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Historical, contextual 360 page illustrated handbook for the fifteen villages comprising the City of Newton, Massachusetts - published in 1889 by Moses King Corporation. A public domain document.


<ul><li><p>IN PREPARATION.</p><p>KING'S HandbookOF THE</p><p>UNITED STATES.</p></li><li><p>,.0fM4^</p><p>J863</p><p>DATE DUE 1</p></li><li><p>KING'S HANDBOOK</p><p>OF</p><p>NEWTONMASSACHUSETTS</p><p>M. F. SWEETSERAUTHOR OF "ARTIST BIOGRAPHIES," "TICKNOR's GUIDE-BOOKS," "KINg'S NAHANT,'</p><p>"king's BOSTON HARBOR," " KING'S UNITED STATES," ETC.</p><p>Xf^ns^TWO HUNDRED ,h K'NGs' \ ILLUSTRATIONS</p><p>BOSTON, MASS.</p><p>MOSES KING CORPORATION1889</p></li><li><p>'aJ</p><p>KING'S</p><p>HANDBOOKS.GUIDES,</p><p>AND MAPS.</p><p>King's Handbook of Newton.</p><p>Copyright, 1889, by Moses King Corporation.</p><p>DRAWINGS HY Frank H. Taylor, William P. Bodwell, Frank Myrick,Sears Ciallagher, J. H. Hatkield, A. Leighton Donnell, George H.Johnson.</p><p>PLATES KY Matthews, Northrup &amp; Co., of Buffalo; Photo-EngravingCo., of New York; Tjoston Photo(;ravure Co., ]!oston Engravinc;Co., and Lewis 1'^ngraving Co., of Boston.</p><p>"WOOD ENGRAVINGS i;v George H. Johnson, F. E. Fillep.rown,S. S. KiLIlURN.</p><p>THE COVER was designed and engraved r.v John Becker, of Boston,a resident of Mt. Ida, Xewton.</p><p>Electrotyted, Printed, and Bound nv</p><p>GEORGE H. ELLIS, Franklin and Federal Streets,BOSTON.</p></li><li><p>Introtiuctton-</p><p>This book has been prepared as a popular household companion for all the</p><p>families who make their homes in any of the fifteen villages which together form</p><p>"The Newtons," the garden city of Massachusetts.</p><p>Although it abounds with historical and statistical matter, it does not claim to</p><p>be a history, nor a book of statistics, nor a directory; but it is merely one of</p><p>"King's Handbooks," and as such it will be found to contain the most notable</p><p>and interesting facts pertaining to Newton, told in a simple, entertaining, and trust-</p><p>worthy manner, and at the same time illustrated so profusely and appropriately</p><p>as to become at once attractive and enjoyable.</p><p>The text has been enriched with a great number of memorable historical</p><p>facts, anecdotes of noted residents, fragments of poetry, and other piquant and</p><p>interesting features. The form of treatment is in simple geographical order. The</p><p>book opens with two or three preliminary chapters of a general nature about the</p><p>town and the city, and then continues with sixteen chapters, each describing one</p><p>of the villages or well-marked neighborhoods. Thus in each chapter a village is</p><p>discussed, with its chief streets and parks, public and private buildings, famous</p><p>natives and residents, bits of legend and poetry, stories of the colonial. Revolu-</p><p>tionary, and modern days, and some local history. In this compact form a</p><p>conception of each locality is presented, bringing into view all its phases, and</p><p>yet without confusing references to other places. A clear, vivid, and individual</p><p>idea is thus gained of each of the component parts of the whole city.