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1996-03 Taconic Running Life March 1996


<ul><li><p>T A C O N I CR U N N I N G L I F E</p><p>M a r c h 1 9 9 6</p><p>m s</p><p>Snowy Freezer 5 EnlistsW h e a t o n P l o w A s" P a c e C a r "</p><p>The Freezer 5 Miler enlisted Brian Wheaton and hispick-up with a plow as the pace car lor the annual winter eventFebmarv' 18. It had to move riglil along to stay ahead of winnerDave Mitzi, who traversed the course in a quick 27:22. Milziwas followed by Tom Church in 28:22 and lliird place finisherGreg Diamond, (winner of the Freezer 5K) in 30:33.</p><p>The women's field was led by Barbara Brittan (whoalso won the Freezer 5K), 35:22, Diane Corr&gt;'cddu, 37:36, andLeah Begg, 39:42.</p><p>Brian Wheaton was named most appreciated volunteer for bringing the firewood to keep the picnic shelter "coz&gt;'."He shares the honors with Rich Nash, who brought wood for theeven colder Freezer 5K and Fred Reger who added much-appreciated propane heaters for the Februaiv 4th event.</p><p>See inside for lull race results and details of the twofrigid festivities.</p><p>(Photo, left, by .Joanna S'a.th)Wiimers of the Freezer 5 Miler line u]i withtheir trophies, lell to right: Leah Begg, 3rdplace woman, Diane Con'veddu, 2nd placewoman, and Barbara Brittan, overall women'schamp, Tom Church, 2nd place overall finisherand overall winner Dave Mitzi. Missing fromthe picture is Clreg Diamond, overall 3rd placefi n i s h e r.</p><p>7Vohmteer opporlufiilie.s</p><p>abound. . .call race directors!</p><p>News of TlUiC winners atN Y J U i C i n s i d e .r . ^ 7U 7Letters, stories and</p><p>tips on followingp a g e s .</p><p>i n s i d e T h i s I s s u e :Race Flyers of Upcoming Races.Mar. 17 St. Patrick's Day 2M &amp; 5MMar. 31 Madders &amp; Grunters 5KApr. 27 Sybil Ludington 50K &amp; relayApr. 28 Alcohol FTee Footrace 2M &amp; 5MMay 11 5K Bridge Run, Dutchess County YMCAMay 18 Pleasantville 5KMay 19 North County News lOKJ u n e 2 L i n c o l n H a l l 5 M</p><p>i</p></li><li><p>T A C O N I CR U N N I N G</p><p>L I F E T * R - R * C -</p><p>Tacon ic Road Runners C lubP. O . B o x 9 9</p><p>Baldwin Place, NY 10505</p><p>TACONIC RUNNING LIFE is Ihc oITicial publit;ationof the Taconic Road Runners Club, Inc. Publication isbimonthly and is intended for distribution to clubmembers at no charge. Club officers and Chairpersonsinc lude:Pres ident Ed McLaughlin 6 6 6 - 8 7 1 2V . P . Steve Quinn 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8T r e a s u r e r R i ch Adamsk i 5 2 8 - 8 4 5 7Secrelaiy Joanna Nash 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6R a c e C o o r d . R i c l i N a s h 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6</p><p>Publicity Joe Porcaro 5 2 6 - 3 5 2 4Mailing Lairy &amp; Mary Lcnahan 6 2 8 - 6 2 2 9Advertising Steve Quinn 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8Membership Greg Diamond 5 2 8 - 2 2 5 1Equip Mgr. Rich Nash 2 4 8 - 6 6 6 6Vol. Coord. Vincent Ju l iano 2 4 5 - 3 4 7 2T R L E d i t o r Katy D. Quinn 6 2 8 - 0 6 4 8Women 's Team L e e S a r o k e n 6 6 6 - 8 7 1 2Men's Team Sco t t Abc rc romb ie 7 3 7 - 0 8 7 2</p><p>P res i den t s Emer i t us :1976-86 Dan CalTrcy (founder)1 9 8 6 - 8 8 O w e n M c C i T