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Title: System of Rice Intensification Presented by: Erika Styger Presented at: Special Exhibit/Event on Rice Production at Agritechnica Venue and Date: Hannover, Germany November 15, 2013


<ul><li> 1. The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) SRI is an agroecological and climate-smart approach that produces more grain, while reducing water, seed, and synthetic chemical use.Using four principles1 SRI helps farmers to...Increase yields by 30-50% or moreSince first leaving Madagascar in 1997, SRI has spread to over 50 countries and more than 4 million farmers around the world. The SRI International Network and Resources Center at Cornell UniversityPoster 1.indd 1Early plant establishment2REDUCEd plant COMPETITIONreduce water use by 30-50%Just Starting3USE Organic Matterreduce Chemical inputs by 30-100%4REDUCED WATER USEreduce seed use by 80-95%Widespread AdoptionContact: Erika Styger (SRI-Rice, Cornell University), eds8@cornell.edu; Amir Kassam (FAO), amir.kassam@fao.org; Josef Kienzle (FAO), josef.kienzle@fao.org www.sririce.org - www.fao.org/ag/caThe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations10/30/13 11:12 AM</li></ul>