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1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996


<ul><li><p>5/25/2018 1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996</p><p> 1/24</p><p>T A C O N I CR U N N I N G L I F E</p><p>July 1996</p><p>m ao i S ' u ' i i K C t i i i o n y t K t</p><p>Neither Wind Nor Cold Could Stop Women On Mother's DayTara Maguire, Christine</p><p>Garger and Debra Kenney led the finishers at the annual Mother's Day 5KRace. The field is shown, at left,getting ready for the start. Race resultsand more details about the event starton page 4.</p><p>Despite the cold and wind,hearty groups enjoyed the 2M walk aswell as the 5K nin. Colorhil tee-shiils,plentiful refreshments and generousraflle prizes contributed to the festivee v e n t .</p><p>Many mother/daughter teamswere resprcsented and at least oneihree gencrationentry was represented.(Way to go, Carol ) -photo by N. Young1996 Lincoln Hall 5 Miler Sees Tough Competition</p><p>D a v i d M i t z i(#200) would prevail at the1996 Lincoln Hall 5 Miler,but he saw plenty of competition from Odis Sanders andChuck Creel (#3). SteveCalidonna (#88) topped theMasters finishers and was6 t h o v e r a l l .</p><p>Complete race results and details and morephotos start on page 8. Besure to take note of the generosity of many sponsors ofthis event. We are alwaysgrateful for the hospitalityand enthusiastic participation of Lincoln Hall,</p><p>-photo by V. JulianaA r m a n d o O l i v i e r a L e a d sReverse North County News 10KNorth County News reversed its direction for the 19lh running,</p><p>but it was not a problem for first place finisher Armando Oliviera. Seecomplete race results and details of the event starting on page 19.</p><p>I n s i d e T h i s I s s u e :Race Flyers of Upcoming Races.July 9 - Aug. 13 Summer Track SeriesAugus t 4 Mahopac Biath lonSeptember 8 Jan Peek 1 OKSeptember 21 Teatown 5K Trail RunO c t o b e r 2 6 W o m e n ' s D i s t a n c e F e s t i v a l</p></li><li><p>5/25/2018 1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996</p><p> 2/24</p><p>P r e s i d e n t ' s C o l u m n</p><p>Taconic Road Runners ClubP.O. Box 99Baldwin Place, NY 10505</p><p>(http://members.aol.com/gregtrrc/trrc.htm)TACONIC RUNNING LIFE is the official publicationof the Taconic Road Runners Club, Inc. Publication isbimonthly and is intended for distribution to clubmembers at no charge. Club officers and Chairpersonsinc lude:P r e s i d e n t E d M c L a u g h l i n 6 6 6 - 8 7 1 2V . P . S t e v e Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8T r e a s u r e r R i c h A d a m s k i 5 2 8 - 8 4 5 7S e c r e t a r y J o a i m a N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6R a c e C o o r d . R i c h N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6P u b l i c i t y J o e P o r c a r o 5 2 6 - 3 5 2 4Mai l ing Larry &amp; Mary Lenahan 628-6229A d v e r t i s i n g S t e v e Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8Membership Greg Diamond 528-2251E q u i p M g r . R i c h N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6V o l . C o o r d . V i n c e n t J u l i a n o 2 4 5 - 3 4 7 2T R L E d i t o r K a t y D . Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8W o m e n ' s T e a m L e e S a r o k e nM e n' s Te a m S co t t A b er c r om b ie</p><p>6 6 6 - 8 7 1 26 2 8 - 0 6 4 85 2 8 - 8 4 5 72 4 8 - 6 6 6 62 4 8 - 6 6 6 65 2 6 - 3 5 2 46 2 8 - 6 2 2 96 2 8 - 0 6 4 8528-22512 4 8 - 6 6 6 62 4 5 - 3 4 7 26 2 8 - 0 6 4 86 6 6 - 8 7 1 27 3 7 - 0 8 7 2</p><p>P r e s i d e n t s E m e r i t u s :1976-86 Dan Caflfrey (founder)1 9 8 6 - 8 8 O w e n M c C r u d d e n1 9 8 9 - 9 0 J o h n H a l l i n a n1 9 9 0 - 9 1 E d M c L a u g h l i n1 9 9 2 - 9 3 F r e d L o e h f e l m</p><p>T R R C T A C N u m b e r : 0 7 9 9TRRC HOTLINE: (914) 923-4665Taconic Running L i fe welcomes contr ibut ions f rommembers for publication. Word Perfect 6.1 forWindows and Aldus Pagemaker 4.0 for Windows (IBMcompatible) are