i d d e n1 9 8 9 - 9 0 . l o h n I l a l l i n a n1 9 9 0 - 9 1 E d M c L a u g h l i n1 9 9 2 - 9 d V r c d E o c h f e l m</p><p>T R R C T A C N u m b e r : 0 7 9 9TRRC HOTLINE: (914) 923-4665Taconic Running Life welcomes contributions frommembers for publication. Word Peifecl 6.1 forWindows and Aldus Pageniaker 4.0 for Windows (IBMcompatible) are used in publishing the newsleller. Ifpossible, please submit material on discs in foiTnats thatcan be converted to citber WordPerfect or Pagemaker.If this is not possible, send printed submissions andphotos toKaty D. Quimi, 43 Rodcris Drive, Mahopac, NY 10541</p><p>Tel. (914)628-0648FAX (914) 621-5866</p><p>or via America On-Line: SQuimi43@AOL.Com</p><p>F a c t a n o n v e r b a</p><p>P R E S I D E N T ' SC O L U M N</p><p>This isn't news -t h e w i n t e r o f 1 9 9 5 - 9 6 h a s b e e n</p><p>the worst season for nimiing inmany vears. As a consequence,many of us have had the unpleasant experience of increasingpoundage and decreasing mileage.But fear nt)t, relief is in sight. The sure cure for the winter bluesis coming. Of course Em rcfemng to Sybil. It's time to stailthinking about a nice, wann Spring marathon. Some placescenic: like Boston or Burlington or Long Island, or maybeCamiel (not the one by-thc-sea, the one by Lake Glcnida.)T h i n k a b o u t i t .</p><p>The St. Patrick's Dayraces will once again benefitfrom the generous support of theline folks at AERLINGUS. Support your club and come to FDRi'ark. Run the race... and...maybe,win a trip for two to Ireland.Remember, if you're not running - volunteer - it's I'eal easy,.lust call Bob Davis at 941 -4311,</p><p>tir nic at 666-8712, but please dtin't wait until race day, wc needyou before that.</p><p>On Febrtiaiy lOlh, a contingent of 24 Taconics attended the NYRRC Cltib Nile Awards banquet. We witnessedthe highlight of the niglil, the crowning of two Taconics asRunners of the Year in their age group, NICK CASWELL andROB BRIGLIO. Both Nick and Bob had outstanding years in1995. Nick consistently scored high in the middle and shorterdistances, while Rob tended to excell at the longer distances.Guest presenters for their awards included liw "Mr.G" Gikofskyand Mort Kail from the Gannett newspaper group.</p><p>In the team categories, Taconic walked away withthree of the seven crystal bowls to be awarded. (.)f course,Taconic captured the Mens Masters Division (40"s) led bystand-out individual award wiimers, Nick Caswell and RobBriglio, and Joe Porcaro (who was nominated foi" an age groupaward and who was presented the team bowl by his teammates.)The Mens Veterans (50"s) award was picked up by Rich Nash,Budge Huntoon, and Jack Brcnnan. Rich Nash's relentlessorganizational efforts were recognized by being presented the50's crystal bowl. Sarah Collins, Joan Deitrick, DebbieTeiranova, Tara Maguire, Lcc Sarokeii, Kate Glynn, MelanieBenvenue, and Kathleen D'Oltavio were on hand to collect theWomens "B" Division award. ' I 'he Women's team bowl wentto Lee Saroken as she was recognized for her outstanding teamleadership, iirepressible enthusiasm, and consistent performances. Kate and Melanie were also honored with individualage group nominations.