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1996-11 Taconic Running Life November 1996


<ul><li><p>TA C O N I CRUNNING L IFE</p><p>N o v e m b e r 1 9 9 6</p><p>m o i i w o s c i n o fi u i m</p><p>Brown, Creel &amp; Diamond LeadFinishers At Jan Peek</p><p>CIncotta, Brittan &amp; VenegasTop Women</p><p>September 8 was a busy day, and one in whichTaconic Runners amassed many awards. The 1996 runningof the Jan Peek lOK saw Scott Brown, 33, clock a 32:14 onthe challenging course, followed by Chuck Creel, 34, in34:57 and Greg Diamond, 39, in 35:29.</p><p>The women's winner this year was Beth-AnneCincotta, 22, in a time of 41:58, followed by Barbara Brittan,31, in 42:23, and Nancy Venegas, 29, in 42:38.</p><p>More details of the day and full race results areinside.</p><p>R e n d o n &amp; S t o c k e rTake Marathon Honors</p><p>Alonso Rendon ran a strong 2:39:12 to handily winthe 1996 Dutchess Marathon on September 8. EmmyStocker took the women's honors with a time of 3:10:34.</p><p>Dutchess story and TRRC finishers times are inside.</p><p>Brittan, CIncotta &amp; Stocker#1,#2, #3</p><p>At Women's Distance FestivalBarbara Brittan, Beth-Anne Cincotta and Emmy</p><p>Stocker all broke the 20 minute mark with strong performances in Taconic's First Women's Distance Festival 5K atFDR Park on October 26.</p><p>Story, finish times and photos are inside.</p><p>Coming Next Issue (January 1997)(submit stories and photos to editor!!!)</p><p>TRRC at the NY City MarathonTRRC Dinner Dance Summary"Lost Week-end" in reviewAnnouncement of new off icersmore. . .if you send it in!</p><p>T R R C M e n ' s M a s t e r s B e s tA t O c e a n To S o u n d</p><p>Scott Abercrombie, Rob Briglio, SteveCalidonna, Nick Caswell, Ken Filmanski, Tony Galfano,Scott Mosenthal, Joe Porcaro &amp; Gary Steinel defendedTRRC's Masters' Title at the Ocean To Sound Relay onLong Island. The 50 mile course from Jones Beach,through Huntington Harbor, west to Oyster Bay and thensouth to Jericho High School saw Taconic leave mastersfrom Runners Edge 7 minutes behind and Hartford along 16 minutes back. Story and photos inside.</p><p>T R R C M e n ' s M a s t e r sRun Lake WInnepesaukee</p><p>Scott Abercrombie, Nick Caswell, BronislawCzech, Paul Fendler, Ken Filmanski, Paul Pacchiana,Jeff Purdy and Gary Steinel entered a masters team inthe eighth annual Lake Winnepesaukee relay and camehome with the bronze. The difference between first andthird was a close 2 seconds per mile! See story andphoto inside.</p><p>T R R C M e n ' s M a s t e r sW i n Te a m P o i n t s A t</p><p>Norway Run 5kTRRC men's masters had their 3 scorers in</p><p>before any other masters team finished two as theycopped top team honors October 12 in Central Park atNorway Day. Steve Calidonna won the 40-45 year agegroup. See story inside.</p><p>Ins ide Th is Issue:Flyers of Upcoming Events.December 6December 7December 8</p><p>Tree Trimming PartyX-C RelaysCouples Relay</p></li><li><p>l a c o n i c R o a d R u n n e r s C l u bP.O . Box 99</p><p>Baldwin Place, NY 10505(http://mennbers.aol.com/gregtrrc/trrc.htm)</p><p>TACONIC RUNNING LIFE is the official publicationof the Taconic Road Runners Club, Inc. Publication isbimonthly and is intended for distribution to clubmembers at no charge. Club officers and Chairpersonsi n c l u d