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1948 Donora Smog. By: Yenssi Williams. Industrial History. Modern Donora began in 1900 with heavy industry American Steel was constructed along the river In 1915 the Donora Zinc Works began production. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 1948 DONORA SMOGBy: Yenssi Williams

  • Industrial HistoryModern Donora began in 1900 with heavy industryAmerican Steel was constructed along the riverIn 1915 the Donora Zinc Works began production. Such industrial expansion required more effective transportation facilities than the river barges and short-line railroads could provide. The Pennsylvania Railroad expanded rail service, resulting in immigration.

  • Cause Steel mills and a zinc smelting plantSulfuric acidNitrogen dioxideHydrogen flourideChemicals were emitted for years prior to the disasterThe chemicals were trapped in the warm air layer and couldnt get out

  • EffectKilled 20 peopleThousands were left seriously ill800 animals killedBoth plants were closed soon afterTriggered the clean air movement in the USBusiness district remains empty with decayed buildings

  • SummaryWith growing industrial businesses more people migrated to the town of Donora, PA, resulting in more pollution. With the build up of these chemicals for years the smog finally came from being trapped in the warm air layer of the Monongahela River Valley, and lasted for five days. The disaster killed 20 people and 800 animals and left 14,000 seriously ill. Also, it changed the citys reputation forever with it basically being abandoned today. With all the bad it sparked the clean air movement whos greatest accomplishment is the Clean Air Act of 1970.

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