</p><p>NOTICE: Taconic Club T-shirts arc again available.We have the forest green short sleeve shirts for $8, and the greylong sleeve shirts for $10. See Lee at any of the TIU^C racesor club meetings, or call 666-8712.</p></li><li><p>Tacon ic Road Runners C lub 1996 Race Schedu le</p><p>Apr. 21</p><p>Apr. 27</p><p>Apr. 28</p><p>May 12</p><p>May 18</p><p>May 19</p><p>Aug. 11</p><p>Sept. 8</p><p>Sept. 8</p><p>Sept. 22</p><p>1 P M</p><p>8 A M</p><p>9 A M</p><p>1 0 A M</p><p>2M/10K St. Patrick's Day RacesFDR Park, Yorktown, NY</p><p>5M Mudders &amp; Grunters Cross CountryFDR Park, Yorktown, NY</p><p>5M Rye Derby, Rye, NY</p><p>50K Sybil Ludington Run/Relay, Carmel, NY</p><p>Alcohol Free Footrace - 2M &amp; 5M</p><p>5K Mother's Day (Women Only)FDR Park, Yorktown, NY</p><p>Pleasantv i l le Gazebo</p><p>lOK North County NewsYorktown, NY</p><p>5M Lincoln Hall, Somers, NY</p><p>8M Putnam County Classic, Mahopac, NY</p><p>Taconic Biathlon (5K Run, 1/2 M Swim)Sycamore Park, Mahopac, NY</p><p>Phelps Memorial 5K Run/Walk</p><p>Bob Davis: (914)941-4311JimWhalen: (914)941-2676</p><p>Owen McCrudden: (914)923-4665Steve Quinn; (914)628-0648</p><p>Myles O'Rhodes: (914)666-8712</p><p>David Farquhar: (914)666-5654</p><p>John Hallinan:(914) 739-2268</p><p>LeeSaroken: (914)666-8712Nancy Young: (914) 528-2251</p><p>Pleasantville Rec. Ctr. (914) 769-7950Bob Cooney(914) 769-7859</p><p>Doug Miller: (914)962-1402Roger Cocking: (914) 245-5135</p><p>Rich &amp; Joanna Nash: (914) 248-6666</p><p>Myles O'Rhodes: (914) 666-8712Fred Reger &amp; Bob Daubenbis</p><p>Larry Lenahan: (914)628-6229</p><p>Myles O'Rhodes: (914) 666-8712</p><p>7K Teatown Reservation Ramble (X-Country)Ossining, NY</p><p>3 M S h a r e - A - W a l kFDR Park, Yorktown. NY</p><p>Age Group Cross Country # 1Route 202, Yorktown, NY</p><p>1/4M Columbus Day Races for ChildrenDePew Park, Peekskill, NY</p><p>Age Group Cross Country #2Somers H.S., Somers, NY</p><p>Women's Distance Festival Classic(Women only), Yorktown, NY</p><p>Age Group Cross Country #3Blue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill, NY</p><p>3 X 3M (Women) &amp; 4 X 3M (Men) X/C RelayBlue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY</p><p>2 X 5K Couples RelayBlue Mt. Reservation, Peekskill. NY</p><p>LeeSaroken: (914)666-8712Debra Terranova: (914) 245-9629Scott Abercrombie: (914) 737-0872</p><p>Rich Adamski: (914) 528-8457KatyD. Quinn: (914)628-0648</p><p>GeneCadman: (914)245-6225John Hallinan: (914)739-2268</p><p>Scott Abercrombie: (914) 737-0872John Hallinan: (914) 739)2268</p><p>GeneCadman: (914)245-6225John Hallinan: (914)739-2268</p><p>LeeSaroken: (914)666-8712Joanna Nash: (914)248-6666</p><p>Gene Cadman: (914) 245-6225John Hallinan: (914)739-2268</p><p>DaveO'Toole: (914)923-4665</p><p>Steve Calidonna: (914) 923-4665</p><p>"There is^ by God^s grace,an immeasurable distance between late and too late,"</p><p>-Anne Swetchn ine</p><p>Mark your calendar now.Don ' t be " t oo l a te " f o r t he races !</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>Taconic Road Runners ClubP r e s e n t s</p><p>S^t. Patrick's Day Road Races^ Sunday, March 17,1996F D R S t a t e P a r k</p><p>2 R O U N D T R I P T I C K E T S T O I R E L A N D</p><p>Compliments of Aer LingusA n d o t h e r R a f fl e P r i z e s</p><p>Awarded by Drawing - All Finishers EligiblePost Race Ref reshments and Mus ic</p><p>TRRC Hotline (914) 923-4665Race Directors: Bob O'Davis (914) 941-4311 &amp; Jim Whalen (914) 941-2676</p><p>R a c e # ]10 A.M. - 2 Mile Fun RunRibbons to all finishers.