e ;P r e s i d e n t E d M c L a u g h l i n 2 4 4 - 8 5 4 4V . P . S t e v e Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8T r e a s u r e r R i c h A d a m s k i 5 2 8 - 8 4 5 7S e c r e t a r y J o a n n a N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6R a c e C o o r d . R i c h N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6P u b l i c i t y J o e P o r c a r o 5 2 6 - 3 5 2 4Ma i l i ng La r r y &amp; Mary Lenahan 628 -6229A d v e r t i s i n g S t e v e Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8M e m b e r s h i p G r e g D i a m o n d 5 2 8 - 2 2 5 1E q u i p M g r . R i c h N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6V o l . C o o r d . V i n c e n t J u l i a n o 2 4 5 - 3 4 7 2T R L E d i t o r K a t y D . Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8</p><p>2 4 4 - 8 5 4 47 3 7 - 0 8 7 2</p><p>W o m e n ' s Te a m L e e S a r o k e nMen ' s Team S c o t t A b e r c r o m b i e</p><p>P r e s i d e n t s E m e r i t u s :1976-86 Dan Caffiey ( founder )1 9 8 6 - 8 8 O w e n M c C m d d e n1 9 8 9 - 9 0 J o h n H a l l i n a n1 9 9 0 - 9 1 E d M c L a u g h l i n1 9 9 2 - 9 3 F r e d L o e h f e l m</p><p>T R R C T A G N u m b e r : 0 7 9 9TRRC HOTLINE: (914) 923-4665Tacon ic Runn ing L i fe we lcomes con t r ibu t ions f rommembers for publication. Word Perfect 6.1 forWindows and Aldus Pagemaker 4.0 for Windows (IBMcompatible) are used in publishing the newsletter. Ifpossible, please submit material on discs in formats thatcan be converted to either WordPerfect or Pagemaker.If this is not possible, send printed submissions andphotos toKaty D. Quinn, 43 Rodcris Drive, Mahopac, NY 10541</p><p>Tel. (914) 628-0648FAX (914) 621-5866</p><p>or via America On-Line: SQuinn43@AOL.Com</p><p>F a c t a n o n v e r b a</p><p>P r e s i d e n t ' s C o l u m n</p><p>December means it is time for the Great TaconicLost Weekend. Mark your calendars for the weekend ofDecember 6-8.On Friday evening at the Blue Mountain Trail Lodgethere will be a children's holiday party complete witha visit from Santa Claus. For the adults, a little holidaycheer.Saturday is the date for the Cross Country Relay, thisis a really fantasic fun event. For the men. it is a four-man team running 3 miles each, the women will runthree-women teams. The course is challenging. Allparticipants will enjoy the pancake breakfast followingthe event.Later on that evening is the Taconic Holiday Partyfor adults, lots of food and beverages, music anddancing. Some folks even plan on spending the night atthe modest accomodations at the Trail Lodge (cots).On Sunday, it is the Couples' Relay, one man/onewoman each running 5K on the roads and paths in BlueMountain. For the second day in a row we will have apancake breakfast. Unusual awards are the usual here;Everyone looks forward to the chance to compete for ahome made cheesecake and a bottle of champagne.People who spend too much time thinking about training and feel that they aren't getting enough enjoymentout of their running should get their butts out to BlueMountain in December.Oh yes, there may be a marathon run on Sunday,December 8, if the race director ever gets his stuff (sic)together. The idea is that it will be an extended "pumphouse" run, with the same kind of support, i.e. waterstops every 3-5 miles. The course will begin atBaldwin Place (TRRC World Headquarters) and end atBlue Mountain, the object is to get there before thepancakes are gone.