used in publishing the newsletter. Ifpossible, please submit material on discs in formats thatcan be converted to either WordPerfect or Pagemaker.If this is not possible, send printed submissions andphotos toKaty D. Quinn, 43 Rodcris Drive, Mahopac, NY 10541Tel. (914) 628-0648FAX (914) 621-5866or via America On-Line: SQuinn43@AOL.Com</p><p>Facta non verba</p><p>Plans are in the works for the first annual (almost 20anniversary) "Facta Non-Verba-Distance Tres Exacta" marathon be held on December 8 in conjunction with the Taconic Great LoWeek-end. The event will be low key-essentially an extension of oweekly "pump house" runs, with the added wrinkle that we plan certify the course, thus making it usefiil as a Boston qualifier. Thmarathon will start at Baldwin Place (at TRRC World HeadquarteP.O. Box 99) proceed down the recently opened bike path to Yorktowout to Route 118, South to Route 134, then, after a turn or two, Croton Dam Road to Croton Dam to Route 129 to Croton Avenue Maple to Montrose Station Road to Washington Street to BluMountain Park. The field for this inaugural event will be limited, sincthe race director also plans on running in it.</p><p>The Mother's Day race and walk brought out a good crowThe weather was not as inviting as past Mother's Days, but thvolunteers and participants warmed things up. It was a great eveA few comments on North County News: the change in thcourse came as a surprise-probably too much of a surprise. Let's hosuch changes will be made known prior to race day. The reversalthe course proved to be considerably more difficult than most wouhave thought. Compliments to Doug Miller for trying to stimulate neinterest in an old event, it's always difficult to pull all the piece</p><p>together, and he managed to do that and also come up with outstanding T-shirt. (He got help for Karen on the shirt, obviouslyThe Lincoln Hall 5-Miler produced excellent performanc</p><p>by the Taconic men's team. Dave Mitzi came from behind to win ovcourse record holder, Odis Sanders. Rich and Joanna Nash put a of time and effort into the organization of this race, and it showedwas great to be able to host a NYRRC club points race, and to welcomrunners from the Central Park Track Club, the New York FlyeWithold's Runners, New York Harriers and Millrose AA. Howevin the end, we proved to be poor hosts in that Taconic's Open, Masteand Veterans teams outscored them all A good time was had by and we cordially invite all club runners to join us.Mark your calendar - SUNDAY, JULY 21 - Central Par</p><p>CLUB TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. All Taconic Road Runners shocome to run 5 miles, wear the team colors,, then come to the post-rapicnic. If you need an application, call Lee or me at 666-8712.- E dA Note From The Vice President:</p><p>After a recent Saturday morning pumphouse run, many ofreceived flyers alerting us to the proposed construction of a watreatment facility on the Croton Reservoir near the pumphouse. Tproposed 50 acre facility may take years to build and would probaclose a significant amount of the existing "pumphouse run" courWatch the local papers to stay abreast of developments, and let yopinions be known. -S teveP.S. The water treated in this plant would not be for use in YorktowIt would serve New York City and possibly Yonkers.</p></li><li><p>5/25/2018 1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996</p><p> 3/24</p><p>Taconic Road Runners C lub 1996 Race ScheduleThe following schedule is offered as a guideline. Please check with the race director listed for verification ofaccuracy of information, or reference the race flyer.</p><p>July 4 T h u r s . 