16 Tips for a Social & Stress-free SXSW Interactive

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<ul><li> 1. 16<br />Tips for a Social &amp; Stress-free SXSWi<br />March 11-15, 2011<br />Austin, Texas<br />By Courtney Jeffries<br />@socialmediaclub #SMCedteam<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. FINDthe (un)official.<br />1<br />Screenshot of http://plancast.com<br /> 3. EMBRACEyour geek.<br />Its Spring Break for nerds. <br />--Dennis Crowley,<br />Co-founder of Foursquare<br />2<br /> 4. PACK the essentials.<br />Whats in your #SXSWiToolkit?<br />3<br /> 5. CHECK IN.<br />Find hot spots <br />at SXSWi<br />(or avoid them)<br /> with Gowalla.<br />4<br /> 6. BRINGyour cowboy boots<br />5<br />or the boot fund.<br />Image from St0ck.xchng<br /> 7. NETWORK in analog or digital. <br />6<br /> 8. DRIFT and find music<br />7<br />Image by Courtney Jeffries<br />on the east side.<br /> 9. RIDE the bus.Or<br />Photograph by Kris Krug<br />8<br /> 10. RIDE a bike.<br />Bike Huggers Mobile Social <br />March 15, 2011, 5-7pm<br />Brush Square Park, Austin<br />http://bikehugger.com/mobile-socials/sxsw2011/<br />9<br /> 11. EAT(free noms)<br />Screenshot of @SXSWFreeNoms<br />Follow @SXSWFreeNoms<br />10<br /> 12. DRINK(free drinks)<br />2<br /> 13. VISITthe SMC Clubhouse.*<br />Photograph by Kris Krug<br />*Badged Social Media Club members and invited guests have access.<br />12<br /> 14. TAKE NOTE<br />Illustration by Mike Rohde<br />13<br /> 15. SURFbetween panels.Or<br />Illustration by Mike Rohde<br />14<br /> 16. SUPat sunset on Lady Bird Lake.<br />Photograph by the Hill Country Conservancy<br />15<br />Tip:You can take lessons from the Expedition School <br />(http://www.expeditionschool.com) or rent a board from the Rowing Dock (http://www.rowingdock.com/).<br /> 17. SHAREwith the home team.<br />Photograph by Chris Heuer<br />Follow #SMCedteam to get the SXSWi scoop.<br />16<br /> 18. THANKS<br />Thanks to the followingphotographers, designers, and organizations for the use of their images:<br />Kris Krug |www.kriskrug.com&amp; staticphotography.com<br />Bike Hugger|bikehugger.com<br />Mike Rohde |http://www.flickr.com/photos/rohdesign/<br />Stock.exchng| http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1101209<br />Chris Heuer| http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisheuer<br />The Hill Country Conservancy | http://hillcountryconservancy.org/<br />17<br /></p>