</p><p>This is my last column as president -1 want tothank all of the officers and race directors for theirselfless efforts over the last two years, and I particularlywant to thank the volunteers who came out time andtime again to make all of our events as successful asanyone could imagine.</p><p>Lee is going to need that same wonderful support during her presidency and I hope that we will seesome new faces coming forward to assist her.</p><p>Thanks,E d</p></li><li><p>laconic Road Runners Club 1996 Race ScheduleThe following schedule is offered as a guideline. Please check with the race director listedfor verification of accuracy of information,or reference the race fiver.</p><p>Feb. 2</p><p>Feb. 16</p><p>M a r . 1 6</p><p>3 X 3M (Women) &amp; 4 X 3M (Men) X/C RelayBlue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill</p><p>Facta Non-Verba Distance Tres Exacta(Low key marathon) Baldwin Place to Blue Mt. Res.</p><p>2 X 5K Couples Relay, Blue Mt. Res., Peekskill</p><p>Peter Meisler (914) 265-9674</p><p>Ed McLaughlin (94) 244-8544</p><p>Steve Calidonna (914) 278-6036</p><p>Tentative TRRC Schedule for 199710 a.m.</p><p>10 a.m.</p><p>10 a.m.</p><p>Aug. 3 Sun. 8 :45 a .m.</p><p>Aug. 10 S u n . 8 :30 a .m.</p><p>Sept. 20 Sat . 10 a.m.</p><p>Oct. 5 S u n . 10 a.m.</p><p>Oct. 12 S u n . 9 a.m.</p><p>Oct. 13 M o n . 9 a.m.</p><p>Oct. 19 S u n . 9 a.m.</p><p>Oct. 25 Sa t . 10 a.m.</p><p>Oct. 26 S u n . 9 a.m.</p><p>Dec. 6 Sat. 10 a.m.</p><p>Dec. 7 S u n . 11 a.m.</p><p>Freezer 5K, FDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>Freezer 5M, FDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>2M &amp; I OK St. Patrick's Day RacesFDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>5M Mudders &amp; Grunters,FDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>Alcohol Free Races - 2M &amp; 5M, Carmel, NY</p><p>Sybil 50K and RelayCarmel, NY</p><p>Mother's Day 5KFDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>North County NewsYorktown, NY</p><p>L i n c o l n H a l l 5 MSomers, NY</p><p>8M Putnam County ClassicMahopac, NY</p><p>Mahopac Biathlon, Sycamore Park, Mahopac, NY</p><p>Phelps 5K</p><p>Teatown Trail Run, Teatown Res., Ossining, NY</p><p>Support-A-Walk, FDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>Age Group Cross Country Races</p><p>I/4M Columbus Day Kids RunDePew Park, Peekskill, NY</p><p>Age Group Cross Country Races</p><p>2nd Annual Women's Distance FestivalFDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY</p><p>Age Group Cross Country Races</p><p>Men's 4X3 &amp; Women's 3X3 Cross CountryBlue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY</p><p>Couple's Relay, Blue Mountain Res., Peekskill, NY</p><p>Gerald Radlauer (914)764-9056</p><p>Gerald Radlauer (914)764-9056</p><p>Bob Davis (914)941-4311Jim Whelan (914)941-2676</p><p>0. McCrudden(9l4) 923-4665</p><p>John Hallinan (914) 739-2268</p><p>Tony Galfano (914)737-6435 &amp; David Farquhar(914)666-5654</p><p>Nancy Young (914) 528-2251 &amp; Lee Saroken(914) 244-8544</p><p>Doug Miller (914) 962-1402 &amp; Roger Gocking(914) 245-5135</p><p>Joanna &amp; Rich Nash (914) 248-6666</p><p>Fred Reger (914) 