16.5 russia emerges

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16.5 Russia Emerges

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16.5 Russia Emerges. Ivan the Terrible. First Czar 1547 at age 3 Boyars (nobility) fought for power w/ Ivan. Absolute rule ex: Oprichnina Killed son, led to civil war and the period known as the “Time of Troubles”. Romanov Dynasty. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


16.5 Russia Emerges

16.5 Russia Emerges

Ivan the TerribleFirst Czar 1547 at age 3Boyars (nobility) fought for power w/ Ivan. Absolute rule ex: OprichninaKilled son, led to civil war and the period known as the Time of Troubles

Romanov DynastyTime of Troubles (civil war) lasted until Michael Romanov began the Romanov dynasty (1613-1917) restores order for Russia.

Peter the Great (Reigned 1682-1725)Tsar at 10 but not sole ruler until age 17In 1697 he journeys west to learn their waysWhen he returned he embarked on a policy of WesternizationLimited power of Church (land, wealth now his)Forced Nobles to serve the state (civilian or military)What do they get in return?Education is the key to progress (new schools)No beards, dress, calendar, schools, women's rightsReforms in practiceIncreased and spread serfdomForced military serviceLargest army and a world class navyExpanded Russias borders (East and West)Built St/ Petersburg on the Baltic after defeating the Swedish (thousands died)Peterhof (Russian Versailles)


St. PetersburgForced movement of nobles. Similar to whom? PUT RUSSIA ON THE MAP FOR IMPORTANCE IN EUROPE/WORLD!

Catherine the Great (1762-1796)German princess married Tsar Peter IIIElevated to rule by the Russian Army officersContinued policy of favoring Boyars and the expense of the PeasantryGained ports on the Black sea after defeating the Turks1772 Partitioned Poland (with Austrians and Prussians)Well educated in enlightenment ideas she would work to modernize RussiaReorganized provincial governmentLaw codesState sponsored education for boys and girls