</p><p>The author wishes to acknowledge his obligations to many people who have</p><p>|j^been moved partly by local pride and partly by the prevailing courteousness</p><p>Ito read over and add to and correct the material here used, both in the manuscript</p><p>land in the proof-sheets. It is not possible to enumerate all, but among them were</p><p>ex-Governor Alex. H. Rice, ex-Governor William Claflin, the late Rev. Dr. Increase</p><p>^N. Tarbox, the Rev. Dr. Samuel F. Smith, the Rev. Dr. D. L. Furber, Colonel</p></li><li><p>2 KING'S HANDBOOK' OF NEWTON.</p><p>Edwin B. Haskell, Dr. Charles F. Crehore, Dr. J. F. Frisbie, Dr. E. A. Whiston,</p><p>Otis Pettee, William E. Sheldon, William C. Bates, and many other well-known</p><p>citizens.</p><p>The publishers, too, have their acknowledgments to make to those well-to-do</p><p>and generous citizens by means of whose pecuniary aid it is possible to offer this</p><p>large and costly volume, with its one hundred and fifty illustrations, at a price so</p><p>low that each and every resident can easily afford to own one copy at home and</p><p>perhaps to send one or many copies to distant friends, or to present to guests, as</p><p>a memento of their visits, or to place in the hands of acquaintances who are</p><p>seeking suburban homes. It is hoped that the elaborate text, the great number of</p><p>pictures, and the attractive mechanical make-up produce a volume useful and</p><p>ornamental enough to be acceptable to all interested in Newton.</p><p>This volume is one of the now well-known series of "King's Handbooks,"</p><p>some of which have been in popular use for many years, while others are now in</p><p>preparation. The crown and culmination of the series is " King's Handbook of</p><p>the United States," covering between 500 and 600 pages, embellished with fifty</p><p>full-page maps in colors, and illustrated with upwards of 1,200 original engravings.</p><p>MOSES KING CORPORA TION,</p><p>Publisher's " A'ing's Handbooks" Guides, andMaps,</p><p>BOSTON, MASS.</p><p>I</p></li><li><p>Contents.</p><p>PageNewton of the Past. A Glimpse at the Old Days; the Refractory</p><p>Colony of New Cambridge ; Newtown at Last ; Wars and Rumors ofWars; the Rise of the City, 15</p><p>Newton of the Present. Its Gifts from Nature; Streams and Hills;a Land of Good Health; the Villages; Municipal Expenses; Police andFire Department, 29</p><p>Newton. Boston and Worcester Railroad in 1834; an Old-Time Inn; theMorse Field ; Revolutionary Memories ; the Jackson Clan ; the FreeLibrary; Farlow Park and its Churches; the Cradle of Newton; theEliot Church; Mount Ida; the Old Cemetery, 39</p><p>NoNANTU.M Hill. Kenrick Park; the Apostle Eliot; the First ProtestantMission in the World; a Revolutionary Hero ; One of Cromwell's Riders;the First Unitarian of New England loi</p><p>Newtonville. Hull's Crossing ; Old-Time Scholars; the Village Square;the Newton Club; Washington Park; the High School; the ClaflinEstate; General William Hull; Slavery in Newton; Bullough's Pond;the Newton Cemetery; Heroes of the Last American War, 131</p><p>NoNANTUiM. The Old North Village, or Tin Horn; Fuller's Corner; theBemis Factories ; the First Gas-Lighting in America 157</p><p>West Newton. A Famous Old School; Bell-Hack and Squash-End ; theSecond Church; the