621-1601 &amp; Bob Daubenbis(914) 736-2032</p><p>Larry Lenahan (914) 628-6229</p><p>Myles 0'Rhodes(9l4) 244-8544</p><p>Scott Abercrombie(9l4) 737-0872</p><p>Rich Adamski (914) 528-8457</p><p>J. Hallinan (914) 739-2268 &amp;G. Cadman (914) 245-6225</p><p>John Hallinan (914) 739-2268</p><p>J. Hallinan (914) 739-2268 &amp;G. Cadman (914) 245-6225</p><p>Lee Saroken (914) 244-8544Joanna Nash (914) 248-6666</p><p>J. Hallinan (914) 739-2268 &amp;G. Cadman (914) 245-6225</p><p>Peter Meisler (914) 265-9674</p><p>Steve Calidonna(9l4) 277-5443</p></li><li><p>A Calendar of Area (not TRRC) RacesD a t e / T i m e L o c a t i o n D i s t a n c e Telephone Contact</p><p>! 1/9 10 a.m. Billy Goat Trail Run, James Baird State Park, Lagrangeville, NY 5 K 2 2 7 - 9 2 4 5 o r8 9 6 - 8 9 4 6</p><p>11 / 9 Ashokan Reservo i r, Ashokan, NY 5 K 3 3 9 - 6 8 3 9</p><p>1 i/10 10:30 a.m. Stockade-athon Central Park, Schenectady, NY 1 5 K (518)374-6995</p><p>11 / I O n o o n Pilgrim Run, Tarrytown, NY 4 M 6 3 1 - 8 3 8 9</p><p>11 / 1 0 Ocean Slate Marathon, Narragansett to Warwick, Rl 2 6 . 2 (401)885-1499</p><p>11 / 1 7 1 0 a . m . RRCA Age Group XC Championship, Van Cortiandt Park 5 K (212)860-4455</p><p>11 / 1 7 9 a . m . Beachfront Bushwhack, Greenwich, CT 5 M (203)661-0142</p><p>11 / 1 7 9 a . m . Philadelphia Marathon/SK, Philadelphia, PA 2 6 . 2 M &amp; 8 K (215)685-0054</p><p>11 / 2 3 9 a . m . Nyack Hospital, Nyack, NY l O K 3 5 3 - 3 3 3 3</p><p>11 / 2 4 1 0 a . m . Turkey Raffle Run, Washington Park, Albany (518)456-4105</p><p>11 / 2 8 9 a . m . Turkey Trot, Arlington M.S., Freedom Plains, NY 2 5 K , 5 M , 2 M , I M 2 2 7 - 5 2 6 2</p><p>11 / 2 8 1 0 a . m . Stuffed Turkey Run, SUNY Purchase 5 M 6 8 2 - 0 6 3 7</p><p>11/28 Manchester Thanksgiving Day Race, Manchester, CT 5 M (860)649-6456</p><p>1 2 / 1 11 a . m . North Castle, Chappaqua, NY l O K 2 3 8 - 3 9 0 9</p><p>1 2 / 1 5 1 0 a . m . Joe Kleinerman (OK, Central Park, NYC l O K (212)860-4455</p><p>12/15 10a.m. Jingle Bell Jog, Greenwich, CT 3 M (203)661-0142</p><p>1 2 / 2 1 Holiday Classic, Hudson, NY 4 M (518)861-6350</p><p>12/22 9:30 a.m. Holiday Runs, Central Park, NYC 4M &amp; 13.1 M (212)860-4455</p><p>12/31 midnight NYRRC Midnight Run, Central Park, NYC 5 K (212)860-4455</p><p>1 /5 Walt Disney World Marathon, Orlando, FL 2 6 . 2 M (407)939-7810</p><p>1,'18 Mardi Gras Marathon, New Orleans, LA 2 6 . 2 M (504)482-6682</p><p>2 / 9 Las Vegas International Marathon/Half Marathon, Las Vegas 2 6 . 2 M 1 3 . I M (702)876-3870</p><p>Carmelo's PaintingTRRC's Carmelo Roldan</p><p>(914)245-6969Fully Insured- Specializing Id</p><p>Cedar Restorat ionHome Decorating</p><p>Pressure WashingWall Papering</p><p>Light CarpentryAirless Spraying</p><p>} Business Accounting &amp;Income Tax Preparation</p><p>B a n d BBookeeping ex. Accounting</p><p>M e m b e r sT R R C</p><p>Settle &amp; Bob Peyton(914-669-5338</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>MEMBERSHIP NEWS NOVEMBER 1996Compiled by Joanna Nash</p><p>Welcome!! to an increasing number of new members. Those of you who have "checked off' a volunteer opportunity, this is your chanceto get involved, meet club members and make new friends. There are team runs in NYC, group runs at FDR Park &amp; the Pumphouse andClub Meetings - not to mention Races - to get involved in. Be sure to mark your calendar for the TRRC "Lost Week-end" of December7,8 and join the fun.