15.1 permutations

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15.1 Permutations. Brett Solberg AHS ‘11-’12. Warm-up. Simplify 1) 2) Multiply 3) (x – 1) 3. Today’s Agenda. Probability Compound Events Permutations Ordered probability Combinations Unordered Probability CRT Checklist calculator book pencil. Texas Roadhouse. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


15.1 Permutations

15.1 PermutationsBrett Solberg AHS 11-12+Warm-up+Todays AgendaProbabilityCompound EventsPermutationsOrdered probabilityCombinationsUnordered Probability

CRT Checklistcalculatorbookpencil+Texas RoadhouseSteak + Salad + SideSteakSaladSide6 ozHouseBaked Potato8 ozCaesarFries10 ozChili

Event DinnerOutcome What I eatHow many different outcomes are there?

+Fundamental Counting PrincipleThe total number of outcomes is all of the possibilities for each event multiplied together.

Steak + Salad + Side3 * 2 * 4 24 total outcomes+What to wear?Jani can choose gray or blue jeans, a navy, white, green, or striped shirt, and running shoes, boots, or penny loafers. How many outfits can she wear?Pants + shirt + shoes

+PizzaA restaurant offers four sizes of pizza, two types of crust, and eight toppings. How many combinations with one topping are there? Size + crust + topping

+Factorials!A number multiplied by all numbers less than it. 5! = 5*4*3*2*19!0!a!


+ExamplesIn how many ways can six circus elephants be arranged in a line?

In how many ways can the four symbols *, !, @, # be arranged?

+ExamplesIn how many ways can one write three letters on a tag using the letter A, B, C, D, and E at most once.

A teacher wants to write an ordered 6-questions test from a pool of 10 questions. How many different forms of the test can the teacher write?

+ExamplesHow many 7-digit numbers can be named, without repetition, using the digits 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 if an even digit must come first. +CombinationDeals with ways of selecting from a set.

How many combinations are there of the set {A, B, C, D} taken two at a time? {A, B} {A, C} {A, D} {B, C} {B, D} {C, D}How is this different from a permutation?Combination - selection is important, not order.+Combination+Combinations

+Combination ExamplesIn how many ways can a 5-player starting unit be selected from Altas 12 member basketball squad?

+Combination ExampleIn how many ways can a starting 11 unit be chosen from RSLs 26 person roster?

+Combination ExampleIn how many ways can a committee of 3 be chosen from a group of 7 people? +You want to ride the following rides at Lagoon but only have time to ride 4. How many possibilities are there? Samurai ColossusBombora Jet Star 2RocketRattlesnake Rapids

+Assignments15.1 1 39 odd15.3 1 15 all+


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