8 A.M. 8M Putnam County Classic, Mahopac, NY FredReger(914) 621-1601Bob Daubenbis (914) 736-2032Myles O'Rhodes (914) 666-8712</p><p>Aug. 4 Sun. 8 : 4 5 A M Taconic Biathlon (5K Run &amp; '/4 Mile Swim)Sycamore Park, Mahopac, NY Larry Lenahan (914) 628-6229</p><p>Aug. 11 Sun. 8 : 3 0 A M Phelps Memorial 5K Run/Walk Myles O'Rhodes (914) 666-8712Sept. 8 Sun. 10 AM Jan Peek lOK, Peekskill, NY DonEttinger (914) 737-2572Sept. 8 Sun. Dutchess County Classic (5K, 13.IM, 26.2M) Irv Miller (914) 471-0777Sept. 21 Sat 9 A M Teatown Lake 5K Trail Run, Ossining Lee Saroken (914) 666-8712Debra Kenney (914) 245-9629</p><p>Scott Abercrombie (914) 737-0872Oct. 6 Sun. 1 0 A M 3M Walk to benefit The Support Connection</p><p>FDR Park, YorktownRich Adamski (914) 528-8457</p><p>Oct. 13 Sun. 9 A M Age Group Cross Country #1Route 202, Yorktown Gene Cadman (914) 245-6225John Hallinan (914) 739-2268Oct. 14 M o n . 9 A M 1/4 M Columbus Day Races for Children</p><p>DePew Park, PeekskillScott Abercrombie (914) 737-0872John Hallinan (914) 739-2268</p><p>Oct. 20 Sun. 1 0 A M Age Group Cross Country #2Somers H.S., Somers Gene Cadman (914) 245-6225John Hallinan (914) 739-2268Oct. 26 Sat . 4 P M Women's Distance Festival Classic</p><p>(Women only), YorktwonLee Saroken (914) 666-8712Joanna Nash (914) 248-6666</p><p>Oct. 27 Sun. 9 A M Age Group Cross Country #3Blue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill Gene Cadman (914) 245-6225John Hallinan (914) 739-2268Dec. 7 Sat . 1 0 A M 3 X 3M (Women) &amp; 4 X 3M (Men) X/C RelayBlue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill Director needed</p><p>Dec. 8 Sun. 11 A M 2 X 5K Couples RelayBlue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill</p><p>Steve Calidonna (914) 923-4665</p><p>Dec. 8 Sun. 8 A M ? Facta Non-Verba Distance Tres Exacta(Low key marathon) Baldwin Place to Blue Mt.R e s e r v a t i o n</p><p>Ed McLaughlin (94) 666-8712</p><p>DR. PETER F. CORSINOPODIATRIC MEDICINE &amp; SURGERY</p><p>SPORT MEDICINEH O U R S B Y A P P O I N T M E N T</p><p>749 EAST 187TH STREETBRONX, N.y. 104587 1 8 - 3 6 4 - 4 5 2 8</p><p>HudMnM ^ rgeons RCcomplete eye careA N D R E W A . D A H L , M P . . F A . C S .</p><p>E R I C R . B R O C K S . M . D . . F. A C S .M A R T I N R . L E O P O L D , M . D . F A C S</p><p>G R E G A . D I A M O N D . M DO P H T H A L M O L O G Y</p><p>S O U T H E R N D U T C H E S SP R O F E S S I O N A L P A R K( 9 1 4 ) 8 9 6 - 9 2 8 0 r o u t e s 2 fi s h k i l l n y 1 2 5 2 4</p></li><li><p>5/25/2018 1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996</p><p> 4/24</p><p>Mother Nature Poses Challenge at Mother's Day 5KBy Lee Saroken &amp; Nancy YoungAfter a hot and steamy Saturday, Mother's Day brought us cold and windy conditions for the annual women only 5K run and 2mile walk at FDR Park. The finish line proved no match for Mother Nature (she didn't race) as it became the first and only casualty of tday when the clock was blown off its stand and the banner bent shortly after our crack finish line crew completed their set-up. Everresourceful, a volunteer was enlisted to yell out finishing times as the competitors crossed the line.Tara Maguire crossed the bandaged and bruised finish line first, over a minute ahead of second place finisher ChristineGarger. Tara continues her strong running, as she was the only competitor to break the 20 minute mark. Christine's second place finisalong with a strong performance from her mother Roni (who won her age group) enabled them to win the mother-daughter teamcompetition. 1995 Runner of the Year Debra Kenney rounded out the top three with her usual strong performance.</p><p>Despite Mother Nature's worst performance in recent Mother's Day history, a large number of runners were joined by a verywelcome contingent of walkers. Due to the growing interest in the walking segment of this event, we are planning to provide officialfinishing times for all walkers in 1997. In addition. Mother Nature will be invited to officially participate next year and will be assignedprestigious elite number "I" in order to avoid any of the problems she presented this year.