</p><p>C a r r i e B e r a r d i D a v i d &amp; D i a n e K a h nS t e p h e n L a z a r e &amp; M a r y C o s t e l l o L e n o r e R o t a n e l l i</p><p>Murat Beck started running 2 years ago. Murat's favorite race is the NYC Marathon and he would like to average a 7 minute mile.Anne Budlong runs in Rockefeller Preserve and in FDR Park. Anne's favorite race distance is a lOK. (You might want to contact theWomen's Masters Team (Lee Saroken), if you're interested.)Mike Carney's favorite race is the Southbury lOK. Mike runs around noon on the weekends. His goal is to lose 15 pounds.Denis Donohue enjoyed running the old course of the Yonkers Marathon. Denis' goal is to break 18:36 for a 5K and 38:00 for a lOK.He enjoys running in Rockefeller's and training for races.John Gaine likes running the Rat Race (you don't have to run it to be in it!) and his favorite race distance is the NYC Marathon. Johnenjoys training on trails and he would like to complete 3 marathons this fall.Anthony &amp; Allison Giacchetto started running in the same year. They run at the same time of day and they enjoy the same racedistance. (Maybe that's why they're married!)Justin Kelley began running in his teens. Justin likes the half-marathon distance, and his favorite race is the Rodale Half-Marathon.Justin enjoys training on woodsy trails and especially likes to run in the Redwood Forest of Oregon. He sends his thanks for the speedwork outs on Wednesday Nights and looks forward to joing the 40's team next year.Carlos Miranda likes to run in the evening where it is safe. Carlos likes to run any race at the 5K distance.Briget Porteus began running this year. Briget runs in the mornings to help stay in shape and clear her mind.Pamela Paulson &amp; family run for the freedom and personal accomplishment. Pamela runs locally in the morning. She would like toincrease her distance and reduce her time.Emmy Stocker runs to keep fit, would like to maintain her fitness by doing shorter races and have a sense of accomplishment. Emmylikes to run half-marathons and marathons, possibly this fall. She trains in the hills around her town.Peter Wuttke has just begun training for 5K races. Peter runs for the therapeutic feeling and to be in good shape.Caroline Zand-Latorre looks forward to the Advil Mini-Marathon each year. Caroline likes running the Aqueduct from Tarrytown toIrvington. She is working on extending her distance and decreasing her time.</p><p>Renewing MembersJ o h n A l b a n e s e B u d g e H u n t o o nR o b e r t a B r i l l M a r y H u r l e yJ o A n n C o o g a n M a r k L e s c a u l tR o b e r t D a v i e s L a u r e n L o g a nT o m E l l i o t &amp; f a m i l y E d w a r d M c C a r t h yW i l l i a m F l o r e n c e B i l l M c C o n n e l lM i k e G o s s e t J o e N a d a l i n eN i n a G u n t h e r R o b i n s o n O r t i zH e r m e s c h f a m i l y V i c t o r P o l i t a n o &amp; f a m i l yM a r c H o l z e r</p><p>Roy Altman likes to run any race he does well in. Roy is a regular at the pumphouse and enjoys running in the morning. He would liketo lower all of his PR's from 5K's to half-marathons. Roy likes the Taconic home page (Thank you, Greg!!).Don Bl...</p></li></ul>