16 Outdoor Winter Activities Kids Will Love

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Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that the kids need to hibernate in the house for the winter. Click here for fun winter activities kids will love:


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    Free and Cheap Winter Activity Ideas for KidsJust because it's cold outside doesn't mean that the kids need to hibernate in the house for thewinter. Parents may be tempted to have children huddle indoors to protect them from colds and flu, but thisis a long-running misconception. While it's true that going outside in the elements unprepared isn't a goodidea, it's also true that the indoor circulation of germs and bacteria are much more likely to make your childsick than your child playing outside. In fact, it's a virus spreading from other humans that causes the coldand flu, not a cool breeze.

    As you prepare your children for enjoying this winter wonderland, simply use common sense in preparationand safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics even provides some wonderful tips on proper clothingand winter health. The winter season offers endless opportunities for creative fun and physical activity. Although the days may be a bit shorter, it will be easy to get the most out of those days with these sixteenideas for kids' outdoor winter activities.

    Use Your PlaygroundPlaygrounds don't only have to be used in warm weather! They can be just as fun and safe in thewintertime, as long as there is not significant snow buildup on the swing set. Use your personalplayground, or head over to the local park to swing, slide, and climb. Be sure to have your kids wear thosesnow boots for traction, and to maintain supervision.

    Snow Castles or FortsWho says that that those cute sand-castle buckets only work with sand? Pull them out and use them to

  • create some great snow castles and forts. You can also use empty bread pans and milk cartons. Olderkids can use these to make some great snow mazes.

    Go Ice SkatingHead over to the local ic skating rink or pond for some old-fashioned ice skating. Skate rentals are usuallyjust $2 to $5 and kids generally develop the skill pretty quickly.

    Frozen BubblesIf it is really cold where you are (at least -12 F) and you have kids that enjoy experiments, frozen bubblesare a blast! All you will require to do this is a bubble wand (Dollar Store), an area that is sheltered from thewind, and some patience. Create some bubbles and watch them freeze in the air, or after they have gentlylanded on the ground.

    Snow GraffitiA backyard blanketed with pure, white snow is a terrible thing to waste. Let your kids graffiti it up by givingthem an assortment of spray bottles that contain food coloring tinted water.

    Freeze TagDon't worry. This version of Freeze Tag doesn't have anything to do with frostbite. Get your kids to play agame of tag where the person that is "it" has to tag people. If they tag you, you have to freeze in placeuntil another person in the game comes by to unfreeze you.

    Tic-Tac-SnowTeach kids to incorporate nature into a classic game. First the kids have to find enough sticks and pinecones to set up a game. The sticks are crisscrossed into a classic Tic-Tac-Toe board and then pine conesare used as the game pieces. Turn this into a championship event in the backyard.

  • Let the Kids Decorate Their PlayhouseJust like playgrounds, children too often abandon their playhouse when the winter weather hits. Make theplayhouse a year-round centerpiece by encouraging kids to decorate it with laminated snowflakes,pinwheels or wreaths.

    Snow Ball TossSome parents may not approve of traditional snowball fights. This is different! Have a snowball-throwingcontest with targets that your kids help to create in the snow. Create the targets with colored water in asquirt bottle and have the kids take turns trying to land their snowball inside the circle.

    Snowman with a TwistEveryone loves snowmen, but there's nothing wrong with mixing things up a little. Get your kids to makesomething other than a snowman such as an animal or their favorite cartoon character.

    Make Crystal Ornaments or Icicle DecorationsRemember the Frozen Bubbles? If those were a hit with your kids, these crystal ornaments will be too. Allthat is required is some Borax (in the laundry detergent aisle), water, and pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks. This can be done inside or outside, and you'll end up with some beautiful decorations.

    Winter Relay RaceKids love to work, and play as teams, and relay races are a blast in the winter! Make up some silly rules,such as leapfrogging across the finish line, or circling the snowman.

    Wintertime TwisterCreate your own Twister board in the snow using food-coloring tinted water. There's nothing more fun

  • than a group of kids piled up in the snow trying to win a game.

    Go SleddingFind the best hill in the neighborhood and get the kids sledding. This can provide hours of winter fun andwill leave everyone exhausted from running back up the hill. Older kids can show off their skiing andsnowboarding skills.

    Play Capture the FlagCapture the flag can be played in any weather and is a great activity with a large group of kids. All that isneeded is two flags and a lot of enthusiasm.

    Zoo LightsTake your kids to the local zoo during the winter. While generally a slower season for a zoo, they willusually have the facility decked out in Christmas lights. If you can't afford the zoo, you can drive aroundand do a family scavenger hunt by looking for certain decorations.

    The great thing about most of these ideas is that nearly all of them can be done in the backyard or aroundyour neighborhood. After a fun winter afternoon outdoors, be sure to top off the day with some delicioushot chocolate and winter treats as a family.

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