Centenarian Dominie; the Blithedale Romance;the Pine-Farm School, 161</p><p>Auburndale. The Pretty Railway Station ; Pioneer Farms ; Pigeon's Bat-tery; Saints' Rest; Sweet Auburn; a Noted Artist; Village Notables;Famous Schools ; a Trio of Churches ; a Provincial Inn ; Islington ; theWinslow Affair, 189</p><p>Woodland. The Woodland-Park Hotel; William Dean Howells; theShort Hills; Burgoyne's Route; Vista Hill; Edwin B. Haskell; NewtonCottage Hospital, 205</p><p>Riverside. The Newton Navy; the Placid River Charles; a Few Bits ofPoetry; the Boat-Clubs ; County Rock; the Carnival in September: anOld-Fashioned Apostrophe 211</p></li><li><p>A'ING'S HANDBOOK OF NEWTON.</p><p>Newton Lower Falls.A Paper-Making Glen; Newton's First Post-Office; Famous Paper-Mills ; a Massachusetts Magnate ; Old St. Mary's</p><p>;</p><p>a Fine Old Country-Seat ; Outer Beacon Street, 217</p><p>Waban. The Red Chieftain's Hunting-Park; the Intruding Anglo-SaxonDeacon ; a Merchant-Prince ; Strong's Nurseries ; Beacon Hill ; theCollins Estate; a Landscape-Park 231</p><p>Eliot. The Clark, Ellis, and Cheney Places; Hickory Cliff and its Poet;the Place of a Vanished Lake ; Famous Trees ; an Arcadia of the Future, 245</p><p>Newton* Upper F.\lls. An Indian Fisherman; Ancient Manufactures;Churches and Shrines; the Water-Works; Echo Bridge; the SudburyAqueduct; Turtle Island; Canoe Voyages, 249</p><p>Newton Highlands. A Group of Modern Homes; the Sanitarium; An-cient Taverns; the Two Churches; a Colonial Family; Well-knownCitizens 267</p><p>Newton Centre. Charles Dickens ; the Ancient Common and its Churches;</p><p>Noon-Houses; the National Song; Beacon Street; the Mother Churchof Newton; an Old-Time Dominie; Master Rice; the Baptist Society;" Baptist Pond," Crystal Lake ; Newton Theological Institution ; Thomp-sonville; Johnsonville 271</p><p>Chestnut Hill. The Essex Colony; a Group of Villas; the Chapel;Waban Hill; Hammond's Pond; Ancient Worthies, 311</p><p>O.A.K Hill. A Land of Highlands and Forests; the Old-Time Farmers;Modern Country-Seats; Oak Hill and Bald Pate; Holbrook Hall; Ken-rick's Bridge, 321</p><p>mJ</p></li><li><p>IList of illustrations.</p><p>Allen, Bethuel, House, 267.</p><p>Allen, N. T., School of, 163.Allen, The Misses, School of, 73.Associates' Hall, Newton Centre, 279.Auburndale Congregational Church, 199.Auburndale Station, B. &amp; A. R. R., 190.</p><p>Baptist Church, Newton, 77.Baptist Church, Newton Centre, 273.Bartlett, Dr. James W., Residence of, 51.Barton, Charles C, Residence of, 291.Becker, John, Residence of, 83.Bell, Albert D. S., Residence of, 317.Boat Club House, Riverside, 213.Brackett House, The, loi.Bray, Mellen, Residence of, 293.Bridge connecting Weston and Auburndale, 202.Bridge, The, Farlow Park, 65.Brooks, Francis A., Residence of, 95.Brown, Samuel J., Residence of, 147.Burial Ground, The Old Centre-Street, 21.Burr, Isaac T., Residence of, 113.Buswell, Charles H., Residence of, 119.</p><p>Cemetery Gateway, 153.Chaffin, John C, Residence of, 63.Channing Church, Newton, 69.Chapel and Conservatory, The Cemetery, 155.Chestnut-Hill Station, B. &amp; A. R. R., 311.Church of the Messiah, Auburndale, 201.City Hall, West Newton, 33 and 169.City Seal, 38 and on front cover.Claflin, Ex-Gov. William, Residence of, 133.Cobb, Henry E., Residence of, 79.Coburn, Nathan P., Residence of, in.Collins, Edward Jackson, Estate, 237.Congregational Church, Auburndale. 