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1996-05 Taconic Running Life May 1996


  • T A C O N I CR U N N I N G L I F E

    May 1996

    The Sun Shines On St Paddy's Day RacesAA/inners

    Susan f:pslcin ol'New York City was all smiles as MylesOUhodes presented her with free airline tickets from Aer Lingusfor a trip for two to Ireland. Not only did Susan win the drawingfor the tickets, she also came up a winner in her age group in thel O K . -photo by J. Mash

    Fred Loehfelm presented the tlrst place women's trophy to TaraMcGuire amidst the cheers of a large crowd following the St. Patrick'sDay races at FDR Park March 17, j-'ull race results on pages 8 & 9.

    -photo by J. Mash

    Mudders & Grunters Marked By Fun & MudRace Director Own McCrudden (left) went over theixilcs for this year's running of Mudders & Grunterswhile Fred Loehfelm, President Emeritus, chose anenforcement theme of "guns and hoses." See pages11, 12, 13 for more pictures and race details.

    -photo by K.D. Quinn

    I n s i d e T h i s I s s u e :Race Flyers of Upcoming Races.May 19 North Count) 'News 1 OKJ u n e 2 L i n c o l n H a l l 5 MJ u l y 4 P u t n a m C o u n t y C l a s s i cA u g u s t 4 M a h o p a c B i a th l o n

  • P r e s i d e n t ' s C o l u m n

    Taconic Road Runners ClubP.O. Box 99

    Baldwin Place, NY 10505(http://members.aol.com/gregtrrc/trrc.htm)TACONIC RUNNING LIFE is the official publicationof the Taconic Road Runners Club, Inc. Publication isbimonthly and is intended for distribution to clubmembers at no charge. Club officers and Chairpersonsi n c l u d e :P r e s i d e n t E d M c L a u g h l i n 6 6 6 - 8 7 1 2V . P . S t e v e Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8T r e a s u r e r R i c h A d a m s k i 5 2 8 - 8 4 5 7S e c r e t a r y J o a n n a N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6R a c e C o o r d . R i c h N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6P u b l i c i t y . l o e P o r c a r o 5 2 6 - 3 5 2 4Mailing Larry & Mary Lenahan 628-6229A d v e r t i s i n g S t e v e Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8Membersh ip Greg D iamond 528-2251E q u i p M g r . R i c h N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6V o l . C o o r d . V i n c e n t J u l i a n o 2 4 5 - 3 4 7 2T R L E d i t o r K a t y D . Q u i n n 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8

    6 6 6 - 8 7 1 27 3 7 - 0 8 7 2

    W o m e n ' s Te a m L e e S a r o k e nMen ' s Team S c o t t A b e r c r o m b i e

    P r e s i d e n t s E m e r i t u s :1976-86 Dan Caftrey (founder)1 9 8 6 - 8 8 O w e n M c C r u d d e n1 9 8 9 - 9 0 J o h n H a l l i n a n1990-91 Ed McLaughl in1 9 9 2 - 9 3 F r e d L o e h f e l m

    T R R C TA G N u m b e r : 0 7 9 9TRRC HOTLINE: (914) 923-4665Taconic Running Life welcomes contributions frommembers for publication. Word Perfect 6.1 forWindows and Aldus Pagemaker 4.0 for Windows (IBMcompatible) are used in publishing the newsletter. Ifpossible, please submit material on discs in formats thatcan be converted to either WordPerfect or Pagemaker.If this is not possible, send printed submissions andphotos toKaty D. Quinn, 43 Rodcris Drive, Mahopac, NY 10541

    Tel. (914) 628-0648FAX (914) 621-5866

    or via America On-Line: SQuinn43@AOL.Com

    Facta non verba

    SYBIL: I just got back from Sybil. It was very well-organized and a very enjoyable event. Race DirectorsDavid Farquhar and Tony Galfano put on a great race.And the group of laconics supporting them did aterrific job, in particular Eileen & Bob Davis, for theirefforts back at the VFW in setting up and preparing thepost-race refreshments. The field for the 5OK was 39starters, with 37 finishers - This is probably a recordfield. The only disappointment was that only fourteams participated in the two-person relay. Where theh were the rest of you? On a personal note: manythanks to Joanna Nash for being the "support crew" forLee and me throughout the entire race. We couldn'thave done it without you.

    BOSTON: Lots of Taconics participated in the 100thBoston Marathon. Aside from a few glitches, which areinevitable in handling nearly 40,000 runners, the overallexperience was wonderful. Results are on the TRRChome page which you will find at this URL: (http://members.aol.com/gregtrrc/trrc.htm).

    RYE DERBY: Also posted on the TRRC home pageare the results of the Rye Derby 5M. Congratulations toGreg Diamond for providing such speedy results to thefolds at the Rye "Y". They have never gotten them asquickly, nor as accurately. Eamon Coghlan was particularly impressed by how soon the results were postedand the award winners identified. The rest of theTaconic support team was outstanding: ; Registrationwas ably handled by Rich Adamski Carol Hansen, JackMagrone, Nancy Young, Joan Deitrick, Sarah Collins,Joanna & Shannon Nash, Scott Abercrombie andDebbie Kenney. At the finish line, providing the set-upand handling the double chute operation, were RichNash, Steve Quinn, Joe Porcaro, Bob McKeon, GretaOlsson, Vinnie Juliano, Bill Foley, Scott Abercrombie,Debbie Kenney, Jack Magrone and Doug Miller. Thisis a fabulous team of individuals who all pulled togetherbeautifully and did Taconic proud. Our stock roseconsiderably because of their efforts. Thanks to you all.

