sonic the Hedgehog series) Name: Blaze the Cat Species: Cat Gender: Female Age: 14 years old Anthropomorphic purple catwith golden eyes Personality: Anti social atfirst but gets better. Powers: Can control fire Her character developmentwas good to see 5. ImageLinkinfo(Legend of Zelda series) Name: Link Species: Hylian Gender: Male Age: Varies between games Human like with pointed ears.Blonde brownish hair with greentunic, boots and green hat (variesbetween games) Personality: Varies between games Powers: Can master items andweaponry with ease, Triforce ofCourage (other powers vary betweengames) The character is vary entertaining toplay as. 6. Princess ZeldaImageinfo(Legend of Zelda series) Name: Zelda Species: Hylian Gender: Female Age: Varies between games Human like with pointedears, brownish, blonde hair, wearspink or purple dress (varies fromgame to game Personality: Varies from game togame Powers: Vary from game togame, Triforce of Wisdom Fun to see how the character variesfrom game to game 7. EponaImage info(Legend of Zelda series) Name: Epona Species: Horse Gender: Female Age: Varies between games Flaxen (colours) Belgian horse Personality: Always a faithfulcompanion to Link Powers: Speed, enemies cantattack her Always fun to ride on her ingame 8. RedImage info(Pokmon series) Name: Red Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 11 years old in first game but knowvaries between games Human, white trainers, blue jeans,black t shirt, red and white jacket (clothing varies between games) Blackhair with red eyes ( brown hair andbrown eyes in more recent games) Personality: Varies between games Powers: Can command his pokemon The first protagonist in a Pokmongame 9. Charmander Image info(Pokemon Series) Name: Charmander Species: Charmander (a firelizard like pokemon) Gender: Varies Age: Varies Orange lizard like creature withcream coloured stomach and aflame on its tail Personality: Varies Powers: Different fire typemoves One of my favourite starterpokemon 10. Pikachu Image(Pokemon series)info Name: Pikachu Species: Pikachu (electricmouse type pokemon) Gender: Varies Age: Varies Yellow mouse like creature withred cheeks and a tail shaped likea lightning bolt Personality: Varies Powers: Different electric typemoves and agility One of my favourite pokemon 11. PitImage info(Kid Icarus series) Name: Pit Species: Angel Gender: Male Age: Unknown Humanoid with white angelwings, brown hair, blue eyes wareswhite and gold (varies betweengames) Personality: Goodhearted, selfless, heroic and upbeat Powers: Flight (for a limited amountof time) bow and arrow and variousother weapons Great character