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Section II - Letter to Grandson


<ul><li> 1. ShreeChi. Aayush la aneka ashirwad.Happy Birthday. Many Happy Returns of the day. Mottha Ho!!!Today is your 2nd birthday. Last year also, I had written you a letter. I am once againrequesting your Papa to preserve all these letters and hand it over to you when youbecome BIG.Last few days, I have been telling you to speak atleast five words namely Papa,Mummy, Aaba, Aaji &amp; dada. Jokingly I have threatened you that unless you learn tospeck these five words, we will not celebrate your birthday. I would like to share one thought on your birthday. I would quote two thoughts, onefor your 1st birthday &amp; one for your 2 nd birthday. I am aware that it is difficult todigest, understand and implement these thoughts but you should always try.1) Silence &amp; Smile are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems &amp;Silence is the way to avoid many problems.2) It takes around two years to learn to speakbut it takes LIFE Time to learn whatnot to speak, how &amp; when to speak etc. etc.Last year i.e. 10-06-2010 to 10-06-2011 vanished very fast. You have grown big by oneyear. Now let me share with some of the highlights of the last year.1.0) We celebrated your 1st birthday at Dahisar residence. Your Aatya (Devyani) hadcome with her kids namely Aryan &amp; Neil. She had brought nice birthday cake. Aaji wasalso present. I do not attend any functions but your mom desperately requested me toattend the birthday party. Your Mom &amp; Papa had fought (as usual) on some trifle issue.I attended the function mainly to bring about reconciliation between them. (I have beendoing this on a regular basis over last few years.) I took few photographs on the saidoccasion.2.0) Your Kush Dada was sent to Raigad Military School soon after your birthday.3.0) I wrote in last letter that by the time you read &amp; understand, I may not be around</li></ul> <p> 2. 2and it is quite likely that you may be interested in knowing me as a person. HenceI decided to write my Last Lecture which would enable you to understand me and myGeneration. I am happy that as promised, I have written my Autobiography titledSpandane The Last Lecture. It runs into approx. 400 pages. I can not visualize /imagine your reaction. By the time you read &amp; understand it, I may not / should notbe around. Let me share some thoughts on my exit from this world. I have beenrequesting GOD for over 25 years to lift me on the occasion of my 60th birthday.(i.e. 15-05-2011) but God has not obliged me with the request. But I will continue withmy prayer because I know that in the confrontation between the Stream &amp; the Rock,The Stream always wins . Not through Strength, but through Persistence. I havealready written Open Letter to God to share thoughts on my exit.4.0) Your health never posed any major threat during the year. However you sustainedhead injury due to your Papa on Saturday, 13-11-2011. Your papa was upset with yournaughtiness and literally threw you on back seat of the car. You sustained head injuryand required few stitches on your forehead. It caused panic situation for all of us. Aajiand I rushed to Dahisar. The reason behind the entire episode was once again riftbetween your Mom &amp; Papa. I have taken few snaps to record the event. I scolded yourPapa &amp; Mummy for such ongoing rifts time &amp; again. The main reason of accident wasirrational action by your Papa in his angry mood. You will have to control your Anger.5.0) Now let me say few words on your personal traits discovered during the year:5.1) You easily get angry on any matter happening against your mood. The Anger traithas been inherited by you from your Papa &amp; Mom.5.2) Acting talent (slightly bending the head while talking, sparkle in eyes etc.) has beeninherited from your Mom.5.3) Stubbornness, hyper activity match with your Kush Dada. Again inherited fromparents.5.4) You are good at making observations of things happening around you. In otherwords, you are good at copying but unless you know where &amp; when to paste, youwill become a laughing stock. 3. 35.5) You have innocent smile on your face. SMILE: - Sets u free, Makes u special,Increases your energy, Lifts your spirit, Erases all your tensions. So keep Smiling.Preserve that smile. 6.0) On Wednesday, 01-06-2011, your Papa had serious road accident while going toOffice. He was badly injured. The other person was more seriously injured and washospitalized. After completing all formalities he was released on bail at 2100 hrs.We hope that now atleast he will learn out of mistake. (He has already made manymistakes and yet to learn. But nothing wrong in expecting.)From June 2011, admission has been secured in Play group for you.I have taken over 250 photographs of you and recorded over 75 videos in last one year.All your snaps and videos have been saved in my computer and I am sure that you mayalso be interested to see your childhood photographs when you grow up. I have createdthis treasure for you.God bless you.Aajoba !!!!!????10-06-2011 4. 4 </p>