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Skills for working life Module 1


  • 1. He is the First BlackPresident of United States.He is the 44th president ofunited states.
  • 2. This is BarackObamas father.Hes name isBarack Obama,he was of Louethnicity ofKenya. He wasfrom Africa.
  • 3. Auma lives in Kenya, shewas born to BarackHussein Obama Seniorsfirst wife in Kenya.Maya live in Indonesia, She Wasborn to Barack Hussein ObamaSeniors second wife in Hawaiianisland of Maui.
  • 4. This is BarackObamaBrothers, Hehad 5/6brother buttwo are aliveand othersare dead
  • 5. Barack ObamaHawaiian parentsBarack Obama KenyanGrandmother
  • 6. This is Barack Obama FamilyHe has one wife and twodaughters, his wife name isMichelle and his daughtersname are Malia Ann (10years old) and Sasha(Natasha) (7 years old).