199.Congregational Church, First, Newton Centre,</p><p>277-</p><p>Converse, Edmund W., Residence of, 85.Converse, Edmund W., Jun., Residence of, 80.Cook, George, Residence of, 177.Cottage Hospital, Newton, 210.Cotton, John, Facsimile of Receipt, 16.Crehore, Dr. Charles Frederic, Residence of, 223." Crow's Nest," Lasell Seminary, 189.Curtis, Charles, Residence of, 141.Cutter, Frederic R., Residence of, 185.</p><p>Davidson, Alexander, Residence of, 238.Dresser House, The New, Waban, 240.Dresser, William R., Residence of, 239.</p><p>Echo Bridge, Newton Upper Falls, 255 and onfront cover, and also on title page.</p><p>Edmands, A. Lawrence, Residence of, 97.Edmands, J. Wiley, Estate, 97.Eliot Church, The Old, 25.Eliot Church, The New, 75.Eliot Memorial, Kenrick Street, 15, 39, no, and</p><p>on front cover.</p><p>Eliot Station, B. &amp; A. R. R., 245.Ellis, George H., Residence of, 265.Elms, James C, Residence of, 105.Emerson, Darius R., Residence of, 57.</p><p>Facsimile of John Cotton's Receipt, 16.Facsimiles of Town Records, 18, 19.Farlow, Hon. John S., Residence of, 10::.Farlow Park, 65.Farquhar, David W., Residence of, 107.Field, Dr. Henry M., Residence of, 121.First Congregational Church, Newton Centre,</p><p>277.</p><p>First Locomotive, the " Meteor," 24.First Settlers' Monument, 21; Tablet on, 100.First (Unitarian) Church, West Newton, 164.Fitch, Ezra C, Residence of, 93.Fitz, Thomas B., Residence of, 171.Free Public Library, 35.</p><p>Gate of Waban-Hill Reservoir, 313.Gateway, E. B. Haskell's Residence, 209.Gateway to Cemeterj-, 153.Gay, Charles ^L, Residence of, 117.Gay, Edwin W., Residence of, 102.Gould, William H., Residence of, 241.Grace Church, Newton, 65, 67.</p><p>Harwood, George S., Residence of, 127.Harwood, Seth K., Hotel of, 47.Haskell, Edwin B., Residence of, 209.Hayward, Albert F., Residence of, 269.Heath, Daniel C, Residence of, 139." Heathcote, The," 139.Henshaw, Frederic H., Residence of, 235." Hickory Cliff" (William Peirce's Residence),</p><p>247.</p></li><li><p>LIST GF ILLUSTRATIONS.</p><p>High School, Newtonville, 145.Hose and Hook-and-Ladder House, Newton-</p><p>ville, 37.</p><p>Hotel Hunnewell, 47.Houdiette, Fred A., Residence of, 49.Hull, General, House of, 131.Hunter, Stephen V. A., Residence of, 305.</p><p>Interior of Grace Church, 67.</p><p>Jackson Estate, 61.Johnson, Charles E., Residence of, 129.</p><p>Kenrick House, 108.King, Moses, Residence of, 106.Kingsbury House, Chestnut Hill, 315.</p><p>Lake, The, Farlow Park, 65.Langford, John T., Residence of, 59.Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, 189, 197.Lasell Seminary Boat-House, Riverside, 215.Lasell Seminary Grounds, 195.Lasell Seminary, View from, 29.Lee's Woodland Park Hotel, 207.Library, Free Public, 35.Lovell, Wallace D., Residence of, 125.Lower Falls, Bird's-eye View, opp. p. 217.</p><p>Map of Newton, 1831, 23.Map of Newton, 1889, 31.Mason School, Newton Centre, 285.McGee, Chauncey B., Residence of, 243." Meteor," The, Locomotive, 24.Methodist Church, Newtonville, 149.Methodist Episcopal Church, Newton, 99.Methodist Episcopal Church, Newton Centre,</p><p>283.