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It's fifteen sketches


  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4

  • Day 5

  • Day 1

    At first, I drew the easiest thing I could find, so I drew a vase with flowers. For the first sketch, I

    was pacing myself, not in rush at all. On the second sketch, since I only had five minutes I was

    rushing a bit, but I noticed that my second drawing was so different from my first one. Then the

    last one, I just rushed through it and I really had a hard time drawing it a bit because I couldnt

    look at the vase for a long time because I did not want to waste my time.

    Day 2

    I drew a pathway, staircase, and a tree. The first ten minutes I was just pacing myself because I

    had a good time to do it, so I felt relaxed the whole time. The second time, I felt like I was

    sketching more differently because I did not know what to draw first. Then on the last one,

    instead of just looking at it, Im just going to sketch it my memory, so for the whole one minute,

    I was just sketching what I remembered.

    Day 3

    I drew a little portion of the Wright Quad. The first ten minutes, it was easy, because mostly

    everything was square. The second sketch, I did not get to draw the block looking thing. The

    third sketch I pretty much drew what I could see but not put details into the sketch.

  • Day 4

    I drew a house. It was kind of easy I thought for the first 10 minutes because there was a tree in

    front of it and that took up a lot of the space. On the second sketch I did not finish the tree. On

    the third sketch I barely finished it because I was rushing.

    Day 5

    I drew a field. The first ten minutes because I was lost, there was such a big space, but I decided

    to draw the tree first. On the second sketch I ran out of time to draw the building on the side.

    On the third sketch, I only drew the tree and that was it.