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1st Quarter Journal Warm-Ups. Journal 1- [Number each entry @ the top] Answer this prompt on a separate sheet of paper or in your spiral notebook. What are your goals and expectations for this semester (academic or extracurricular)? Be detailed in your response. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 1st Quarter Journal Warm-Ups

  • Journal 1- [Number each entry @ the top]Answer this prompt on a separate sheet of paper or in your spiral notebook.What are your goals and expectations for this semester (academic or extracurricular)? Be detailed in your response.( You do NOT need to write the prompt. Journal Entries must be at LEAST a page long. Write neatly. You can write on the back of the page)

  • Journal 2

    Describe the time you felt most American. Explain your answer.

    Place Student Surveys (HW)- STAPLED WITH NAME, Parent Contact Sheets, and Movie Permission Forms in the basket

  • Journal 3Draw your childhood neighborhood.Walk through the neighborhood, labeling who you meet and what happened at each spot.Finally, brainstorm a list of stories from your past, like the time I

  • Journal 4Why is it important to reflect on experiences of your past? How does this reflection effect choices you make in the present and future? Give at least one example of how reflecting on an event of your past effected a choice you made.

  • Journal 5

    Take 5 minutes to write about a prominent event or memory that you still have from childhood. Describe it in as much detail as possible. Try not to leave anything out.

  • Journal 6What is your personal truth? Explain how you came about believing it.

  • Journal 7Most people have been profoundly changed by a book. If not a book, possibly a song or movie. Think about the book, song or movie that profoundly changed you. How did it change the way you think, or even the way you live?

  • Journal 8Citing evidence from the text, Huckleberry Finn, describe Jims life as a slave. How was he treated by Widow Douglass and Miss Watson? How did the king and dauphin (duke) treat him? What about the Phelps? Tom Sawyer?

  • Journal 9How have Hucks lies and stories been necessary for his survival on the river and in towns? Give at least one specific example. When does the truth [prove to be] better and actually safer than a lie? (hint: Mary Jane Wilks).

  • Journal 10Mass hysteria is defined as a condition affecting a group of persons, characterized by excitement or anxiety, irrational behavior or beliefs, or inexplicable symptoms of illness. Based on your reading of Act 1 last night, do you believe mass hysteria was the reason behind witches being named? Why is fear such a prominent emotion underlying this condition?Example of Mass HysteriaHistorical Examples of Mass Hysteria

  • Journal 11Write about a conflict or grudge youve had with someone in the past. How did it turn out? What are your feelings toward this person today?

  • There are four terms. Write small!

  • Vocab 3 Quiz Tomorrow!Pick up a textbook!

  • Journal 12Imagine that youre a soldier in the jungles of Vietnam. Like the men at the beginning of the novel, you carry at least twenty pounds of equipment with you across the country; this does not include any personal items, such as photographs or chewing gum. Every personal thing you bring adds to the heavy weight on your shoulders.

    Given that knowledge, describe five personal items you would carry with you to remind you of home, ease your nerves, and simply make your situation more bearable. Explain the significance each item holds for you. *journal from enotes.com

  • Works CitedSome Journal Prompts came from:Goldberg, Natalie. Writing Down the Bones. Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2005. Print.