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<ul><li> 1. Social media: managingreputation in real time15 February 2013Commercial-in-confidence</li></ul> <p> 2. Welcome Social media 101 Online landscape The big four Social media strategy Strategy 1 Listen Strategy 2 Prepare Strategy 3 Connect Strategy 4 Engage 3. Social media 101 4. Social media 101 - Social media landscape Social networks Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut, LinkedIn Online advocacy Get Up! Change.org, Causes Video sharing YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion Blogging Blogger, Word Press Microblogging - Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook Social tagging (bookmarking) Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Reader Social news Reddit, Digg Virtual worlds Second Life, Playstation Network, World of Warcraft Photography and art sharing Flickr, Instagram, Pintrest Community Q+A Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, Whirlpool 5. Australian media landscapeMonthly active users Time per visit Facebook 11,500,000 25mins 43secs YouTube 11,000,00017mins 35secs Blogspot 3,800,0006mins 40secs LinkedIn 2,200,0008mins 50secs Twitter 2,114,000 11mins 20 secsTraditional print Herald Sun 515,500 The Daily Telegraph 374,395 The Courier-Mail 216,638 6. Australian social media landscape 7. Australian social media landscape 8. Australian social media landscape 9. THE BIG 4 10. Social media strategy Social media road map 11. Strategy One &gt; Listen &gt; Why do we listen? 12. Strategy One &gt; Listen Google Alerts Twitter advanced search Tweetdeck Social mention Hootsuite Beevolve Dialogix Radian6 BuzzNumbers 13. Strategy One &gt; Listen &gt; Outcome Define issues and opportunities Map stakeholders Manage keywords Listen beyond your trademarks Select a listening tool that best fits your needs Measure influence and outreach 14. Strategy Two &gt; Prepare Social media policy Build capacity Reputation management Escalation planning Insights 15. Strategy Two &gt; Prepare &gt; QPS case study 16. Strategy Two &gt; Prepare &gt; QPS case study 17. Strategy Two &gt; Prepare &gt; Outcomes Do more than write a social media policy: engage Knowledge at all levels Mainstream media will adapt, not disappear Journos manage their own reputations online now Be prepared dont wait for the issue or opportunity 18. Strategy Three &gt; Connect No short cuts build one conversation at a time Editorial team Curation v creation Thought leadership Advice-based content Give something, offer value Above all BE USEFUL! 19. Strategy Three &gt; Connect &gt; Online brand persona 13 Jungian archetypes: 1. Lover 8. Hero 2. Caregiver 9. Explorer 3. Jester10. Innocent 4. Sage11. Magician 5. Creator 12. Shadow 6. Ruler 13. Outlaw 7. Everyman(source: http://www.datafication.com.au) 20. Strategy Three &gt; Connect &gt; Outcomes Cannot leverage a network which does not exist No shortcuts one conversation at a time Identify creators and curators Begin editorial team Prepare a content schedule Consider online persona/s 21. Social media strategy Enhance Viral campaigns Everyone wants their campaign to go viral Be realistic in what youre promised / what you promise Competitions, incentives, special offers Highlight a new service line or offer Encourage followers to share stories Webcasting AGM or media call Video/animation UGC Tell the peoples story 22. Strategy Four &gt; Engage &gt; Integrated campaignsPAIDEARNEDSHAREDOWNED 23. Strategy Four &gt; Engage &gt; Integrated campaigns 24. Strategy Four &gt; Engage &gt; Integrated campaignsResults: Twitter reach: +1 Million in one day Earned media: 30 Million *OTS 95% media coverage featured references / links to Website, Facebook or App Underdog Day: 7,000 engagements 168,000 bowls of dog food donated DogALike was #1 App in iTunes 1000 mobile downloads every day 173,000 new Facebook Likes 5.8 million DogALike Facebook users 25. Strategy Four &gt; Engage &gt; Integrated campaigns More importantly More than 6,200 dogs savedin three months! 26. Strategy Four&gt; Enhance &gt; Outcomes Viral vs sharable Engaging content still the goal Integrated campaigns Paid Earned Shared Owned Digital assets the new hero assets 27. thank you </p>