</p><p>ARace #2</p><p>10:45 A.M. - lOK ChampionshipAwards to Age Group Winners</p><p>Entry Fees: *Pre-register - $6.00 TRRC Member $8.00 Non-Member (no refunds) jjHlffl*HATS TO ALL PRE-REGISTERED!!! || | | | |*Family pre-registered $25 maximum (be sure to include separate entry formfor each entry - then clip family forms together.</p><p>R a c e d a y - $ 1 0 . 0 0 J j H MChecks payable to TRRC. P.O. Box 99. Baldwin Place. NY 10505</p><p>Directions from NYC: Taconic State Pkwy North to FDR Park Exit - parking lot #1 is first lot on the left.</p><p>$8.00 Non-Member (no refunds) m i( O u m M t i c i M j x M a c i</p><p>TRRC - St Patrick's Day Races - March 17. 1996 iM lOK Bib No.N a m e :</p><p>A d d r e s s :</p><p>Age on race day: B i r t h d a t e : / /</p><p>S e x : M</p><p>( s t r e e t ) ( c i t y ) ( s t a t e ) ( z i p ) ( c i r c l e )Waiver - to be signed if over 18. Parent's signature if under 18.; I know that running a road race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enterand run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to my ability to safely complete therun. I assume all risks associated with running in this event including, but not limited to: falls, contact with other participants, the effects of theweather, including high heat and/or humidity, traffic and the conditions of the road, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read thiswaiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive andrelease the Taconic Road Runners Club, and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out ofmy participation in this event even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver. Igrant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for any legitimatepurpose. I understand that bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates or blades, animals, and radio headsets are not allowed in the race and Iwill abide by this guideline.</p><p>Signature: Parent Signature if </p></li><li><p>2 6 1 6 W i n d m i l l D r i v e</p><p>Yorkiown Heights, NY W59HFebruarys. 1996</p><p>M r . J o h n H a l l i n a n</p><p>BOCES Walden School. BOCES DriveYorktwon Heights, NY 1059HD e a r M r . H a l l i n a n :</p><p>I would like to thank you and the Taconic RoadRunners Club for sponsoring the Age-Group Cross Covnttymeet every Fall. I love running and look forward to the crosscountry meets each year.</p><p>This year, I won the .series jacket and I feel very proudand very thankful. I am so glad you believe in kids like me, andI urn very thankful and grateful for your dedication and greatspirit on those chilly Fall mornings.</p><p>I appreciate everything you have dorre for the futureRunrrers of America.</p><p>Gr-ateftdly yours.</p><p>Apartmerrt 2AHastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706</p><p>The ManagerAer Lingus122 Ea .s t 42nd S t ree t</p><p>New York, NY 10168</p><p>D e a r S i r :</p><p>I want to thank you so much for your gift to theTaconic Road Runners Club in March of '95.