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  • 1. Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • 2. Quick Facts 46 Fraternities and Sororities 3 Governing Bodies 26% of the Student Population
  • 3. Advantages of Being Greek Academics Philanthropy Leadership Development Alumni Networking Social Life Friendship
  • 4. Panhellenic Council
  • 5. Panhellenic Council
  • 6. Panhellenic Council Follow us on Twitter: @UK_Panhellenic For more information and registration visit our website www.uksorority.com
  • 7. Interfraternity Council IFC is the governing body for 21 of the fraternities on campus Fraternities provide a home away from home Leadership opportunities from your first day on campus!
  • 8. Interfraternity Council 1,585 Members 21 Chapters Overall GPA: 3.1769
  • 9. Interfraternity Council Follow us on Twitter: @KentuckyIFC Visit our website to register for recruitment www.kentuckyifc.com
  • 10. National Pan-Hellenic Council NPHC is the coordinating body for 9 historically African- American fraternities and sororities NPHC has more than 100 members in 9 chapters
  • 11. National Pan-Hellenic Council NPHC and member chapters host educational, service and social programs on campus and in the community Stepping Through the Decades Meet the Greeks Homecoming Step Show
  • 12. National Pan-Hellenic Council Follow us on Twitter: @UK_NPHC Visit our website www.kentuckynphc.com Join us in the Fall! Meet the Greeks NPHC Week September 14-20