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Marketing your social sites is easier with a roadmap. Here are 17 ways to creatively market your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog, SlideShare, YouTube, Vine, LInkedIn presence. Travel & Tourism pros will find this essential to marketing.


  • 1. 17 1.Ways to Market Your Social PresenceCreate an audio or video recording informing people of your new site and showing the benefits of joining you in the conversation. Post it on your site.2.Write a blog giving readers key reasons to join you socially.BLOG#(hashtags) that will 3. Use common #your marketplace. draw new readers. Think about keywords that are hot in4.@Send an e-mail blast to your client base announcing your new social media presence.5.Include a link to your new social sites in your e-mail signature.6.Include a link or printed address to your new social sites on everything you print or send to clients: invoices, itineraries, proposals, thank you letters, flat sheets, brochures, etc.7. 8.www.Include a link to your new social site in your blog.Place the social icon onto each page of your website with a direct link to your new social site(s).9.Invite your social fans and friends to follow you on your other social sites.10.Offer specials only to your social media fans and followers.11.Join conversations on social sites and invite people to your sites.12. 13.Check out advertising, promotions and offers on social platforms.Start your own contest on Facebook or Pinterest (check the rules of Facebook contesting).PPT! INW15.AL!I PEC S14.Create a Powerpoint slide show of your latest tour and post it on your social sites. Upload to SlideShare, Animoto, SlideRocket or Prezi.Post photos of your latest trips, events and destinations and tag them. Include links to your website and other social sites in the photo description.16.17.@Embed top tweets and posts into your e-blasts and blog.Change your cover photos often and include links to your website and other social sites.Catherine J. Heeg | Customized Management Solutions Phone: 403.726.0171 | Fax: 403.726.0371 catherine.heeg@cmsspeaking.com | www.cmsspeaking.com www.twitter.com/catherineheeg | www.linkedin.com/in/catherineheeg | facebook.com/CustomizedManagementSolutions