1st semester exam review. translate hello, how are you?

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  • 1st semester exam review

  • TranslateHello, how are you?

  • Hola, Cmo ests?

  • TranslateWhat is your name?

  • Cmo te llamas?

  • TranslateHow old are you?

  • Cuntos aos tienes?

  • TranslateWhat is the date?

  • Cul es la fecha?

  • TranslateWhat time is it?

  • Qu hora es?

  • TranslateWhen is St Patricks day?

  • Cundo es el da de San Patricio?

  • TranslateWhen is Christmas?

  • Cundo es la navidad?

  • TranslateWhat is the weather doing?

  • Qu tiempo hace?

  • TranslateWhat classes do you have?

  • Qu clases tienes?

  • TranslateWhat do you like to do?

  • Qu te gusta hacer?

  • TranslateI am fifteen years old.

  • Tengo quince aos

  • List allBiologyAlgebraSocial studiesEnglishSpanishart

  • BiologaAlgebraLas ciencias socialesinglsespaolarte

  • List allDays of the week

  • DomingoLunesMartes MircolesJueves Viernessbado

  • TranslateIt is two o clock.

  • Son las dos.

  • TranslateIt is two thirty.

  • Son las dos y media.

  • TranslateIts hot

  • Hace calor

  • Its windy.

  • Hace viento

  • Its cold

  • Hace fro

  • Its snowing

  • nieva

  • Its raining

  • llueve

  • TranslateI like to listen to music.

  • Me gusta escuchar msica.

  • TranslateThe first hour The second hourThe third hourThe fourth hourThe fifth hourThe sixth hourThe seventh hourThe eighth hourThe ninth hour

  • La primera horaLa segunda horaLa tercera horaLa cuarta horaLa quinta horaLa sexta horaLa sptima horaLa octava horaLa novena hora

  • TranslateJohn is a daring boy.

  • John es un chico atrevido

  • Isabel is not artistic.

  • Isabel no es artstica.