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  • The RF Energy Company

    Introduction to pinkRF

    K. Werner; January 2017

  • History & the grand idea

    Applications & markets

    Our business philosophy

    Products and services

    Bottom line


    pinkRF BV - confidential 2

  • History 2008: Breakthroughs in solid state power transistor technology

    2009: Klaus and Mark work closely with lead customers.

    2011: Large white goods companies e.g. Whirlpool, Samsung, Panasonic embrace the concept of smart cooking with RF Energy

    2011 -2014: Many more applications emerge e.g. Medical, Lighting, Automotive, Industrial heating, Plasma, and more..........

    2015: pinkRF formed to develop enabling products and applications for RF Energy

    2016 Feb: pinkRF moves into Gebouw A at the Novia Tech Campus

    2016 Mar - Dec: pinkRF develops first products

    2017: First products and services will be launched to the market

  • The RF Energy Company


    pinkRF BV - confidential 4

  • Classical RF: Data transmission

  • A solid state RF Energy System

    ../../../../../Volumes/prf_projects/Video RF Energy Promo/RF Energy Promo Video_Design Challenge_shorter.mp4

  • Unprecedented control over RF signal via feedback of power and energy levels now we need to learn a lot!

    Solid state semiconductor based reliability

    Effective reaction to (changing) load conditions Efficient energy delivery, fast shutdown,

    Low-voltage electronics

    Small form factor; flexible hardware partitioning

    Electronics cost base enabled

    Solid-State RF Energy General Benefits


  • RF Energy Applications Gallore

    Industrial Lasers

    Industrial Processing

    Automotive Ignition

    Medical imaging

    Plasma Lighting



    Automotive Lighting


  • we partner with excellence leading suppliers, manufacturers, universities, customers

    we are technology agnostic

    asset light pinkRF has prototyping and low volume manufacturing capabilities

    high volume manufactured is outsourced to reliable partners

    core business: consultancy, design, development, integration and service for solid

    state RF Energy systems

    core strengths: Deep expertise in RF Energy control and RF matching networks /

    applicators for any RF Energy application

    pinkRFs business philosophy


  • The RF Energy Company


    pinkRF BV - confidential 10

  • industrial-, professional-, consumer- heating/processing system design and development

    RF small signal sources and controllers

    power amplifiers

    single- and multi channel systems and advanced software controllers (with sensor integration)

    complete single- and multi-channel RF Energy generators

    EM field visualization hardware

    3D visualization / volume reconstruction system

    pinkRF Products


  • pinkRF products/project examples


    Plasma Lamps 3D Vision


    advanced control


    cavity mods

  • passion! vision you believe in customer commitment asap settle within the right environment/network know which part of your success you are willing

    to share with others (investors/banks/partners/employees)

    strict cash flow management identify your company culture and stick to it build a team with complementary competences

    company start-up learnings



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