</p><p>Hooray for the volunteers and runners that helped make this year's Mother's Day race so successful. A very special thanks toKevin Lenahan for the T-shirt design. Also, special thanks to our raffle prize donators: Court Sports, Club Fit, the Premier Club, TRamada Inn, Rattlesnakes, Denise Borgeest, Pasta Plus and last, but definitely not least, the Daily Bagel and Dan Moffitt, who givus constant support.</p><p>The Humpty DumptyAward. . .</p><p>Goes to Brian Wheaton,who is often behind the scenes, doing</p><p>what needs doing.This time,</p><p>we gratefully acknowledgehis skills in putting</p><p>the clock back together againafter its fall.Too bad Humpty Dumpty</p><p>n e v e rmade Brian's acquaintance</p><p>Mother/DaughterT e a m A w a r d s</p><p>1. Garger/Garger 43:212 . L a u n / L a u n / P e r e z 4 5 : 2 43 . D ' O t t a v i o / M a r k a t o s 4 7 : 2 1</p><p>5 K O v e r a l l &amp;Age Group Winners</p><p>O v e r a l l T a r a M a g u i r e , 2 7 1 9 : 1 7Christine Garger, 28 20:20De b ra Ke n n e y , 4 0 2 0 :5 4</p><p>1 - 1 4 C a l t l i n B r f t t a n , 1 0 3 5 : 4 6A n d r e a N a s h , 7 3 7 : 5 4Christina Francis, 11 40:08</p><p>1 5 - 1 8 K a t h l e e n K a n e , 1 7 2 1 : 3 1L i n d a L i u . 1 8 2 1 : 5 7Anne Laun Perez. 16 22:55</p><p>19-29 Vicki Brockhauser. 26 21:20Nancy Venegas, 28 21:28Marika Sickinger, 26 22:04</p><p>3 0 - 3 9 B a r b a r a B r i l t a n , X 2 1 : 0 9Mar ina Veatch , 36 21 :18M a r g i e K a t t , 3 8 2 1 : 3 6</p><p>40-49 Lorraine Reymond, 40 22:24N a n c y L a u n , 4 8 2 2 : 2 9Robin Mahoney, 41 22:36</p><p>50-59 Veron ica Garger , 52 23 :01Melanie Benvenue, 52 23:26C h e r y l K o h u t , 5 1 2 4 : 3 7</p><p>6 0 + M a r g a r e t L a u n , 7 1 3 2 : 1 0</p><p>#1. Tara Maguire</p><p>#3. Debra Kenney#2. Christine Garger</p><p>-photos by N. You</p></li><li><p>5/25/2018 1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996</p><p> 5/24</p><p>Hooray for Mother's DayMother's Day was family day, as Mother-Daughter (and even some Mother-Daughter-Granddaughter teams) enjoyed a run (or walk)together. Pictured here (clockwise from top left): Race director Lee Saroken and daughter Dana, perennial TRRC volunteer JoannaNash and daughter Andrea (Shannon finished with Dad's cheering), Susan Solow and daughter Lori, Greta Olsson and daughterChristina Francis, and Carol Hanson with daughter Kim Sherman and granddaughters Kelsey and Kennedy.</p><p>-photos by N. Young</p></li><li><p>5/25/2018 1996-07 Taconic Running Life July 1996</p><p> 6/24</p><p>San Francisco On The RunBy Brad Leach(Editor's note: I have had the pleasure of hearing about some beautiful running throughout the country in conversations with Bradwhile running some "pump-house runs His job frequently takes him to distant spots, where he laces up his shoes and hits the roads. Iam pleased that he has taken me up on my invitation to put together some runner's travel-log notes. I hope you enjoy them and I inviteyou to share your experiences.)</p><p>Running opportunities in San Francisco reflect the diversity which characterizes this vibrant city. As a runner, my favoritelocation is the financial district, due to the easy access to the waterfront which provides some of the best running routes in this vehiclechoked city. The Hyatt Regency at the Embarcadero Center is a good hotel choice in this part of San Francisco. Every Wednesday at 6:0p.m. runners meet at the hotel for a group run.On this morning, I started my run from the Hyatt which is 10 minutes from the waterfront. The Embarcadero (Spanish for wharis a boulevard that provides access to the waterfront area of San Francisco and draws many runners in the morning. I turned left at theEmbarcadero and ran on the sidewalk toward Fisherman's Wharf which is the first destination at 1.5 miles. I strongly suggest a brief stoat Pier 39 to see the sea lions. Some years ago, the local sea lion population decided that the boat docks provided a desirable gatheringspot. The city's guiding view of tolerance enabled the sea lions to adopt this spot on a permanent basis. This morning there wereapproximately 250 sunning and barking on the...</p></li></ul>