</p><p>Mitchell, Austin R., Residence of, opp. p. 144.Monument, The Soldiers', 27.Monument to First Settlers, 21; Tablet on, loo.</p><p>Names on First Settlers' Monument, 100.Newton Club-House, 131.Newton Theological Institution, 281.Nichols, J, Howard, Residence of, 89.Nickerson's Block, West Newton, 166.Nonantum Congregational Church, 157.Nonantum House, 41.North Evangelical (Nonantum Cong.) Church,</p><p>157-</p><p>Oak-Hill School, 325.Old P.urial Ground, Centre Street, 21.Old Wales Bridge, 225.</p><p>Page, Charles J., Residence of, 235.Parker, Joseph W., Residence of, 287.Partelow's Boat-Houses, 216.</p><p>Peirce, William, Residence of, 247.Petersilea, Prof. Carlyle, Residence of, 103.Pine Farm School, 188.</p><p>Pony-Track, E. B. Haskell's Residence, 209Pope, Col. Albert A., Residence of, 51.Potter, John C, Residence of, 55.Powers, Samuel Lee, Residence of, 105.Prescott, John R., Residence of, 332.Prescott, Mrs. Charles B., Residence of, 91.Public Library, 35.Pumping-Station, Newton Water-Works, 259.</p><p>Rice, Hon. Thomas, Residence of, 227.Rice, J. Willard, Residence of, 193.Rice, Marshall O., Residence of, 301.Riley, Charles E., Residence of, 81." Rosedale " (John C. Chaffin's Residence), 63.</p><p>Schoolhouse, A, in Newton in 1800, 17.Seal, The City, 38.Seaver, Edwin P., Residence of, 234.Second Baptist Church, Upper Falls, 251.Second (Cong.) Church, West Newton, The Old,</p><p>161.</p><p>Second (Cong.) Church, West Newton, The New,169.</p><p>Shannon, IMary, Estate, 87.Sheldon, William E., Residence of, 173.Snow, Daniel E., Residence of, 105.Soldiers' Monument, 27.Spaulding, Rev. Henry G., Residence of, 99.Springer, Elestus M., Residence of, 115.Square, The, Newtonville, 149.St. Mary's Church, Lower Falls, 219.Strong, George, Residence of, 72.Swedenborgian Church, 135.</p><p>Tablet in Eliot Memorial, 15, no.Taylor, Bertrand E., Residence of, 289.Theological Institution, The Newton, 281.Tomb, The Soldiers', in Newton Cemetery, 27.Town Records, Facsimiles of, 18, 19.</p><p>Underwood Primary School, 71.Universalist Church, Newtonville, 143.</p><p>View from Lasell Seminary, 29.</p><p>Waban-Hill Reservoir, Gate at, 313.Waban Station, B. &amp; A. R. R., 233.Wade, Levi C, Residence of, 323.Wales Bridge, The Old, 225.Walworth, Arthur C, Residence of, 295.Warren, H. Langford, Residence of, 232.Washington Street, Newton Lower Falls, 221.Webster, William E., Residence of, 307.Wesleyan Home, Newtonville, 5.Weston, Bridge between Auburndale and, 202.Wetherell Estate, The, 265.White, T. Edgar, Residence of, 123.Wilbur, George B., Residence of, 181.Woodland Park Hotel, Woodland, 207.Woodward Street, Waban, 231.</p></li><li><p>Entifx to txt</p><p>Abbott, Holker W., 228.Acacia-Tree, A Large, 60.Adams Family, 182.Adams, Phineas, 179.Adams, Rev. J. Coleman, 138.Adams, Seth, 59.Alcott, Dr. William A., 193.Allen, Bethuel, House, 267.Allen, George, 53.Allen, James T., 186.Allen, ^liss Hannah, 72.Allen, Miss Julia G., 72.Allen, Nathaniel T., 167, 170, 172, 179.Allen, Phineas, 179.Allen, Rev. J. A., 173.Allen, Rev. N. G., 198.Allen, Rev. Ralph W., 257.Allen, The Misses, School for Girls and Young</p><p>Ladies, 72, 73.Allen, Walter, 268." America," 276, 278.American Magnesium Company, 58.Amer...</p></li></ul>