</p><p>At the request of rrty 10year old grandson, CraigCaruso, / joined him in Race Ul: 2-Mile Fun Run.</p><p>I left FDR Park immediately after the race due to"overheating. " and I went home to Hastings. My phone rang,ami it was Craig saying. "Grandma, your name was pulled outof the hat. " and I the recipieent of the free trip for tsvo toI r e l a n d .</p><p>I never expected that. What a beautiful .surprise onmy 70th birthday!</p><p>Last June, my husband and J went via Aer Liingus toIreland for two weeks. The staff were .so kind and gracious. Ihate flying, but I always feel very relaxed and clo.se to God onAer Lingus.</p><p>My thanks to Bob Davis and his staff at the TaconidRoad Runners Club. / hope you will grant him another freeticket next March. It sure helps draw a crowd, and it's a bigplus for Aer Lingus.</p><p>Again, many thanks and God bless you.Sincerely yours,</p><p>P.S. Myfir.sl cousin. Pat Flynn Coolock. Dublin, retired a fewyears ago, a long time employee of Aer Lingus.</p><p>GENERAL CONTRACTORSCOMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, &amp; RESIDENTIAL</p><p>9 1 4 - 2 4 8 - 6 0 6 3</p><p>R I C H A R D N A S H R D # 4 . L A K E R O A DPROJECT MANAGER KATONAH. NY 1053G</p><p>/A</p><p>W</p><p>PETER MEISLER, LS.</p><p>T A C O N I CO 0</p><p>o9 e</p><p>Engineering, PC</p><p>73 Gleneida AvenueCamtel, New York 10512</p><p>(914) 225-3312</p><p>(914) 245-3400 BUS., 245-8602 FAX(914) 749-2180 VOICE</p><p>J O A N N C O O G A NL censeU AbSCK. - . ' i l o Rrnnc i</p><p>c o u M u e u ,B A N K C R D</p><p>C O L D W E L L B A N K E RS C H L O T T. R E A LT O R S ^? 0 f ) 0 S A W v a 1 . R I V E R R O A DY O R K I O W N H f I D H T S N Y 1 0 6 9 8</p><p>(914) 245-3400 BUSINESS( 9 1 4 ) 2 4 5 - 8 6 0 2 FA X(914)749-2182 VOICE-TEL</p><p>BH A N K D I A Z- c e r s f d R e a l E s i a i e S a ' c s o c - r s o n</p><p>^ C O L D W E L L B A N K E RS C H L O T T, R E A LT O R S 2 0 5 0 S A W M I L L R I V E R R O A DY O R K T O W r i H E I o H t S t l Y 1 C 6 9 S</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>10 th Annua lMudde rs &amp; Grun te r s</p><p> T * R * R C * Facta non VerbaWhen: Sunday, March 31,1996</p><p>10:00 A.M. (Check-in begins at 9:00 A.M.)Where: FDR Park, Yorktown Heights, NY - Parking Lot #1How much? Pre-entry: $6.00 TRRC Member</p><p>$8.00 Non-member (No refunds)Race Day: $10.00</p><p>Course: About Five Miles of Mud and Slop, Some Hills m / iKtO tt/iuts Ct VI 0 tUfWi</p><p>A w a r d s : O v e r a l l 1 - 5 M &amp; F 4 0 - 4 9 1 - 3 M &amp; F1 4 - 1 8 1 M &amp; F 5 0 - 5 9 1 - 3 M &amp; F(no one under age 14 allowed) 60 Plus 1 M &amp; F</p><p>Team Awards: The Mohansic Geronimo Cup will be awarded to the first place team.For more information, see officials on race day.</p><p>Race Director: Owen McCrudden: (914) 245-4830 and Steve Quinn (914) 628-0648There will be a specially designed Mudders and Grunters T-shirt available for purchase.These long-sleeved shirts will be sold for $12.00. There will only by 50 available, so getyour order in ASAP. Last year they went FAST.</p><p>Refreshments will be provided.</p><p>Detach and return with check to TRRC, P.O. Box 99, Baldwin Place, NY 10505</p><p>Mudders &amp; Grunters - March 31,1996N a m e T e a m :</p><p>AddressS t r e e t C...</p></li></ul>