    I certainly would like to see more Taconics at our races,supporting the club. Come to volunteer OR come torun.. .but COME!

  • Taconic Road Runners Club 1996 Race Schedule

    May 12 S u n . 1 0 A M 5K Mother's Day (Women Only)FDR Park, Yorktown, NY

    May 18 Sat. 9 A M Pleasantville Gazebo

    May 19 S u n . 9 A M lOK North County NewsYorktown, NY

    Aug. II

    Sept. 8

    Sept. 8

    Sept. 21

    5M Lincoln Hall, Somers, NY

    8M Putnam County Classic, Mahopac, NY

    Taconic Biathlon (5K Run, 1/2 M Swim)Sycamore Park, Mahopac, NY

    Phelps Memorial 5K Run/Walk

    LeeSaroken; (914)666-8712Nancy Young: (914) 528-2251

    Pleasantville Rec. Ctr. (914) 769-7950Bob Cooney (914) 769-7859

    Doug Miller: (914)962-1402Roger Cocking: (914) 245-5135

    Rich & Joanna Nash: (914) 248-6666

    FredReger (914)621-1601Bob Daubenbis (914) 736-2032Myles O'Rhodes (914) 666-8712

    Larry Lenahan: (914)628-6229

    Myles O'Rhodes: (914)666-8712Jan Peek lOK Don Ettinger: (914) 737-2572

    Dutchess County Classic (5K, 13. IM & 26.2M) Irv Miller: (914) 471-0777Teatown Lake 5K Trail RunOssining, NY

    LeeSaroken: (914)666-8712DebraKenney: (914)245-9629

    Oct. 6 S u n . 1 0 A M 3M Share-A-WalkFDR Park, Yorktown, NY

    RichAdamski: (914)528-8457Katy D. Quinn: (914) 628-0648

    Oct. 13 S u n . 9 A M Age Group Cross Country # 1Route 202, Yorktown, NY

    GeneCadman: (914)245-6225John Hallinan: (914)739-2268

    1/4M Columbus Day Races for ChildrenDePew Park, Peekskill, NY

    Age Group Cross Country #2Somers H.S., Somers, NY

    Women's Distance Festival Classic(Women only), Yorktown, NY

    Age Group Cross Country #3Blue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill, NY

    3 X 3M (Women) & 4 X 3M (Men) X/C RelayBlue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY

    2 X 5K Couples RelayBlue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill, NY

    Scott Abercrombie: (914)737-0872John Hallinan: (914)739)2268

    GeneCadman: (914)245-6225John Hallinan: (914)739-2268

    LeeSaroken: (914)666-8712Joanna Nash: (914)248-6666

    GeneCadman: (914)245-6225John Hallinan: (914) 739-2268

    DaveO'Toole: (914)923-4665

    Steve Calidonna: (914)923-4665

  • May Membership News(Compiled by Joanna Nash)New Members^ welcome to Taconic! Please join us at one of our May meeting at Teatown and the summer meetings at Downing

    Park. We also hope to see you at group runs in FDR park and/or at the pumphouse/Croton Reservoir. Plus, don't be shy: Call a race directorand volunteer your services at an up- coming race. Volunteering is a great way to get your feet wet and feel part of the Club!!

    B i l l y B e g g R o b e r t O ' M a l l e y a n d f a m i l y C h a r l e s a n d M i c h e l l e R e i l l yJ . B a i l e y W i l l i a m P a y n e L o r r a i n e W a i t m a nS a u n d r a F a u s t i n i J o s e p h P e r e z a n d f a m i l yB o b J a c k s o n L a u r a R e e d y

    Mike Dhunjishah is working toward a goal of 30 to 35 miles per week and would like to run one marathon per year. Mike runs in theevenings during the week and in the afternoon on the weekend around the area where he lives.Gregory Govan and family enjoy running the shorter distances. Gregory would like to be able to train and not get injured. He likes to runthe shorter 400M distance and his favorite race distance is 2 miles.Marie Hale joined Taconic because she thought it would be fun to get to know other runners. (There are a lot of Taconic members that runin your area!) We look forward to seeing you at the meetings and races.Barbara Kingsborough does her running any time she can. Barbara's current running goal is a Marathon. She's turned in some impressiveperformances at recent TRRC events.Maureen McArdle likes to run in the afternoons. Her favorite race and race distance is a 5K.Erich Miethner is a new, but former member of Taconic (one of the originals I might guess!) Erich's favorite race is the SkylonInternational Marathon and his favorite distance is a lOK. He would like to break a 3:28:00 Marathon!!Jeffrey Schreier enjoys running the Bronx Zoo 5K. So far Jeffrey has only run 5K's, but he would like to work up to lOK's and half-marathons. (It sounds like you might want to run at the Pump House on Saturday mornings. Taconic also has other formal and informaltraining runs. Contact an officer listed on page 2 for more info or come to the next club meeting!)

    Renewing ntentbetS' We welcome your continued support!! We have a lot of events coming up during the summer and could useyour help and smiling faces.

    P i e r c e B r e n n a nGene Cadman and familyR i c h a r d C i e r oBob D'ArcyK a t h l e e n D ' O t t a v i oDavid FarquharK e n F i l m a n s k iJudy FreemanDavid GaryLinda Geppert

    Stanley GoldsteinMargie Katt and familyDonald LowryC h a r l o t t e L u k a sOwen